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    1. xiaoyigege
      There are days every now and again
      I pretend I'm okay
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    2. xiaoyigege
      Just boiling in my blood
      But you think that I can't see
    3. xiaoyigege
      And when our children tell our story
    4. MsEliteNEET
      I lost at 21 again so now I get to tell everyone how high and mighty I am. I'm really high and mighty high. Sorta.
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    5. xiaoyigege
      I feel like crashing, drifting
      Sinking way too deep
      1. One Perfect Veteran
        One Perfect Veteran
        B-but... You can't have more nicotine...
        N-no means no!!! No!
        Aug 13, 2022
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    6. MsEliteNEET
      Hey, I am playing a really fun game of 21 dares. Join us sometime.
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    7. xiaoyigege
      Hi, book club founder ~\(≧▽≦)/~
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    8. Lemonfairy
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  • About

    I love reading Chinese novels and watching Chinese and Taiwanese dramas and movies. I enjoy translator notes and translations that include a lot of Chinese vocabulary or cultural notes.

    Favorite novels:
    • To Be A Virtuous Wife
    • Your Memes Are Better Looking Than You
    • Fanservice Paradox
    • Agreement of Being Gay for 30 Days
    • Please Confess to Me
    • Rebirth of a Movie Star
    • The Long-awaited Mr Han
    • Green Plum Island
    • Reborn with an Old Enemy on the Day of our Marriage
    • Transmigrated into a School Idol and Forced to Do Business

    • Straight, BL, and GL
    • Reborn and transmigration
    • Face-slapping and revenge
    • Arranged marriage, contract marriage, contract relationship, fake relationship
    • Supporting characters matchmaking/rooting for the main couple
    • Loving in-law relationships

    • R*pe
    • Crying or pain during s*x
    • Woman or bottom doesn't like s*x, annoyed by partner's desire
    • Abusive dynamics
    • Incest
    • Harem, reverse harem, love triangles, second lead syndrome
    • Tragedy, bad ending
    • Horror, thriller, scary novels
    • Excess/sadistic violence
    • Breakups/separations
    • Arranged gay marriage in an ancient setting
    • Mpreg
    • Omegaverse


    Join my book group! currently reading: Rivals in Love

    About the book group:
    • Newcomers welcome to join at any time!
    • Chinese novels only
    • BL, GL, BG, and no CP are all welcome
    • Completed novels only
    • No harem, reverse-harem, omegaverse, m-preg, rapist becomes lover, incest, tragedy/bad ending, abusive leads
    • Our book list