Novel ✪ Memory Corruption (R-18) (Book 1 Finished) (Book 2 on release)

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    No, I think this would be the same as fear being in love, the second one is about him dragging someone to his inner darkness (maybe it would be more about the fear of being responsible for her falling in love with him than simply wanting it). He has been through shit when it comes to women and the one's he really connected suffered horrible consequences, partly or totally because of him. Only that this time, the woman is innocent to some extent, and if he ruins her he'll have no excuses for not feeling guilty (not that he doesn't feel guilty for the others, but at least he has reasons to hate them, and Belle didn't give him any yet). <--- This is a huge spoiler for his POV, now that I think about it xD
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    Chapter 12

    Belle woke up, but didn’t move. She was too afraid that it might be another dream inside the dream. She wasn’t used to experiencing these Inception-like moments. After some minutes of peace, she got up and took another shower. She wasn’t that sweaty, she just needed to relax and the night was hotter than she was used to. She got out and realized she didn’t have a change of clothes. All of her clothes were in the other room, with him. She was about to put back her sweaty shirt, when she looked at the bed and realized that his shirt was still there.

    Belle sat on the bed, trying to convince herself that she was just afraid, not craving for him again. She thought for a long time, balancing her feelings and reason until she came to the right conclusion. As she opened the door to his room, she saw him on the bed, bare chested, reading something on his phone. The sheet covered only his legs and part of his stomach.

    Ryan heard the knock on the door, and it opened almost at the same time. His heart raced immediately, as he thought that something might have happened to her. He stretched his arm and turned the lamp on, quickly checking his gun.

    -What is it? Do you need something? -Ryan's eyes were alarmed and he looked over her shoulder, then quickly examined her body, looking for any sign of the cause of her sudden visit. -Did something happen? What's up?

    -I was just wondering if I could sleep here, with you... Like we used to do in your house. -She murmured.

    -Ah, no, Belle. -He clearly didn't expect it and covered more of his bare chest with the sheets. -That was just because you were getting clean and you needed someone to watch over you at night. You're ok now, you don't need me.

    Belle just stared at him and pouted.

    -Don't make that face, it's not gonna work, go back to your room. -He laughed and moved his hand as if he could push her away toward the door from a distance.

    -I had nightmares… I can't sleep, I feel like someone will come into my room. -She approached him. -I don't like being alone. Please, Desmond...

    -Don't come here, Belle. Get out. -He warned her, waving his hand.

    -Why? Are you naked under that sheet? -She wrinkled her forehead.

    -I'm only wearing trunks, that's why. Don't come near. -He didn't blush, but he was truly uncomfortable. -There was no way I could know you'd come here in the middle of the night, and it's very hot in here, so I took my pants off. Get out, let's talk in the living room.

    -Does that mean that you can't get up? -She smiled. -Which means you can't kick me out of the bedroom, right?

    His brows went up at her remarks, and then furrowed deeply.

    -Stop playing games and get out. Belle! -He moaned as she climbed up on the bed, getting to the other side by jumping over his body. -You can't be serious...

    She unfolded the blanket that he certainly wouldn't use, and covered herself, giving her back to him.

    -Go back to your room. -He shook her shoulder. -You're gonna screw me.

    -Let me sleep. The bed is huge, you're not even gonna notice that I am here.

    -That's impossible. -He sighed, staring at her bare shoulder and the curve of her neck, then to her hair sprawled over the pillow. He smiled involuntarily.

    She closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep. Eventually he gave up and put his phone away, turning the lamp off, but he couldn't sleep. Her presence was like a limelight, and his body responded to the strange hot light she emitted.

    -Are you asleep? -She whispered.

    -No, thanks to you, I probably won't be able to. -He snorted angrily. -Why?

    -I didn't come here to ask you to let me stay here. -She confessed. -I mean, I truly feel safer by your side, but I came here for another reason.

    -Which was?

    There was an awkward silence. He turned his head in her direction, trying to see, in the dark, if she was asleep. He blinked, trying to adapt to the lack of light. When he was finally able to see her face he was startled by her eyes looking straight into his, closer than he expected.

    -Why did you come here, Isabelle. What do you want? -He tugged at one strand of her hair, wrapping it around his finger.

    -You. -She whispered.

    -What? -He paused, letting go of the strand very slowly. -What do you mean?

    -I came here 'cause I couldn't stop thinking about what you said, about not being with me cause I might regret it. -She moistened her lips and bit it, giving him goosebumps. -I should be the one to decide it then, not you. If you want it and the only reason you avoid it is because you think it's gonna be bad for me, then that's my decision, not yours.

    He couldn't say a word. He just shook his head disapprovingly, but couldn't say it out loud.

    -And I want it. I never felt anything like that for anyone. If you break my heart, then you're gonna break it and I'm the one who'll have to live with it. -Her naked shoulder went up and down and he cursed himself for imagining beyond it. One of her breasts was half exposed too, only the upper part, but it was enough to make his imagination go wild.

    -We can talk about this tomorrow. -He answered in a calm voice. -Please, go back to your room, only for today.

    -No. I wanna be with you, Desmond. -She sat up and the shirt hung from one shoulder. He swallowed hard and looked away. It would take only a tug, only to swipe it off of her still covered shoulder. -If it's just fun for you, it's ok, but I want to live this, even if I don't feel so good later. I want you... I want you to be my first.

    Even in the dark, he could see the tips of her breasts pointing out, as if trying to pierce through the fabric. His lower abdomen responded urgently to that.

    -Fuck, why are you doing this to me? -He moaned, pressing his eyes with his wrist. -Begone, demon!

    He couldn't see her satisfied smile, but he felt her crawling toward him. He fought the urge to jump out of the bed.

    -Belle, please, stop. -He put his hand on her shoulder as he took it away from his eye and saw her leaning over him. -You don't want it. It's gonna be bad for you, believe me.

    -Why is that? -She frowned.

    He sat up and pushed her back, harder. She lost her balance and sat back.

