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    Name: Lute
    Gender: fema...male (everybody makes the mistake)
    Race: birdman (siren)
    Age: 16
    Class: Storm Singer
    Rank: E
    Points: 4
    Effeminate with ong black hair, pale skin, storm blue wings and bird like hands and legs.
    R. Hand : magic
    L. Arm: Buckler
    Armor: 2nd hand leather armor
    16 Lg copper
    3 Sm. Copper
    Light backpack
    3 days rations
    Set of light clothing
    Ring of brotherhood (non magical
    Sound mimicry
    Storm bloodline magic - Lute's magic isn't learned and improved through study. It's excerised like a muscle letting him improvise his spells on the fly. The down side to this is that he cannot make magical items like most spell casters.

    Wind magics:
    Lullaby - causes weak willed targets to fall asleep.
    Shout - produces a shock wave that can damages the opponent, dazes them and deafens them temporarily. Close range.
    Gust - mostly used to assist with flight. Can be used to knock back a enemy.Close range.

    Thunder magics:
    Spark - can ignite flamable objects
    Shocking grasp - electrify a target with your hands
    Lighting arc - mid range projectile

    Water magics:
    Ice arrow - creates a single long range projectile
    Create water - creates a galleon of water
    Lute comes from a nomadic tribe of ship salvagers near the islands of the Primevil Jungle. Lute was unable to contribute to the tribe because of poor inner-island flight skills resulting from having short songbird wings rather than long seabird wings. The Argal Navy and several angry adventurers put an end to the tribe's lucrative work after a fierce and bloody debate on the how the salvage came to be aquired killed most of the adults. Including his parent.

    The remaining members of the tribe had thier wings clipped and were sentenced to prisoner work camps around the island. Lute shuffled into the navy when they discovered his magic. Mostly used him as a mobile water dispener and ocassional magical sniper. When his sentence expired Lute decided to take the opportunity to try adventuring for a change of pace.