Aug 30, 2017
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Apr 27, 1997 (Age: 24)
A Strange Island Located In The Pacific Ocean
Being lazy, doing things, being lazy.


Well-Known Member, 24, from A Strange Island Located In The Pacific Ocean

*cough cough* Come check out Creation Note on Community Games *cough cough* Jul 19, 2019

    1. Lhie
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      2. Exitiumm
        May 29, 2021
    2. Shirayuki..
      |^०^)/ Hewoo exi san shira is here to greet you as promised >u<
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    3. Nefasdetestasti
      I read it as scrotum.
      1. pass1478
        You need to get glasses... actually, no. You need to get blinded.
        Apr 4, 2020
      2. Nefasdetestasti
        I'm not wearing my glasses right now.
        Apr 4, 2020
    4. Tilgarial
      Exi, the one i remember holding the role of some king somewhere, even if my memory doesnt tell me how, why or when!
      I havent seen you in a while!
      I am very @in_awe at your hiding abilities!
      1. in_awe
        Wahhhh so pretty~
        Mar 24, 2020
      2. Tilgarial
        i know, right!
        Mar 24, 2020
    5. Raidou99
      U e-girl!
      1. Ddraig
        Exit is a E-girl? hmmmmmm
        Feb 28, 2020
      2. Raidou99
        Look at his avi. Enuf said
        Feb 28, 2020
      3. Ddraig
        7/10 on egirl scale.
        Reason: Not enough cleavage.
        Feb 28, 2020
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    6. Blitz
      @Naraku ain't no @Fossil
      Naraku is a sunflower. A sunflower that sprouts in a cemetery.
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      2. Tilgarial
        Necromancer. Naraku. Both start with n. Coincidence?
        Feb 24, 2020
      3. Blitz
        I'd you replace the u with an a it means hell in a couple languages too
        Feb 24, 2020
      4. Aquaa
        Narka= hell in my mother tongue, Hindi and all north Indian languages
        Feb 24, 2020
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    7. Aquaa
      Peasant uncle!!!
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      3. Aquaa
        Feb 24, 2020
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      4. Raidou99
        I laughed way too hard when she called u a peasant and an uncle at the same time
        Feb 28, 2020
      5. Aquaa
        ...>.>;;; Err
        Feb 28, 2020
    8. Kiss
      ...Cute avi~
    9. Fossil
    10. Lonelycity
      Let’s play mlbb one of these days .... lemme beatyour butts ~~
      It’s been a while since the last time XD
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      3. Lonelycity
        Ingame? Nah
        Jul 27, 2019
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      4. Exitiumm
        Eh? They aren't? And damn, you know how to please someone with those likes.

        Hmm~ Who to gather then? Min, Mid, Illu?
        Jul 27, 2019
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      5. Lonelycity
        Them all
        Jul 27, 2019
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    11. Exitiumm
      *cough cough* Come check out Creation Note on Community Games *cough cough*
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    12. Nahrenne
      *puts a bow in your hair*
    13. Exitiumm
      801 Notifications and counting that I won't bother to check.
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      3. Exitiumm
        Jun 1, 2019
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      4. Exitiumm
        Jun 1, 2019
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      5. Bad Storm
        Bad Storm
        Just 3/4?
        Jun 1, 2019
    14. Nahrenne
      *strokes your ears*
      I wonder when you'll change your avi...
    15. Nahrenne
      *gently noms on your ear*
      1. Nahrenne
        Hope you had a good birthday last week.
        May 3, 2019
    16. Donutmindme
      *naps on Exit’s couch*
      Night guys~
      1. Nyann
        GN ~ QwQ... But you were just here...
        Apr 5, 2019
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      2. Donutmindme
        I was. But I gotta sleep. I got school.
        Apr 5, 2019
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      3. Nyann
        QwQ GN~☆ I will surely create that thread.... *Assuring myself*
        Apr 5, 2019
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    17. Naraku
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    18. The Everdistant Utopia
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      3. The Everdistant Utopia
        The Everdistant Utopia
        Yes, for a while~
        Mar 9, 2019
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      4. Exitiumm
        Ayeee, welcome back to the living mate. Been a while.
        Mar 9, 2019
      5. The Everdistant Utopia
        The Everdistant Utopia
        Been a while~ Good to be alive~
        Mar 9, 2019
    19. Haxagen
      Hello there.
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      2. Haxagen
        Feb 18, 2019
      3. Nahrenne
        *huggles both of you*

