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Dec 10, 2018
    1. L4
      <here u gotta insert dat thumbs up kid meme m8>
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      2. L4
        Lol somebody who understands me
        Exactly, I often got infected n learnt my lesson hurhur
        Aug 12, 2017
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      3. TsukiNoHono
        Actually I got a trauma at that time with it to the point that even my desktop only has a my computer,the bin, and browser...
        Aug 12, 2017
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      4. L4
        Clean is best safe is best
        I always deleted on task manager sometimes system 32 gg lol
        Aug 12, 2017
    2. VOLX98

      Look here @Chewy poowey~
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      3. TsukiNoHono
        Ehh why is the werepuppy and the naked kappa fighting?
        Nov 2, 2016
      4. Chewy
        no we are in harmony within poo
        Nov 3, 2016
      5. TsukiNoHono
        Hmm~ I think its within gum tho (‘~`•w•`)~
        Nov 3, 2016
    3. emry987
      yo wekcome to NUF may u enjoy ur stay and get the novels u want
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      3. TsukiNoHono
        Oct 30, 2016
      4. Matsurika
        ...why chan?
        Oct 30, 2016
      5. TsukiNoHono
        @Matsurika ehh~ cause @akkki -chan's pic is Black Lotus-chan ehe~(guhehe)
        Oct 30, 2016
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    November 30


    A wandering soul who recently resides in a s*it-shaped raw meat that awaits it's the creation of a body that is being bathed by moonlight with a contract of a moonfox spirit that wields the blazing flames of the abyss with an everchanging ego-weapon that will return in the hell known as "reality"
    Name: TsukiNoHono
    Job: Moonfox Assassin
    Rank: E Rank
    Job Record:Multiple Mutilation of Various Mythical Goods,Failure due to not killing a lot of mission targets due to being loli's,Infamous for being known to write the enemies blood in the wall with various mysterious moonrunes that translates in weird giberish sentences and killing Male Targets [Especially those with harems] by cutting the limbs and sticking the targets genitalia in the corpse mouth,joined in multiple Meatbun Hunting and Exterminating Various Nepu Infested Areas

    Head:Moon Fox Spirit Mask
    Body:Lunaris Carbonized Beyond Dragon Leather Armor
    Lower Body:Lunaris Martial Abyss Flame Winter Mithril Spider Leather Pants
    Foot:Stolen MoonRabbit World Tree Sandals
    Primary Weapon:Multiple Dimensional Storage Lunaris Crook
    Secondary Weapon:Fragment of Arcadia Shapeshifting Scimitar
    Accessories:Moonfox foot bangles
    Moonfox Lunar Exposed Oriental Scarf
    Regular Skills
    Assasination Skills:Lvl(Max)
    Covert Ops:Lvl 9
    Multiple Weapons Mastery:Lvl(Max)
    3D Manuver:Lvl (Max)
    Cooking:Lvl (1)
    Breathing Arts:Lvl (9)
    Limit Break:Lvl (8)
    Muscle Control:Lvl (6)
    Faint Presence:Lvl (5)
    Ground Shrink:Lvl (9)
    Imperial Ninja Arts:Lvl (9)
    Disguise/Recognition Inhibition Skill:Lvl (8)
    Oriental Moonfox Ceremonies/Formations:Lvl (4)
    Parallel Thought:Lvl (8)
    Abnormal Status Nullity:Lvl (9)
    Magic/Mental Skills:
    Dark Abyss Flame Magic:Lvl (9)
    Shadow Magic:Lvl (7)
    Body Strengthening Magic:Lvl (9)
    Apraisal:Lvl (Max)
    Origin Magic:Lvl (7)
    Wind Magic:Lvl (7)
    Void/Space Magic:Lvl (6)
    Soul Magic:Lvl (7)
    Dimension Magic:Lvl (4)
    Spirit Magic:Lvl (7)
    Ether Force Magic:Lvl (7)
    Unique Skills:
    Room:Lvl (Max)
    Death God's Domain:Lvl (???)
    Death's Language:Lvl (???)
    Schion of Death's Form:Lvl (7)
    Izanami/s Ancient Skills[Stolen]:Lvl (6)
    Swindler's Left Hand:Lvl (8)
    God of Thiefs Fragment Soul:Lvl (5)
    Ragnarok Summoning Magic:Truck:Lvl (4)
    Magic Creation:Lvl (7)
    God of Craftmanship's Secret Arts:Lvl (5)
    Death God's Mentality:Lvl (7)
    Contract:Lvl (9)
    Interdimensional Shifting:Lvl (???)
    Abyss Demon's Take Over:Lvl (2)
    Interdimensional Magic:Lvl (6)

    Finished arranged from the startest town:
    Delta Town[E-Ranked to A-Ranked]
    Delta Town - #SE1 - E-Ranked - Slay 100 Rats [ 100 G ]
    Delta Town - #GE2 - E-Ranked - Clean Barnacles from hull [ 40 G ]
    Great Plain[E-Ranked to C-Ranked]
    Great Plain - #SE1 - E-Ranked - Slay 20 Slimes [ 50 G ]
    Sandy Desert[E-Ranked to C-Ranked]
    Sandy Desert - #SE2 - E rank - Slay 25 Desert Fox[ 50 G ]
    In debt of 5 million G
    Saved 240 G for repayment
    Various Life-Saving Consumables
    Craftmanship Tools
    Uncountable Different Kinds of Weapons
    S&M Forbidden Tools
    Secret Portrait of Different Moonfox Citizens Favorite Waifu's
    Stolen "Research Materials" of a Certain Fake Moonfox
    Teleportation Pendant to Lunar Lake
    Meatbun Detector
    Nepu Infestation Scanner
    Stolen Akashic Record Fragment
    Death God's Secret Contact No.
    Retired Hero's Association Multiverse Portal Scroll
    Broken Fake Phoenix Down
    Partially Eaten Phoenix Heart
    2 Mysterious Chests