    -First of all, you're small. I'm gonna hurt you. The first time is supposed to hurt anyway and even if it's not really your first time, if it's been a while, it's gonna hurt. -He avoided her eyes and completed. -But it's gonna hurt way more if you do it with someone… Someone big…

    She stared for a while, then laughed loudly. He frowned, confused by her reaction.

    -What are you saying, that you have something giant there? -She continued to giggle pointing down.

    -Larger than average. -He flushed and shrugged. -I'm not saying this to impress you, look at me and look at yourself, there's no way it's not gonna hurt, there's nothing I can do about it.

    She stopped laughing as soon as she realized he wasn't just trying to scare her.

    -Well, I heard that a body can adapt. -She flushed too, avoiding his eyes and involuntarily glancing at the volume under the sheets.

    -Yes, through a lot of pain. -He glared at her. -Why don't you just wait till you can get a boyfriend with a size compatible with you?

    -Desmond, stop! -She whined. -That's not right, you're not gonna make me give up, you'll just get me scared. I still want you anyway.

    She reached out and caressed his chest. He straightened his back and moved out of her reach.

    -And I'm not sure I'm the best guy to help you with your first time too. -He grunted.

    -Why is that?

    -Because… It's been more than two years since I've been with someone. -He pulled up the sheets to cover his chest and looked into her eyes. -I don't think it's gonna be easy to be gentle or soft. I don't even remember if I ever did it gently or softly, I've never been with someone that didn't prefer it rough. And I certainly never had it with someone that didn't know their preferences.

    Her face went very red and hot and she felt the urge to hide it. But she bit her lip and kept looking into his eyes. If she gave away any sign of weakness he would build himself up and make her give up.

    -There's always a first time, right?-She said in a trembling voice.

    He smirked.

    -You're still young, why don't you just wait?

    -I'm not that young. I think all the girls in my classroom already had sex a bunch of times.

    -So, are you ashamed? Are you doing all this just because you wanna be like them? -One eyebrow went up, in disapproval. -Are you gonna risk getting traumatized for the rest of your life just to fit in? That's not like you.

    -I don't wanna make it just to feel normal. I'm ok with being a virgin.

    -Then keep being one. You don't even know if you still are. -She could tell by his tone that the annoyance was turning into anger.

    -I can prove to you tonight that I am. -She shrugged.

    -For god sake, you don't need to prove anything to me. What do you want from me? -He rubbed his hands through his face and hair and sighed, bursting out. -Do you wanna hear you're hot? You're hot as fuck! Do you wanna hear that I wanna fuck you? I jerked off thinking about you in the last few weeks more times than I did thinking about my fiancée in the last two yea...

    He stopped, immediately regretting saying it out loud. She flinched too, embarrassed. He cleared his throat and looked down, swallowing back, ashamed.

    -I just can't do this to you… I know it's gonna be amazing for me. I mean, look at that body! -He ate her with his eyes, then sighed. -But it's gonna be awful for you... You're gonna regret it, and you might not trust me anymore. What am I gonna do if you feel used? If you stop talking to me?

    -I won't. I'm the one pressing you into it. Just stop if I ask you to… If you don't beat me or force me, I swear, I'm not gonna hold it against you.

    -There is no way I will be able not to hurt you, listen to me! -He said it very slowly, as if she was too dumb to understand something simple.

    -I think I'm ready for the pain. If I'm not, I'm gonna ask you to stop. Is that ok for you?


    -What? You won't stop if I ask you to?

    He sighed.

    -I won't even start, Belle, I'm not gonna do this to you.

    -But if you did, and I asked you to stop, you'd stop, right?

    -Of course I would. -He glared at her. -But I won't need to, ‘cause we're not having sex. Ever.

    She stared at him, with a naughty smile. He looked back, puzzled. Then she jumped on him and started to kiss him. He tried to avoid her, but he didn't know where to begin. Her legs were wrapped firmly against his thighs, her groin rubbing against his in clumsy movements.

    She was using all her strength in her arms, pressing him against her and pulling his head against hers in a violent kiss. He suddenly realized she was trying to mimic what she saw in some movie or something like that. His lips were getting numb with her harsh rubbing and she was pressing the back of his neck in a very unpleasant way. He was also worried that she might get hurt rubbing herself against him with that much vigor.

    -Ok…-He muttered, pulling her hair to make her stop and to be able to separate from her. -You're terrible at this.

    -What? -She whispered under her erratic breath.

    -I’m telling you, you are so terrible I don't even feel attracted to you anymore. -He mocked her. Then seeing her gloomy face, he added. -I'm just teasing you. But it is really bad, stop it.

    Her confidence withered and her shoulders dropped. She hid her face in his neck, still sitting on his lap. His groin responded to it, but she didn't seem to feel it. He sighed, as he started to recognize to himself that he could never win this war. They would be living together and it was only a matter of time until he would cave in. He gulped as he made the decision to do it while he still had some control over this situation.

    -Let me show you. -He whispered in her ear, biting her earlobe. She shivered to his touch. -Tell me if you don't like something. And let me know what you like.

    She lifted her head and looked into his eyes as if to check if he wasn't trying to trick her. Seeing his eyes lit up with desire, she smiled and kissed him tenderly. The volume between his thighs throbbed involuntarily as she leaned forward to do so.

    -Now that's… -Ryan murmured as they parted their lips, with his eyes still closed. -That way you can certainly drive me crazy.

    She smiled broadly. Even if it was hard to see it, it was a beautiful sight. He lit the lamp near the bed. She squinted her eyes and frowned.

    -What are you doing?

    -I wanna see you. - He stared at her, with a smile. -Do you feel uncomfortable?

    -I don't know. I never… I don't know.

    -If you feel uncomfortable just let me know, and I'll turn it off. I wanna show you some things that I think will be useful for you. - He explained. -I wanna see you… And I want you to be able to see me too.

    She nodded and sat by his side, with her back straight. He sighed and pushed the sheets aside. She took him in her eyes, examining every inch of his body. She already knew by heart his face, his neck, with his gorgeous Adam’s apple, his broad shoulder. She knew the clavicle that she always felt the urge to run her fingers through, she had memorized every curve and every muscle on his chest and belly. But now it was like a brand new world opened up for her. She blatantly stared, and he just waited, observing her.

