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The Ethereal Realms
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An ethereal being who has manifested upon the physical plane to bring about pieces of novel writings that were scrapped up during free time. Dec 6, 2017 at 3:35 PM

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    1. Haxagen
      An ethereal being who has manifested upon the physical plane to bring about pieces of novel writings that were scrapped up during free time.
      1. Trent
        *shakily presents a cup of tea* Spare us?
        Dec 6, 2017 at 8:28 PM
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      2. Haxagen
        Don't be so worried! I'm not gonna kill anyone...yet.
        Dec 6, 2017 at 11:55 PM
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    2. Nekorin
      Welcome to NUF (ノ*'ω'*)ノ彡┻━┻

      This is a place where common sense doesn't exist and the longer you stay the higher your chunni power increase <3
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      3. Shio
        Check @NZPIEFACE's reply. You need several post to be able to post a thread there
        Dec 5, 2017
      4. Haxagen
        Ah, noted. Thank you.
        Dec 5, 2017
      5. Haxagen
        I guess I'll go hunt for posts then...or slack off in the Adventurer's Guild XD
        Dec 5, 2017
    3. Haxagen
      Just someone who picked up writing for fun.
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      3. Pyoo
      4. Haxagen
        Alright...While I get the other stuff sorted out, it's time to go full chunni.
        Dec 5, 2017
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      5. Pyoo
        xD have fun!
        Dec 5, 2017
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    The Ethereal Realms
    The Library's Alchemagi Guardian


    Given Name: Mikaze, Mika for short
    Gender: As of 7/12/2017, Akeru stopped existing, and Mika took his place. She's a girl.
    Inside his inner world, Akeru was conducting a Ritual of Memory, using the Token of Chaos which he had found in the Bone City.

    His unease could be easily felt despite his skeletal appearance.

    The Token belonged to him. He had created it himself, he was sure of that.

    But a new problem arose. When had he created it?

    Therefore, he was casting a Ritual of Memory using that particular token.

    "Testing, testing, 1 2 3...Do you read me?"

    Akeru immediately went on the defensive. He heard someone talking to him in his inner world, despite the fact that the only person allowed into his inner world was himself.

    "Hah! Inner World? It was easy to break past that wimpy defence! But again, I created you, so it doesn't matter!"

    [What the...you 'created' me? Are you some type of Self-Proclaimed God?]

    "God? Pshh, please spare me that. I don't really feel godly, anyway."

    The voice was right behind him; Akeru pulled out his staff, and swung around forcefully.

    "My, my, feisty! But again, one-sixth of my personality was sealed inside you, so i suppose it makes a lot of sense!"

    The strike, which would have bent steel with ease, was caught by a pinkie finger, and held in a vice grip. However, Akeru let go of his staff, and took out a potion. One of his biggest trump cards.

    [Let's see you laugh this off. Infernal Fellfire!]

    The humanoid was enveloped in black flames. For good measure, Akeru took out several more Potions of Toxic Smog, and tossed them into the conflagration.

    [That was close. Her strength was no joke.]

    Akeru's favourite staff was lying on the ground, in pieces.

    [If she had grabbed me, I would have ended up like that...Gah!]

    He had been kicked in the ribcage, and sent flying. It took a while before he skidded to a stop.

    [Impossible...no mortal could have survived that...]

    "You're right. No mortal would have survived that."

    The hellfire was dying down, allowing him to glimpse his attacker for the first time. A female humanoid, with uncommon black hair and an unusual piece of clothing. However, what set her apart from a human was the clarity in her blood-red eyes, the horns jutting out of her temples, and the wolf ears sticking out of her hairline.

    [A wolf beastkin?]

    "Wrong. And here I thought you'll be able to recognise me, seeing that you have part of my soul. Boo."

    Something in her voice unsettled him greatly. He dug around furiously in his memories, trying to identify her.

    [Lupine features...extremely strong...black hair...emerald eyes...]

    The pieces clicked together to form an unpleasant picture.

    [Storm Fenrir.]

    "Close, but it's Chaos Fenrir now."

    Akeru found himself laughing uncontrollably.

    [So, you're gonna kill me, huh? Do it, then.]

    There was no use retaliating. Because he held part of her soul, he knew exactly how ferocious she was.

    "Mhm. That's new. A reasonable fellow. It makes me feel kinda bad now, even though I need my soul back, you know."

    The girl could be seen pondering seriously, before she opened her mouth yet again.

    "Well, I know. I'll just give you a new soul, and send you to another world! There'll be no issues then."

    She waved her hand, and Akeru could feel a part of himself being taken away, and replaced with something else. Then, he was surrounded by light particles, and disappeared.

    "Mhm! And with that, I've collected all 6 parts of my soul! Hurrah! Though, I never expected "Intelligence" to be the last aspect of my personality that I had to catch, though."

    The girl nodded, satisfied, while picking up the belt and the single card that had fallen to the floor.

    "Hmm? What's this? E-ranked adventurer, Akeru, Aeternus City...Guild Quest to eliminate monsters?...Sounds fun! But first..."

    The girl ran her finger over the card, causing it to glow brightly. The spot that once held the name 'Akeru' was replaced by 'Mika'.

    "Alright! Next stop, Aeternus City!"
    A goblin army was on the move. Packed densely, there was a crudely made stretcher in the centre of the horde, where 4 sturdy looking goblins were carrying a goblin that had a crown on it's head. The horde was moving in the Great Plains, where they walked about, freely, out in the open. Due to the size of the horde, most other monsters did not dare to approach.

    They headed towards the only city in the area---Aeternus.

    Meanwhile, a hooded figure could be seen observing them from afar.

    "Oh, jeez. A goblin horde. And just when I thought this day couldn't get worse, too."

