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*takes out camera* say cheese!!
[​IMG] [​IMG]
*Clicks* *takes a look at the photo*
:blobdizzy: ~y'all are so good looking, I have been blinded by the visual!

- why you lookin like a mess dear sir?, But honestly same~:blobmelt: it's such a mood~

- the surrow in your face:blobpensive: *pats*

:blobfearful: w-why are you-! *got
attacked* WaaAAHHHHHH-

~to be continued.:blobbunny:

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    1. Alexcia Oct 13, 2021
      Thanks for sharing~~~~ :blob_coffee::blobhyperthink:
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    2. Aho Oct 13, 2021
      You draw really breathtaking pieces wow. It soo atmospheric, they feel dynamic even though they're just sketches. Love love love it.
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    3. One Perfect Veteran Oct 13, 2021
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    4. One Perfect Veteran Oct 13, 2021
      The last vampire could not be cooler
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    5. UsefulAlive24 Oct 13, 2021
      @Alexcia Your welcome:blobmelt:! Expect more to come~!

      @Aho :blobcatblush2: I'm really flattered, I never thought my sketches are dynamic/atmospheric before, I love it too~ thank youuuu:blobuwu:

      @One Perfect Veteran she look so cool bUt scary *trembles*:sweating_profusely:
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    6. Alexcia Oct 13, 2021
      oMGGGGGGGGG finallly i can likeeeee
    7. Appledropebesidethetree Oct 19, 2021
      Those are so pretty, I really love their faces especially the eye!