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Oh how the mighty have fallen.

It used to be good. So bloody good but what in the f*ck are they doing to this beautiful story? I understand Monty died but what the hell?! At this point they're milking the goddamn series as is. The fighting scenes aren't as nearly as good as it was before but the story went from a 10 to a 1 real quick ever since...

They could've picked up the pace and did their best to live up to Monty's shows but... This is a heaping pile of disappointment. I'm still going to watch it and see it till the end. It's a good series that ended half-assed because the authors just didn't bother with it. Considering the route RT is going through, we might see another Tell-Tale games situation.

Seriously what in the fuck? I expected Blake and Yang drama and they threw it all the fuck away. They promised team drama god fucking dammit!!

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    1. Lucilius Nov 10, 2018
      @rilakkuma Could've been better with more emotional dramatics but really you just pity him as a character is what they ended up going for. Throughout the season he became too superficial. He could've been a great character if they didn't made it the shit kind of edgy, considering his obsessions and all.
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    2. rilakkuma Nov 10, 2018
      The Adam Character Short wasn't really that great when you compare it to RWBY's old trailers, but maybe it's just me.
    3. Lucilius Nov 9, 2018
      @Ddraig Starting from the late half of S3 to S6, though I'm only going to watch EP1 of S6 since I want the EPs to be complete so I can just binge on it but still... If you start S6 it's well...

      If you've seen they way their resolution with each other (Blake & Yang, in a general sense the whole team as well) it was so lacklustre even as they try to portray the angsty guilty feels of Blake.

      That being said while there aren't much episodes yet... It's pretty disappointing. All that build up for nothing.
    4. Ddraig Nov 9, 2018
      Are you talking about vol 6? coz I have not seen it yet