    Her gaze followed his v line, almost totally exposed. She sighed as she reached the only skin still covered and she noticed his volume. She tried to imagine what it looked like, remembering biology classes, but it was totally impossible.

    Belle tried to examine his bare legs which she hadn't seen yet too, but her gaze kept coming back to his crotch.

    -Are you afraid? -He asked her, carefully. -Do you wanna give up?

    -What? No! Why? - She answered, startled.

    He just nodded and moved toward her, on his knees. The movement was somehow sexy, reminding a lion proudly approaching its prey.
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    O......M.....G...... :aww::aww:
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    Quick pool... Would you rather if I posted today's and Saturday's chapters today, in a row?:unsure:
    I'm asking because I wouldn't want to stop reading between chapters if I was reading the book, but that would mean I wouldn't post again til Tuesday. :cry:
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    I’ll agree to two chapters today! ‍♀️ wouldn’t be able to handle waiting to read all that good stuff until Saturday!
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    Awww, Thank you :love:
    I thought about it, and I'll post both, anyway, then, just gonna put the second one in a spoiler box and take it off on Saturday. This way, if the person prefer to wait, they won't risk reading something by accident.
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    and here we go with the game "WHO IS STILL BREATHING?" :p:p
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    Chapter 13 (rated R)

    -Tell me if something doesn't feel right, ok? -He repeated.

    -Don't worry about pleasing me. -She answered, closing her eyes involuntarily as his hand cupped her cheek.

    -That's all I'm gonna do all night. - Ryan answered in a slightly hoarse voice, as he brushed the soft skin of her face with his thumb and gently pressed her waist with his other hand. Her whole body shook with his purr-like voice. He kissed her neck right under her earlobe.

    -Hm, Desmond. -She moaned, her heart fluttering.

    -Ryan. -He corrected her.

    -What did you say? -She opened her eyes and looked at him.

    -Call me Ryan. -He smiled and bent to kiss her.

    He kissed her lips very softly, totally different from what she had just done. His tongue invaded her mouth and followed the movements of his hands on her body, exploring her mouth in slow, long slides. Her body heated up and she melted in his arms. He held both their weights in one arm, as he lowered her body till it touched the bed, with his other arm sustaining her back while his hand held her nape. She moaned as she felt part of his weight being released over her own body. He smiled on her lips and bit her lower lip, as if rewarding her for her moan. She let out another moan in response and he laughed. It was an easy laugh, and her belly heated up at the sound of it. She felt the need to press him between her legs.

    Feeling the weird movements of her legs, he pushed his knee against her, between her thighs. She moaned again, this time louder.

    -Ryan! -She groaned.

    -Belle…- He whispered in her ear and kissed behind it, rubbing his nose all the way to her chin, nibbling at her jaw and sucking at her neck. He lifted his head and murmured in her ear, his firm voice hitting deep inside it. -I'm gonna make you scream my name tonight.

    Her body responded to every move he made. Belle closed her hands in fists as she realized she'd been scratching his back.

    -It's ok… Scratch me if you want to. -He looked into her eyes and bit the tip of her nose softly, then kissed her lips. He ran his hand on her back and scratched it lightly to encourage her. She arched her back, rubbing her groin to his knee involuntarily. -Doesn't it feel good? If you don't wanna leave marks just don't press it too much. It's ok if you do though, I'll heal.

    She smiled at his gentle tone. She wasn't expecting it because of his endless warnings.

    He kissed her shoulder, biting her clavicle and licking it. She flinched and giggled at the tickling sensation.

    -Does it feels bad?

    -No, just tickles. - She rubbed her hand to take off the sensation.

    -We don't want tickling, we want to turn you on. Are you sure it's tickling? Doesn't it feel good? -He lectured her, licking the exposed part of her chest. He smiled at the response of her pelvis. -Yes, like this...Do you feel fine?

    -Yes. -She moaned.-There... It feels different.

    -Tell me if you want me to stop, tell me if I'm going too fast. -His breath left a lingering sensation on her skin, moistened by his saliva.

    You're going too slow, she thought, feeling impatient. She fought the urge to press his head against her chest.

    He pulled her shirt down, exposing her breast. She lifted her hand to cover it but restrained herself. He hesitated, but after a few seconds went on, brushing his lips through her skin.

    She moved her upper body involuntarily, shaking. She felt his breath hitting the tip of her breast as he let out a soft laugh at her reaction. He licked it and she gasped. He played around it with his tongue and put it into his mouth, sucking it lightly.

    She looked down and moaned loudly, seeing him, with his eyes closed devouring her breast. His hand went up from under her shirt and grabbed the other breast, caressing it, drawing circles with his thumb. She felt a weird sensation in her eyes, being unable to keep them open. The fingers from her feet curled without her wanting to.

    -Ah! -She gasped.

    -Is it good? -He smiled, biting her nipple, then kissing it.

    -My eyes… It's weird. -She mumbled. Her voice sounded strange to her ears too.

    -Focus on that sensation. Feel it, keep it. You're getting horny, Belle. - He squeezed her breast with his large hand, engulfing it whole.- May I take off your shirt? Are you ok with that?

    She looked at the lamp and bit her lip.

    -Do you want me to turn it off? -He started to lift himself, but she held him.

    -No, leave it. I'm just a little embarrassed…

    -You know I already saw you naked, right? When you drowned.

    She blushed and nodded.

    -It's ok. You may take it off. -She lifted her arms to make it easier.

    He lifted himself from her. It left a warm sensation in her chest and she longed for his body heat immediately. But then he bent down to her belly and grabbed the hem of the shirt, kissing her as he lifted it up to take it off. He kissed her from the lower part of her abdomen to her neck, nibbling here and there, licking under her breasts and sucking at both nipples and at her neck.

    He lifted her back with one arm, pressing her breasts against his face as he did so, taking the shirt out deftly. She felt like the most desirable woman in the whole world for a moment, as he seemed to cling to her body, never staying more than a few seconds without kissing or caressing her.

    -Damn, look at that! -He admired her body, clasping her waist tightly with his hands. -I could spend the rest of my life just looking at it and I'd never get sick of it.

