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Jan 23, 2020
Dec 16, 2016
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August 16
the Pearl of the Orient Sea


『GameMaster』『The Genius』『OverAchiever』, Male, from the Pearl of the Orient Sea

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Jan 23, 2020
    1. Renzy
      Missed me?? LOL I don't even have close friends here..
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    2. Renzy
      5 months since I read my last novel... got to start binge reading... want to be a ship officer soon.. school sucks..
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    3. Renzy
      Finally I memorize the morse codes.. hope that we can do the real thing next week!!!
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    4. Renzy
      every hour, every minute and every second that I spent with. I will always cherish it.. forever
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    5. Renzy
      My family started watching Korean movie series.. I got hooked in watching too..
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      2. XD
        Which one? I had to stop watching since they're just too drama-inducing for me.
        Nov 7, 2017
      3. Renzy
        Like K2, goblin, forgot about the others but I like ones with comedy and romance like my girlfriend is a gumiho.. My girl
        Nov 7, 2017
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      4. XD
        I couldn't finish goblin cuz the main girl was just tooooo annoying!
        I'll have to try the two comedy/romance you mentioned. I have a 2 hour train ride tomorrow so this would help pass the time.
        Nov 7, 2017
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    6. Renzy
      Inviting people to play Tower Of Reincarnation.. Roleplaying Game. Under Community Games
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      2. Zone Q11
        Zone Q11
        To be honest, I don't know if this is a good idea or not. I mean, more people means more fun, but so far only about 40% plays the game while other are practically dead.
        Nov 9, 2017
    7. Renzy
      Wish that I can go back in time..
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      2. Master
        Same... I would go back to high school because the only type of life decisions I would need to make was what cartoon I'm watching tonight
        Oct 26, 2017
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      3. Hallow Cause
        Hallow Cause
        I can go wish back in time.
        Oct 26, 2017
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      4. Hotato
        I wish time would reverse
        Oct 26, 2017
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    8. Renzy
      Where the hell are the farming novels!!!! I want MOAAARRR
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      2. Shem
        Go to "I'm looking for" subforum
        Sep 13, 2017
      3. Renzy
        Theres no recent updates. If only i can understand the raws. (Sighs)
        Sep 13, 2017
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      4. Shem
        Noooo don't go there. Or you can make a thread ?
        Sep 13, 2017
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    9. Renzy
      we came, we saw, we conquered
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      3. episod3ux
        Veni, Vidi, Vici.
        Aug 5, 2017
      4. Renzy
        Haha that whats MCs do next
        Aug 5, 2017
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      5. mrawesome69
        and i like that one in vino veritas more
        Aug 5, 2017
    10. Renzy
      HI STALKER!!!
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      3. L4
        May 23, 2017
      4. The Stalker
        Jun 19, 2017
      5. The Stalker
        The Stalker
        sorry i was a bit busy with stalking IRL
        Jun 19, 2017
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    11. Kuma Desu
      Kuma Desu

      @Welcome to NUF~~
      *throws confetti*
      1. CDLevit
        Welcome to NUF!
        May 23, 2017
    12. Matamaru
      ku~! @Welcome to NUF (check him out for some useful links)
      i hope you will enjoy your stay at the most funniest place for novel readers
      1. L4
        Welcome to nuf \(~_~)/
        May 23, 2017
    13. Renzy
      Most choosy novel reader
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      2. doomeye1337
        you can't be THAT choosy if you read these in the first place XD welcome to nuf~
        May 23, 2017
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      3. akki
        Prove it~ :P
        May 23, 2017
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    August 16
    the Pearl of the Orient Sea
    The one who will travel seas far and wide just to go in an adventure..


    Given Name: Zyren Greenleaf
    Prince of the Woodland Elves
    Fellowship of the Ring
    Gimli's Bestfriend
    Child of the Forest
    Gender: Male
    Race: Sindarin High Elf
    Job/Class: Elven Ranger
    Weapon: Bow/Long Knife Blades
    Elementary (1-20)
    Intermediate (21-40)
    Advance (41-60)
    Expert (61-80)
    Master (81-100)
    Cooking (47) = food
    Carpentry (59) = woodcraft
    Smithing (11) = metals
    Tailoring (35) = clothes
    Chasing (23) = accessories
    Alchemy (9) = potions
    *Knows Water, Wind & Ice Magic
    Advance Survival
    = knows how to survive in any kinds of condition. Elves are natural hunters, they can cook anything as long as its edible. They can craft as long as they have the raw materials.
    Hawkeye(passive)= Improves the range of vision and Hit chance.
    Enchant Magic(active) = non-attribute magic that is good for supporting, can be cast on weapons and allies, It is a support magic that gives good buffs.
    Enchant Poison(active) = can be cast on daggers, arrow, sword etc.
    Ice Arrow(active) = very useful when kiting a monster, It can slow the monster. Has a 25% chance to freeze the target
    Rapid Fire(active) = shoots 7 consecutive arrows to a single target, 50% damage for every succesful hit.
    Radiant Shot(active)= shoots a single arrow full of mana, deadly in close quarters, charges for 3s.
    Arrow Rain(active) = A wide 5x5 meter aoe magic, raining arrows from the sky. good for crowd control.
    Shadow Steps(active)= turns yourself invisible but slows your movement speed, fades away when attacked.
    Galadhrim Bow = made from the flexible branch of the world tree. Has great penetrative power.
    Elune's Arrows = A magical quiver that relentlessly supplied arrows made from the tree of Origin.
    Elven Twins = Two 18-inch alloy long knife blades made from the strongest metal Legendarium, Blue Oricalchum with a bit of Mythril.
    Green Wind= An ancient leather armor made by the dwarves from the ancient war. Boosts strength and endurance. Lessens presence. (Has a self-healing durability)
    Wing Boots = made from the Griffins fallen feathers. greatly improves agility. When falling, lessens impact.
    Elrond's Bracers = Once used by the King of the elves. Armguard made from the fibers of the roots of the world tree which has good conductor to magic. Greatly Improves strength. Increases magic resistance.
    Moon Ring = Gift from the Priestess of the Moon. Improves mana regeneration, lessens casting speed.
    Adventurer Rank: E
    Missions Completed: 12
    Rank E = 6
    Rank D = 6
    Missions Failed: 0
    Eggs x5
    Speedy Tuna Fillet x1
    Rejuvenation Potion x1
    Butterfly Honey x1
    Healing Plants x42
    Moonlight Flowers x4
    Nectars x36
    Iron Arrows x82
    Rabbit Corpses x21
    Gold: 1145
    Last Roll: Nov. 14
    (C) Beastkin Guard x2
    (C) Beastkin Villager
    (C) Demonkin Peasant x2
    (C) Dwarf Blacksmith
    (C) Dwarf Scout
    (C) Goblin Bandit
    (C) Human Hunter
    (C) Lizardman Dancer x2
    (C) Troll Fighter
    (SR) Eryll
    (SR) Orc Pacifist, An'cketh x2
    (SR) Princess Knight, Nona
    (C) Birch Cane
    (C) Iron Greatsword
    (C) Iron Naginata
    (C) Iron Short Spear
    (C) Leather Vambraces
    (C) Magic Orb
    (C) Oak Staff
    (C) Oak Wand x2
    (C) Simple Crossbow
    (R) Ebony Wand
    (SR) Earth Pillar
    (SSR) Excalibur (Sword)
    (SSR) Grungnir (Spear)