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i am bored :/ with homework... :| Apr 15, 2018

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Aug 1, 2020
    1. otoshi-god
      i am bored :/ with homework... :|
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      2. Nefasdetestasti
        Apr 15, 2018
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    2. otoshi-god
      Merry Christmas.
    3. otoshi-god
      i am bored...
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      2. heartantares
        heres to hoping this doesnt change to too many chefs spoiling the stew. *adds curry*
        Dec 24, 2016
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      3. otoshi-god
        it doesn't destroy the flavor but changes a lot of it.
        Dec 24, 2016
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      4. Vindis
        Have fun with no worries! :D
        Dec 24, 2016
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    4. OverlyFriendly
      Welcome to NUF! o/
      And nice avatar!
      The world God only knows was very good~

      If you want to know something just ask around or head to the stickied threads~
      1. otoshi-god
        ok thanks
        Sep 19, 2016
      2. otoshi-god
        i read the manga like 3 times and in the end never like ending....
        Sep 19, 2016
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    5. otoshi-god
      The End.
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      2. otoshi-god
        Intermission 1
        Sep 17, 2016
      3. KuroInfinity
        Sep 17, 2016
      4. wolf.prince
        Once upon a time nya
        Dec 3, 2016
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    In the End Nothing.


    Job:All Humanity
    Race: Great Sage
    Rank: E
    Gold: 330 (GG)
    Wiki Link: X
    I manage to do everything, i have created the all and destroy the all
    I create empires, continent`s and worlds; I travel across all worlds
    and reality`s, I travel between the time, i kill demons, dragons and even gods;
    I who manage to do the all decide to change my race,
    the race I was going to change it was the same as the creator but
    because of the fear of the gods if i who could kill every god where gonna
    get more power i will become an existence that is above them
    so the god`s, demons, spirits and all living existence in the world
    unity and when I was making the [Race Change Magic]
    I was attacked with the curse "All Humanity", even my
    beloved sword which could destroy worlds was attacked
    with the same curse and become an old steel sword, i could
    destroy the course of the sword but i don't have the materials.
    and because of the curse i was sleeping inside a meteorite
    and just one week ago i wake up after the crash with this world.
    After completing my second quest i remember something i can teleport with [Magic Teleportation] to every place that i already visit, so I was thinking about if i should go to The Heavenly Palace.
    the last time i go there was before i have the curse but i don't know if her will forgive me, after seen the stars i calculate that i sleep for 1 million of years so men is a difficult decision, a whatever i am gonna go even if she get angry i only tell her that it was inevitable.
    lets start
    <Conecting to the soul memory of the mana>
    <Creating Magic Formula>
    <Calculating Variables>
    <Modifiying the Magic Formula>
    <Implementing Soul Memory>
    -Magic Formation [Magic Teleportation] Start!
    <Starting [Magic Teleportation]..........>
    -what no it shouldn't be, the Formula was perfect, maybe no they shouldn't do that.

    -Damn Gods are you fucking kidding me, that curse that damn curse, and are you telling me that have you make good, you change my soul for a human; gods I swear that I am gonna kill you one day.
    now what die like a human, no I never gonna do that I prefer to kill the God of the Death before dying like that, but I don't have my original soul
    without that I can't go to the Heavenly Palace maybe if I manage to Summon My Soul but I know the spell but the risk is too big if I fail not only I could die but the soul will be destroyed but I don't have another alternative my soul maybe fall in another meteorite with me in this planet but there is no guaranty (FU) I don't have another way, lets do it
    -[Summon Soul] Start
    <Creating Magic Formula of [Summon Soul]>
    <Calculating Variables>
    <Modifiying the Magic Formula>
    - I need to search for that, the biggest, the most powerful, my soul.
    <Adding variable (Specific Soul)>
    <Plese select the soul>
    in that moment it appears to me the "Sea of Souls" the gigantic sea who sustain all the souls in the all in the living beings in all Reality`s .
    -This pressure is big i need to find it fast before my actual soul its destroyed.
    -to little, lack color, lack power, lack feeling, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, why is the soul of the Guild Master ? well whatever, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
    -don't tell me is not here? but no the gods can't destroy the soul, my soul is even more powerful than them how is not in the sea of souls? no, maybe..... no is the only explanation they put the soul inside a container and protect it, (FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF)
    gods are you hating me so much to seal my soul somewhere.
    <Limit of Time to select (Specific Soul) reached selecting soul random>
    <Modifiying the Magic Formula>
    -wait what?
    <Starting [Summon Soul]..........>
    ("Found you......")
    -o please noo....
    Light starts to shine to the point that all is white..
    +after so many years that is the first thing you say me...
    -wait it was not my fault you should know that right "Creator"
    A Sword made for a lost empire in the verge of annihilation.
    ( From: Shiro no Koukoku Monogatari "The king Sword")
    An unbreakable sword who shines golden lights and because can conduct magic it can be used as a catalyst for invoking magic, the more mana it stores the more sharpness will have.
    Old Hood of the Magician.
    +30% of mana regeneration per 10 minutes.
    Old Coat of steel.
    Made from the lost empire been discover inside a dungeon.
    Gauntlets of magic.
    Magic attacks are nullified when they touch the Gauntlets.
    Old Boots Enchanted Boots.
    allows the user to carry 2 times his weight.
    Amulet of sealed magic.
    when is active automatically destroy
    any magic who affect the user
    being Harmful or no.
    Job: [All Humanity(Curse)]:Allow the user to use all
    of the skills of all humans from all of the history but just
    the first level of the skill.
    • [Ultimate Appraisal]
    • [Ultimate Weapon-master]
      • [True Slash]
      • [All Defence(Posture of Swordsmanship)]
      • [Sword Dance]
      • [.......]
    • [Ultimate Blacksmith]
    • [Ultimate Alchemy]
    • [True Hunter(Passive)]
    • [Infinity Inventory]
    • ..............
    [All Magic(Curse)]: Allow the user to use all Magics but just the plain use.
    [The One Who Seek´s The All.]
    [All Human Titles (curse)]
    Great Plain - #GD2 - D-Ranked - Gather 10 Nectar [ 120 G | 1 x Butterfly Honey ]
    Great Plain - #SD5 - D-Ranked - Slay 1 Kobold Leader [ 120 G ]
    Great Plain - #SE3 - E-Ranked - Slay 15 Orcs [ 50 G ]
    Great Plain - #SE4 - E-Ranked - Slay 5 Boar Warriors. [ 70 G ]
    Great Plain - #SE5 - E-Ranked - Slay 15 Kobolds [ 100 G ]
    Great Plain - #SD7 - D-Ranked - Slay 5 Bandits [ 150 G ]
    Verdant Forest- #SE1 - E-Ranked – Slay 10 Forest Goblins [ 80 G ]
    Sandy Desert - #SE1 - E rank - Slay 25 Desert Jackal [ 50 G ]
    Delta Town - #SE1 - E-Ranked - Slay 100 Rats [ 100 G ]
    Delta Town - #SD1 - D-Ranked - Slay 10 Water Spiders [ 100 G ]