Jan 28, 2021
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Hey guys for those who have sent their emails, I have added them to my gdrive invite. Please send again your GMAIL by dm or here. Thankyou Mar 5, 2021

    1. cheruruby
      Hello, can I get the invitation to read STVF too? Thankss alot
      My email is
      helenwangsa0410@ gmail . com
    2. icepriestess
      Hi may I get a copy of the novel seduce the villain father? My email icepriestess2010gmail.. please, please and thank you
    3. Dini06
      Hii please invite me too novel seduce the villain father, my email:
      Please i beg you
    4. Funnytiger
      Hey guys for those who have sent their emails, I have added them to my gdrive invite. Please send again your GMAIL by dm or here. Thankyou
      1. Shizukani likes this.
    5. Aniss
      Hi, If that doesn't bother you too much, could you send me a novel in Spanish by email? Please i really want to read it.
      Email: anisa1musaeva@gmail. com
    6. kjnovelreader
      Hi there!! I read your post about your hunting of the novel Seduce the Villain's Father, which you found in Spanish as a pdf. Is it at all possible for you to send it to me through email? I thank you for your time and kindness! Thank You!
      Email: amymichavez22@ gmail com
    7. chenny
      Hello! i dont know how to send you a message.
      Im interested in Seduce the Villain's Father , could you send me the novel in spanish to my mail?
      thank you very much
      my e mail is daianach2017@ gmail. com
    8. UlyssaTheOracle
      Hello! I am also interested in the STVF but am having a hard time Dm-ing you as the option to start a convo seems to be missing. Maybe we can only DM you if we mutually follow each other? I would really like to have a copy.
      1. UlyssaTheOracle
        Anyway, I'll just leave my email here. (leaving spaces to avoid spam)

        theoracle ulyssa @ gmail . com
        Feb 18, 2021
    9. mekasegh
      Please send me the pdf this is my email
    10. Meliiiisa
      Please send me an email :
    11. ArkiV_10
      Hi! I saw your post about Seduce the Villain's Father..i don't know how to dm, sorry..that's why i'm reaching you through here. Here is my
    12. mekasegh
      Sweetheart, please can you send me the pdf here? Look i am sorry but i don't know how to dm you
    13. rainrain00
      Hii, I saw your post about sending us the novel of stvf. I would be very greatful if u could send it to me >.< Thanks!!
      1. mekasegh likes this.
      2. mekasegh
        Excuse me how can i dm her?
        Feb 11, 2021
      3. rainrain00
        idk I'm trying to figure it out too, cause I can't see any "dm" option T^T
        Feb 11, 2021
        mekasegh likes this.
    14. Jazmin 13
      Jazmin 13
      Hiii, I saw your post regarding about the "seduce the villain's father", I was wondering if could you please send me the pdf, I really want to read the novel, tysm in advance
    15. I love reading
      I love reading
      Heyy unfortunately i have to have at least 5 posts so it doesnt let me to start a covo could u pls dm me first?
      1. reiko30
        how to dm you
        Feb 11, 2021
        I love reading likes this.
      2. I love reading
        I love reading
        Click on my profile picture and click where it says “start a conversation”
        Feb 11, 2021
    16. I love reading
      I love reading
      Helloo i saw you post about stvf and i was wondering if you’d be so kind to email it for me? Is it the whole novel?
      1. Funnytiger
        hi send me your email in messages please
        Feb 10, 2021
      2. reiko30
        how to dm you?
        Feb 11, 2021
      3. mekasegh
        -sigh- this sait is really hard
        Feb 11, 2021
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