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oops...i didn't omit some of the details~

but this was a reply from one of the post/reply i made in the thread of "For Stella". granted, i am so not gonna bash this cause im hella hypocrite if i say i'm not for this sentiment "i don't like the villain" for villains sake and don't ship them to the protagonist. heaven knows that i'm a Reylo (Rey x Kylo Ren) shipper, one of the few western ships of the sci-fi franchise Star Wars, and a lot are anti-fans of it's dynamics for within the story reasons.

no, i'm not an avid fan where i justify that they have good dynamics and should end up together. i shipped Reylo because they showed a chemistry within the story that could've had a potential for complex story progress, if-handled-right. sadly, if anyone is familiar with the Sequel Trilogy of Star Wars, of course it became a bit of a let down. not that i didn't see the ending coming (cue in a lot of issues in the story that feels like it's a major step back but not cause "consistency to material"...its difficult to express, okay?!?!).

back to For Stella. well, more specifically, the idea that "because this character liked that character then they are a much better option than that other character who didn't even like them until regret" (is...what i actually understood in that reply above, although thats in a GENERAL SENSE...i'm aware they only like the character because "they have a good eye for a person" [mind you, if within the For Stella story, the like this character has for the lead is sus...despite it ending to be "sincere" in the end. doesn't mean he doesn't deserve credit...nonetheless]). which is something i've been mulling whether it was a "black and white" like of response...

well it's a "black and white" mindset if applied in the circumstances of the characters from For Stella...

but, in a whole 'nother situation...let's say, scenario: "MLs unrequited love to 2FL, but FL likes ML" (assuming FL has already given effort to pursue ML, and ML as well has given an amount of effort to pursue 2FL). so in some simple romance psychology thinking, in that kind of love triangle (and super dismissing 2FLs unknown thoughts) you would think it's okay to think "ah, FL is much better for ML because she likes him already, therefore deserves to have a reward (mutual feelings)". this is regardless of the personality of the characters.

so , if you put personalities in the character, the dynamics and mindset would change.

kinda fascinating to think under vague concepts, right? it's not fun if you can't overthink it and put a definition like writers do, but just imagining things by a set rules makes it fascinating.

that's why i mulled over how in my mind the above (image) statement is "black and white", yet it's not... thats not including the regarded preference of thinker mind you...


it's not hard to be pissed by seeing someones differing opinion, assuming you have a "know-it-all" complex *raises hands*. but, it's hella interesting how they must've come up with that kind of mindset.

i wonder if i should've asked them. would they be pissed knowing that their act of explaining it wouldn't completely change the persons mind, least there would be an act of understanding and acceptance...i mean, i hope that's how it goes...


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