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        K O K O D A Y O
        Nov 27, 2020
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    2. strikegunner
    3. strikegunner
      It's magpies season! (´Д` )
      1. OnceandFutureLurker
        Make sure they don't carry you away
        Sep 3, 2019
      2. Archaic pickle
        Archaic pickle
        Or.. gouge your eyes out.. vicious little birds.
        Sep 3, 2019
    4. Haxagen
      *boops Strike on discord*
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      2. strikegunner
        In class rn~
        Sep 3, 2019
      3. Haxagen
        What a bad student~
        Sep 3, 2019
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      4. strikegunner
        Welp. Novel is one kind of text I can 'study' from. >:D
        School internet doesn't block NU \o/
        Sep 3, 2019
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    5. Haxagen

      Strike! We need your help!
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      3. strikegunner
        Tag me and I'll look into it. I have some work due Thursday.
        Aug 11, 2019
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      4. Haxagen
        Just go to the discord. We'll drag you in~
        Aug 11, 2019
      5. Haxagen
    6. Pyoo
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    7. leegood
      (+. +)
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        (+. +) *lazes on gunners head*
        Mar 10, 2019
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        ( ゚ヮ゚) *pats head*
        Mar 10, 2019
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      5. 911
        Mar 10, 2019
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    8. Coler
      [Glowing Bloody Eyes] [Murderous Aura]
      “You shall not pass!!!”[lord of rings]
      “I found it first so I get so sleep here!!!”
      “Come at me with all your strength my nemesis!!!”
      1. Arexio
        *doggo comes and steals corner of white space*
        Feb 28, 2019
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      2. Coler
        [Kitchen knife] *hits @Arexio head*
        Feb 28, 2019
      3. Arexio
        *doggo leaves*
        Feb 28, 2019
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    9. Nahrenne
      *looks at your join date*
      You joined on my birthday.
      *huggles you*

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      2. Arexio
        2 more months~~
        Feb 28, 2019
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    10. Zone Q11
      Zone Q11 Coler said, why is this place so clean?
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      2. GonZ555
        *joins in redecorating this place*
        Feb 28, 2019
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    11. Coler
      Huh...since this place is clean. I will stay a bit. *lazes around * *jumps in @strikegunner bed* [Comfy] [falls asleep]
      1. strikegunner
        My bed! (╯°□°)╯︵ /( ‿⌓‿ )\
        Feb 17, 2019
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      2. GonZ555
        *takes coler's place on the bed*
        Feb 28, 2019
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      3. Coler
        Not a chance bro. Hehe.
        Feb 28, 2019
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    12. strikegunner
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      2. GinDole
        Heya fren! Welcome to nuf~ Please enjoy your stay ^^)/
        Jan 28, 2019
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  • About

    August 4
    Student with Loans
    Forever 5'3''


    Name: Asher
    Job: Collector
    Skill Tree: Offensive Physical
    Level: 10
    Rank: 1
    [Base stats] + [Equipments]
    HP: 80
    MP: 80
    ATK: 22 + 14 = 36
    DEF: 6 + 17 = 23
    AGI: 13 + 15 = 28
    INT: 6
    WIS: 6 - 3 = 3
    Attack Element: None.
    Elemental Weakness: None.
    Elemental Resistance: None.

    - Heavy Blow (level 3): Melee that deals +8 damage. Cost 4 MP
    - Fire Slash (Level 3): Fire Element Attack that hits two targets. Deals +11 damage (+6 from Brutality). Costs 10 MP
    - Wind Blades (Level 3): Wind Element Attack that hits 5 targets. Costs 12 MP
    - Brutality (Level 3): Attack that deals +12 damage against enemies with 0 DEF. Costs 10 MP
    - Burning Spirit (Level 4): Decrease your DEF (both current and max) by 18. Increase your ATK by the same amount of max DEF you lost due to this effect. Lasts 5 turns (Doesn't stack). Cost 24 MP
    - Sacrificial Strike (Level 0): Darkness Element Attack that deals +20 damage. Reduces your Max HP by 10 (HP comes back at the end of the run). Cost 20 MP
    Main Hand
    : Copper Spear (T4) (+10 ATK, +10 AGI)
    Off Hand: -
    Head: Copper Helm (T6) (+8 AGI)
    Body: Tin Armor (T2) (+7 DEF, -3 AGI)
    Hands: Tin Gauntlets (T3) (+4 ATK)
    Feet: Copper Boots (T2) (+8 DEF)
    Full Set Bonus: +2 DEF
    Fen: none or blue/purple
    Shia: Pink with italic
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human (assumed to be)
    Age: 16
    Class: Hunter
    Rank: D
    Points: 126
    height: 5'5"
    Eye colour: Violet/Purple
    Hair colour: Black

    Cane: ~147.5 cm long steel cane with no mechanic inside. The end of the grip is made out of a magnet and it can be connected with the 'Handle'. Forged by Asgith the blacksmith in Nagrand.
    Handle: ~32.5 cm long sword grip identical with the grip of 'Cane' but with an extra magnet at the end. It can be connected with 'Cane' or sword hilts. Also forged by Asgith.

    <Wooden spikes>
    Wooden spikes craft from fall branches that Fen came across. It deals a small amount of piercing damage but enough to reach blood vessels as long as the target does not have thick skin/scale or pin the enemy's clothes to the surrounding environment.

