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    QNX finally finds out about his true identity!

    ... and YA met an accident... :cry:

    QNX's new album has been released for less than a week now. A fan meeting was arranged and will soon begin, but suddenly, a scandal broke out about him overnight!

    Two years ago, QNX’s father was seriously ill and he suddenly took the initiative to withdraw from the “Voice of Tomorrow” stage. QNX come from a single family. He only finished up to high school and did not receive any higher education. It was later found out that the father he lived with is his adoptive father and his biological mother turned out to be He Hanqian.

    He Hanqian is a famous singer. Her appearance and her body are on a goddess level. Her singing voice harvested numerous loyal fans. Unfortunately, it was revealed that He Hanqian was a mistress of a wealthy businessman. The said man is married and has a family of his own. Later on, under the pressure of public opinion and from many parties, He Hanqian hid herself and reportedly suffered from severe depression.

    A few months later, He Hanqian left with her last song for her fans and committed suicide. The song is about a silent and somewhat dumb person. In the song, she expressed her apology, but also revealed a feeling of despair that let people shed tears.

    Now, when people think about it, He Hanqian had also given birth to a son before she committed suicide. People speculate that HH's son was QNX. Not only that, QNX's real sexual orientation was also revealed - he was a homosexual.

    It was said that halfway through, he dropped out in high school because he had a crush on his friend Shen Donghao. [** SD also joined the "Voice of Tomorrow' program where he met QNX again after a couple of years. In one of the chapters, it was made known that QNX and SD belonged to a band in high school but one day, QNX suddenly left without any explanation. **]

    When the scandal broke out, it shook the netizens and they've began attacking QNX. At this time, Huang Chuan [** Another villain but background is not yet revealed**] also came forward using an unidentified microblogging site to 'add fuel to the fire'.

    However, QNX has been silent.There is no official statement yet. This let the news spread indiscriminately.

    At this time, YA could not concentrate on filming. Not only couldn't he go through QNX's phone, but also his brother's phone number was shut down.

    YA put his mobile phone down and asked, “What is going on?”

    At this moment, QS just walked into the house and said with a solemn face: “I received a notification early this morning. YJ feels ill and needs to recuperate. This time and during his absence, the company will be handed over to YJ’s uncle for temporary management.”

    “What?!” YA’s face suddenly changed and TG was startled.

    YA rubbed his temples. His head hurts a bit. All the accidents and troubles were piled together. It was obvious that someone had been planning this for a long time.

    Seeing YA picked up the phone again, QS vaguely asked: "Xiao Yu, what do you want to do?"

    "Qi Ge, I support QNX." said YA.

    TG also nodded. "No one can choose his own birth and family. So what if they are homosexuals? They did not do anything wrong. Sexual orientation is something that should also be understood and respected." [** Applause for TG!!! :blob_pompom: **]

    QS was surprised for a moment. Seeing that they all insisted on this, he had to compromise: "Well, Xiao Yu, if that's what you want to do, go ahead and be bold."

    Then, YA sent a microblog.

    [YA: Come on! Like your song, we will always 'accompany' you.] (** QNX's new album goes by the title "accompanying" and YA is referring to this.**). YA said that he will fully support his friend, QNX.

    Minutes later, Guo Lixu, who had just made a debut, also forwarded this article, boldly showing his support towards QNX. [** GL is YA and QNX 's friend in university. GL also joined in "Voice of Tomorrow" but he ended up in Top 10. At the same time when QNX's album was released, GL also released his debut dance album. Like YA, GL is good at dancing but he can also sing. **]

    Early in the evening, an official statement was released stating the cancellation of the fan meeting. Afterwards, all the propaganda and endorsement activities of QNX disappeared. On the major music charts, his songs plummeted and fell out of the top 10. Apart from some of the steadfast fans, others were perturbed. They felt that QNX had been hiding just like his mother He Qianqian did before. These people feel that QNX owe them an explanation. [** :blobangery: QNX does not owe anybody an explanation! Hmp!**]

    In the evening of the following day, YA tried to call QNX's phone and finally got in. "Nuo Xi, are you okay? Where are you now?" YA hurriedly asked.

