Oct 20, 2015
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✿Fujoshi✿ [#224~] [Dʀᴀɢᴏɴɪsᴛ] [Lᴜʀᴋᴇʀ Lᴇᴇᴄʜ], Female, from \(゜ロ\)ココハドコ?

AaaAAAaah I have 53 tabs open, how do I choose which to close ヽ(●゚´Д`゚●)ノ゚ Mar 24, 2018

    1. ninish
      AaaAAAaah I have 53 tabs open, how do I choose which to close ヽ(●゚´Д`゚●)ノ゚
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    2. ninish
      My couch potato otaku cousin was dragged to camping by his girlfriend. Moral of story: if you become a riajuu you'll be dragged 'outdoors'.
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    3. ninish
      The awkward moment you're trying to buy some posters of some bishounen nippleless swimmers but the cashier won't stop kissing her boyfriend.
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    4. ninish
      Thanks for the choco gift, mysterious nuffian! (´u`ʃƪ)♥
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    5. ninish
    6. ninish
      I finally noticed why I make so many typos on my phone: I switch a lot between the Sp/Eng keyboards so my fingers just can't get used to it.
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    7. ninish
      I noticed today that yahoo integrated my WordPress avatar as my ID avatar. I'm thanking all the gods I wasn't using an indecent avy. (*/▽\*)
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    8. ninish
      Things to think about when sad (TTTAWS): Yuuri twirling around a pole with a champagne bottle in hand while standing on Chris' thighs. (☆v☆)
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    9. ninish
      I hate having car sickness. All this free time I could use reading something or watching anime but nope, 5 mins in & I'll feel sick.
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    10. ninish
      When I'm sad, I think of Yuuri licking his lips during the Eros routine, and then the sadness is gone.
    11. ninish
      I noticed today that Gackt is like my Morgan Freeman. He could be singing the alphabet to me and I'd feel like he's describing the universe.
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    12. ninish
      Lately I've stopped breathing when I fangirl too hard :c Idk if I should be worried, or glad that I may die a happy death.
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    13. ninish
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    14. ninish
      Because of cool male anime characters using 'ore,' the one time I met a Judoka and he used 'boku' I nearly jumped at him screeching MOEEEE!!
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    15. ninish
      Fujoshi Logic: if life gives you lemons, you CELEBRATE. (‘∀’●)♡
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    16. ninish
      You know your brain is fried when you make a sentence like this: 'various cages of varied varieties.'
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    17. ninish
      Some fanfics make you go *Squeeee* (*‿*✿) while some make you go 'dafuq did I just read.' ∑(゜□゜;) The chances are so random though :'c
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    18. ninish
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    19. ninish
      Google, y u throwing adds in chinese at me? I'm only reading an mtl. Your Google Senses are a bit off...
    20. ninish
      I wonder if being 'high on music' can really encompass all the emotions you feel when you are singing your fav anime opening with your soul.
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    Home Page:
    あたしはや、BLまで好きの少女、よろしくね! ヾ(*⌒ヮ⌒*)ゞ
    (BTW, i speak Spanish :v)

    [just to tick people off... and because i need to list this somewhere:]

    My biggest OTP atm: Victuuri

    -To lighten my mood: Akuyuu goodness.
    -My eternal love: Spamano.
    -My Guilty Pleasure: Spuk/Uksp and Viktuuriyuri.
    -The cutest couple ever because Scorpius is made of rainbows: Scorpbus.
    -My greatest discovery: Itager. YES, IN THAT ORDER.
    -My Ancient fascination: RomeXGermania.
    -To feel all fuzzy inside: Rochu & Fruk & Kurofai.
    -My sunken ship but no matter, i still love them together: Eruri.
    -To feel all weird inside: Hardcore Rochu.
    -To read sumthin hot: Shizaya or Kurofai.
    -To change my general mood: Dennor.
    -Sidekick OTP: kagehina
    -To fill my void because the novel's ending didn't do so: NezumixShion
    -Always makes me smile: GuixPrince.

    -When i've read all about my OTP there's in FF and AO3: i switch to 2P!Spamano.

    -Other stuff i read: Gerita, SuFin, FrSp, PruSp, NedSp, SwiAus, PruAus, PruHun (just sometimes). RomexPracticallyAnything. Random 2P!s, Otayuri, KuroMahiru, YuuMika (Prefferably MikaYuu but that's kind of rare to come by), Ereri (when out of Eruri).

    My favorite AUs: Soulmates/Soulmarks, Highschool, Uni, Omegaverse, Humanverse (for hetalia), normal hetalian-verse, magic.

    -What i absolutely never read: hetero!spamano.
    -What i dislike but read when very very very very bored: character death fics, crack fics, song fics, and fics that contain couples i dislike (such as SpaBel, PruCan, Franada, Usuk, and some others).
    -What i absolutely dislike: to start reading some fic and reaching the freaking end only to find it had character death AND I WASN'T WARNED and i'll feel like dying all day because of that... specially if it was a Spamano fic :'c . Also, dislike WickedXPrince. Adding a new one: SOULMATES FICS WHERE THE FEATURED COUPLE AREN'T SOULMATES. WHAT'S THE POINT IN THAT, YOU SADISTIC AUTHOOOORS!! New addition #2: Phichit/JJ (Like, seriously?!?!?! who even thought this would be good!!!)

    What i dislike almost as much as that: google translate that makes people believe they can make sense of Spanish just by typing something into it. ME EYES. iT hUrTz ME EYeS SO MUcH.

    Novel Ships

    -I won't die until this ship sails: VitToria [VitoxLutoria]
    -This is also a thing because i say so!: [LancexMarius]
    -this is so sweet whyyy: CCS x XYR & ZX x QJ
    -This is also a thing, a hot thing: Judegement x Sun.

    Do i read stuff that has no M content?: surprinsingly for myself, i do. i love funny, cute and/or purely romantic fics from LSK, 1/2 Prince, and many other things. Adventure fics from LMS are also cool :D

    Do i read anything else?: YEAH I DO. a lot of random stuff...

    ...What else is there to know about me?

    oh, i'm a grammar nazi. Haters gonna hate. And my head is full of delusions and original characters. Maybe i'll share them some day, but it'd probably scare you away...

    And this is for me: this is the thread i always look for but can never find on my phone:


    how to make pretty footnotes in WordPress sites~
    [[Crawler of the dark corners of the internet, always on the alert for the best BL novels that can be found in the shadows... and devouring fanfics at the speed of light.]]