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April 23


Your friendly HI3 SEA monkey farmer

Thanks guys. She's my fav in Kancolle fanfic(s), so i put her there. Jan 9, 2017

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    1. Frozen ink
      Frozen ink
      TERI TERI IS bEST VALK!!! desu
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      2. Novetsu
        I don't know what that means but I agree 100%!
        Apr 19, 2019
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      3. Frozen ink
        Frozen ink
        good call desu~

        all look it up in google desu~
        hi3 teri teri
        Apr 19, 2019
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    2. Fr0stb1te
      Hello there, fellow shikikan
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      2. sealteam14
        Ever heard about Derpitz?
        Feb 13, 2019
    3. sealteam14
      Thanks guys. She's my fav in Kancolle fanfic(s), so i put her there.
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      2. Carm
        No problem~!
        Though it would've been helpful if you replied to the original profile post!
        Jan 9, 2017
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      3. Frozen ink
        Frozen ink
        wo san desu~

        wooo wooo desu~
        Jan 9, 2017
    4. Clozdark
      Wo~ chan~
    5. Sephi
      Welcome to NUF.

      Your avi looks cool~
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      3. DCLXVI
        Jan 9, 2017
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      4. NUCL3AR T1GER
        NUCL3AR T1GER
        Jan 9, 2017
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      5. AliceShiki
        Jan 10, 2017
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    April 23


    Name: Hayden Lynch
    Gender: Male
    Race: Hybrid Biological/mechanical Human
    Job/class: Elite commander
    Standard Libert EP7 Commando Pistol
    GLK P5 handgun
    Pulse Katana Type 19
    Heavy Assault Rifle with Precision Guiding Scope & Smart homing/guiding bullets Standard Issue
    Blood crystal Jackomando knife.
    PR 250 Pulse Rifle
    DS 6 Plasma Disinigrator
    KPE 5-7 Standard Issue knife/byonet
    HEV-15 'Hornet' Anti Bomber Rifle
    G4-117 Self-replenish fragmental grenade
    EP-9 Flashbang/ electric stun and slow grenade
    GD II mutli purpose mine
    Sparrow Swarm Assault Drone hive
    Language Decoding: Allow to decode unkown laguage into most basic, understandable data possible. Unique Race trait.
    Language processor & logical match-up: allow to anylize the decoded language and using logic knowedge to understand it at advance level. Unique race trait.
    Language compensation: Allow to reply immidiately with any known language in data archive or recwntly decoded. Unique race traits.
    Advance Bio-mechanical fusion body: allow both best spec of both side and fuse up; allow having the strentgh, durability and toughness as a machine while haing capability of high speed self-regenerating, great flexibility and quick natural adaptation as a biological creature. Improved trait evolved from original race trait.
    Environmental Extreme sesitivity: allow to detect even smallest anomaly in surrounding environment, including movement, thermal, sonar, energy peak, magic emmision.
    Active disruptor: allow to interfere/breakdown/destroy any on-going & pre-emtted phenomenon/magic/active ability. Aslo allow to interfere & destroy their activation sequences in shorter time compare to local's best standard method.
    Idling recovery boost: Recover HP, EP & MP 20 times faster than standard. Auto-cast once there is no high priority thing to do.
    Advance Immortality Protocol: allow to self-revive 5 seconds after death. Require minimum EP/MP at 10.
    Ally Aegis Shielding: Allow to block all enemies attackand movement around user and shielding all allies.Allies are freely moving in and out shielding field.Shield blast out immidiately once the shielded ally betray against caster. Auto-activate once escort/protection/defend objective show up on priority list.
    Neutrualizer: Instantly neutrualize all negative effect received by either environment or by active mean. Passive.
    Meister: allow to produce any known/encountered product after anylize them/ their component under even worst condition possible as long as material are availiable.
    Walking Factory: Unique specs that allow to mass-produce items on-the-go without slowing down or detoriating quality of the items created.
    Passive Dimensional Storage: own an entire dimension especially for storing thing and enough personel to take care of them. Organic-base item don't detoriate due to enter stasis state and personel working here won't age and have their own seperate personal space, nescessary needed items. Can access anywhere with right activation.
    Combat Suit Ability: Additional Warloy's commander Combat Suit ability going along with the suit itself and provide user more optional support ability:
    + Commando Biocure Stimpack: Passive ability. Upon avoiding getting hit by enemies at least 3 seconds, the Biocure Stimpack will heal up wearer at 30% max HP/secs. Upon death/killed/neutrualized and lethal harm to overall body function, automaticly revive and add-up current resistant/immunity toward the harimng factor. The add-up effect will lose if not in contact with the harming factor more than 168 hrs.
    +Regen: Heal/repair allies within 80m from deployed area at 20% per second. Last 8 seconds, cooldown 7.5 seconds.
    +Smoke screen: reduce visual of all enemies try to engage allies within 350m radius of deploy point to 70% and accuracy reduce up to 90%. Last 20 secs, cooldown 3 seconds.
    +Decoy: Deploy an Reactive Disposable decoy that taunt all enemies in their range to engage them. Decoy moving seperately from activation point to certain location that can draw maximum enemies fire away from allies. Decoy movement can change to alternative direction a few seconds before being hit by enemies. Upon destroy/expired, deal blast damage equal 5 times decoy's max HP. Detonation doesn't deal friendly damage. Last 40 seconds, cooldown 2 seconds.
    + Boost: increase allies attack rate by 300% andmovement by 190% in 75m. Last 10 second, cooldown 9 seconds.
    + Lockdown: Immobile all enemies within 50m radius in 5 seconds. Enemies remain immobile after Lockdown loose effect unless being hit by allies.Cooldown 7 seconds.
    + A.I.M: Hilight enemies within deploy radius of 40m and force all allies have enemies on-sight hit them while ignore other. Enemies targeted by A.I.M receive extra 25% damage and loose all buff effect during A.I.M duration. Last 20 seconds, cooldown 5 seconds.
    Advance Tech Medical equipments pack.
    Armor Repair Kit.
    Weapons maintainance kit.
    Multi-function ultility tools.
    Multi-caliber ammunition crates.
    Mobile Field Hospital Deployment modules.
    Mobile adjustable miltitary base deployment module.
    Mobile workshop unpack modules.
    Tactical calldown Tier III GDI Crawlers devices.
    Electromagnetic beam Target Indicator.
    Adventurer rank: E
    Mission complted: 0
    Mission failed: 0
    Raw Gold ignot mined via Lars Corp share of mining operations currently availiable( count by tons): 78560+ t( estimated Univeral value: 4556480 Credits).
    Other mineraws currently availiable value estimation: 2.23 million credits.
    Transportation in possesion: 56, all space combat capable, 50% highly suitable for planetfall operation, all awaiting calldown. Estimated value: 1.65 million credits( 20% extra price retail on black market).
    Fleet Comm mobile computer wrist band with connection to the fleet on the upper orbit and addtional function of "hail down all fleet" with Admiral Emergency Protocol or Standard Calldown Protocol.