    She flushed and smiled. She felt the same toward his perfect body. Even with the terrible bruises, it looked perfect for her. She gathered the courage and put her hand on his abdomen, caressing it. He let out a sigh.

    He climbed on her, pressing her hips between his thighs and laying down on her. She moaned and threw her head back, feeling his swollen groin pressing against her thighs. She wiggled like a worm, trying to press her body against his.

    -Shhh, it's ok... -He whispered in her ear. -Calm down, I'm still warming you up. Relax. Focus on your own body, feel it.

    -Ryan… - She swallowed hard as she almost said "I love you". Her body grew tense as she barely caught herself. She could ruin everything with a slip of her tongue.

    -No, release your body. You were doing fine. -He kissed her neck. -Relax. I'm not gonna rush it, take your time, you're doing great.

    He kissed her temple and pressed her waist again. She moaned and bit his shoulder softly. He let out a moan of his own. Her heart skipped a beat and she felt dizzy. The sound of his moan seemed to get her even more excited than his kisses.

    -You're amazing. -He kissed her and bit her lower lip. -God, I wish I could have you like this forever.

    She smiled and hugged him, hiding her face on his neck. Only then she realized they were sweating. Even the smell of his clean sweat made her shiver in ecstasy.

    -Come up. - He said, rolling sideways and bringing her body with him. Before she knew it she was mounted in him. He gasped as he felt her groin rubbing against his.

    She realized what he meant when he said he was too big for her. She felt it against her, hard as stone, as a large bone. Suddenly she wasn't sure if she would want to go all the way.

    -Are you ok? -He asked her, cupping her cheek in his hand and pulling her for a kiss. She laid on his chest and nodded.

    He explored her body, rubbing it and clasping it. She imitated him, not sure if she was doing it right, but enjoying every inch of his body.

    -Do you like it? -He asked her, kissing her forehead.

    -Yes. -She answered without even knowing what he was talking about.

    -Do you prefer being under or above?

    -Under. -She didn't even stop to think about it.

    He smiled and pulled her back to the bed, suddenly.

    -Let me just try something. - He exhaled hard and pushed her shoulder roughly, making her lie on her stomach and putting his weight on her.

    Her heart beat hard, she could feel it all over her body and her breathing grew heavier. He laid over her back and kissed her neck, biting it and pressing her shoulders. He caught her hands in his. She felt trapped and grew anxious. He rubbed himself on her buttocks and she moaned, but she didn't feel good. She squirmed and he mistook it with excitement, gripping her hands even tighter and pulling her hair to force her to turn her head for a kiss.

    -Please…-She gasped. -Please don't!

    He immediately let go of her and turned her around.


    -No, please. - She felt like she was about to cry.

    -Good. -He nodded as he held her to his chest and stroked her hair. -You don't like to be subjugated, that's very good. I'm not gonna do this again, it's alright. I'm sorry...It was just a test, don't worry.

    He kissed her temple and she gripped at his arms. It felt weird, seeking protection from himself into his own arms. She shook her head, trying to shove off the sensation.

    -I'm sorry. - He repeated, kissing her mouth in that same soft way, calming her down.

    -It's ok, I just… I don't know. I felt…

    -I know, I shouldn't have done it, I just needed to be sure… It's alright, don't think about it, focus on the good part. - He kissed her cheeks and mouth, rubbing her back and soothing her.

    They kissed passionately until her body was fully relaxed again. Then he asked her, in a low testing voice, as she rubbed her hand on his low abdomen with more confidence.

    -Do you want to feel it?

    -Feel it? You mean your… -She looked down.

    -Yes…- He smirked, kissing the top of her head and brushing her hair with his fingers.

    She nodded. She didn't feel ready yet, but at the same time she wanted to feel him inside her, even if just to know how it felt. Even if she was scared now that it would hurt terribly or that it wouldn't fit inside.

    She breathed deeply, closing her eyes and trying to relax her legs. She decided she would let him do it and try to stay still as much as she could. But then she felt his hand wrap around her wrist and lead her hand down his lower abdomen.

    She opened her eyes, startled and looked at him. He was laying on his back, looking her in the eyes. She looked down and saw it. He had pulled his underwear down and his member was up, even bigger than she had imagined. She gulped and flinched her hand away from it.

    He laughed.

    -It won't bite you. -He mocked her. -Don't you wanna feel it? You never touched one, did you?

    She just shook her head. He let go of her hand and brushed her hair away from her eyes, kissing the tip of her nose.

    -It's ok, I thought you'd be curious, you don't need to touch it.

    -I am. -She swallowed. -But it's frightening.

    -How come? -He looked down.

    -It's very hard. -She said, seeing it wave up and down as he laughed.

    -You did this to me. Don't you dare complain! -He scolded her.

    -It's big too. I didn't think it would be that big. -She continued.

    -Thank you. -He replied, raising one eyebrow. -I warned you...

    -It's not a compliment.

    -If you want to give up, there's still time. -He shrugged, putting one arm behind his head and holding her shoulder in a relaxed motion.


    -No? -He seemed surprised.

    -I still want it. -She smiled timidly.

    He looked at her trying to understand what was going on inside her head. She moved her hand and touched him, with the tip of her fingers, very lightly. It jolted violently up and down and she let out a startled sound. He laughed and stroked her hair.

    -Don't do that! -She reprimanded him.

    -I can't control it! -He protested as she raised her hand to slap him. -Can you control your shaking when I suck your breasts? It's the same for me.

    Belle frowned but soon smiled back at him. She put her fingers back and pressed it between her thumb and finger, moving through it's extension. It throbbed hard under her touch and she looked back at his face. He was observing her, with eyes half closed.

    -Is it good? -It was her time to ask him.

    -Everything you do is amazing. - He answered immediately.

    -Show me. -She grabbed it, making him gasp. -Show me how you like it.

    He took her hand and showed her, teaching her where it was ok to press and with how much pressure. He taught her the right movements and speed. She was curious and explored everything with both hands. He observed her, patiently, caressing her back and breasts while she made new discoveries about his body.

    -May I kiss it? -She asked after a while.

