When I Run Out of Coffee



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It is a sad day. It means that I am down to 1 pod and cant even fill up a container to take to school with me. I can only use a mug and drink it with breakfast. But then I pull this bad boy out and I feel all warm inside.

Especially after I drink my coffee.


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    1. Evil_Ginger Jan 23, 2020
      If you can make a process super simple and less time consuming, americans are gonna eat it up.
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    2. Snowbun Jan 23, 2020
      lol no judgment here! I used to be a heavy nespresso pods consumer. I'm just kind of surprised how keurig pods are super popular in the US since they practically don't exist in the other places I lived.
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    3. Evil_Ginger Jan 23, 2020
      Yeah I'm lazy
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    4. Snowbun Jan 23, 2020
      Keurig pods?
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    5. xiazixin Jan 23, 2020
      Lol, I'm really poor, I can do anything to save a penny, I printed my own mangadex mouse pads.
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    6. Evil_Ginger Jan 23, 2020
      No! Support the streamer! :blobpoliceangry:
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    7. xiazixin Jan 23, 2020
      If you have the pictures, just request made one in aliexpress
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    8. Evil_Ginger Jan 23, 2020
      Mmm... @blues86 I wish I could say you could buy it but FrostPrime_ isn't currently selling any merch...

      *goes to hide mug*
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