        Feb 18, 2019
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      4. Haxagen
        *Group hugs*
        Feb 18, 2019
    20. Minvera790
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    Apr 27, 1997 (Age: 24)
    A Strange Island Located In The Pacific Ocean
    Being lazy, doing things, being lazy.


    Character Name: Asahi Akiyama
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Age: 24
    Religion: Shintoism
    Personality Trait: Daredevil
    Extra Information (Personality): A natural seeker of things which can excite him, he enjoys the feeling of danger. However he knows his limits and will not pursue something he sees as suicidal.
    Character Trait: Analytical
    Backstory: W.I.P.
    Home Province: Mino
    Allegiance: N/A
    Extra Information (Allegiance): N/A
    Employment Status: Unemployed
    Weapon: Tier I Iron Spear
    Known Divine Words: N/A
    Name : Draco
    Race : Founder
    Gender : Male
    Element : Raging Flames
    Title: Lord of Flames, Origin of Stars, Merchant.
    Realm: Yggdrasil

    System: System of a Thousand Suns

    Cultivation Level: Deity / Large Nebula Stage

    Cultivaton Method: Solar Cultivation

    Cultivation Technique : [Celestial Aura]

    Cultivation Spell : [Ruler's Voice]

    Truths: [State of Matter: Plasma] [Energy] [Space] [Order]

    Laws: [Gravity] [Judgement] [Fate]

    A young man with heterochromia eyes, the left is a beautiful light blue, while the right is a majestic gold and golden hair.

    Personality ( Draco ) : Arrogant, Excited, Happy.

    Inventory : Unlimited
    Name: Luke
    Race: Human
    Sex: Male
    Age: 19
    Position: Member
    Rank: E

    [Small fountain pen]

    [Enchanted Sword]
    Enchantments: Increase Self-Enchantment Strength by 50% ( Passive ), Increase Sharpness by 15% ( Passive ), Ambient Mana Absorption ( Passive ).

    Magical Power Cost: Is fueled by ambient mana.
    [A Small Bag]
    {A Canteen}
    {A pair of clothes}
    {A Book about Herbs}
    {A piece of Cheese}
    {Two Pieces of Dried Meat}
    {A Whetstone}
    {A Set of Cooking Tools}
    {A Compass}

    [Small Herb Bag]
    {Two Bundles of Blue Corianader}
    {A Bundle of Cooking Herbs}
    {A Bundle of Moonwater Lillies}

    [Money & Merits]
    {1 L. Copper, 1 S. Copper, 2 L. Wood, 5 S. Wood}
    {230 Merits}

    Apathetic towards people not close to him, but cares deeply for those that do get close to him. Enjoys the thrill of a fight.

    Magic Origin: Fire Element
    Specialty: Fire Magic, Wind Magic, Self-Enchantment.

    Spell Name: Fireball
    Spell Type: Offensive
    Spell Description: One of the most basic spells for those with a affinity for fire based magic, this spell is formed by gathering magical energy and condensing it into a ball-like form.

    Spell Name: Wind Blade
    Spell Type: Offensive
    Spell Description: One of the more basic spells in wind magic, this spell is formed by condensing magical energy into a crescent-like shape.

