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Blog Posts:
"The Extremely Comprehensive List of Yuri Web Novels"

Scribble Hub:
A Low-Key Winner's Life ("strong language") (deleted)
Black Witch from Another World (gender bender, "strong language")
Bloodstained Snow ("strong language)
Conquest Online (mentioned as a warning only: this is tagged for yuri but is not)
Convergence of Fates (NSFW, "gore, strong language") (hiatus)
Erislethe: Valley of the Dragon Queen
Futa Barbarian (NSFW, futanari, not recommended at this point)
Garden of Amy (gender bender)
GMs, QA Your Worlds First! ("gore, strong language") (tag changed to "shoujo-ai subplot"; deleted)
Hidden Words (NSFW, "gore, strong language") (hiatus)
How to Seduce Your Stepmother
I became a magical girl villain!?
Immortal Chronicles: Apostle of Life
In search of magic
KamiFan – Could it be? Kami-sama is my number one fan? (hiatus)
Mouikkai Musume (gender bender) (completed)
Mouikkai Musume Mohitotsu (gender bender)
My Goal: Living eternally as a loli surrounded by my women (NSFW, gender bender, lolicon (?), harem, "gore, strong language")
Night Gaunt (NSFW, polyamory, "gore, strong language")
Reincarnated Cat Becomes a Magical Beast
Roots (NSFW, gender bender, contains rape and incest, "gore, strong language) (GL tag removed)
Shifter Sister (NSFW, gender bender and futanari, some het) (completed)
Superhuman Princess (NSFW, "gore, strong language")
Super Science & Fast Romance (mentioned as a warning: tagged but does not appear to be yuri)
Taboo Journal (NSFW, gender bender, "gore, strong language")
The 1.000 year Great Sage (not yuri but will have a yuri pairing for a side character)
The Charm of a Sweet Philosophy ("gore, strong language", tagged as transgender) (hiatus)
The Curse of the Gods
The Game Of The Gods (also on RRL)
The Hidden World (gender bender, polygamy, "strong language")
The Hollow (NSFW, gender bender, "gore") (more chapters posted on RRL) (hiatus on RRL)
The Original Sin (NSFW, "strong language")
Upside Down (NSFW, gender bender, polyamory with het as well, "strong language")

A 3% Chance for Glory ("profanity") (hiatus)
A Jaded Life (NSFW, "profanity, gore")
Anachronism (NSFW, gender bender, "profanity, gore")
A Soul's New Home (NSFW, "profanity, gore, traumatising content") (hiatus)
Binary Soul (NSFW, "profanity") (completed) (also see the NSFW spin-off Binary Soul: Lip Service (dropped))
Born Under the Moon (NSFW, gender bender, "gore, profanity, traumatising content"; contains a brief f/f relationship but is not a yuri novel) (completed)
Dexs/ Clairs Adventure (NSFW, gender bender, "gore, traumatising content"; yuri content varies) (completed)
Don't label me! ("traumatising content") (hiatus)
Draconic Overlord (NSFW, futanari content) (hiatus)
Dryad Relife (NSFW) (hiatus)
Essence (NSFW, "gore, profanity, traumatic content")
Flight of the Princess Sage (NSFW, "gore, profanity") (hiatus)
I Came Back In Order To See You (hiatus)
Instinct Unlimited (NSFW, "gore, profanity, traumatising content") (hiatus)
Lament of the Fallen (NSFW, "gore, profanity") (completed)
Lilies Over Roses, Spring Over Autumn ("traumatising content") (hiatus)
Lily Bouquet - A Girl's Love Anthology
Lily Ex Machina ("gore, profanity") (completed)
Magical Girl Gang Wars (NSFW, "gore, profanity, traumatising content") (hiatus)
Maou Shoujo Magical Chaos (NSFW, "gore, traumatising content")
Monster Yurisume: My lesbian life with Monster Girls (NSFW) (completed)
My eyes can see (NSFW) (completed)
My Yuri Adventure (NSFW, "gore") (hiatus)
Our Goddess (future NSFW, polyamory)
On the Outskirts of Minazuki ("profanity") (completed)
Redwood Crossing (hiatus)
Runtime Error ("gore, profanity") (hiatus)
Supreme commander: Re-live? (NSFW, incest, "gore, profanity")
The Devil You Know (NSFW) (hiatus)
The Dark Inheritor (Original Version) (NSFW, "gore, profanity") (dropped)
The Dark Inheritor (New Version) (NSFW, "gore, profanity, traumatising content") (hiatus)
The Game Of The Gods (also on Scribblehub)
The Hollow (NSFW, gender bender "gore")
The Journey of a Yuri Cat Girl in a Futuristic Fantasy Universe (NSFW, gender bender "gore, profanity, traumatising content") (hiatus)
The New Journey of an Old Soul (NSFW, gender bender, "gore, profanity") (completed)
The Ogre Girl Won't Be Wooed by Men! [But Has a Soft Spot for Girls?!] (hiatus)
Valediction (NSFW, gender bender, "gore, profanity") (hiatus)
Yuri Dungeon (NSFW, "gore, profanity, traumatising content") (hiatus)
Yuri Sensei (completed as of now)
Zeroth Knight ("profanity") (hiatus)

10th Year Anniversary (completed)
A Detective, a Thief, and yuri (completed)
A Letter To A Future Dream (completed)
A Spring for Ilys (completed)
For My Beloved, I will (completed)
Forward! Yuri Paradise! (gender bender) (hiatus)
Gaia Chronicles: Hazard (hiatus)
Girls Next Tour (fanfiction for Girls' Last Tour)
Is This Love? (completed)
I was summoned as a saint, but why is the kingdom only throwing men at me (completed)
Late Night Summon (completed)
Perfect Day (completed)
Rather Than Work for a Black Company (completed)
Red String -cut- (completed)
Spring Dream (NSFW) (completed)
The Magician & Her Princess (completed)
The Prayer (completed)
The You, I Regret (no longer available?)
Traps Are Delicious (potentially transphobic) (hiatus)
Valentine's Day for My Sister (NSFW, lolicon?) (completed)
Will (no longer available?)

Wattpad (may need an account to access):
Black Clover Oneshots: [Lemon] Mereoleona Vermillion (NSFW, female reader x Mereoleona, no account needed)
Deception (NSFW, violence, profanity) (completed)
Kidnapping the Princess (completed)
My Neighbor's TV (hiatus)

Dragonbride (NSFW, 3P) (completed)

Independent Author Site Stories:
Kindred (hiatus)
lady2maid (NSFW; multiple stories on site)
Silver Death (hiatus)


    1. Ozefen Sep 14, 2019
      Ah. I only just found put this place existed bc the analytics from RR. Haha. But roger. Just wanted to give a heads up.
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    2. Moonpearl Sep 14, 2019
      @Ozefen The Recommendations Directory is a little behind right now because I haven't had the time to update it. I'll fix that information when it next updates. Thanks for letting me know~!

      I can't add anything to the Recommendations Directory unless it's mentioned in the Yuri Garden, though.
    3. Ozefen Sep 14, 2019
      Hey how's it going? Author of "Zeroth Knight" here. Just wanted to let you know it hasn't been on hiatus for a little while now.

      Also I posted a short story on Royal Road as well. It's a drama with light yuri and supernatural elements. Been uploading it in sections slowly with only 2 more to go. Thanks for your hard work!