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Well... There is too few players playing the RPG that is Wraufemath for it to have its own OOC Thread, so I guess I will post the OOC posts here instead. I don't know whether this blog functions as an advertisement, but I think that Sol has enough things to work on as of late, so... please be considerate.

Edit: From what I understand Wraufemath is meant to be played leisurely, unlike Adventurer's Guild and other RPGs.

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    1. SquadCammander354 Oct 7, 2019
      Holy shit, give me some time and I'll make a character!
    2. SquadCammander354 Oct 7, 2019
    3. Zone Q11 Oct 7, 2019
      Dude. I just said that he might be very busy with RL. ...sigh. Whatever, I guess.
      If you join, then you will be the 15th player.
      Having said that, I am still at the 1st of the 3 Pages of Lucenia, and so far there are only 4 main players.
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    4. Zone Q11 Oct 7, 2019
      ...ah. I might as well add this in the OP of this blog too, but from what I understand Wraufemath is meant to be played leisurely, unlike Adventurer's Guild and other RPGs.
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    5. SpearOfLies Oct 7, 2019
      This doesn't seem optimal place for OOC.
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    6. Zone Q11 Oct 7, 2019
      Correct. That is because I do not wish to attract many attention.
      It is less of an OOC Thread, and more of an OOC Blog where I put out my personal thoughts.
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    7. Zone Q11 Oct 7, 2019
      Proof that -based off Lucenia- the world of Wraufemath is placed within a relatively modern era. One that is an amalgamation of the medieval era and 1920's.
      > A cheap inn usually don't come often with water to wash off the guest's face. Even if Nivalis had washed his face from a bushel basket, the fact that he could wash off his face indicates that Brevama is not on shortage of water.
      > The fact that a board-game such as Xianggi is being played could mean that it is an entertainment product available to everyone in Brevama. However, since the one who were playing the game is a sergeant and a mysterious wanderer with 2 Intermediate Skills... there is insufficient data to prove the statement that board-games are common entertainment products.
      > Standard gray alley. Nothing new, but that's what makes it so special. It should exist everywhere in any settlement, and now its existence is confirmed by MaliMi. Thank you!


      Well... This is quite unusual. I understand that Samira has amnesia, but regardless whether slavery is widely accepted of not, this is quite the dangerous statement. Fortunately Giai and Nivalis have good morals, but... "we" are not quite certain whether this would apply to all citizens within Brevama.
      Okay, who else feels as if the scholar is a lolicon?
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    8. Evil_Ginger Oct 7, 2019
      Kinda unrelated but connected nonetheless, perhaps creating a blog for your character. Like an instagram or Twitter update about the most recent activity that took place?
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