    He frowned, then laughed.

    -What? -She looked at him, confused.

    -Haven't you ever heard about blowjob? -He asked her, still holding down a laugh.

    -Yuck! -She looked up with a disgusted face.

    -Oh, really, kissing it is alright, sucking it is not? -He laughed harder and hugged her, pulling her to his chest. -You probably wouldn't like it, anyway.

    -I just wanted to kiss it on the soft part. It's so smooth… I wanted to bite it.

    -For god sake, don't bite it! -He laughed so hard that he got tears in the corner of his eyes.

    -Not hard, just nibble it…

    -Fuck, no. I don't trust your skills enough, I'm sorry.- He wiped up his eyes. -Come here, we just ruined the mood.

    He laid her back on the bed, taking off his underwear completely. She couldn't stop staring at it, wondering how long it would stay that hard. He bent down and kissed her body, sucking her breasts and making her feel hot again. He went down to her navel and bit her lower abdomen, then slid her panties and shorts down. She tensed up and tried to grab the hem of the shorts.

    -Relax. There's nothing here I haven't seen. -He looked up at her and kissed her hand, biting it lightly. -I'll make you feel very good now, trust me.

    She took her hand away and he kept pulling it down. He lifted her butt with his hand to slide the shorts down, taking the opportunity to grab it, pressing it and rubbing it. She moaned and opened her legs involuntarily.

    He never looked away from her eyes, rapturing her gaze. He kissed her all around it, biting the inside of her thighs and lifting her legs to throw the shorts away.

    She was completely naked and was suddenly aware of how well illuminated the room was, with both of their naked bodies glistening with sweat.

    He took one foot in both hands and caressed it, pressing and rubbing each part of it.

    -Even your feet, they are perfect, did you know? -He lifted it to his mouth and kissed it, first very softly, but then more urgently, covering it with kisses, from toe to ankle.

    -How can a foot be perfect? -She frowned, enjoying the caress. Then she grimaced when he licked the inner part of her foot, until he reached the protruding bone of her ankle, where he sucked softly. Even though the sight looked weird, the sensation made her groin contract in excitement.

    -You tell me. I never had a thing for feet. -He bit it, hard. She flinched but he held it firmly by her calf. -But you don't know what I've been through, having to tend to your ankle after I realized you could turn me on just with your feet.

    She blushed and he smiled. He went on, kissing and nibbling at her calves and knees, opening her legs slowly and rubbing his hand down her navel, sliding it to her thighs.

    -If you feel uncomfortable tell me immediately. -He said, still looking into her eyes. -Where do you like it better? Deep inside, or closer to the entrance?

    She looked at him, confused with the question.

    -When you touch yourself, where is it better? You know… -He then realized it and frowned. -Haven't you ever masturbated?

    She blinked and flushed at his astonished face.

    -Never? - His frown deepened. -Not even to know how it feels? Not even to try it?

    She shook her head.

    -You never came. -It wasn't a question, it sounded more like an accusation.

    He threw his head back and moaned.

    -You're putting a lot of weight on my shoulders now! - He complained.

    -Is it bad? - She looked down, then back at him. -Do you think it won't work?

    -What do you mean? What won't work?

    -You know, I need to be wet, right? For you to… -She averted her eyes.

    He smiled naughtily and ran his finger between her legs, near her thigh. It was a light touch, but she flinched immediately. He brought his finger up for her to see it. A glistening strand followed up, like a spider web thread. His finger was totally soaked. She blushed.

    -No, I don't think that will be a problem. -Then he got serious. -But I'll have to work harder to make you come. You don't even know the sensation.

    She blushed with the idea of him trying to please her.

    -You don't need to make me come, it's ok.

    -What do you think I've been doing till now? -He glared at her. -Wasn't it good?

    -Very. -She smiled, trembling.

    -Good, stop thinking and keep feeling it. If you reach the climax you'll know. -He smiled, putting his thumb above her swollen lip. She bit the tip of it and sucked lightly. His groin responded with a movement and he smiled.

    He put a pillow under her head, to lift her back up a bit. This way she could see her own shameful nakedness. He bent down between her legs and bit her thighs, licking it slowly. She watched it with her mouth half open and suppressed a moan.

    -Let it all out. Feel it and enjoy it. -He looked into her eyes and licked the moisture that was running down one of her thighs. She thought she would feel disgusted, but it turned her on immediately and she felt herself getting even wetter. -You're soaking the sheets, did you know it?

    Her face turned crimson. He gave her a wicked smile and kissed between her legs. She was going crazy. He got up and ran a finger around it.

    -Feel it. -He commanded her.

    He pushed the finger inside. It didn't find any resistance and she moaned with the strange sensation. He played around and she felt herself pressing his finger involuntarily. Every time she did it, he let out a moan and his member throbbed up and down. She began to do it on purpose, each time stronger.

    -Yes! -He moaned. -Yes, Belle, you're doing amazing! You're so damn hot! So gorgeous…

    He used his other hand to clasp her waist and pull her down. After a while he used that hand to rub outside, driving her crazy.

    -That's your clitoris. Tell me if it hurts or gets numb. We want to make it grow sensitive but not too much or it will get numb and you won't feel the pleasure anymore. -She didn't really listen to his explanation, but nodded.

    He took his finger out, only to come back inside, this time with two fingers. She moaned and moved her hips, anxious. He kissed her body and sucked her nipples, never stopping the movements. Then he bent down and licked her. No, he didn't just lick her. He shoved his tongue inside, sucking it and licking her insides. She bent her back and bit the pillow, hard. She looked at him, grabbing his hair and pressing his head against her.

    -Yeah! -He moaned under his breath, putting his fingers back inside. -Yes, Belle, you're so hot! God, you're perfect!

    After a while she felt a weird sensation, it was as if she wanted to scream. She felt a sensation that vaguely reminded her of how she felt when she took the pills. Then it changed and grew stronger. It was something pressing against her stomach and making everything around her seem brighter. She smiled and tried to look into his eyes, but she couldn't as her eyes kept closing against her will. Her fingers curled. All of them, feet and hands. She trembled violently. He didn't stop, but brought his lips to hers and kissed her, urgently. She felt a strange taste, sweet but alkaline, and she took some seconds to realize it was her own taste. He kept kissing her, their moans being muffled by their tongues inside each other's mouth.

