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Jan 28, 1998 (Age: 23)


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    Jan 28, 1998 (Age: 23)


    Given Name/Title: Hong
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Job/Class: Martial Artist (Choy Li Fut Kung Fu, Yang-Style Tai Chi, etc)
    Weapon: None on Hand
    Currently Know How to Use:

    • Broadsword
    • Double Butterfly Knives (Dual-Wield Only)
    • Cane
    • Cudgel
    • Daggers (Single or Dual-wield)
    • Fan
    • Gim (Chinese Straight Sword)
    • Hook Spear
    • Spear
    • Staff
    [Kung Fu (Choy Li Fut)]
    [Tai Chi (Yang-Style)]
    [American Wrestling]
    [Submission Grappling (Jiu-Jitsu)]
    [Weapon Mastery (Only listed weapons)]
    [Dual-wielding (Only listed weapons)]
    [Slime Skating (Slime Shoes)] - Allows one to skate with slime if wanted.

    Equipment: Red T-Shirt, Adidas soccer pants, Jade Necklace, Compression Shorts, Slime Shoes
    Adventurer Rank: E
    Missions Completed: E-Rank: 2
    Missions Failed: 0
    Inventory (Item Box): Slime Gel (x20), Rusted Sword (x2), Rusted Dagger (x4), Wooden Stick (x2)
    Gold: 100
    Background: On Earth, Hong studied Choy Li Fut and Tai Chi at a young age. One night, as he was sleeping, resting for his Kung Fu tournament the next day, he was transported to another universe...
    Name: Hong
    Job: (Argonaut)
    Job Lvl: 0 (2/10)

    Level: 5 (2/10)
    HP: 35
    MP: 125
    Atk: 6 + 2 (Level) + 5 (Weapon) = 13
    Def: 4 + 8 (Level) = 12
    Agi: 5 + 2 (Level) + 5 (Weapon) = 12
    Mag: 3
    Wis: 4

    1. Miracle Strike: Deals 300% of (Atk + Mag) against a higher level monster. The skill can fail. The chance of activation is 10% x (monster's level - Player's level.) Regardless whether the skill succeeds or fails, half of the Player's current HP and mana will be deducted upon activation.

    2. Heavy Blow [+]: Deals 3 extra physical damage, 40 mana cost. Improvement adds 1 point bonus damage.

    3. Decapitation [+] (Variant of Heavy Blow): Deals earth-attribute damage and ignores Enemy Def(bold), 100 mana cost. Improvement reduces the cost.

    4. Brutality: Attack with 20% smash damage, 40 mana cost. Improvement raise Decapitation damage by 1.

    DP [178]

    Beginner Bag
    [1.Wooden Sword (+2 Atk, +2 Agi)]

    Quick Belt
    [ --- | --- ]

    Weapon [ Bronze Spear (+5 Atk, +5 Agi) ]
    Head wear [ --- ]
    Body armor [ --- ]
    Foot wear [ --- ]
    Gloves [ --- ]
    Name: Kang (康)

    Type / Race: Qilin

    Appearance: Cannot link things yet because I'm still a new member, but just google Qilin.
    If you're too lazy, here's a description to read:
    Like the Chinese dragon, the Qilin is composed of different animals. Over the centuries, however, the depiction of the Qilin has changed. In general, the Qilin is said to have an equine-like body. Thus, the Qilin may have the body of a deer, or an ox, or a horse. The body of the Qilin is also covered with the scales of a fish, and is often enveloped in fire. As for its head, it is quite similar to the Chinese dragon, yet, even this feature has its variations over time. Some Qilin, for example, have been depicted with a single horn. Hence, the Qilin has been compared to the European unicorn, and has been dubbed as the ‘Chinese Unicorn’, while others are shown with antlers. Nevertheless, it has been suggested that the Qilin and the Chinese Unicorn are two separate mythological creatures altogether. Depictions of the qilin show a creature with the head of a dragon, the antlers of a deer, the skin and scales of a fish, the hooves of an ox and tail of a lion.

    Background: After the prosperity of humanity, though mythical creatures such as qilins and dragons may not be gods, they are still divine creatures which require the reverence of humanity. As the qilin race slowly lost their influence, the population dwindled down until there weren't many left. Hong is one of the newest born qilins, hoping to bring prosperity to all divine creatures once again and bring down humanity. As a young qilin, not all of Hong's abilities are yet fully developed, nor are they all fully known yet.

    [Telepathy]: Qilins do not have the vocal capability of speaking, so, as divine creatures, they use telepathy to communicate with others.
    [Flight]: As a newborn divine creature, it has mediocre flight capabilities with it's magical abilities.
    [Flame Breath]: Some characteristics of Chinese dragons are shared with qilins, breathing fire is one of them.
    [Scale Body]: Qilins have scales, but as a newborn, it's physical defenses are decent. It can be pierced by anything as strong as a sniper rifle.
    [Divine Blessing]: As a divine creature, qilins have some sort of resistance towards magic, but as a newborn, this magical defense is low.
    [Flame Body]: Can emit flames from it's body and envelope itself in it when need be.

    Any physical attack stronger than a sniper rifle (Including punches and kicks if they are that strong).
    Any magical attacks with the same rating in strength as a sniper rifle.
    Any mind attacks (No mind resistances at all yet as it is a newborn).
    Dark Magic (As a divine creature, it is weak to anything classified as "evil/dark").

    Threat Level: None (Do not change this!)

    Destruction Points: 0 (Do not change this!)