Time Gone With The Wind



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As I read novels,
time seems to fly away
And I hear the sounds,
the screams of my fate telling me to stop.

But I do not
I cannot
Though that be an excuse,
as much as it is a ruse.

My grades have dropped,
and my motivation stopped.
I have become enchanted,
trapped in place and gutted.

Then, my face bloodied,
I stand up with my feelings rampant.
How could I be plotted,
when my feelings of love become stagnant.

So carrying the weight of my lies,
I make a smile that can only be called deception.
And I wonder how people on youtube come and say "Hey guys!"
Damn this world and this isolation,
all of it is making me crazy.

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    1. Shizukani Aug 12, 2020
      I hope in time this insanity fades away
      That the sky turns blue instead of the usual grey
      Still hoping tomorrow will finally be better,
      For now I'll just cozy up and do whatever :cookie:
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    2. Jevanka926 Aug 12, 2020
      Shoot. The third paragraph is too accurate