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I'm back~
Just recently, I had this project, ok? ......... I ended up working on the WHOLE thing by MYSELFFFF!!!!!! Wahahaha...... (๑′̥̥̥▵‵̥̥̥ ๑)

And then when it came to presenting, everyone was stuttering out there, not understanding a thing and I was over there, being a Japanese history fanatic, being like: " The HEIAN Period was....The Tale of Genji! Hikaru Genji! Minamoto Yoritomo! Minamoto Yoshitsune! Benkei!"
As you could see, during the short time I was gone, I had an enjoyable time.
World History is basically my life right now. It takes so much time when you're procrastinating from reading too much.

Anyways, let's forget about my occasional pessimism! Let's go on to the recommendations.

  • Movie: Sword of the Stranger ( the fighting scene was great!!! The music was great!!! The bonding was great!!!)

  • Historical: 91 Days ( this was all about the drama. Bromance here and there. Betrayals here and there. You want to cry? Here you go)

  • Action: D.Gray-man ( ok, the MC is really kind and gentle. Not very rowdy and makes wise decisions, like not attacking head on first. He's a pretty funny guy too, and everyone likes him or starts to like him. Even the antagonists find him interesting)

  • Military: Gate (It was a good one. I liked seeing the military overpower everyone. I liked the MC, with his harem that he mysteriously built out of the blue)

  • Slice of Life: Ryuuou no Oshigoto! ( don't you just love prodigies be prodigies? Especially the MC, he's already one of the top in the shogi society! )

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    1. Bad Storm Nov 8, 2018
      Still something nice. I never seem to find history much interesting. Unless it's a retelling of a certain even by a person I know and loves it.

      People talking about their likes are really fascinating
    2. rilakkuma Nov 8, 2018
      @Bad Storm

      It's only Japanese History though. I sucked at U.S. History. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
      Who the heck would want to learn about their own country?
    3. rilakkuma Nov 8, 2018

      Please look at my other blog posts for some other recommendations too!
    4. 5wordsEmily Nov 8, 2018
      I will check out your recommendations! Thanks, I was getting bored and needed some entertainment!
    5. Bad Storm Nov 8, 2018
      I don't like history haha. Glad to know there's someone who does