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    Name: Noel
    Gender: Male
    Race: Spirit
    Age: 127
    Class: Frost Spirit
    Rank: E
    Points: 0
    A seemingly young looking man with a pale complexion, azure eyes, and frosty white hair. His stature is taller than average, but is slender enough to appear nonthreatening.

    He wears brown cloth clothes, and has his cloak hiding their appearance majority of the time.
    - Armor
    - Blue cloak which gradually turns bleach white as it approaches the bottom.
    - Tough brown cloth clothes.
    - Weapons
    - Quarterstaff made of Cascade Ebony
    - Winter Magic:
    - Winter Embodiment (Passive): Control over snow / ice in the surrounding environment
    - Icy Aura (Passive): The area around the user is several degrees cooler than normal, if used consciously it can be used to create come defense.
    - Winter Manipulation: Create ice, snow, or frost by using mana to freeze the surrounding water molecules
    - Cold Resistance: Resistant to the cold that he can control, can become immunity if the spirit becomes stronger.

    - Spirit Physiology
    - Flight: With a body thats only semi-physical, flight comes easy for him
    - Manifestation: Has to use mana to maintain a physical form.
    - 37 Small Copper Coins
    - Cloth Blanket
    - Pouch Belt.
    A spirit who wandered away from home, searching for something to catch his interest.