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    A translator on break because of schoolwork and laziness. May pick up something later, but I'm really bad at finding things I like so I end up dropping a lot of stuff halfway.



    Name: Huaria
    Gender: Female
    Adventurer Rank: E
    A beautiful winged race that is blessed with wind magic. They live in cities high in the mountains where the air is clear and cool and where one can see for miles. When they hide their wings, they are nearly indistinguishable from humans except for pure white feather tufts on their shoulder blades.
    The Arcane Ranger is a class that primarily uses bows to unleash arrows enchanted with devastating spells. Quicker than mages and more powerful regular rangers, the arcane ranger strikes a balance between swiftness and power.
    A wind-enchanted bow whose bowstring sounds like a spring breeze and whose arrows shoot further than any other. The Wind Melody Bow uses the wind to enhance accuracy and shooting range.
    A skill that allows the flügel to use ice magic and increases resistance against ice, as well as allowing the flügel to enter a trance that distances them from emotions.
    A skill that allows the flügel to use wind magic and greatly enhances the flügel's mobility, as well as momentarily solidify air.
    A skill that allows the flügel to dodge a short distance in any direction quickly in a manner akin to teleportation, faster than most things can track. It is very tiring to use.
    A skill that coats the flügel in layers of cutting and defensive winds that acts both offensively and defensively by amplifying force, cutting, extending range, and dampening blows.
    A skill that allows rangers to draw and release much quicker and smoother than normal.
    A skill used by imbuing arrows with an Impact spell that unleashes a shockwave upon hitting a target. The power of the spell is set when the spell is cast and cannot be altered after the arrow is released. Extremely mana efficient.
    A skill with armor penetrating properties and can be used to threaten tough targets that normal arrows can't scratch.
    A skill used by transforming the nature of the original arrow to an Explosive Arcana arrow. The arrow carries high heat and shines like a falling meteor as it flies. The Arcana amplifies the original effect of the arrow, if any.
    A skill used by shooting a single arrow into the air as a trigger to summon a barrage of arrows made of pure magic that leaves the ground it effects a burnt ruin.
    A set of cloth armor that greatly increases the user's running speed. It is said that a person in the armor could reach the horizon in a single step.
    Food enough for three days.
    A wind-enchanted pillow that is dust and dandruff free and is always cool. Like air, it can shrink or expand as its master wishes. Huaria have had it since she could remember.
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    Great Plain|#SE2|E-Ranked|Slay 10 Goblins [50 G]
    Great Plain|#SE3|E-Ranked|Slay 10 Orcs [100 G]
    Great Plain|#SE4|E-Ranked|Slay 5 Boar Warriors. [70 G]
    Great Plain|#SE5|E-Ranked|Slay 15 Kobolds [70 G]
    Great Plain|#SD1|D-Ranked|Slay 10 Lizardmen [90 G]
    Great Plain|#SD2|D-Ranked|Slay 8 Rampaging Rhinos [90 G]