    Spell Name: Fire Tornado
    Spell Type: Offensive
    Spell Description: A rare spell due to it's inherent need for the ability to use both fire and wind magic proficiently, this spell is typically formed by combining both a fireball and a wind blade as they are forming, the resulting spell is typically very destructive and can be dangerous to the caster if used outside a controlled enviroment.

    Spell Name: Wind Enchantment
    Spell Type: Self-Enchantment
    Spell Description: A spell rarely used due to it's nature of restricting the user of casting magic until the enchantment is turned off, due to this limitation it is most commonly used for retreating from a battle, but this spell can also be used to allow the user to make themselves more agile.

    Spell Name: Wind Hold
    Spell Type: Offensive/Support
    Spell Description: Allows the user to control their magical energy in a way that allows them to turn the wind around them into a hand capable of grabbing someone, enables the user to be able to forcefully strangle someone from a distance or hold them in place.

    Spell Name: Wind's Blessing
    Spell Type: Self-Enchantment
    Spell Description: A spell that was derived from Wind Enchantment and was created by Luke during his time observing a Wolf Magical Beast that used a similar spell that he gained inspiration from, he attempted to combine it with Wind Enchantment and gained this spell.

    This spell increases reaction speed & agility by a large amount currently but restricts the user from casting other spells, and will exhaust the user mentally and can cause Magical Power Overdraft if used for too long.

    This spell is currently only half-complete and as such some effects will be weakened or even sealed.

    Luke as a small child was always neglected by his family due to his unwillingness to socialize with others, due to this Luke was usually ostracized by his peers, which just served to make himself more distant of people except for his mother...

    "Mother!" A young child says as he runs up to a beautiful woman walking out of a large manor.

    "Luke, my child how are you?" The woman says with a smile as she looks down at the little child that seems to be beaming with happiness.

    "Fine, Mother! I was just observing the marketplace near by!" The young child called Luke says as he tugs at his mothers dress in an attempt to tell her to follow him.

    "Yes yes, let's go." The woman says as she releases a small smile of joy while she watches the young child attempt to lead her to the marketplace he was just at.

    "Mother, isn't it fun watching them?" Luke says excitedly as he watches the merchants sell their goods.

    "Indeed it is, my dear. But perhaps it's time to get back?" The woman says with a smile before noticing the arrival of night will begin soon.

    "I don't wanna! Mother can't we stay here for a little longer?" Luke says as he pleads with puppy eyes towards his mother.

    "Very well, Luke! But we'll have to hurry back home soon, the day is about to end." The woman says as she looks at the small child pleading.

    "Yay! Mother you're the best!" Luke says with a smile as they continue to stay for another hour, soon it becomes pitch black out as they begin to walk back to their home.

    "Haha, it's very scary out here isn't it, Luke?" The woman says with a peaceful smile as she looks at her child.

    "Mother, don't worry I'll protect you in case anyone has bad thoughts!" Luke says as he pats his chest in a heroic fashion, which in return earns a short laugh from his mother.

    "Ahaha, a puny brat capable of protecting someone, how pathetic!" Soon a rough burly voice says from behind them as two men soon walk out of the dark street.

    "Who are you!" Luke says as he looks at the two men, one small and scrawny, while the other had a large stature with broad shoulders.

    The larger man soon answers with a rough laugh before continuing.

    "Brat, it doesn't matter who we are, afterall we're the ones who will enjoy the taste of your mother." The larger man says before running towards them.

    "George, get that kid, how about we show him his dear mother as we enjoy the taste of her?" The larger man says towards the smaller one called George, soon the scrawny man captures Luke.

    "Please let my son go! I'll do anything!" The woman says in desperation as she stares at the scrawny man above Luke.

    "Hahaha, you dare and try to negotiate now, whore!?" The larger man says as he proceeds to grab the woman by the hair and lift her up.

    "AHHHHH-" A scream seems to echo across the streets as the woman gets picked up by the hair and lifted up forcibly.