    "The company temporarily does not allow me to do anything. I've been hiding inside the hotel." QNX could not help but smile.

    "In fact, if not for the scandal, I may not have known of such things." YA was immediately stunned.

    "I have already confirmed this with my dad. It turned out that he really is my adoptive father. He Hanqian is really my mother, too." QNX's voice has a deep feeling of powerlessness. "Now, think about it. No wonder my dad has always been against me in entering the entertainment circle."

    Listening to his exhausted voice, YA’s heart is sour and comforts him slowly: “Nuo Xi, you have no choice but you should not be sad."

    "Sad? Xiao Yu, I do not know what I feel now. I just feel tired."

    "Nuo Xi, think about happy things, the kind of happiness you felt when you first sang on the stage! I am waiting for you, my brother is also there... and your fans. You have to cheer up! "YA loudly inspired QNX.

    "Well, I know. But YJ he ..." QNX did not continue to talk.

    "That's right. Why don't we call brother's phone? Nuo Xi, do you have contact with him now?"

    " I can't find him." QNX lightly said.

    "Xiao Yu, in fact, YJ is not interested in men. He also does not like men. He needs not only to inherit the Yang family business, but also to pass on the family, so him and I..." QNX smiled and laughed at himself, "sure enough, from the beginning, are impossible."

    "It is possible!" YA immediately retorted, "I didn't even think that I would ever fall in love with a man before I met Chen Yan. So I believe that my brother will like you. This point has absolutely nothing to do with gender!" [**Go, Xiao Yu! :blob_pompom: **] QNX fell silent.

    YA said a bunch of good things about his brother and said some things to encourage QNX not to give up on his big brother. After listening to YA, QNX felt enlightened and thanked YA.

    After completing the conversation with QNX, YA soon received a call from YC. YC asked YA if he was looking for YJ, in which YA answered yes. YC then told YA that YJ is locked up by Mrs. Yang. YC said further that according to LY’s intel, someone photographed a lot of photos of YJ and QNX together, and secretly sent it to Mrs. Yang to intentionally threaten her. Realizing that Mrs. Yang is truly angered this time, YA asked YC to help him make a way to have QNX meet Mrs. Yang. YC agreed.

    An opportunity arrived for QNX and YA to meet Mrs. Yang when YA was permitted by Director Fu to leave the set for a time. Although they tried to conceal it, QNX and YA still got swarmed by fans and media when they arrived at the airport. To divert the attention of the people, QNX proposed to YA that they ride in separate vehicles. YA, at first, did not agree, but QNX was persistent so everyone agreed with QNX's idea.

    While the car is on the road, YA felt splitting headaches again. The pain is more intense this time. Finally, the memory that had been lost before came back, and YA no longer struggled. He remembered everything. The corners of the eyes were moist, and YA’s eyes were accompanied by tears. YA murmured something.

    “What... what are you talking about?” The driver couldn’t understand.

    YA looked up and saw a large truck in front of him. He hurriedly pressed down the driver next to him. YA heard a loud noise in his ear and felt a flash of light in front of his eyes. YA completely lost consciousness.

    The news of the accident immediately broke out. There were two men in the car. The driver was sheltered by a young man. Therefore, the injury was not heavy. The young man was confirmed to be a popular new generation idol named Yang Anyu. His brain is bleeding heavily and is currently being rescued...
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    Actually, TH is being used, tricked, and fed lies to, by the real main antagonist of the story-- his manager, Wu Shao. Though HC is considered one of the villain's in the story, he actually gets dealt with pretty fast (imo).

