To Be A Girl (Poems, Rant)



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Sometimes it's pretty hard to be a girl
Some expect you to make the first move
But others look down on you for that

Sometimes it's pretty hard to be a girl,
You want to show the people you like your feelings
But your friends will tell you that you're the one who should be chased
And you worry whether he would raise an eyebrow for that
Overthinking things until the sun told you that it's time for a new day

Sometimes it's pretty hard to be a girl,
Criticized when you use makeup and skincare
But mocked for the acnes on your face
What the hell am I supposed to do then?

Sometimes it's pretty hard to be a girl,
Especially before 'that' day of the month and the first days of it
When I feel like I want to kill everyone who annoys me
But feeling like I need to crash my head on the walls at the same time

Sometimes it's pretty hard to be a girl,
Because you always have to prop an image on your shoulder
And how some idiots think that a girl shouldn't be smarter than boys
But hey, idiots are idiots and I don't care

Sometimes it's pretty hard to be a girl,
Because you have to worry whether you're safe enough from harassments and catcalls
When you clearly did nothing wrong
But there are always idiots
Who will blame us for being girls
Those people deserve to be given one thousand cuts punishment

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Oh, it's just my rant. This isn't exactly a serious poem. Well, 85% serious maybe?
Anyway, I think there's nothing wrong with girls being the initiators. I never succed, but, hey! Who knows that maybe you'll have a different story from me?

I'm also lucky that the people I know aren't so judgemental about using makeup and skincare. I'm very fed up with people who are being so judgemental about skincare and/or makeup usage. Well, okay, fine, there was this one group of girls who talked about my skincare but then they started using it too. By the way, I'm very happy that I have boy friends who understand skincare. I don't mind to admit that they have better skins than I do, lol.

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    1. Jevanka926 Dec 10, 2020
      @Chilling Mist Thank you, that's very kind of you <3

      Yeah, it always amazes me when some people are being.... judgmental (veryy ignorant *cough) towards others who use skincare and makeup. And you're right, sunscreen may save you from skin cancer <3
    2. PomeloCloud Dec 10, 2020
      Lovely poem as always! And I agree there's nothing wrong with skincare, esp sunscreen... the sun's UV rays would damage the collagen of the skin, so it's better to minimize the damage via sunscreen.
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    3. Jevanka926 Dec 8, 2020
      @Beren Hahaha... But I bet you have a better skin than they do. My classmates once said, "Why would you use skincare, you're not that old. You're just ruining your skin." I didn't even wear it excessively. I only used a moderate amount that my skin needs. God blessed them with better skins than mine,

      A friend of mine once told me that boys may mock other boys who use skin care even though they secretly use it too. He said his friends do that (probably including him). Like-- I don't get it.

      Oopsie, sorry for the long reply
    4. Beren Dec 8, 2020
      If someone likes you, they won't judge you for being assertive. My sister is very confident and she's always the initiator - I don't think a man has ever turned her down for a date.
      If you have the time and interest, there's nothing wrong with taking good care of yourself - that includes skincare and appearance. It's not shallow. If you have a good face, treasure it. Luckily, it's becoming more popular for men to use skincare products - I used to get laughed at for using sunscreen :facepalm:
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