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Hello, I am bored.
And no, I won't be asking for a name change.

" Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity."
~ Henry Van Dyke

I had taken this quote to heart the first time I saw it. It still means a lot to me. I reflect upon it from time to time. When I grieve, rejoice...

Now i am bored, and waiting... Desperate. And it feels so slow. Two days feels like two weeks.
You know how it feels when a certain favourite novel translation is put on a hiatus? Given you can neither obtain the raws, and can't translate yourself, you feel helpless. Desperate. Still, Hopeful... Looking forward... It will definitely come back. So you wait... Wait... Wait...

You feel like ranting, you feel like crying in frustration. You feel like flipping tables :blob_catflip:. But you cannot bring it back, so what's the point?

And if you're half faithul like me, make sacrifices to the God and Devil, "I won't ever _____, I will ____, please bring them back..." Hoping it will bring some effect.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, what i am waiting for isn't the continuation of my fav novel on a hiatus. But I am metaphorically describing how I feel right now.

You see, a bored person is irrational. A bored person who is easily touched with kindness even more. She cannot empathise with those who are busy...

Maybe while I am waiting, you'll keep your company with me? Give me hugs and pats. Give me assurance, that you are there at least... That I would miss you the same way if you aren't here...



    1. Nyann Mar 12, 2019
      @Raneday nopity nope! Not changing my name~ :blobnyan: :blobsnow::blobsnow::blobsnow::blobsnow:
    2. Raneday Mar 12, 2019
      Nice to meet you Bored!
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    3. Nyann Mar 12, 2019
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    4. Fiorisi Mar 12, 2019
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    5. Nyann Mar 12, 2019
      @Fiorisi *gets Pat and huggled*
      *Dips the cookie unfashionably in the tea and noms it*
      Thanks lady wen~
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    6. Fiorisi Mar 12, 2019
      *Hugs Nyan sempai Pats sempai*
      *Takes out cookie stash and some bubble tea*

      Let's eat~

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    7. Nyann Mar 11, 2019
      @Dionysus_GZ , nice to meet you and you're welcome! I am glad that my blog could make you learn something! :blobtaco: Personally it's my favorite quote on time. Because it's so realistic...
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    8. Dionysus_GZ Mar 11, 2019
      I learned a empathetic quotes from your blog, thank you so much. I’ll look up some information about Henry Van Dyke:aww:
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