    The figure took off her hood, revealing a mass of black hair, with two wolf ears peeking out of the hairline.

    "Hah...Never mind. I needed something to test out my skills, anyway. Let's see. First is 'Impact Hammer'."

    The girl took a deep breath, and jumped, extremely high up into the air, aiming to land near the centre of the horde.


    The landing scene resembled a meteor crash. A smoking crater over 5 metres in width appeared where the goblin king once was.


    The surrounding goblins, after getting over the initial shock, charged at the girl, brandishing their clubs.

    "Hoooh? Interesting!"

    Two armlets, one red and one blue, appeared on the girl's arms. With a burst of elemental energy, both expanded to become gigantic gauntlets.

    "Nice guts! In that case, let's dance!"

    The girl rushed forward, her two gauntlets smashing every attacker to dust. However, she could see a group of goblins holding up staves, chanting.

    "Well, since I've already pulled out Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi, why not, right? Susanoo!"

    Her gauntlets split into countless extremely sharp shards, orbiting her at high speeds. Any spells that were fired towards her were immediately ripped apart.

    "Mhm, summoning time! Come out, lesser kin that shares my name! Herald of Ragnarok, Fenrir!"

    The land split, and a massive silver wolf leapt out from the fracture, howling ferociously.

    "Alright, let's go!"


    Where the goblin horde once existed, there was now only a patch of ground littered with goblin corpses, and stained crimson with goblin blood. Cracks ran through the ground, and massive craters were everywhere.

    In the midst of the destruction, the girl withdrew her weapons and her summons, and complained.

    "Jeez, that was barely enough exercise for me to get my blood flowing."
    Adventurer Rank: E
    Race: Chaotic Ancient Fenrir
    Job/Class: Pugilist, Magi, Librarian
    Amaterasu (Enhanced):
    • Left gauntlet, forged from hihi'irokane, enchanted with holy fire.
    • Baptized with the blood of an Elder Phoenix to increase it's affinity with light and flames.
    • Can shrink into a crimson red armlet when not in use.
    Tsukuyomi (Enhanced):
    • Right gauntlet, forged from adamantine, enchanted with demonic ice.
    • Baptized with the blood of an Elder Frost Giant to increase it's affinity with darkness and frost.
    • Can shrink into an azure blue armlet when not in use.
    • Master Alchemist's Belt Pouch: Contains every single potion that Mika has collected and hoarded over the millenniums she's been alive. When Mika needs any specific potion, all she has to do is to think about what potion she needs, and the belt will give it to her automatically.
    • Librarian Outfit: An old-fashioned outfit belonging to a much earlier era. Mika has plenty of outfits with higher defensive value, but she is quite attached to this outfit in particular.
    • Ring of Constraint: An ancient ring, designed to allow the wearer to control their own strength. Mika usually keeps her strength within human standards.
    • Susanoo (Enhanced): Mika's gauntlets split into 24 equal pieces, each shard having extremely high piercing power, and orbit her at rapid speeds. Since Susanoo attacks and defends automatically, Mika can do other things at the same time. To substitute for the inability to fly, Susanoo can launch it's bearer high up in the air.
    • Chaotic Vision: Mika's Chaos-enhanced sight can reach up to 15 kilometres, even in the dark. Appraisal and Evil Eye abilities also apply.
    • Blood Moon: During a full moon, Mika's power is automatically amplified by 10 times.
    • Origin of Chaos: Any magical attack is converted to chaos energy, and then converted to more mana for Mika.
    • Master Mage: Mika can double-cast spells without chanting, and she has mastered Chaos and Storm Magic, as well as maxing out her proficiency In Space-Time Magic. Too lazy to use them usually, though.
    • Corruption: Mika's body pulses with dense chaos energy. She can corrupt an object simply by sending her mana through it.
    • Impact Hammer: When Mika has gained a sufficient altitude and lands on her heels, she creates a 3 metre shockwave around her that shatters every fragile object in the vicinity.
    • Ancestor of Wolves: Mika can summon anything related to wolves.
    • Retaliation: Any successful attack is rebounded to the attacker. One use per day.
    • Azrael, The Patient: Calming effect on allies, provokes enemies.
    • Belphegor, The Lazy: Mana Boost on all allies around her, Mana drain on all enemies around her.
    A cylinder that looks like it was originally a gun barrel. Mika becomes rather sullen when she sees it.
    A shard from a polearm-type weapon. Mika seems to become quite moody when looking at it.
    An oddly-shaped container. There is a purplish-black liquid inside it. Mika seems to hold it in extremely high regard.
    Mika keeps this by her side all the time. The pages are brittle and worn with the advent of time, and the cover is horribly scratched. Nevertheless, Mika treats it quite carefully.
    • Fond of good food, comfortable clothing, as well as a good nap.
    • Extremely lazy usually.
    • Likes to help out in random ways.
    • Prefers settling issues quickly rather than carefully.
    • When not travelling, likes to hang around in the Tavern, dozing off in the warm sunlight.
    • Unlike Akeru, who was the embodiment of her "Intelligence", Mika cares less about making wise decisions, and will happily start a brawl if bored.
    • Cannot tolerate it if people takes her stuff without asking.
    • As a non-human, she respects humans and their potential to grow, but cares little for them due to their limited lifespan.
    • Mika knows that she has eradicated entire species before. And she doesn't feel an ounce of guilt.
    • It is really not often, but on the off-chance that she loses it, Mika starts acting creepily. Obvious signs are her hair and eyes turning crimson. Recommendation: Either get Mirea to kick her out of the Tavern immediately, or throw her off Aeternus entirely.
    • Cinere's pets
    • Feeding Kynn with an absurd amount of snacks
    • Elias' cooking
    • Mirea
    When I'm on the job, I'm a Murderer. When I'm off the job, I guard the Library.