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    1. prongsjiisan
      Hi northerner.. how are ya today..
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      2. prongsjiisan
        Everday... South is always warm erm i'm from far south west from your position
        Aug 13, 2017
      3. 219278
      4. prongsjiisan
        Harco Mangga Dua
        Pusat Elektronika Harco Mangga Dua, Jalan Arteri Mangga Dua Raya, Mangga Dua Selatan, Sawah Besar, Mangga Dua Sel., Sawah Besar, Jakarta Pusat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10730
        (021) 6129329

        Aug 13, 2017
    2. Lovely
      dear new friend \o/
      o.o you can comment in one post
      dont need to make a new one everytime nya
      with @Love
      from lovely~
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      2. dryzzle
        Jul 31, 2017
    3. Koalala
      Welcome to NUF \O/
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        Jul 31, 2017
      2. episod3ux
        Jul 31, 2017
    4. Azninvasion
      Welcome to NUF! Hope you enjoy!!!
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      2. episod3ux
        Welcome to nuf~
        Jul 29, 2017
      3. episod3ux
        @Azninvasion *thumbs up* Yesterday you got your welcome, now you advanced at welcoming others. Proud of you~
        Jul 29, 2017
      4. Azninvasion
        @episod3ux haha thank you I was responding to @219278 thread for recommendations and wanted to see if they had something I wanted to read as well since it seemed we had similar taste in novels
        Jul 29, 2017
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    September 1
    British columbia, canada
    I enjoy reading, writing and science. I hope to write my own book some day.


    Worm ~ a young woman gains the ability to control insects.
    Hero association Light humour Light gore Urban fantasy
    Enjoyable but not very grand. The protagonist's ability is not very powerful.

    The Vespidian ~ a young woman gets covered in green goo and gets turned into a wasp woman.
    Instincts Partial insanity Hero association Slightly dark Humor Slight memory loss Light torture Urban fantasy
    The main character is interesting with how different she is mentally and physically from a normal human.

    Stone Burners ~ a young woman wakes up one day as a dragon person with no memories of the past.
    Instincts Hero association Slightly dark Humor Light gore Total memory loss Urban fantasy
    Similar to The Vespidian notes. The main is more inhuman mentally (like a baby dragon).

    The Undying Prince ~ a young man wakes up after an accident and realizes that he can now absorb people/animals traits and their memories.
    Insanity Instincts Dark Gore Alternate reality Fantasy
    The gore and insanity bring this novel to a whole new level.

    Taint ~ a girl wakes up in a dungeon and gets infected with demon blood turning her into a devil and becomes immortal.
    Gore Humor Skewed sense of morality/normality Extreme memory loss Fantasy
    The main is adorable and childish. Somewhat a dunce; sometimes annoying so.

    Entirely Presenting You ~ a young woman gets bitten and turned into a vampire/ghoul like thing.
    Instincts Slightly dark Urban fantasy
    Slightly too much drama for me but definitely an interesting take on the vampire genre.

    Demons Journey ~ a demon of pride travels to heaven to kill someone but gets forced into a contract of equals by an angel of kindness and patience.
    Romance Humor Fantasy
    Enjoyable and humorous with good character progression.

    Tarrin Kael's Sennadar Universe ~ a guy gets turned into a werecat; a being that is highly unstable and can live forever.
    Light gore Partial insanity Instincts Fantasy Partial ferialism Light humour Adventure
    Feels like it would be better for a younger audience; The main is way to soft for his instincts.

    Core .001 ~ a girl is reincarnated into the body of a catkin, and immediately gets tricked into slavery.
    Humor Slightly dark reincarnation Fantasy Light gore Slavery LitRPG
    Waiting for new updates.

    Starwalker ~ an AI is part of a wormhole experiment but is actually much more human than the captain or crew thought.
    Light humour Partial AI protocols Sci-fi Futuristic Light mystery Reincarnation (sorta)
    Waiting for new updates. Interesting to see a human mind in an AI body.

    Howling ~ a girl reawakens as a werewolf fifty years in the future. Crazy vampire/werewolf romance shenanigans go down.
    Urban fantasy Light mystery Light humour Romance Multiple minds in the same body Partial memory loss Action Reincarnation (sorta)
    Short, sweet and complete. Slightly rushed but still fun to read (one-month writing challenge).

    The Dao of Magic ~ a thousand-year-old cultivator gets knocked down to a lower dimension where he learns about qi and soul and investigates the world around him. And he makes a sect that builds upon its own knowledge (like Wikipedia).
    Science fantasy Light mystery Humor Light romance Action Reincarnation (sorta) Cultivation Partial adventure
    Waiting for more updates. Really enjoyable to see the sciencey aspect of this world. Consistent updates too.

    Body and soul ~ a young female slave escapes from and kills her master as well as everyone else in the city after her slave collar gets damaged. Part of Andur’s multiverse series.
    Science fantasy Light mystery Light humour Light romance Action Reincarnation Partial adventure
    Consistent updates as always with andur. This series is longer than usual with a female perspective.

    Regarding Reincarnated to Slime ~ a man is stabbed and reincarnated as a slime.
    Humor City building Fantasy

    I’m A Spider, So What? ~ young woman is reincarnated as a spider in a dungeon.
    Humor Fantasy Slightly dark Light gore Game screen/system

    Falling in Love with the Villainess ~ a young man is reincarnated into the body of a boy from the slums. he is later gets taken in by a noble family even though his eyes supposedly bring bad luck.
    Intelligent protagonist Romance Manipulation Politics Slightly blockheaded
    Hand behind the curtain Fantasy Magic Split Personalities

    Dungeon Defense ~ a man “reincarnates” into the game he had been playing as the weakest demon lord and uses his wit, intelligence and knowledge of the game to succeed in this new world.
    Light gore Intelligent protagonist Light romance Partial insanity Intelligent antagonist(s) Politics Poker face/acting Fantasy Hand behind the curtain

    Tokyo Ghoul ~ a young man gets an organ transplant that slowly turns him into a ghoul.
    Instincts Gore Torture Dark Insanity Urban fantasy

    Death Note ~ a young man gets a notebook that allows him to kill anyone just by knowing their name and face.
    Insanity Intelligent protagonist Intelligent antagonist Mind games Urban fantasy

    Code Geass ~ a young man gains the ability to give an absolute command once to anyone he looks in the eye.
    Intelligent protagonist Intelligent antagonist(s) Mind games politics manipulation Urban fantasy

    Legend of the Legendary Heroes ~ a young man has eyes that allow him to instantly understand, copy and reflect magic back at the person who cast it. It also sometimes makes him go insane and kill everything in sight.
    Partial insanity OP protagonist Humor Fantasy