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Nov 2, 2022
Aug 5, 2016
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Nov 2, 2022
    1. Little Evil
      Little Evil
      Welcome back~
      Return brief or longer this time?
      1. Xane
        Suppose you could say brief, don't really lurk the forums anymore and only post on interesting threads that I see pop up on the homepage.
        Dec 30, 2021
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      2. Little Evil
        Little Evil
        May you be attracted here many times in the future then~
        And also, enjoy your life outside too ^^
        Dec 31, 2021
    2. Uselessdead23
      Can I be your friend?!,
      Please be my friend!
    3. platys51
      Seen you once more...
      Had to click >.<

      Hope you doing well~
      1. Xane
        Still hanging in, my interest in JN/CN/KR web novels just kind of faded one day and stopped habitually checking NU.

        Thanks for reaching out.
        Nov 6, 2020
      2. platys51
        Fate all too common T-T

        (Honestly, I dont read translated stuff nowadays too... I just sometimes come by to say hello to ppl I know...)
        Nov 6, 2020
    4. Gandire Alea
    5. Bad Storm
      Bad Storm
      1. Bad Storm
        Bad Storm
        Jul 29, 2018
      2. Bad Storm
        Bad Storm
        Jul 29, 2018
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    6. Walter vi Britannia
      Walter vi Britannia
      OH MY GOD!! You gave me over 3000 dollars(it's called dollars right? I forgot again)
      Why are you so rich!? And did that thread get canceled because I got money out of it? (not that I mind, CAUSE I'M RICH BABY!!....well, not compared to you though)

      Thanks for ruining my life, now I'm gonna play blackjack all night!!
    7. SquadCammander354
      Damn, your reading list seems really organized compared to mine. ∑(๑°_°ll๑)
      1. Shem likes this.
    8. SquadCammander354
      I feel like you don't know this.

      Do something like this to mention someone when on their profile: @{63771:Master}
      Replace the {-} with [-] and boom, the result is something like this:
      Master use me!
      Doing stuff with just the @, like in @Shem, will notify them, and the way I just showed you earlier will just mention them, like behind their back.

      The profile ID is on their URL!
      1. SquadCammander354
        Now, for a thread it's different when mentioning someone, like this; [USER=63771]Master[/USER] is a loli~

        Just so you know, if you attach the @ to a name, and that's it, if you post it, you can edit it immediately after to get rid of the @, it's the one to the right, not left.

        This works for both profile and thread posts.
        Mar 28, 2018
      2. SquadCammander354
        You can make a title after 100 messages.
        Mar 28, 2018
    9. Little Evil
      Little Evil
      Back to the old one?
      1. Xane
        I have a few of them and change when I feel like it.
        You've changed yours at some point too, though I don't remember exactly what the previous one was.
        Mar 19, 2018
    10. Little Evil
      Little Evil
      Nuuu, why did you change avis?
    11. Little Evil
      Little Evil
      Just to find you again ^^
      Every time I see you, I click on you...
      1. Lovely
        this avi is great *nod nod*
        Nov 9, 2017
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    12. bedullah
      i like your profpic, that expression.
      whats the chara's name?
      1. View previous comments...
      2. bedullah
        which episode?
        Jul 4, 2017
      3. Xane
        Do yourself a favor and watch it all.
        Jul 4, 2017
      4. bedullah
        i will if i have more leisure time
        Jul 5, 2017
    13. Hallow Cause
      Hallow Cause
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