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    If there was a profit of a hundred percent, capitalists would take risks out of desperation; if there was a profit of two hundred percent, capitalists would despise the law; if there was a profit of three hundred percent, then capitalists would trample the entire world"
    -Su Xing, 108 Maidens of Destiny

    The heavens’ might, what is this so call heavens’ might? The heavens’ might is the might of the heavens. When the heavens’ might moves, everything is destroyed! When the heavens’ might moves, the sky changes color! When the heavens’ might moves, no creature is allowed to resist it!

    I… I became the apprentice of a painting….

    If this Lin Ming is crazy, and he does crazy things and creates crazy miracles, then if he is not crazy, I am crazy.

    “To crush the other heroes and stand above, who else is there but me?”

    After witnessing how Lu Sheng had beaten Gongsun Zhang Lan to death like a madman, his reverence and admiration for his Boss increased significantly once more

    “Oh heavens! It was only peaceful for three days. Young Master Feng is about to commit another evil deed!”

    ‘Apex talent… personal vendetta… Empress? Male slave? Fuck, could it be that the words of the little boy was true? That this little miss actually favors him? This was a quarrel within their emotional entanglement! Too much trouble, too much trouble!’

    A married couple was supposed to spend their first night in bed together. It had been a rule since the penis existed.

    He had realised, once a woman was angry at you, even breathing in her sight was polluting the air.

    Bing had completely thrown his moral integrity away. For his training camp, he was willing to bootlick Tang Tian all the way.