    <Metal throwing spikes>
    Sharpened tent pegs.

    <Gambeson - Shirt, armguards and kneepads>
    Obtained from Wogan, Captain of the Red Betty. The gambeson used the linen that was made out of silver flax.

    <Metal breastplate, armguards and kneepads> *currently unused*
    Selected parts of the set armour that skeleton knight in Simetra dungeon was wearing. Fen doesn't know what are they made out of, although he wants to let the blacksmiths check them some day.

    <Woven tunic, Woven trousers and leather shoes>

    Small copper coin: 31
    Large copper coin: 281
    Silver Coin: 0
    Gold Coin: 0
    Platinum Coin: 0
    <Reading & Writing - intermediate+> Edhellen's languages and calculations
    <Observation - intermediate>
    <One-handed axe mastery - intermediate+>
    <One-handed blunt mastery - basic+> - Wooden club
    <Spear mastery - Basic+>
    <Throwing Mastery - intermediate+>
    <Close quarter combat - intermediate>
    <Cooking - Basic> - Roast, grill or smoke only
    <Alchemist - Basic> - Knowledge of materials and basic keyterms
    <Climbing - Intermediate> - experienced with tree and mountain climbing
    Last card(Temp name) - Enhance the Blue Fire Pattern to the maximum speed he can endure and leap at the enemy. Before the impact, the pattern is converted to Red Fire to greatly increase the attack power.
    <Binoculars> x1
    <Leather bag> x1
    <Paper> x4
    <Pen> x1
    <Bronze guild badge> x1
    <Metal spear> x1
    <Iron Knife> x2
    <dried squid> x?
    <Wooden mask> x1
    <Dungeoneering kit>
    • ropes
    • Torches
    • Flint & steel
    • Few bandages
    • Blood lily paste
    He was born in a slum in the town located in the southern part of Seditio living there until the age of 9, he adopted by couple merchants from Asphodelus

    Fen travelled to Ternus with his family and help their business, he got friendly with the adventures and mercenaries during while moving between towns. He was aspired to become an adventure at the age of 10.

    When he came back to his hometown with his foster parents, He decided to travel to Nagrand to become an adventure as his parents settled and built a school in Fen's hometown.

    He practised combat skills with mercenaries and adventures escort during the trip and got a copper axe as a gift.
    She was once a living being, but now she resides in the weapon that Fen is using as a sentient.
    Race: Weapon Sentient(?)
    Age: Secret <3
    Gender: Female
    Vessel: Cane
    Contractor: Fen
    Black tendrils spread over the user's body and transform into the tattoo. The tattoo has different patterns and colours which have their own unique power. This ability drain the user's mana depends on the amount of power it enhances. After activating the final colour of any pattern, the effect of the 'Pattern' will be halved until the drawback is gone.
    <Black> - Increase ability depend on the covered area by a small amount
    • Arm - Power
    • Leg - Speed
    • Face - Reflexion speed
    <Red> - Increase physical power
    <Blue> - Increase speed
    <Green> - Increase magical power (Locked)
    <Yellow> - Increase reflexion speed (Locked)
    <Purple> - Convert almost all primal and secondaries energy the user has to enhance offensive power for 9 strikes before all energy depleted. After using this pattern colour, the user's body cannot be healed by potions or magic for 1 day. <Locked>
    <ALL> - Generate a thin layer of invisible armour on the covered area
    <Black> - Increase resistance against curse and dark attribute magic
    <Red> - Increase resistance against heat and fire attribute magic
    <Blue> - Increase resistance against cold and water attribute magic
    <Green> - Increase resistance against abnormal status and earth attribute magic (Locked)
    <Yellow> - Increase resistance against wind and air attribute magic (Locked)
    <White> - For 2 second, Generate magic shield that reflects most of magical and physical attack except projectiles, spirit energy, and elemental attack that is not a magic spell to the caster. After using it, The user will be paralyzed for 10 seconds. (Locked)
    <Black> - Increase regeneration speed
    <Red> - Accelerate blood cell production in the user's body
    <Blue> - Refill user's mana from the surrounding environment but cannot absorb directly from living beings.
    <Green> - Decrease strain in muscles(Locked)
    <Yellow> - Cleanse curse and abnormal status (Locked)
    <Magenta> - Dispel curse, Heal the user's body, stamina and fatigue. After using it, the user will not be able to see for 10 seconds, hear for 1 minute and, smell or taste for 1 day(Locked)
    <Phase 1:Blaz> Emits a barely noticeable aura around the core (body part or weapon) to increase reach and strength.
    <Phase 2:Klok> Surrounds the core with a stronger aura making it visible to eyes. This aura will summon an illusion that copies the user's attacks.
    <Phase 3:Els> Forms into a solid shape of a weapon or armour from scratch or extends from the core. (locked)
    Shia able to take control of the user's mind and moves like her own body. She cannot control the user if their mental state is stronger above the threshold unless she got the permissions from the user themselves.

    People who contracted with Shia or her vessel could talk to her through mind.
    limit range: 500m
    • Fen
    • Gourd
    • Ayumi
    Create an illusion of her body that can interact with people and objects.

    UCT + 11