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    Name: Yane Crezia
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human (Reaper warped)
    Age: 17
    Class: Scythebearer
    Rank: E
    Points: 20
    Somewhat gaunt in height, as if slightly stretched. Close-cropped hair, partially blond with silvery locks intermingled. Dark amber eyes, with red glint in left eye, and pale, almost blanched skin tone. Wearing slightly tattered linen clothes, and dark gloves. Slender build and limbs, though with slightly muscular and sinewy arms, not unlike a field-worker's,
    Folding Scythe - A long harvester scythe with a collapsible blade that folds into the handle.
    Tattered outfit.
    Oil Lamp.
    Two empty glass vials
    Brown Woolen Cloak - Gift from the priest Logan
    43 Large Copper
    Guild Member ID.
    <Soul Craving> Warped by a reaper to be unable to eat human food, consumes soulstuff of fallen creatures instead. They taste awful.
    <Scythe-fu> Proficient in combat with folding scythe
    <Sun-blighted> Dislikes heavy sunlight as it slightly burns his skin
    <Shade Form> Able to become slightly gaseous, just enough to slip free of bindings or through bars/mesh.
    <Spirit Collector> Able to store the spirits of slain foes in glass containers if one is available
    <Mediumship> Can see, hear, and interact with the souls of the fallen.
    <Reaper Eye> Can focus on corpses to discern the circumstances and cause of their death
    Not a whole lot more than what's on his person
    Yane was raised by his parents as a small farmer, and from a young age was taught the ins and outs of managing the fields as well as making a living off the land. That all changed, however, when a psychotic band of roving cultists chose his family as sacrifices to their patron. Yane was forced to watch as his parents and siblings were slaughtered one by one in a grisly, macabre ritual, until the cultists turned their blade toward Yane and prepared to sacrifice him to the reaper they worshipped.

    Unexpectedly, the reaper took a shine to Yane and took him in as his own rather than consuming him like prior sacrifices.

    In exchange for his life, the reaper permanently scarred and warped Yane, leaving him scorned by the sun, ghastly pale, and with an ever-present craving for soulstuff. The reaper then granted him a scythe before putting him to work gathering souls for the reaper to consume. Before returning him to the human plane, the Reaper warned Yane of the cost of his refusal or inability to comply with the reaper's demands:
    That the reaper would consume his soul upon the first sign of failure
    While working with a priest practicing wedding rituals, Yane discovered that his reaper powers did not work in holy places.

    Later on, he discovered a Harvester cultist who was luring people into his manor and killing them as offerings to a reaper. He managed to best the cultist, but the cultist escaped capture by the guards following Yane's departure.

    In a later mission to discern the cause of death of a mysteriously killed merchant, Yane received the left eye of the Laughing Harvester reaper, Manakhos, which allows him to read the circumstances of a person's death. Using the eye, he discovered that there is a masked, hooded figure that is capable of stealing and consuming the life force of others currently at large, who was later slain by guildmembers.

    Later, while recovering a body from the cave of the dead, Yane ran into a pack of harvester cultists who had entered the cave for unknown reasons. To Yane's surprise, the cultist who had lured him to his manor, Connor, was leading the entourage. Through a brief scuffle, Yane released the spirits of the manor victims who assisted him by routing the cultists and helping him banish Connor to the shade realm, leaving him in the waiting hands of Manakhos. Afterwards, all but one of the manor spirits moved on, with the final choosing to remanifest as a Will O' Wisp and join Yane on his travels.