    Basically, WC has history with YC and the people from his past-- one is a crippled singer who debuted when YC did (he became crippled due to a car accident), and the other is a former female broker who YC considered like a sister(?) (she's someone who betrayed him). WC was actually in love with the female broker, but the female broker was in love with the crippled singer. Before she died, she quit her job as a broker, and later she gave birth to her blind daughter (the crippled singer is the father, not WC) whom TH became quite fond of. So because of his attachment to the blind daughter, and him being close with the crippled singer, WC used this opportunity to trick TH into hating YC by making him believe that the tragedy that happened to the female broker, the crippled singer, and his daughter, was all because of YC. But long story short, WC blames YC and the crippled singer for everything that happened to the female broker before her death.

    YA considers TH a lolicon after this incident.
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    iirc TH have an uncle(?) that really care about him. When TH was arrested by the police, the uncle came to the police station, and lectured him, and said that TH changed since he knew the blind girl. So.....will the uncle also have their on story?? Like gu elder brother and cold president? I haven’t read the author’s other work....
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    Oh my... seems like quite a good number of readers have finished the raw chapters! Nice! (y) Dunno what came into me but I just found myself reading the extras without knowing the main story's ending. Haha!

    ...Shen Donghao is a good person.. I hope he'll find love too! Hmm... Guo Lixu is not too shabby... :whistle:
    ... so happy for Yang Jue x Qin Nuo Xi .. :blobparty:
    ... Yi Chenyan is the best husband ever! :blobangel:

    It has been 2 weeks since YA's accident and although he's out of danger, he has not yet awaken. If this continues, YA will never be able to wake up and may fall into a vegetative state. Director Fu decided to put off the filming for awhile until YA regains consciousness. He believes that YA is the only actor fit for the role of the male protagonist.

    On the other hand, TH isn't in a good mood. WS is asking TH if he blames HC for advancing their plans which could be considered as the cause of YA's accident. Looking at TH's grim expression, a realization dawned onto WS: "Tang Hao, you're messed up now. It seems that you like YA more than I thought." :eek: TH paused and then satirically said, "Mr. Wu, you're a bit too much. For those of you who have long sold your conscience, you just need to get the money to do things.” Hearing that, WS only frowned, but did not refute his words.

    Due to the car accident of YA, Mrs. Yang released her son YJ in advance. Afterwards, disregarding Mrs. Yang's opposition, YJ expressed his willingness to help QNX. This time, he did not use his position as president, but instead returned to himself - the man who could stay and love QNX with all his heart. :aww: Facing Mrs. Yang, YJ was holding QNX's hand tightly and said that he would rather give up the entire Yang family business than let QNX go! :love:

    To help QNX clear his name, YJ organized a press conference. The day of the press conference came. While discussing about the reason for dropping out of high school, SD suddenly appeared. It became even more surprising when SD confessed that in high school, it was not QNX who secretly loved SD. On the contrary, SD liked QNX! :eek:

    At this time in SD's home, QNX is having a friendly conversation with SD after the press conference. Thinking of last week's press conference, QNX's heart is very uncomfortable.

    “After I spoke those words at the press conference, my parents were almost mad... Nuo Xi, you suddenly dropped out of school and gave up our band. The reason was not only because of your own family, but also my parents forced you to do it." QNX was stunned and then admitted: "En, but they also did it for your own good. They're afraid I'll ruin your future."

    SD laughed, "I made it big in the entertainment circle but the result is still the same. But anyway, this is my choice. I will not regret it." The press conference dealt a huge blow to SD's career. SD has an intention to move behind the scenes and wants to continue on the path of music. QNX was surprised and looked at him with a firm look. Then he chuckled: “Dong Hao, you are actually stronger than I am.”

    “Nuo Xi... can we start again?” When SD said this, QNX remembered what he said in the press conference. QNX struggled for a moment before holding SD's hand and said: "Dong Hao, we can be friends again. As for other things, I'm sorry." SD was silent for a long time and slowly began to say, "I understand." The misunderstandings of that year were solved. They also became friends again, but it was a pity that some things had passed for too long.

    Meanwhile in the hospital, YC will come on time every day to accompany YA. YC helps YA scrub his face and body and give him a massage. YC also patiently helps YA to comb his hair and manicure his fingernails. YC will chat with YA and will also read some of the fan group's public letters and describe with YA what kind of gifts the fans sent him. Some of them are very cute little dolls and exquisite handicrafts. YC will then place himself on YA's bedside. In the evening, YC will occasionally whisper songs in YA's ear.

