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Well... There is too few players playing the RPG that is Wraufemath for it to have its own OOC Thread, so I guess I will post the OOC posts here instead. I don't know whether this blog functions as an advertisement, but I think that Sol has enough things to work on as of late, so... please be considerate.

Edit: From what I understand Wraufemath is meant to be played leisurely, unlike Adventurer's Guild and other RPGs.

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    1. Zone Q11 Oct 7, 2019
      Dude. I just said that he might be very busy with RL. ...sigh. Whatever, I guess.
      If you join, then you will be the 15th player.
      Having said that, I am still at the 1st of the 3 Pages of Lucenia, and so far there are only 4 main players.
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    2. SquadCammander354 Oct 7, 2019
    3. SquadCammander354 Oct 7, 2019
      Holy shit, give me some time and I'll make a character!