    -Oh my god! -She mumbled, taking a fist of his hair again and pulling it.-Oh, Ryan! Oh!

    He kissed her endlessly, never stopping the movements and the sensation was back again, even stronger. She gasped, pressing him against her and he laughed ecstatic by her sight.

    She dropped to the bed, trembling frantically and he took out his fingers, kissing her temple and holding her. She held him back, desperate for cherishing. Her eyes burned and she started to cry, even though she didn't understand why.

    He was surprised by it too and held her to his chest, wiping up her tears and kissing her wet eyes.

    -It's ok, there's no reason to cry, Belle...- Ryan whispered, worried. -Calm down, it's not meant to make you cry...

    -I know. -She sniffed, trying to stop crying.

    -Does it hurt somewhere? -He asked her, pressing down her lower abdomen and rubbing it.

    -No, it was very good. I can still feel it a bit. -She sobbed, wiping her cheeks with the back of her hands.

    -Why are you crying then? -He looked into her eyes, worried. -Are you ashamed? There's no reason to feel ashamed, Belle… You were amazing, I never saw something so beautiful in my whole life. I don't think I ever will.

    She smiled and kissed him. He hugged her, lying her back on the bed and checking if she was still wet. Her insides moved with his touch.

    -Are you satisfied? Do you want to stop now? -He asked her. She shook her head. -Do you wanna try it now?

    She nodded and he looked up and grimaced.

    -Shit! -He closed his eyes and cursed, rubbing his face with his hand in frustration. -Fuck! I'm an imbecile!

    -What happened? -She asked him, curious.

    -I don't have any condoms. -Ryan's eyes dropped and he got away from her, lying on his back.
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    Chapter 14 (rated R)

    -It's ok...

    -No, of course it's not ok. -He glared at her. -It's never ok to do it without a condom, don't be stupid.

    -I can't get pregnant, so you don't need to worry about it. -She said nonchalantly.

    -First of all… It's not only to prevent pregnancy. -He started to lecture her.

    -Do you have some disease? -She asked him.

    -No, but…

    -Neither do I. We can do it without a condom. -She assured him. -I don't have periods, I'm sterile.

    -Just because you never menstruate, it doesn't mean you can't get pregnant.

    -Are we really gonna discuss my infertility now? -She grunted. -I've been to a lot of doctors, I have a problem… My hormones didn't work as they should when they should and I can't ovulate. I could fix it with a bunch of injections, but I decided I don't want to do that, at least not for now. Are you happy?

    He looked at her, unable to decide what to do.

    -I thought you have read my whole medical history… -She crossed her arms and frowned at him. -You must know I'm infertile.

    -I skipped the gynecological part, since it was not relevant for the case. -His ears were red and he avoided her eyes. -I told you, I'm not trying to invade your privacy, I just need information...

    -Still, didn't you even notice how many times I've been to them? -She pressed.

    -I thought it was normal, I have no idea how many times a teenager… - He sighed. -It doesn't matter, ok?

    He stared at the ceiling, then furrowed his eyebrows suddenly.

    -Do you realize it must have been the pills all along? -He murmured.


    -The pills that asshole has been giving you since you were a child. It might have been messing up with your hormones. -He concluded.

    -Oh. -She blinked. -I haven't thought about it…

    She shrugged and laid on top of him.

    -I still want it...

    -We can't. -He pushed her aside. -Don't do this, Belle. You know it's wrong. And it's dangerous too. What are we gonna do if you get pregnant?

    -I already told you, I can't.

    -I don't wanna risk it.

    -Please. -She pressed her lips against his neck. -I didn't want to use a condom on my first time, anyway, I wanna feel you.

    He grunted as his groin moved at her words.

    -Belle, this is beyond reckless, it's plain stupid.

    -Trust me, it's not gonna happen. I can't get pregnant. Believe me, I've been to hell and back until I got that diagnosis.

    He looked at her body and sighed.

    -Why do I have to be such a sucker for you? -He groaned.

    She smiled and kissed him tenderly, pressing herself against his groin. He moaned and pulled her hair, forcing her to look into his eyes.

    -You are the devil, did you know it?-He took her whole body in and sighed. -You're gonna be the end of me.

    She stared back into his eyes, not sure if she should take it as a reproach or a compliment.

    -Let's end this. -He muttered so low she almost didn't understand it.

    He laid her down and put a finger inside again. She was still soaked and he put two, then three fingers. It was uncomfortable and she told him so.

    -You're too narrow, it's gonna hurt, I'm trying to stretch you up a bit so it doesn't hurt so much. -He explained. After a while he sighed and asked her. -Are you absolutely sure you wanna do it?

    She nodded, afraid that her voice might fail.

    Ryan shook his head and rubbed his mouth, but positioned his body above hers and spread her legs. He moistened his member with saliva, using the tip of his fingers, then looked into her eyes as he rubbed it against her, slowly. She moaned as it slid against her moistened skin. Without thinking, she lifted her arm and grabbed a fist of his hair, which made him open his mouth slightly, exhaling with a small smile. She felt it fitting in and he started to push it very carefully inside. She gasped and grabbed his arm, opening her eyes wide. His expression didn't change, as he was concentrated, keeping it steady and slow. He continued to push it inside her and she felt something ripping. It was a horrifying feeling, as if a needle or razor had been rubbed between them. She clutched desperately to his arm, digging her nails in his forearm, as the burning and stinging sensation didn't seem temporary or normal.

    -Ah! -He gasped, taking her hand out of his forearm and pressing it against the bed, locking it underneath his own fingers intertwined in hers.

    He paused and looked into her eyes. There was a mix of weird feelings in his face: pity, pleasure, pain, regret, anger. He lowered his head and kept pressing it down.

    -Oh my god! -She gasped.

    -Shh… -He tried to calm her down. -It's ok, relax.

    -Oh god, how much is still to come in? -She moaned, her forehead damp with sweat.

