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Hello Everyone!

I'm Arcy and i'm known to be a Lazy author. I've been bored lately and while i am going back to writing the old novels, i am motivated enough to write the novel of My Internet Cafe is somehow connected to another world.

I am motivated to write this since i really like to write about modern world while keeping the fantasy bit. I am not too fond on writing complicated stuff and when i reach to that part, i tend to slow down or even stop. So most of my bottleneck in stopping on writing comes from having to write complicated stuff.

However, since i base the Setting in my country, i'll have less trouble creating cultural stuff and so on. I tend to write my novels solely on information i have on some other novels and i tend to reach a point there.

I also try to slow my pace down since i tend to be quick and hasteful on my plot without slowing down, hence, quickly reaching a bottleneck.

Anyways, I'll be keeping tabs and write it and mainly post my work on Wattpad(since i barely know any writing apps other than the app i'm used to post). And until i reach a certain chapter, i'll begin dumping them unto Scribblehub later.

I already finished chapter 1 but didn't post yet since i'm revising and tracing both chapters before posting them.

Anyways, Thank you for reading this blog and hope you have a nice day!!!!

Lakad Matatag!


    1. Arcadia Blade Jul 29, 2020
      @Zheya i don't know since i'm never online when it happened but maybe its fixed by now.
    2. Lazriser Jul 28, 2020
    3. Ryuukage Jul 28, 2020
      @Arcadia Blade
      Give me your username, let me read it too once you put it up.
    4. Arcadia Blade Jul 28, 2020
      @Ryuukage Yeah. I've been a wattpad writer for so long and was quite a writer that i usually post 1 chapter a day.

      I wasn't popular at that time since most users were tagalog writers and i was demotivated to continue writing. I've been using it for a long time and i'm not a bit too keen on switching to a new app to write right now so i mainly post my works there.

      Also, i'm currently finishing chapter 2 and when i'm done with it, i'll publish them before working on chapter 3. But i'm mainly gonna continue updating my blogs for updates.
    5. Coffea to Ell Jul 28, 2020
    6. Ryuukage Jul 28, 2020
      You from Philippines?

      Edit: I only post in Wattpad, because I use Tagalog language as my medium, and no one bother reading those in other platforms, since they all expect english.
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