    Three days later, YJ and QNX came to the hospital but not a long time has passed when YJ asked QNX to leave him and YC for a while.

    After QNX left, YJ thanked YC for what he had done few days ago. YC did not accept YJ's thanks because he knows that what he did was also what YA wants.

    Since the contradiction between Mrs. Yang and YJ has not yet been resolved, YJ is still not returning to the company. He always refuses to concede with regards to things related to QNX. One day ago, Shang Hao (Yang business) held a general meeting of shareholders. Although YJ was not present, YC took the initiative to state that he would transfer all the shares he currently owns and the shares that Yang Peng left to YA to YJ. Therefore, YJ became the largest shareholder of Shang Hao. YC took the initiative to take the lead in supporting YJ. This made the uncles of the Yang family very unhappy in their hearts.

    "Yi Chen, are you afraid?" YJ suddenly asked. “Two years ago, Xiao Yu had a car accident after drunk driving. He quickly woke up, but he completely changed himself. But this time seems different. I'm afraid that when YA wakes up, he will turn into another person." YJ's eyes became sharper. YC was surprised in his heart, and he stared at YJ.

    "Don't be so surprised. Do you really think I'm a fool that I can't recognize my own brother?" YJ smiled. "YA used to quarrel with me and dad regarding everything. We clean up the mess he created. YA seldom calls me 'brother'."

    "You clearly know it, but why didn't you do something?" YC asked. "I didn't know it at first, but later on I thought that something was not right. However, unconsciously, I really treated him as a younger brother." YJ could not help but sigh with emotion. "Yi Chen, you must have known it too." YC made a slight nod. With nothing left to say, YJ left. Looking at YA, YC's eyes become soft.

    "Little Yu, open your eyes and look at me, okay?" YC whispered silently and quietly watched YA. "You said that you would always stay with me." YC experienced a lot before like the loss of his parents, Yang Peng's lies, and a friend's betrayal. The people YC cherishes and cares about cannot fulfill their promises with him. However YC thinks that YA is an exception, but now...

    "Now, you don't even want me?" Unfortunately, YA could not respond to him. YC carefully raised YA's hand, obsessively putting YA's palms on his face like a treasure and kissed YA's gentle hands. "Little Yu, as long as you wake up, I will tell you everything." Because in this world, there is nothing more important than you.

    **Finally... the much-awaited lost memory :D** [ Note: Yang Anyu - ancient YA ; Master An - original/modern YA]

    An intense pain caused Yang Anyu to faint. Then he heard various voices. Many people shouted at him. Excited screams and piercing sobs were intertwined. There were scenes of memories that flashed through the screen after scene. The body slowly became heavy and cold, and the soul slowly pulled away from the body. Yang Anyu knew he was dead. As for how he died? Yang Anyu has completely forgotten. He drank Old Meng's soup and walked through the bridge. Shouldn't he be reincarnated? But something's wrong, he suddenly came to this strange world.

    "Yang Anyu, Yang Anyu! You come over!" Suddenly, someone yelled in Yang Anyu's ear. The familiar name is the same as his name. Yang Anyu slowly opened his eyes. He saw several boys who were dressed up in a strange clothing and with dyed hair. They are blocking the path of a girl.

    "Yang Anyu, aren't you interested in this girl?" cried a man with a vicious look. "Yes, I remember that Yang Anyu likes to find this kind of thing that looks simple and innocent." The other young man with glasses smiled.

    "Don't make a fuss!" At this moment, a very impatient voice sounded. "Who told you that I like this type of thing?! And I have already said it before, don't call me by this name! My name is not Yang. My surname is 'An'!"

    Yang Anyu felt that the voice sounds familiar. He put up his ears. His consciousness is becoming clearer.

