Jan 18, 2018
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October 22
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    1. SquadCammander354
      @Welcome to NUF

      Do something like this to mention someone when on their profile: @{63771:Master}
      Replace the {-} with [-] and boom, the result is something like this:
      Master use me!
      Doing stuff with just the @, like in @Shem, will notify them, and the way I just showed you earlier will just mention them, like behind their back.

      The profile ID is on their URL!
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      2. SquadCammander354
        Now, for a thread it's different when mentioning someone, like this; [USER=63771]Master[/USER] is a loli~
        Jul 4, 2018
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      3. SquadCammander354
        Just so you know, if you attach the @ to a name, and that's it, if you post it, you can edit it immediately after to get rid of the @, it's the one to the right, not left.

        Lastly you can make a title after 100 posts.
        Jul 4, 2018
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    October 22
    A Weird Otaku


    Name: Hope
    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Age: 10
    Adaptability: Able to adapt to many situations and calm down
    Sly: Able to act upon desicion a facade.
    Status Resistance: Able to resist ailments such as poison.
    Night Vision: Able to see in the dark.
    Stat Screen: Able to see “stats”.
    Encyclopediac Mind: Able to memorize things with precision and record in a Encyclopedia which can be taken out.
    Stealth: Able to hide in the shadows.
    Steal: Able to snatch things.
    Shapeshift: Hope, Wolf Cub, Juvenile Wolf, Adult Wolf, Panther Kit, Juvenile Panther, Adult Panther
    Ambitions: To live a happy life and get revenge on the researchers.
    A orphan kidnapped by researchers at age 3 and experimented on with poisons and illnesses. Escaped at age 8 and was nearly killed. Has been living on the streets and named herself “Hope”.
    A black haired youth with deep red eyes.
    Starting Point: Somewhere in China
    Name: Sylth
    Gender: Female Occupation: Chef Apprentice
    Sub-Occupation: Raid Master Tier 1
    Inventory: Slime Gel X2, WoodX0, Small Mana Potion (10 MP)X23, Beginner’s Bow, Small Health Potion (10 HP)X16, Goblin Javelin (Sanitized) X1, Crystal Ball X1, Iron Armor X1, Stamina Potion(10 STA)X34,Wolf Blood X6, Goblin BloodX64, StoneX110, Goblin Tooth X1

    Money:2648 G

    Head – None
    Chest – None
    Legs – None
    Feet – None
    Off Hand – Goblin Dagger (Sanitized)
    Main Hand – Crossbow
    Ring – Ring Of Speed
    Necklace - None

    Stats (150 Unused)
    Level – 7
    HP – 2000/2000
    STA –415/415
    MP – 20/20
    EXP – 1911/6400
    STR –200 + 1
    DEX –200 + 7
    INT – 200
    CON – 4

    Skills (107 Unused)
    Chef Skill – 1d5 (Success is 3-5, Failure is 1-2) +500 HP
    Trap – Skips enemy attack(5 STA)
    Ranged Attack – 1d20 + STR(201)+ DEX(207)
    Deflect – 1d20 + STR(201)
    Dodge – 1d20 + DEX(207)
    Devour –1d2 + CON(4)
    Pinpoint -4d20 + Dex(207)+ STR(201) (20 STA)
    Stealth - 10 Stamina
    Assassinate - roll 1d20 100% Success for enemies below or even(40 STA) 2d20+Str(201)+Dex(207)
    Find Mount - (20 STA)
    Stealth Attack - 2d5 + STR(201)+ DEX(207

    Day 0: Wolf Treant (Cub)
    Day 0: Goblin Treant (Cub)