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    1. akki
      A late welcome to the NU book club~ (^-^)/

      Hope you're having a good time here~
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      3. Ko
        Welcome to NUF \o/
        Apr 7, 2017
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      4. PKitty
        Welcome to NUF o/
        Apr 7, 2017
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      5. Wyntile
        ty~ ^-^
        Apr 7, 2017
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    Favorite Light Novel: Haken no Kouki Altina
    Favorite Otome Novel:
    Burikko Villainess
    Worst Web Novel in Existence: Kumo Desu Ga, Nani-ka?

    Kumo Desu Ga:
    Heroine in Kumo literally did not have any interactions with any "sentient" characters for over 100 chapters. (Meaning monsters do not count). Showing the evolution tree of a monster, and dungeon grinding can only go so far without boring the heck out of my mind. And when I was reading, the only translations available were the terrible ones so my overall experience reading this novel was crap.

    Haken no Kouki Altina:
    Altina is a hidden gem. By no means I am a historical story fan, since I love fantasy/isekai more. But everything about this novel (from the characters, story, war scenarios) was amazing. No discardable characters, good character development/POVs for both protagonists and antagonists, interesting battles that even the layman can understand. This novel earnestly made me like the main antagonist character through his POV chapters. Need I say more?

    Burikko Villainess:
    The story is heavily character driven, with the characters writing the story and not being manipulated by the otome game's plot. Heroine's personality is highlighted and showcased really well. Often forgot this was supposed to be an otome isekai novel while I was reading.