The Album of Our Love Story (Poem)



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You sat across me as I ate
My favorite meal tasted like usual
But the air around us felt different

It was as if the universe knew that we would end
The sky outside the window was pouring rain
And the sound of impatient vehicles was heard
But it felt like as if we were isolated from all

I knew you were waiting for me
But it was no longer because you wanted to take me around

You looked awkward as you sipped your drink
That same drink that I told you to try months ago
I suddenly remembered how your black eyes lit up when you did

It's strange how things ended this way
We were so happy
But now the only thing left, is awkwardness

I couldn't blame you
Nor could I blame me
I could only blame time
That changes us

So I finished my meal earlier than usual
You looked at me with surprise
And I just threw you a smile

I suddenly wondered where did this all start
Was it in the cafeteria, when my friend who is also your senior introduced you to me?
Or was it near the hall, when they announced me as the best student?

When did we start to drift apart?
Was it when you became busy with your friends?
Or was it when I suddenly became too busy to meet you?

When did we start to fall apart?
Was it when you lost your temper at me, asking me why I never tried to understand you?
Or was it when I lashed out at you, yelling that I couldn't be like your friends' girls?

As time passed,
we no longer bothered to understand.
Both of us became cold
as we didn't even bother to maintain our relationship

I suddenly remembered the beaches,
where you took me after a rough day
I also remembered the city lights,
that we saw from the hills,
when I comforted you after a fight with your parents

Those warm and beautiful memories suddenly felt distant and vague
And I wondered why we still end up like this,
Awkward and uncomfortable
I couldn't even remember my feelings

I sipped my drink without looking at you
I shivered a little when the air conditioner wind gently swept my back
I tried to gather a little courage to end this

'I don't think we're suitable anymore,' I whispered
You froze for a second before you stared at the window
I stared at you as I waited for your reply
Then you gave me the sweet smile I used to adore

You stood up and asked me if I already called a cab
I just laughed and told you to be careful
I watched your car slowly disappeared under the rain
And then I realized that we're over

Strangely, I didn't feel sad
Only helplessness left
But that's okay
At least we were happy together

My cab called me and said that he's near
I sipped my drink for the last time
I count to ten before I walked out of this cafe
As I closed the album of our love story

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