    "MOTHER NO!" Luke begins to cry as he watches his mother get picked up and held by the hair.

    "Shut that brat up!" The large man says before slapping the woman and proceeding to tear off her clothes revealing a beautiful curvy body.

    "Haha, she's even better then I thought!" The large man says as he proceeds to observe her body.

    "NO! LET GO OF MY MOTHER!" Luke continues to scream inbetween sobs as he watches the larger man before having his head slammed down into the cobblestone by the scrawny man.

    "Shut the hell up, you damn brat!" The scrawny man says as he continues to smash Lukes face in.

    "Ahaha, it's about time to enjoy the feast in front of my eyes!" The larger man says as he begins to unbuckle his belt and take off his pants as he continues to hold the woman by her hair.

    "YOU BASTARDS!" Luke suddenly screams as he watches the larger man approach his mother with his filthy body, soon a large gust seems to appear out of nowhere as the scrawny man is thrown back.

    "HE'S A DAMN MAGE, BRUNO WATCH OUT!" The scrawny man says as he yells at his partner as he's thrown back.

    "The fuck do you mean he's a mage!? FUCK!" The larger man says as he watches the child running at him.

    "Damn Brat! So what if you're a mage, you can only control a low level of wind magic and all mages have weak bodies!" The man says before rushing at Luke and punching him in the abdomen.

    "LUKE!" His mother suddenly screams out as she picks up a rock from the cobblestone road and throws it at the large man.

    "You bitch, that hurt!" The larger man proceeds to yell in rage as he turns around towards the woman who threw the stone not realizing the boy behind him with a small fountain pen.

    "BRUNO, LOOK OUT!" The scrawny man suddenly says in a yell as he notices the pen in Lukes hand, but unfortunately for him Luke was already behind the larger man called Bruno, and stabbing the pen at him.

    "AHH!" Soon a scream echoes out as the man gets stabbed repeatedly by the fountain pen, the scrawny man tries to get up before noticing something seems to be holding him by the neck, startled he tries to pry it off only to realize he can't, soon the hand begins to strangle the scrawny man.

    "Luke, stop!" His mother suddenly screams out as she grabs Luke to stop him.

    "But Mother, they threatened to hurt you!" Luke says in protest as a savage gleam appears in his eyes towards the men before dispelling his magic and allowing the men to escape.

    "No! Luke, you can't become like them! You can't use your powers to kill!" His mother proceeds to say as she sobs as she holds him in her arms.

    "Okay, Mother." Luke suddenly says apathetically as he looks at his mother.

    "Freeze!" A sudden voice rings out as a group of men in armor begin to walk towards them.

    "Guards! Please help us!" Luke's mother proceeds to say as she notices the guards walking this way.

    "Madam, what's the problem?" One of the guards say, the captain presumably.

    "We were just robbed by bandits! Please help us, they ran that way!" Luke's mother continues to say while pointing towards a random direction which the guards proceed to rush towards, hands on their weapons.

    "Mother, why'd you lie to them?" Luke says curiously as he regards his mother.

    "Because, my dear child. Let's return home for now." His mother says as Luke looks down in contemplation while following his mother to their house.

    Soon the days continue to pass until one day where his mother suddenly mentions something.

    "Luke, I wish for you to enter a magical school..." Luke's mother suddenly says.

    "But why, mother!? I don't wish to leave you!" Luke says in reluctance.

    "My dear child, this is your destiny, remember our promise from that day..." His mother says before leaving the room.

    Luke in his despair tries to rush towards his mother only to to be met by an empty room as guards begin to rush into the house.

    Luke scared grabs the letter of acceptance into the magical school before hiding in a spot that the guards can't find.

    "Damn, she's not here!" The decorated guard captain says in frustration as he notices the empty house.

    "Where the hell did she go!" The guard captain says in rage before exiting the house and giving the order to leave.

    Luke scared and curious begins to grab everything he needs and heads towards this magical school.


