Aug 15, 2017
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So full from these new year foods. Happy New Year to all of you! ヾ(`・ω・´)ノ Jan 2, 2020

    1. AlienFromNowhere
      Salutations ! I know I might be one fish in a sea asking for a Pocky’s bookshelf, and I apologize. Sadly, I came a few days late and I might never forgive myself. I will play the pity card by saying that I’m very ill... If you can tell them that I am ready to pay, cause every work deserves a salary, I wouldn’t be able to thank you enough. I hope it will help :( Have a good day !
    2. Emma_cs
      Hello ~~ Sorry for literally being one of the hundreds people messaging you,but I found out through the your thread about the discord of Pocky Translations.I'm so sorry for not dm-ing you but I can't seem to find the private message button.I'll be very thankful if you are willing to share the link to it,thank you so much ❤
    3. sansastark
      Hi! I just found your thread about pocky’s bookshelf discord and I was wondering if I’m not too late, may I have an invitation link, please? Sorry, for not DMing you, but I can’t find the Start a Conversation button — maybe you closed DMs, maybe I’m just a bit blind, apologies, I’m very new to the website (made an account just today). Thank you.
      1. Yukari_me
        Hello, sansastark. I’m sorry to inform you but the invitation link for Pocky’s server has now expired.
        Feb 23, 2020 at 1:23 AM
    4. sh.xn281
      Hii, may i ask for an invite for pocky's translation team discord? If im not too late. Thank you!!
    5. Caspian444
      Hello!! May I ask for an invite on the pocky translating team discord?
      If its closed, then in future.
    6. Mihanina
      Hiiii, i'm still new in NU, but canyou send me the link for pocky' bookshelf discord too? Only if it still open though ;-;.
      1. Mihanina
        Sorry for not dm you, since I'm still new to this website...
        Feb 20, 2020
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    7. JWxWZ
      Hello, could you please send me the link for pocky‘ bookshelf as well? And I’m really sorry because I’m not not sending a dm, I just don’t know how to do it since I’m new to this website, thank you for your time
    8. nonforgettable
      Hello! Same as the previous message I tried to DM but there was no start a conversation button. Can I maybe if it's not too late also have the invite for the discord? Thank you for your time in any case!
    9. tndZ12
      Hey!!! Can I please have the invite for the discord if I’m not too late?
      1. tndZ12
        I tired to DM you but I couldn’t find the “start a convo” button. Thank you for taking the time to read this
        Feb 17, 2020
    10. Geuberry
      Hello!! May I ask for an invite on the pocky translating team discord?? Thank you so much
    11. Rain05
      Thanks for the info ill try to check again
      1. Yukari_me likes this.
    12. Lilo26
      Hi! I read the post about pocky and SLC. If there is any chance to read all the wonderful novels, it would be the best of my life. I know about the work and the time they spent doing this and I don't share anything and less if I know I could harm them. Please, if there is any possibility to read these beautiful novels, I would be very happy. Thank you and the best for these wonderful translators and all the staff.
    13. Rain05
      Hello im new with NU. I Recently read some of korean novels and most of them are translated by pocky and SLC which are protected with PW .. AND As i got lose hope, i luckily stumbled to 1 of your comment and i hope if THEREs still a possible way to get invited on their discord can you possibly pm me? im so desperate to read mostly of their novels. thank you
      1. Yukari_me
        My apologies Rain... Pocky's bookshelf discord invite is currently unavailable due to others sharing it publicly. After closing it down, no one is able to invite others anymore. Hope you can understand :notworthy:
        Jan 29, 2020
      2. Yukari_me
        P.S some novels that Pocky's server is translating is finally going to be put on NU. You can try searching them up but it won't be under Pocky's name since it's another group that's affiliated with Pocky's discord that's doing the project. Hope this helps ^^
        Jan 29, 2020
    14. weepingqueen
      Hi! I've been trying to read pocky's bookself translations and I saw your thread about the password. I was hoping that if there is another chance for the codes would it be possible if you could let me know? and if you can't I understand. Thank you!
      1. Yukari_me
        If there comes another chance I will try to reach you ^^
        Jan 19, 2020
        Rain05 likes this.
    15. Nanapie613
      I'm sorry never Mind!! I was silly and didn't read the full thread. I understand you can't do anymore. I don't want to trouble you or get you ban. So please if you ever hear about Pocky giving invite codes please tell me. Thank you and Have Wonderful day
      1. Yukari_me likes this.
      2. Yukari_me
        I will surely try when there’s another chance. Thanks for understanding! ^^
        Jan 5, 2020
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    16. Nanapie613
      Hello sorry to bother you. I know i'm late to ask for the code. But you said to DM you. where do I DM you.
      Thank You so Much
    17. Yukari_me
      So full from these new year foods. Happy New Year to all of you! ヾ(`・ω・´)ノ
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      2. Momoyuki
        *rolls around trapped into a vortex of cooking, eating and reading new recipes*
        Jan 2, 2020
    18. Cinnamon_Pretzel
      Hello, may I request a link to Pocky's Bookshelf? Please and thank you!
    19. OnceandFutureLurker
      Happy New Year
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      2. Yukari_me
        Happy New Year!! ^-^
        Jan 1, 2020
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    20. lazynoodles
      Hello? Am I too late to request a link to pocky's bookshelf?
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