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Alright. There's no poem nor snippets from songs this time.

I feel like a lot have already happened these past hours. My back, neck, and my head hurt and I want to curse so badly. But I can't really blame anyone else when I didn't perservere enough.

Every difficult times like this, I'm honestly reminded of those days when I received hugs from people. Among them, there was one that made me feel much reassured. It was like I'm melting in his warmth. It makes me want to go nearer to him. I crave for it.

But I can't do that. Because it's easy to be misunderstood and burden others.
And sometimes, it makes me feel pathetic. Like I'm begging for attention and forcing myself to fit in. It's commendable. No matter how much I want it and whatever he decided to do, he's always pretty and adorable.

He's someone important to me that's why he's so pretty.

He has a lot of things I don't have that's why he's so adorable.

But it has already been a long time since the last time we've met. I'm sure he's still pretty the next time we meet but is he still adorable as he used to be for me?


I don't know. But I'm sure I have a lot to catch up on lol

Forgive my little tantrum. It's just because of mood swings ┐(︶▽︶)┌

- Eru101


    1. Eru101 Oct 14, 2021
      @One Perfect Veteran Good luck to my studies? I'll accept that ೕ(˃̵ᴗ˂̵ ๑)

      @Zeusomega Well, the current situation is not as simple as that anymore lol

      @Jevanka926 I feel better knowing that someone can understand me (─‿─)
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    2. Jevanka926 Oct 14, 2021
      I can understand you and I really mean it.
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    3. Zeusomega Oct 14, 2021
      Tip from a guy...

      As long we are not "occupied" we are sore losers to girls.... emotional support whatever..

      So if he isn't in a relationship...go ahead..I bet he won't see you as desperate...XD
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    4. One Perfect Veteran Oct 14, 2021
      That was cute and sad. Good luck to you!
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