    "It's been 10 years since mother left me, 10 whole years. And it's time to find out why she left..." A grown up Luke suddenly says as he looks around.
    Name: Elfriede Hartl
    Race: Human, with a quarter of Demon blood.
    Sex: Female
    Age: 21
    Position: Member
    Rank: E

    A Deck of Tarot Cards.
    Inventory: Clothes and stuffs.
    Money: 10 S. Wood

    Specialty: Darkness Magic, Arcane Magic.
    Magical Origin: Darkness
    Spell Name: The High Priestess
    Spell Type: Healing-Type.
    Spell Description: Uses Arcane Magic to heal someone, it can only be casted if the user has access to the Tarot Card 'The High Priestess'.

    Spell Name: The World
    Spell Type: Support-Type.
    Spell Description: Uses Arcane Magic to observe the surrounding area, it allows the user to observe an area of 500 meters around them but requires a high upkeep of magic power. Can only be casted if the user has access to the Tarot Card 'The World'

    Spell Name: The Emperor
    Spell Type: Misc-Type.
    Spell Description: Uses Arcane Magic to control someone through force, only works on beings whom are either weaker than the Caster in terms of Magical Power, or have a weaker will. Can only be casted if the user has access to the Tarot Card 'The Emperor'

    Spell Name: Arrow of Darkness
    Spell Type: Offensive-Type
    Spell Description: A spell that shapes Darkness Type magical power into a arrow and fires it.
    ( Currently creating it... )
    Name: Adriyel Byrne

    Race: Human

    Age: 24

    Gender: Male

    Short Background: Adriyel and his Brother were born in District 6 as bastards and as such were treated as outcasts by everyone but their Mother, during this time they learned the ability to manipulate people into getting what they want and how to efficently run a business through observing people. When they turned 13 their Mother was cast away from District 6 and sent to live in 'The Paradise', as they were about to be cast away as well, their talent for manipulation was noticed and protected instead until they were sent to Arch Education, where they spent 4 years of their life learning various skills before leaving and cutting off all connections to their family.

    Profession: Entrepreuner

    Class: Business ( Lvl 1 )

    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]

    Personality: Carefree, Kind, Willing to do anything for his goal.

    Agency Point: 0
    Lvl: 0
    Job: Argonaut
    Skill: Backstep

    7 (6+1)
    DEF: 3
    AGI: 6 (5+1)
    MAG: 1
    WIS: 5​
    Name: Rickard
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Age: 26
    Class: Man at Arms
    Rank: E
    Points: 2
    Long dirty blond hair that extends past his shoulders if not put up, light blue eyes, well built stature, 189cm tall. Also has a long scar on the right side of his chest, and multiple scars across his entire body.
    Weapons: Battle Axe
    Armors: A gambeson
    Coins: 22LC
    Beginner Weapons Mastery: Skilled at almost any weapon to the level of a novice.
    A canteen of water, and 2 loaves of bread.
    Rickard was a child left at an unnamed orphanage, where he stayed from infanthood to his early adulthood, he left the orphanage at the age of 17 to join a mercenary troop that traveled almost everywhere in search for a battle, and discovered his own way of battle from these battles. He decided to leave the mercenary at age 24 however, and has such been wandering around, living under the savings hr had accumulated over the years, albeit miniscule. His dwindling funds led him to the Guild.
    Given Name/Title: Adrian Lyon
    Gender: Male
    Race: Doppelgangar
    Job/Class: Copycat Assassin
    Weapon: A pair of daggers and some darts.
    Skills: [Copy Body Structure] , [Keen Observation] , [Enchanced Perception] , [Change Voice]
    Equipment: A flexible cloak, as well as make up and other tools to change appearance.
    Adventurer Rank: E
    Missions Completed: 0
    Missions Failed: 0
    Inventory: A healing potion, some poisonous herbs, and a... Melon?
    Gold: 0​