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      You were the person above me on blackjack..I will give you 800 nuffies but do not know how.. If you would like them tell me how I do it
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        ^ duuude ruined my business </3
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        Just woke up what's happening ?
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        Anyways thanks for nuffies
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    Gender:Hermaphrodite (As they possess both reproductive organs, sylvain do not differentiate between genders or sexes)
    Age: 63
    Race: Sylvain
    Something like that but more masculine, red, and the sepal on his back are slimmer and can wrap around his torso and while wrapped it looks like a red vest View attachment 69987 Only appearing humanoid in shape, these creatures are pure plants. Aside from having bipedal, upright posture, and all the familiar facial structures, nobody would mistake these creatures for anything but a Sylvain. Chlorophyll, not blood passes through the veins of these creatures. As they age, their skin takes on a browner color, as well as a more bark-like texture. Unlike the usual stereotypical plant humanoids that are always green or have branches and flowers, Sylvain embodies colors like that of single flowers. They can accurately be described as buds that grew into a flower that took a human shape. The entire pistil of the flower sticks out and flattens along a Sylvain's back, so the petals and sepals bloom out, giving Sylvain a flourishing appearance. A small cluster of the flower's ovules is firmly attached to the chest of the Sylvain, which is used for reproduction. A Sylvain commonly never shows its face, as it is covered by a bulb that has yet to blossom. as Sylvain ages, this will open up to reveal their face. A Sylvain's body is very soft in general, feeling velvety like the petals of a flower.
    Class: Doctor/Gardener
    - Woden circular emblem with carved rose in it
    - Medical supplies ( bandages, ointments, sterilizers and some painkillers)
    - Brown cloak
    - Some normal cloths
    - Dagger
    - Bottles and vials with many different preserved plants
    - Pouches with plants minced into powder
    - Magical water purifier (can purify only enough water to sustain Mawar)
    - Communication coin (recharges after a week)
    - Thread creation (can crate fine thread that can be used as stitches that are absorbed into the body)
    - Eastern/western medical knowledge
    - Growing nails into sharp needle-like objects with possible size adjustment
    - Herbology
    - Possible survival photosynthesis but prefers normal food
    - Plant-like regeneration allows regrowing of most body parts
    - Knows a few languages.
    - Can comunicate with plants
    After the destruction of household Ventre by the kingdom's forces caused by their illegal activities. One of their smaller villas that housed a garden with many rare and medical plants was bought by doctor Leonard who wanted to broaden his abilities to help people.

    While cataloging the plants in the garden he found a small boy with rose-red skin and covered by petals leaning on a side of the tree he quickly run to help him out just to realize that the boy was in fact connected to the tree with his back. After a while realizing that he can't really help him he contacted a few of his friends and got to know that what looks like a boy really is a newborn of the race called Sylvian.

    His friends send him a few books about them through magical means and after skimming them just a bit he realized that they will be born in the next few days so he decided to help and rise him and he gave him the name Mawar with means Rose in one of the languages he knows he gave him that name because of his red color.

    With time Mawar learned from Leonard how to read and write in more than one language, herbology, and medicine as well as how to help with patients. When Mawar was 61 Leonard was already 90 years old and he took Mawar to the side and told him

    "Mawar I know that you love me, I love you too but I'm getting old and while I think that I may still live long live people of your race live a very long life and I think that while you learned medicine and bedside manners from me and I'm very thankful you should still experience different ways of live and even maybe try to get in touch with your people. We traveled a lot but you never really got to interact with people other than patients and their families and some of my friends. You should meet people of all walks of live and maybe even fall in love"

    After that, they had a long talk, and Mawar even if a bit unwilling still decided to listen to his father, because he was excited to experience an adventure and meet many new kinds of people.

    So he decided to join the crew of Adventurers guild which seemed to be created just for that purpose, to experience adventure. But he also swore that he will come back to see his father at least a few times before his death.