    He sighed. He wanted to ask her if she wanted to stop, but it was already too late. If he stopped, there would be only pain, without any of them enjoying it.

    He kept going, faster, as if to end it sooner than later.

    -Oh, Ryan, please, stop! -Her hand struggled under his to get free. He let her retrieve it and she pushed his chest with it. -Oh my god why does this hurt so much?

    -I told you… -He sighed again. He was afraid her pain would overcome his desire for her and his excitement would wither. -Do you want to give up?

    -No. Please, kiss me. -She pulled him by his neck. -Please, distract me from the pain and do it at once, I can't take it anymore.

    He kissed her, sucking her lip and biting her tongue. The different touch made her moan and he took the opportunity to sink down. She let out a moan that sounded like a scream, but was muffled by his mouth.

    -Why can't you hear me when I tell you that you shouldn't do something, Isabelle? - He chided in her ear, as he stroked her hair and pressed her face against his neck. -Was it worth it? Going through all of this for a whim?

    -Yes. -She whined. Kissing his neck and sniffing back the tears. -It's ok now, we did it.

    -It's not over. -He laughed bitterly. -There's still more to go.

    She looked down, pushing his chest away to be able to see it. It was a weirdly exciting sight. His golden muscled belly close to her white flat belly and their sexes locked up. Belle felt her insides trying to press him. He moaned and pressed down a bit more, involuntarily. She flinched. There were still three or four fingers until his crotch would hit hers.

    -Why do you have to be so big? -She laid back, feeling frustrated.

    -I'll ask you the same, why do you have to be so small? -He smirked. -So, do you want to give up?

    -No! Go on, I can take it.

    -It shouldn't be a bad thing, we can stop it now, it's ok, Belle. -He told her, his eyes sad with pity. -You shouldn't have to suffer.

    She frowned and put her legs up on his lower back, pressing him down inside her. He moaned and sank down, this time filling her up. She let out a moan too.

    -What now? -She muttered, panting.

    -Now we're supposed to do it again. -He gave her an evil smile.


    -I'm telling you, just give up.

    -What are you talking about, that's impossible... -She closed her eyes tightly. -What do you mean by doing this again?

    -I'm supposed to move out, then in, then out… Till you adapt and start feeling that pleasure again. -He explained in a monotonous tone. -The problem is your body is very tense now, you'll probably never get to a climax even if we do it all night.

    -You must be kidding me. -She sighed.

    He laughed bitterly and bit her shoulder.

    -You're so stubborn… One day you're gonna die from stubbornness.

    She pressed him with her insides and tried to move, checking if it would hurt that much again. From his face she could see it felt good to him.

    -Do it.


    -Do it as you would if it wasn't my first time. -She looked into his eyes, boldly. -Ignore my pain, unless I ask you to stop.

    -I'm not sadistic, I can't just ignore your feelings. -He frowned. -I'm not gonna hurt you for my pleasure. I would rather just stop it now. Let's stop it.

    -Ryan. Do it. -She pressed his back with her legs to stop him from lifting himself from her.

    He sighed, then rolled up, still connected to her and put her above him. She was mounted in him again, but this time he was inside her and it felt weird.

    -You wanna go on, then do it yourself. - He put both arms under his head.

    She blushed, not sure what she was supposed to do.

    -Up and down. You can start slow and build up speed as you feel more comfortable. Be careful not to hurt yourself. -He explained. -Unless you wanna stop it... You just have to get it out.

    She glared at him. He closed his eyes and leaned back.

    She put her hands to his chest, trying to find support for her weight. He grimaced a bit as she pressed down his bruise, but didn't complain.

    She started to move. The pain wasn't as bad as she expected, and she managed to move faster and wider after a few tries. His face contorted, but she didn't know if it was a good sign or a bad sign.

    -Am I doing it right?

    -Uhum. -He answered, taking one hand to his forehead and biting his lower lip. -Goddammit, Belle! You're a goddess...

    She got excited by his attitude and build up speed. Her breasts were shaking with the movement and she took off one hand from his chest to hold them. He opened his eyes to check on her and noticed it.

    -Fuck, Belle! -He moaned, and put his hands to her breasts, holding them for her.

    -Help me, Ryan, please, I'm getting tired.

    He laid her back on the bed and started pounding it in and out, faster than she had been moving. She moaned and put her hand over her belly.

    -Is it hurting? - He asked her without stopping. -Tell me, what are you feeling?

    -It's weird, it's like it's pressing something inside. -She explained.

    -Damn… Do you wanna try another position? -He asked her, worried, slowing down and trying not to take it so deep.

    -Yes. One that won't press it like that.

    He had an idea, but hesitated.

    -Do you wanna come doggie style? -He asked her, in a low voice.

    -What? Why?- She flushed.

    -Just in case it fits better for you. But we don't need to, we can try spooning too.

    -I want to try it. -She swallowed down her pride.

    Ryan took it out and they both moaned with the motion. She got on her knees and bent forward.

    -Holy crap.

    -What?- She looked back, thinking she had done something wrong.

    -When I think it's impossible for you to get any hotter… -He moaned, clasping her butt and waist firmly.

    She blushed and looked at his face, waiting for him to get in.

    -Are you sure you wanna keep doing it? -He asked her.

    -Ryan… -She glared at him.

    He rubbed it against her again and put it inside at once. This time it came in much more easily, although it still hurt a bit. He moved back and forth each time faster, till she started to feel weird again.

    -Oh!-She gasped.

    -What are you feeling? -He asked her, not slowing down or stopping. His hands kept traveling through her skin, pressing her waist, kneading her buttocks, caressing her back, squeezing her breasts softly. -Are you ok, Belle? Do you want me to stop?

    -I think I'm gonna come. -She muttered, breathless.

    He let out a loud moan and built up speed, clasping her waist tightly. It felt so good that she started moving her hips too, trying to keep up with his pace.

    -God... Fuck! I can't hold it anymore… -He moaned.

    He pulled her back to his chest and shoved her on the bed, forcing her to lay on her back. She didn't understand it till she felt the hot liquid spilling all over her belly. Some of it spilled on her chest and neck, but she didn't notice it as she was trying to absorb the situation, seeing him trembling, with his eyes shut tightly, his mouth half opened, his grunts and moans and endless curses.

