Oct 20, 2015
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    1. SayMrrp
      Awesome signature! Please add what novels the quotes come from? I'm metaphorically dying to know. :3
    2. Parth37955
      hide the dragons under a spoiler
    3. Casul Reader
      Casul Reader
      75 posts and no one has greeted you yet?

      Allow me to be the first then!
      I welcome you to the NUF oh great ancient~!
      1. Arcadia Blade
        Arcadia Blade
        Welcome to NUF!
        May 20, 2016
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    “It is also called paired cultivation,” Ceng Lian’er said lightly, “it is very beneficial to you.”

    Zuo Mo was not persuaded. “I do not need it.”

    “Because of your right hand?” A hint of mirth rose in Ceng Lian’er’s pupils.

    However, Zuo Mo did not find it funny. His heart shook. The other’s familiarity with his secrets surpassed his expectations… to even know about...
    the Cold Magistrate who kills without blinking.

    the airport runway(flat-chested) figure of Wu Yue

    She, who had always been a well-behaved girl would get scared even if she saw a place like this in a movie. (a night club)

    With a bad taste in his mouth, Yang Chen left ROSE bar. He worried over whether an internal battle among his harem would occur in the future, like those shown on TV, the ladies stab at each other, and after all the stabbing even their husband couldn’t recognize them anymore

    An Xin even wished that guy who wore his underwear on the outside called Superman was real

    as an outstanding employee who loved his job, Yang Chen felt that he still had to persist in playing computer games till it was time to get off work

    Yang Chen felt incredibly conflicted in his heart, there wasn’t just one woman by his side, so he vaguely replied, “That is your family’s rule, it has no relation to me.”