Aug 15, 2017
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Orz Mangadex is down QxQ Mar 21, 2021

    1. Yukari_me
      Orz Mangadex is down QxQ
      1. nightbutterfly
        Mar 22, 2021
    2. Ochads
      Hello Yukari Can you tell where I can read the translated Once Again Into the Light novel? I really want to read it because the story is so interesting and fun.
    3. kitkat_xx
      Hi!! I know that the servers translating korean novels are being really cautious rn, but if there is a time when they allow inv again, would you be able to let me know? I'm kinda new to all this, so it would be much appreciated :) Also i would never repost their stuff, idk why people do that and ruin it for everyone else smh
      1. Yukari_me
        Hello, sorry to say this but her server, including her website and projects were all taken down after the ordeal with one of the k-authors. Refer to the forum about the announcement please.
        Jun 22, 2020
    4. barbis
      Hi, I'd like to get an invitation to pocky's bookshelf too. Thank you!
      1. Yukari_me
        Hello, sorry to say this but her server, including her website and projects were all taken down after the ordeal with one of the k-authors. Refer to the forum about the announcement please.
        Jun 22, 2020
    5. Mitzzi
      I was looking for information for days about Pocky, until I found that their translations were closed. It's a shame! Thank you very much for informing us, I am new to all this. P.S. It is not a native language and I had to ask google translator for help to thank you for the information I read in the forums. You're great. Bye!!
      1. Yukari_me likes this.
    6. Maomaomao
      Hey! That's true beauty!
      1. Effugium likes this.
      2. Yukari_me
        XD yuppers!
        May 12, 2020
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    7. Paradox_panda_0314
      Hi, may I please have a dm for the secret land castle discord? I tried posting on reddit, the website, mangadex discord, and finally I was able to you. I really really love The Result of Being Reincarnated .... I just really found a manga I like and I'm just tired of not being able to follow and support, so I apologize for the text wall. Thank you for considering.
      1. Yukari_me
        I'm sorry to say but SLC currently doesn't have an available invite link for others atm
        Apr 30, 2020
    8. rainiee
      Hi!! I just saw the thread about pocky’s bookshelf, if theres a chance you ever give invites to pocky’s bookshelf, can i also have one?? I dont mind the wait. Thank you very much!
    9. akki
      Seeing this avi automatically bring up the thought that you need a pat. So here~ *pat pat* haha~
      1. Yukari_me, 911 and Kalto like this.
      2. Bakaturq
        Mar 9, 2020
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      3. Yukari_me
        Awww thank you for the pats! >///<
        Mar 11, 2020
    10. Cencen
      I found some novels by pocky's bookshelf that i really really wanna read. Hope that i can join if there's ever a chance they're opening the server for a while. Sorry for asking this i know you have a lot of people asking the same thing
    11. Whutzittooyah
      Hello, I know I missed my chance on joining pocky's server on discord. I only hope for that in the future, if you hear them opening for new members, is it possible to post the news on NU forum once again? I would be eternally grateful 0w0...
      I'm also willing to give donations to server and hope that it would be of help.
      Thanks :D
    12. Jeje
      Hi! I would like to know if it's still possible to join the discord group "pocky's bookshelf"? Bcs i saw your post and i really want to join the group :((
    13. AlienFromNowhere
      Salutations ! I know I might be one fish in a sea asking for a Pocky’s bookshelf, and I apologize. Sadly, I came a few days late and I might never forgive myself. I will play the pity card by saying that I’m very ill... If you can tell them that I am ready to pay, cause every work deserves a salary, I wouldn’t be able to thank you enough. I hope it will help :( Have a good day !
    14. Emma_cs
      Hello ~~ Sorry for literally being one of the hundreds people messaging you,but I found out through the your thread about the discord of Pocky Translations.I'm so sorry for not dm-ing you but I can't seem to find the private message button.I'll be very thankful if you are willing to share the link to it,thank you so much ❤
    15. sansastark
      Hi! I just found your thread about pocky’s bookshelf discord and I was wondering if I’m not too late, may I have an invitation link, please? Sorry, for not DMing you, but I can’t find the Start a Conversation button — maybe you closed DMs, maybe I’m just a bit blind, apologies, I’m very new to the website (made an account just today). Thank you.
      1. Yukari_me
        Hello, sansastark. I’m sorry to inform you but the invitation link for Pocky’s server has now expired.
        Feb 23, 2020
    16. sh.xn281
      Hii, may i ask for an invite for pocky's translation team discord? If im not too late. Thank you!!
    17. Caspian444
      Hello!! May I ask for an invite on the pocky translating team discord?
      If its closed, then in future.
    18. Mihanina
      Hiiii, i'm still new in NU, but canyou send me the link for pocky' bookshelf discord too? Only if it still open though ;-;.
      1. Mihanina
        Sorry for not dm you, since I'm still new to this website...
        Feb 20, 2020
        OnceandFutureLurker likes this.
    19. JWxWZ
      Hello, could you please send me the link for pocky‘ bookshelf as well? And I’m really sorry because I’m not not sending a dm, I just don’t know how to do it since I’m new to this website, thank you for your time
    20. nonforgettable
      Hello! Same as the previous message I tried to DM but there was no start a conversation button. Can I maybe if it's not too late also have the invite for the discord? Thank you for your time in any case!
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