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Jun 19, 2019
Oct 10, 2017
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January 13
The Low Lands, western europe


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How annoying, multiple reading lists do NOT work well together with private tags. There is no option to search all lists for tags. Jun 11, 2018

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Jun 19, 2019
    1. Zethuron
      How annoying, multiple reading lists do NOT work well together with private tags. There is no option to search all lists for tags.
      1. LaDyViL
        You should post this in the Reading List announcement thread or make a Bug thread in the Bug subforum
        Jun 12, 2018
    2. Zethuron
      As much books i have to read, as much time i am lacking to read them already.
      1. doomeye1337
        that reminds me of time enough for last.
        May 30, 2018
    3. RTS
      1. Zyvosia
        Apr 27, 2018
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    January 13
    The Low Lands, western europe
    Hello there!
    I like reading books of basically anything fantasy and sci-fi.
    I have read a lot of western novels before i came on NU somewhere in spring 2017
    I would like it if you could suggest me something new for my reading list, i already have a lot waiting to read in it, but more is always welcome.


    Everything has a tale, no matter how insignificant it is, from the smallest particles in the universe to the largest of the stars, they all have a tale to be told. Even the imaginary things, that do not exist anywhere but in ourselves, they all have a tale. And then when the last tale has been told, existence itself shall come to a final end.

    You are welcome to suggest me something new to read or you can look in my reading list for something new to read, i have a lot of novels there.

    By the way, please consider making your reading list public, i am one of those that checks reading lists when i want to recommend novels to someone and for new ones to put in my waiting list.

    For my reading list, i am using a rank system of different 10 ranks to do better rating of novels. Personally i find the rating system on NU a bit too limiting so i decided to use the reading list to help with rating novels.

    Also, i may rate a LOT of novels 5 stars, but that's more due to the inflexible rating system than NU has, that's also a part of the reason why i am using my own sort of ratings in my reading list. I have a FAR more extensive rating list made in a excel spreadsheet. The higher a novel is ranked, the more i enjoy that novel and the better the quality is, that's obviously my own opinion.

    Reading list Ratings explained:

    • Normal reads - rank G-D: Basically the terrible, bad, and just average novels that i am reading, this list also does contain the novels that i cant rate yet due to not truly enjoying it and it being too short.
    • Okay reads - rank C: The novels that i consider okay to read, those novels i see as okay time wasters when i need something to read.
    • Decent reads - rank B-A: These are the novels that i consider as decent reads, i see them as reads that are alright to spend time on when i want to catch up on them. The books in this list and those higher rated i consider as my main reads.
    • Good reads - rank S: In this reading list, i keep the novel that i consider as good enough of quality to list there. I enjoy reading those novels due to various factors.
    • Great reads - rating Legend SS: The novels in this list, i consider as very good novels to read, i read those on a regular schedule.
    • Favorite Reads - rank Myth SSS: Those novels i consider as my favorite novels on this site. They are all truly enjoyable to read for me and are of good enough quality to put in this list.
    • Outlier - Beyond SSS+ : This category has no list yet, simply because there is only one novel that i have read so far that is worthy of this category, i have very strict requirements for this category so it will be rare for me to put a new novel in this.
    For the novels i am interested in reading them, due to the fact that only one list of them would be too long and hard to navigate through, i have split them in 4 different lists. The placing of the novel is based on how interested i am in reading the novel.