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Toilets, the only really comfortable ones are those in your own house; you've grown used to it.

But it's only when you have to go to a public restroom for the first time that you really start to think about how great your house toilet is.

It's only when you're last dollar that you start to think about conserving your money.

*had to really go today*
*hates the school restrooms*
*finally got his first phone last month*
*he had an okay time*


    1. Kira Miki Nov 6, 2019
      ...But you do it in the grass, right ?~
      [puzzled face]
      ...You are a doggo~
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    2. Daisydacrazy Nov 7, 2019
      @Kira Miki he is an expensive doggo. Uses toilets ...and cell phones... and doors and money and forks and spoons and... just a fancy dog.
    3. Naraku Nov 7, 2019
      Honestly. School restrooms are (usually) only decent when they're on the 1st / 2nd / 3rd / etc floor.
      Cause people are too lazy to go up the stairs. (That way you can have access to not-so bad toilets)
    4. Archaic pickle Nov 7, 2019
      No the best toilets in school are the staff
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    5. Archaic pickle Nov 7, 2019
      Heh, portapottys are the worst
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