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The places you land up in...
At the end of August I don't know why but I started watching Pewdiepie. At first I was surfing something on YouTube then I got curious about how much one can earn by making videos on YT. So, I went to Google-sensei and learnt PDP earns the most on YT.
After that I kept watching his videos one after another. I don't remember if I enjoyed them or not. Sorry PDP. There was one video titled "My Coming Out Story". I don't know what I was expecting when I clicked that bcoz he likes clickbait titles so much. It was nice. I got to see a glimpse of BTS - Blood, Sweat & Tears. Been a long time since I last watched their MV. It looks so neat!
Daz Games has a reaction video on it. It's hilarious. I must confess I enjoyed Daz more than PDP.
From Daz I jumped to Actual MV then to all the fan videos of BTS. First I couldn't properly differentiate them and now I know them by face. I even started wanting to turn into a fan and follow them, watch every single video etc... Nope! No! No! No! Not good! I don't want to be obsessed over a K-Pop band who may or may not ever step on my motherland. Even if they do my chance of seeing them perform is close to zero.
But I must confess they are so beautiful. Especially, Taehyung is just like an ikeman straight out of a manga. Have you seen those eyes? You can drown in them. Suga is too adorable. I love Jin's narcissism. I wanna be more like him. I want his confidence. Oops! I didn't make this blog to fangirl over them. Let's stop right here.
Btw, seeing Suga a plot line stroke my head. I just need another idol to fill the other vacant place. Someone outside BTS is preferable. My current #1 candidate is Jeonghan from Seventeen.
Few days ago I wanted to watch that reaction video Daz made.

Watch it. It's really fun<3
I started a Daz binge afterwards. :p Watched a lot of interesting and also cringey videos Daz reacted to. Learnt about That Poppy. Watched a lot of other people react to her. Watched her react to them. Them seeing her react to them. ( FBS - kids reacting to her.)
There was a video on a kid being abused by his parents for YT views... The things people do... A lot of drama over it happened. Ytubers warred over it. Such BS...
Man... In YT you can end up anywhere from one point. Anything can happen. You might even be tempted to turn into an ARMY... or find crazy people defending abusers and attacking people over it. People...

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    1. brasca123 Sep 6, 2017
      *giggles* Must be fun to keep seeing the reactions of reactions Cloudy-chan! *hugs*

      I remember a particular subtrope of videos called "Youtube Poop", which are basically some joke videos in which people change what is said on an anime or something to make it funny... Then there were some "Youtube poops" that are "poops" of other "youtube poops"... It became funny seeing it go back and forth, but I never dived much into it, my IRL friends are the ones that truly like it.

      It's fun seeing those things for sure! \(^^)/
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    2. CloudySkySadMoon Sep 6, 2017
      @brasca123 They keep throwing videos at each other XDDD
    3. brasca123 Sep 6, 2017
      Youtube recommendations are scary... They can take too much time... :sweating_profusely::sweating_profusely::sweating_profusely:

      Never got into Youtube Drama though! Too lazy to search for it! \(^^)/
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    4. Cryotic Sep 6, 2017
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    5. CloudySkySadMoon Sep 6, 2017
      What to do! Ren just pushed Jeonghan to #2 :LOL: @Cryotic
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    6. Cryotic Sep 6, 2017
      jeonghan, minhyun and vernon are (y)
      oh.. and ren from nuest is on par with jeonghan's feminine vibe
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    7. CloudySkySadMoon Sep 6, 2017
      Takes too much energy.....
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    8. juniorjawz Sep 6, 2017
      As the fans of these MV say. "Welcome to the army"
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