    He collapsed beside her, kissing her mouth, cheek and temple.

    -I'm sorry, I'm gonna clean you up, give me just a minute to catch my breath, please. -He moaned with a languid voice, beside her.

    She was feeling dizzy and confused. Her thighs were pressing against each other frantically and she put her hand down, pressing between her legs. The sensation was so unnerving that she wanted to scream. It was similar to being tickled until she was on the verge of crying.

    -I'm sorry. I wanted to let you come, but I was too afraid I would cum inside you, I'm so sorry. -He held her head tightly to his chest.

    She didn't understand the feelings. She was feeling better than ever, but at the same time she felt irritated and frustrated. She kept pressing her hand and put one finger inside, just to feel how it was.

    -God, you're so sexy. -He moaned, observing her. -I'll be right back, don't get up or roll over, or you'll mess up the sheets.

    He came back faster than she expected, staring at her trembling body for some seconds before approaching. He wiped her belly and chest with toilet paper, then used a warm wet towel to wipe between her legs, thighs and low abdomen, folding it to finish cleaning up her belly.

    -Was it good? I mean, did you enjoy it? -He asked her, as he used the other side of the towel to wipe himself.

    -No. -She replied, checking his reaction. As he pressed his lips together, looking down, she added with a smile. -I loved it.

    He smiled and shook his head.

    -I don't know if it matters anymore, but you were really a virgin. -He said, lifting the towel, before putting it over the bedside table.

    -Did I bleed? -She asked, frowning.

    -More than I expected. -He muttered, pulling her to his chest and holding her. -I'm sorry for making you suffer.

    -It's ok. It was more pleasant than painful. -She wasn't sure if it was the truth, but she said it anyway.

    He smiled and kissed her temple. They were silent for a while, caressing each other and kissing sporadically.

    -Did you fake it? -He frowned, looking into her eyes. -When you said you were about to come again, were you pretending?

    -Of course not!-She frowned back, confused. -Why?

    He shrugged.

    -Why did you ask? -She pressed.

    -You were... Easy. -He murmured. -I just found it weird that you felt it so fast and easily. It was never that fast with Samantha… Or before her.

    She flinched as she realized he was thinking about other women while she was in his arms. Her heart sank as she accepted that it wasn't the same for him. She was just another one, she would just be a woman, never the woman. The woman was dead, he missed her enough to dedicate his life to mourning her, to do whatever he could to avenge her death. Even as she tried to avoid it, she couldn't help but wonder if he had been thinking about Samantha the whole time.

    -It was never that good, either… I usually last way longer.

    She looked up as his words hit her like lightning.

    -I beg your pardon?-She lifted herself in her elbow.

    He gave her a shy smile and pressed his lips.

    -I'm not trying to compare you to other women, it's just something I thought you should know. -He shrugged. -You are simply amazing. You were the best ever. And I don't dare hope I'll ever have another one better than you, too.

    She stared at him, not knowing what to feel. She felt jealous and flattered at the same time. How could she be the best when she didn't even know what she did? She just stared into his dark eyes and nodded. That was all she could do.

    Ryan stretched his arm and turned off the lamp. He pulled her for a kiss and her hand brushed his member as she lifted it from between her legs. It was still totally stiff. He let out a small sound with the touch and pulled her body on top of his. She let one leg fall to his side and laid her head on his chest. His heartbeat was a pleasant sound, and his scent was better than ever.

    He caressed her back and untangled her hair with his fingers, carefully. She was falling asleep, even though she tried to stay awake to keep enjoying his touch.

    -Ryan… -She moaned as her consciousness started slipping away.

    -Yes, Belle? -He whispered back, his breath indicating he too was almost asleep.

    -I love you, Ryan. -She whispered. -I know you don't want me to. But I do, with all my heart. You are my first, and I wish… I hope you'll be my only one. I'm ok if you're not, I'm not saying this to… I don’t expect you to do or feel anything in return. But I don't think I'll ever love someone as much as I love you. I love you more than anything. I love you more than my life.

    The air filled up with silence. When the hand on her back stopped moving and trembled slightly, she was sure he had heard it. She sighed and surrendered to sleep.

    Ryan stayed there, with his eyes open, staring at the ceiling. His hand trembled, so he put it under his head to make it stop. His heart was racing and his palms were sweating. Fuck! What have I done? He cursed in his head, trying desperately to forget her words.
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    I have been waiting for part two of that scene for so long and it definitely delivered :rolleyes::love:

    So happy you posted both at once! But definitely need to know how Ryan is going to react now. I’ll try and patiently wait until Tuesday o_O
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    SAME!! I have no words....Definitely satisfying to see it fully played out :love:
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    Someone’s gonna need to spray us readers down with a hose lol
    Too hot in here.

    On another note:
    You had us all up in the clouds, hearts aflutter and then he’s gotta go and doubt himself at the end?!
    My heart. Cannot. Handle. This.

    I’m upset with him lol
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    I’m still trying to catch my breath here! :love:
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    TY all for the messages :giggle: love to read them!

    Now I'm curious about what you are expecting from Ryan :confused: :p I think Belle made her point fairly clear already :LOL:
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    i am totally proud of her for being so honest.
    Just going along with the emotions. I’m worried for her heart is all.
    He can be…prickly lol
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    Im seriously sensing some trama and insecurities when it comes to love from Ryan...i just hope he doesn't over think and second guess his decision to give into Belle. They are finally making progress
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    English question: when I write shirt, do you think about a t-shirt or a dress shirt? Because for me shirt is t-shirt, but I just realized it's not what it really means... should I go back and correct all the "shirt" to "T-shirt"?
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    I think t-shirt when you say feels slightly implied with the way you write scenes where it's mentioned
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    Definitely a t shirt. I don’t think you have to go back to it. I agree that the setting gave the context clues that it was a t shirt.

    now that I’m thinking about it, I really don’t think dress shirt unless it’s explicitly stated or “button down” is used. I don’t know if it’s different for other countries/languages.
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    100 percent agreed
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