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So, where do you go to change light mode to dark here. May 26, 2019

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    1. Xalysian
      So, where do you go to change light mode to dark here.
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      2. Nefasdetestasti
        It's nice to know that you've join our cause.
        May 26, 2019
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      3. Laling
        I don't even know what the cause is but okay.
        May 26, 2019
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      4. Nefasdetestasti
        May 26, 2019
    2. Xalysian
      Got my WiFi back~
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        Apr 6, 2019
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        *after figuring out on how to comment back

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      Welcome to NUF!
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        Hey! Thank you~
        Mar 29, 2019
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    Oct 23, 2000 (Age: 20)
    Home Page:
    Do come to our Dubtrack lobby, queue and enjoy some Touhou arrangements and talk with some of us in there!~ (Click the Homepage on either Skarmie's or mine's)


    ~" Youth of life lives within you "~
    Time Zone (GMT 8+)
    Full Name: Valuren Chaan Hourtha
    Nickname: Valuren, V
    Inner Soul/Phase’s Name: Veri
    Gender: Male (Inner Soul/Phase - Female)
    Race: Biracial Human (Human and Cat-human)
    Age: 23 (looks like early-18)
    Class: Whip User (main), Swordsman (secondary)
    Height: 180 cm
    Weight: 60 kg
    Hobbies: Napping, Humming, Eyes gazing.
    Skill Modes:
    • Stylish - Affected Active Combat Skills will mostly be an execution of a stylish movement, whether the user is dancing around or just having fun by showing off.
    • Sadistic - Affected Active Combat Skills will be a deadly one, brutally executions. Usually happens when the user started to laugh maniacally and/or eyes changing color to red, please get away from him.
    Combat Skills:
    • Boxing - Above-average close-quarter combat boxing-style. Rusty at it.
    • Basic Knowledge of Kendo - Self-explanatory, but prefer using whip more.
    • Basic Whipping - Swing and strike, pretty basic skill.
    • Grapple - Self-explanatory, grapples on the branches of a tree to another tree, movement ability. Can be used in battles, grappling enemies for some punishments, grapple-lifting enemies for some executions.
    • Carnage - Can be used to clear up a wide spread of enemies. A continuous swinging and whipping skill - hard to execute, clearance skill - but it hurts the user's main arm from the overused swinging.
    • Punishment - Can be used whether an enemy grabbed onto the chain-whip, if the enemy’s light build - can be pulled toward the user, if not, the user delivers the punishment right at them, head on. A satisfying punching skill, but it hurts like hell for both sides.
    Life Skills:
    • Basic Cooking - Know little about cooking as a whole, but able to burn some to be edible for consuming. Not really bad cook.
    • Extremely Basic Sewing - Know very little about tailoring, the slowest progression skill for him. Go to someone else if needed a decent tailoring.
    • Good Humming - Usually does this after getting excited, or just happiness after a long quest is completed.
    • Ageless - Since he first woken up in the world of Edhellen around the age of late 17, he noticed that he had stopped aging.
    • Mute(?) - He can talk, he’s just shy. Right?
    The Mark of Natures, [Black Chains]
    [Black Chains] , one of the known Mark of Natures currently.
    This version of Mark affects greatly the user's original nature by creates an entirely new nature. In this case, Valuren's kind-to-sadistic nature.
    • Summoning Black Chains Whip - the only(?) ability the Mark can create a dark colored steel heavy-duty chained whip. Pretty light despite it looks like it's heavy.
    [Black Chains] is the literal illustration of the tattooed black chains reaping across of Valuren's both forearms. This is one of the Markings that can be seen by everyone, Marked's or Non-Marked's.

