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    1. katokashi
      +rep good steam trader
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    2. Kurono
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      2. vaggelispihas
        Jan 19, 2018
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      3. Kurono
        @Welcome to NUF ~!!! \( ‘∇^*)^☆/
        I hope you enjoy your stay here~!!!
        And if you have any questions feel free to ask me ~
        Jan 19, 2018
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      4. vaggelispihas
        Jan 19, 2018
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    3. L4
      welcome to nuf, epic Chinese avi *thumbs up*
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      3. L4
        I have never read anything from I Eat Tomatoes, but his name sure sounds amazing, I mean I eat Tomatoes too and I love them! They are sweet, watery and flavoury, also very healthy!
        Apr 3, 2017
      4. vaggelispihas
        Haha "Sasuke", well i thinks tales of demons ands gods is second because there havent been that many updates the last year. Ihavent read it from summer and its like 90 chapter which is a lot but not as much as other novels..
        Apr 3, 2017
      5. dryzzle
        ⊂((・▽・))⊃ haloooo~
        Welcome to nu forum \o/
        Apr 6, 2017
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    Given Name/Title:Sarien(No title yet)
    Weapon:Hand to hand combat
    A body technique that strengthens the body using the energy of the stars. It is divided in 10 levels which are:
    Initial success: Skin turns bronze
    Large success: Skin turns silver
    Mastery: Skin turns gold
    Initial success: Muscles become twice more resielient
    Large success: Muscles become 4 times more resilient
    Mastery: Muscles become 10 times more resilient and increases flexibility to an impossible deggree
    Initial success: Bones turn as hard as iron
    Large sucess: Bones turn as hard as diamonds
    Mastery: Bones turn as hard as Meteoric ores
    Intial success: Veins become twice as big
    Large success: Veins become more difficult to cut into
    Mastery: Redoubles the previous effect
    Intial success: Purifies blood and increases vitality
    Large success: Blood purification continues
    Mastery:Blood turn gold and gives a huge boost at vitality
    Intial success: Some of the impurities are washed away
    Large succes: More impurities are expelled
    Mastery: Organ are completely purified and give vitility boost
    Intial success: Refines the nerves on the legs and increases leg reflexes
    Large success: Refines the nerves on torso and hands and increases hand reflexes
    Mastery: Refines the nerves on the head and increses reflexes
    Initial success: Refines brain and increases its capabilities by 10 percent
    Large success: Increases brain capabilities by 10 percent
    Mastery: Complete refinement and increases capabilitie to another 15 percent
    Intial success: WIdens meridians to accept more enegy
    Large success: Widens the meridians more and makes them more resilient
    Mastery: Meridians become even weider and tougher and are able to transer energy throught te body and into the dantian
    Intial sucess: The dantian becomes bigger and tougher
    Large success: The expansion continues and a whirpool starts forming
    Mastery: The dantian has become 3 time its staring size and the energy whirpool is bigger whick means that the user can embark to the jouney of immortality
    Movement Technique with 9 levels
    Fighting style derived from watching monkeys. Its has leg, palm and punch techniques
    A qi technique that after 11 levels leads to immortality
    Equipment:Regular backpack,Linen trousers,hide gloves, Mystical Gourd
    Adventurer Rank: E
    Missions Completed: 4 E-Ranks, 3 D-Ranks
    Missions Failed: 0
    Carved FIshingpol, 5xEggs, 1 sppedy Tuna fillet,1 x Rejuvenation Potion,1 x Bottled Purified Moonlight Water,1 x Rainbow Gel,1 x Butterfly Honey],1 x Butterfly Flower
    Gold: 505