The ART of making NUFFIES by Ko



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Lots of people have asked where did I get all my nuffies?
Because if you check my message count it's not enough to get this much money. Kek
And as of now Justabot owe me $17k nuffies. >.< I have a gambling addiction dammit.
Oh well..


1. Shake your tin. - If you're as thick faced as me to beg money from friends. This is for you. @Archaic pickle's way of doing business.

2. Open your own business. - I had a small directing job few months ago. And I earned lots from there. Prolly 10k? Thank you guys for the investments. \o/

3. Under the table deals. - This is quite shady. I made deals with people for a large sum of money. They can't be named. *coughs*

4. Seduction - This is something you can't use so easily because it only works with me? It's basically you sweet-talking your friends/harem members into giving you nuffies. I got tons of money from this trick. Kek.
My favourite target is @Linbe kek I think he gave me more or less 10k nuffies already. Kek Thank you Linny <3

5. Joining NUF events - This is quite fun. You just have to participate in some events and if you're lucky, You'll get to earn some nuffies. I got 6k$ for joining @Action on her entry on NU's 2nd Anniversary Contest.

6. Spam threads - This is one of the easiest ways to do it. Go to Novel Forums and start writing whatever. Act like you know what you're doing and VOILA! NUFFIES ! \o/

7. Blackjacks. - If @Lady Luck is on your side. I suggest for you to try this. You'll get lots of money and be one of the richest in no time. But if you're like me .. who had no luck whatsoever in gambling. You're guaranteed to be one of us... TOP 10 LOSERS >_>

So yeah, now that you've learned the art of making nuffies. You're now free to go! Good luck. \o/
Lemme know how'd it go okay?

P.S Your close friend may or may not have donated at least 1 nuffie to me. >_>


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    1. Mayuri-shina-des Sep 25, 2017
      Oh that's why you're so rich.
    2. brasca123 Sep 11, 2017
      Teehee, let's have fun getting rich Koa-chan!!! \(^^)/

      *keeps spending all money in contests, donations, badges and the like*
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    3. Himari Sep 11, 2017
    4. Koalala Sep 11, 2017
      Spamming LCDs and Novel Forums is great ~ I really recommend it because it's the right way of doing things ❤ @brasca123 ❤❤❤❤ More nuffies to us \o/
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    5. brasca123 Sep 11, 2017
      Teehee, your method is good Koa-chan! \(^^)/

      I usually just grab money by spamming the novels subforum a bit... Works like a charm~

      Or well, just be active on some LCDs with daily updates, that much is plenty to get a good amount of money quickly.
      *pats @Tony -chan's head*
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    6. Tony Sep 11, 2017
      @Hurricane, you could've just edited your original post :notlikeblob:
    7. Himari Sep 10, 2017
      @Tony at least I remembered to add the rich part yanno
    8. Tony Sep 10, 2017