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Oct 13, 2020
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Hi , Click Edit and Edit My Posts

    1. wasaki
      Where can i read the My Wife is a Villainess???
    2. Undermyoaktree116
      Heyyyy where can I read the predators contract fiancé the novel? Do u have some likely links, even if it's in Korean I will use google translate. Plzzzz I really want to read it!!! Help
    3. anna.go
      Where can I read spoilers for living as the villainess queen? T^T help pleaaase
    4. Chiqqz
      Could anyone make spoilers for "Transmigrated As The Big Boss’s Mobile System"? I have no clue how to do it and im not anywhere near my laptop to create it </3
    5. Gandire Alea
      Gandire Alea
      is this a bot??
    6. Chandri
      Spoiler for dr jiang daily adversities?
    7. Maab
      Hi i just wanted to ask where can i find (i became the sole perfumer of a tyrant) chapters 41-52? I couldn't find them anywhere, thank you for translating this novel❤️❤️
    8. Kukareku
      Please someone, make a synapsis of the novel Count and the maid. Will he be able escape the engagement with Julliet and how will he? Will he marry the maid? Please, please.
    9. Melkitaulamun
      Is there any spoiler cursed and blessings???
    10. Melkitaulamun
      Please just wanna know about Max and Riftan
    11. Melkitaulamun
      Why I couldn't read the spoiler? It's notified that I don't allowed and don't have permiss
    12. i_am_here
      thanks for curating!
    13. minsooah
      lol i am lost . can someone explain how can i read the spoilers
      1. Raven Evernight
        Raven Evernight
        Go on forums and click the word that says spoilers
        Jun 16, 2021
      2. Raven Evernight
    14. Agentt
      Can someone explain to me how this thing works?
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Agentt
        But why? I read the post by Tony explaining it but couldn't understand
        Jun 7, 2021
      3. kurisomething
        it’s simply so the users of a thread can create a Table of Contents of all the spoilers. Honestly, most threads don’t actually use it, you’ll only see it rarely actually being used.
        Jun 7, 2021
      4. LaDyViL
        It's an account where their post can be edited by any NUFfian to gather links and spoilers of the thread so people won't have to search page by page, post by post
        Jun 18, 2021
    15. Shandies
      Hi the mtl of the precious sister of the villainous grand duke doesnt work TwT, it was accessible for awhile, but i cant access it after a few hours, please help TwT
    16. 2D_radish
      How do I edit a post???I dont know how to quote the spoilers .
      1. Glass Shard
        Glass Shard
        just click the edit button under the post. like for this post you have posted there should be edit delete repost buttons underneath. the spoiler curator has same options underneath a post posted by it
        May 27, 2021
        2D_radish likes this.
    17. meryv020
      hello ,do you happen to know any discord of The villainess is a marionette?
      or any link where i can read the latest
      chapters spoiler?
    18. cindy33cindy
      Hi! I tried to read the Curated Spoiler you organized for the novel “under the oak tree” but some links didn’t work. For example I want to read the passage “ What about the Princess and the King, the Princess relationship with Riftan?” but the page said “You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action.” Could you please let me know how to work it out?
      1. Ddraig
        It is useless to ask here as this is a public account shared by a lot of people. Just ask in the thread itself
        May 17, 2021
        Caliope likes this.
      2. cindy33cindy
        many thanks!
        May 17, 2021
      3. Wenmen363
        @cindy33cindy where you able to access the chapter under the oak tree?
        Jul 1, 2021
    19. ay107
      Hi, I tried to read the spoiler for the novel "the way to protect the female lead's older brother"? But when I found it, it said the link is expired. Can you please give me a non-expired link or permission to read the spoiler. Thanks!
      1. TheDarkSide
        I ran into the same problem, I’d really appreciate it if you could show us where to read the novel. Thanks!
        May 9, 2021
        yibowife likes this.
      2. Hibou
        I have the same problem, can you please give us another link?
        May 21, 2021
    20. Nefasdetestasti
      That avi is smexy but not as sexy and hot like @Westeller 's avi.
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