    It glows in black light when the whip is in use.
    Orange faux-hawk-like hairstyle. Orange-red eyes. Normal young adult build. A tattooed black chains reaps across his both forearms. Pale skin, but often looked like he’s burning. (gets red quickly than he should)
    [Summoned at Will] Dark colored steel heavy-duty-chain-like Whip.
    Armors/Clothing: White shirt, black string vest, ((short dark red leather jacket)), dark green trousers and a hikers' shoes.
    Platinum unkempt neck-length hairstyle. White eyes. Small alluring adult build. A tattooed black crescent moon-like shapes on her left shoulder. Light skin. Never really show her physical being to others except Valuren. (later with other Phases)
    Clothing: Black short dress.
    Affiliation: Adventurer's Guild
    Occupation: ‘Hummingbird’ (formerly), Adventurer.
    Rank: E
    Points: 53
    37 Small Copper
    142 Large Copper
    Mission Completed: 14
    Mission Failed: 0
    • [Equipped] Adventurer's Guild Identification Badge - Wooden (E-ranked)
    • [Equipped] (newly acquired/bought) Steel Detachable Long Daggers, will be named later.
    • [Equipped one of them] Two small pouches. (one is half filled with blue berries, the other is empty)
    • [Equipped] One big pouch. (coin pouch, guild badge)
    • [Equipped] A pouch belt.
    • [Equipped] Coin pouch.
    • Small whetstone.
    • A small leather backpack.
    • Handful of 'wild gardenia'. (mostly for bath purposes)
    • Two wooden bowls.
    • A steel cooking dagger.
    • Two spoons.
    • Water-skin pouch.
    • (re-acquired) Dark Wooden Longbow.
    • (re-acquired) Iron Double-bit Battle axe.
    • (re-acquired) Steel Broadsword.
    • (re-acquired) Iron Nun-chucks that can fused to a Iron Staff?!
    Little was known about him other than he found himself woken up by the unusual tree sounds in a small forest he first arrived in the world of Edhellen. All he remembered was his name, his old past, his unique abilities and lastly the voices of his inner soul.

    He had made a small living as a ‘hummingbird’ in a small village nearby, earning him with enough to stay alive. The townspeople loved his humming songs, all of which came from the world he was born and raised.

    Later in his new life in this world, he journeyed across the plains to find himself a new place to stay, the town of Nagrand. The travels was far, but with his unique skills to cast out a whip weapon for his own. It was enough for him to safely arrive to the town, with little injuries.

    Now, he’s interested in becoming an adventurer - while still wondering about his parents back home.
    More Details
    Full Name: ???
    Nickname: Karuma, Mr. Karma, Karma
    Inner Soul/Phase’s Name: Phase Karma
    Gender: Male (Inner Soul/Phase - Female)
    Race: Human
    Age: 30
    Class: Samurai
    Height: 190 cm
    Weight: 80 kg
    Hobbies: ???
    Skill Modes:
    • Neutral Karma - ???
    • Good Karma - ???
    • Evil Karma - ???
    Combat Skills:
    • ???
    • ???
    Life Skills:
    • ???
    The Mark of Arms, [Karma]
    [Karma] , one of the most common and known type of Markings, the Mark of Arms.
    This version of Mark grants the user a weapon of their own. Classic, though, some of this variation have some interesting addition to it.
    • ???
    [Karma] is a tattoo of an ancient Japanese writing of 'Karma'...on Mr. Karma's left shoulder. This is one of the Markings that can be seen by everyone, due to it was literally tattooed on.

    The symbol glows depending on its' Karma variations, red light for Evil Karma and blue light for Good Karma.
    Dark purple slick back-like with curtained hair mix hairstyle. Dark colored eyes (changes between Good or Bad Karma). Tall slightly muscular adult build. A tattooed ancient Japanese word for Karma appear on his left shoulder. Wears sarashi on his upper body area. Tanned skin. Always looked serious.
    [Equipped] -Karma- Steel Katana.
    Armors/Clothing: Sarashi, tailored grey leather jacket similar to kusari, cloth wrapped hands, black tailored pants and dark brown leather boots.
    No appearance, just a soul in a steel katana.
    Clothing: -
    Affiliation: ???
    Occupation: Wanderer.
    Rank: ???
    Points: ???
    Mission Completed: ???
    Mission Failed: ???
    • ???