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    1. Andreaus4567
      Hi, is there any chance that you could sent me the pdf for DITOEFTV if it doesn't bother Please.
    2. s1715163
      Hi, sorry to bother you but could you please share with me the death is the only ending of villain novel? I found some translation but i dont really understand them, can you plzzz share the pdf. plzzzzz
    3. ReaderEli
      Hi, sorry to bother you but could you please share with me the DITOEFTV novel? I found some translation but not descent enough and i can't just drop it in the middle. Please please.. I'm quite desperate. hahaha. thank you.
    4. Juniey
      Hello there. Urmmm ik it's annoying but can i get the link to DTOEFTV? Thank you
    5. milkywaylover3
      Hi, can you send me the link to DTOEFTV
    6. tastefulpoppycock
      hi! If it's not too much of a bother, can you also send me a link to the Death is the Only Ending for the Villainess? It would be much appreciated.
    7. XabyssX
      i am so sorry but for some reason i can't upload the file it keeps on saying violation of rule , i will look how to make it public
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      2. LaDyViL
        There should be free file hosting websites as long as you search for them. Then all you have to do is just share the link.
        Nov 18, 2020
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      3. SandyTree
        Try some of these options:

        Evernote has a file limit of 25MB, but total memory limit of 60 MB per month.

        WeTransfer has a file limit of 2GB, but the download link has an expiration date of 7 days with the free plan. After you send the link directly to a chosen (secondary) email, you can copy a share link, where people can download as long as they click the link.
        Nov 26, 2020
      4. SandyTree
        PCloud is a competitor of Google Drive, and they give you 10GB free. Otherwise you pay for additional GB through one-time payment plans, in contrast to Google's subscription plan. No file limit here.

        Otherwise you could also try Imgur -- convert from PDF to JPG/PNG either with Adobe Acrobat Pro (subscription plan), or a free online tool alternative. The free options usually have file size limits though.
        Nov 26, 2020
    8. ashrawrs
      hi! I don't know how to dm you! I made an account just to message you<3 I got to chapter 106! I'm hooked! DITOEFTV <3
    9. XabyssX
    10. Arcanaa
      Hai , sorry to bother u could y send me link or pdf to read DITOEFTV thank u
    11. 2009Jasmin
      Hi, so sorry to bother you but could you pls send me the link or pdf to read "Death is the only ending for the villainess"? Thank you so much!
    12. Mnkinm
      Hello, I'm the same as the others. Can you send me the pdf?
    13. Miokami
      Can i also request for the pdf of DITOEFTV? (๑⚈ ․̫ ⚈๑)
    14. Scmore
      Can you please send me the pdf for death is the only ending for villain...
      Thank You.
    15. zenslover
      Sorry to bother you with the same request
      But can you please share the link for Penelope novel? Thank you
    16. Bettythebigbootyhoe
      Hey girlies in the page please help a bitch out I really want to read death is the only ending for the villainess. So if anyone could link me the pdf I would appreciate. Please yall :)
    17. gisellearns
      Hello, i just stumbled on your post about the complete pdf with side stories of DISOTFV. may i please get access to read them? thank you so much! <3
    18. DaBrick
      Sorry for bothering you, can I have the PDF for Death is the only ending for the villain? thank you so much if u can help :)
    19. Jamie050428
      Hiiiiii can I have the pdf of Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain? Idk how to chat in here so can you sent me email or anything you can? I really need it
    20. Hoyaa
      Hii I'm new to this account so I don't know how to dm. But can you please give me the link to DITOEFV
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