The thing in my head as a kid



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Well. When i was a kid.
Im not sure myself, how do i start telling this the idea when i was a kid...
So, remember when you started to had consciousness? I mean, when you start to considering the other and your little ego in your head as a kid.
Yes, when you start to considering other than your parents and family as a living thing.
I can remember, how odd i feel when interacting with other. But not that much of a thought to think.
But, i once had this thought that haunting me... Not really haunting, but hanging in the back of my mind.
Is this life just a dream and all that i interact with is just a facade.
Or, all of this just a simulation that was to judge me if i was a good or a bad person in life before I get my pass to heaven or hell. And im not really interacting with the same thing as i am

I dunno how things like this hanging in ny head when i was a kid...
But that sure passed by the time I spend.... till i remember i had a thought about it


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    1. SquadCammander354 Sep 17, 2019
      Alright, good to know.
    2. Haerether Sep 17, 2019
      Total Recall
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    3. 911 Sep 17, 2019
      Yes, its a shit post. @squad
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    4. Kira Miki Sep 17, 2019
      We do not really care in general ~
      Lucky are those who only become aware of the world later ~
      ... That happened to me at 7 years old? ~
      I realized that humans are not perfect and that the world is not all beautiful while pink ~

      Take this as a tutorial of life ~
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    5. SquadCammander354 Sep 17, 2019
      Could you use proper English, please? What is this, I don't understand, but on a side note I think this is a shitpost.
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