    "All right, Master An. Don't be offended. Wait a minute. We will accompany you to play." The young man wearing glasses quickly smiled and laughed. This rebellious young master and their status is different. They cannot afford to offend him.

    On the other side, the girl looked terrified. She tried to take out her phone to call for help but before she could do so, a man kicked the phone away. In the next second, the man was yelling and he was also bitterly covering his stomach. Those men couldn't see Yang Anyu so Yang Anyu directly kicked the man and slammed his way through the action, knocking all four or five small fries. The group quarreled with one another because nobody wants to admit who hit them. Yang Anyu laughed at the side of the room.

    When the girl saw it, she hurried back to the phone and took the opportunity to run away. Master An, not far away, kept blinking for fear that he was mistaken because... he actually saw an ancient man! Yes, this ancient man was wearing armor, and his hair and clothes were awkward. His body has a lot of scars and his chest was still carrying a broken sword. Master An is simply stunned. The man who is dressed up as a soldier is floating in the air! His feet do not land on the ground like a ghost! "Is this a ghost?!" Master An's heart shook, and got sacred. Seeing Master An suddenly become so scared, the other small fry became confused.

    Yang Anyu drifted over. He turned his black eyes and looked at this yellow-haired “Master An”.

    "Don't... don't come over!" Master An shook his head and tried to run away. Master An was naturally afraid of ghosts. At this moment, he was so scared that his legs were soft and he couldn't move. Then, Yang Anyu found that not only the name is the same but also this person's voice and even the face are exactly the same! However, Master An was three years older than himself. "Wow, it's amazing!" Yang Anyu sighed. Young Master An is scared silly. He must have been under too much pressure recently, that's why he started hallucinating.

    "Not only you can see me, but also you can hear me speak. Can we be good friends?" Yang Anyu came close again with a smile. Who knew that because Yang Anyu was emotionally excited, his whole body's wound began to bleed, and his chest also spewed blood.

    "Ahhhhh!" cried Young Master An. :LOL:

    [**we'll find out more in the next two chapters before YA wakes up..;)*]

    Considering that the ancient YA and modern YA somehow had an encounter in the past, would it be right to say that this novel should have a tag of supernatural? uhmm... just a passing thought.. :D
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    Hmm... isn’t transmigration already supernatural in the first place?
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    When he wakes up, Master An finds out that everything is normal. So he really suspected that he was hallucinating earlier.

    The yellow-haired Master An does not want to live with the new family. He has always been the only person living in this large villa. Usually during the daytime, there will be people coming over to clean. But in the evening, he will all drive them away.

    Master An had lived with his mother in a foreign country since he was a child. The mother and son had been dependent on each other for more than ten years. However one day, his mother died from overworking. Before his mother's death, she told him about his father's identity and the fact that he was an illegitimate child. Afterwards, Master An was found by his biological father Yang Peng, and also was brought back to the Yang family. Suddenly he became the young master of the Yang family.

    However, Master An did not like it at all. He hated his father and he did not want the surname Yang. He would rather be the “An Yu” who followed her mother’s surname. So many times, he asked others to call him "Mr. An." This house was bought by the rich dad. Though there are many unreasonable demands made by Master An, Yang Peng indulged him and allowed him to live as a carefree young master. It is not that Master An does not really want to do things, but he does things deliberately because he hates Yang Peng and the Yang family. Master An likes to go against Yang Peng and his brother Yang Jue.

    However, there are exceptions. Master An always remembers that day when he met YC who played chess with his father Yang Peng. His heart couldn't stop beating hard. In an instant, he couldn't see anything else in his eyes. Master An just stared at YC’s face and thought, this may be love at first sight.

    In the evening, Yang Anyu suddenly appeared inside the room and saw a video of YC. "Wow, this man is really good-looking!" Suddenly, a voice came up behind and Master An shuddered. All of a sudden Master An turned off the video and looked at the ghost in front of him. Master An's face went pale and his lips were shaking: “You...why are you here again?!”

    Seeing that the yellow-haired young man in front of him was so afraid of himself, Yang Anyu shook his head quite innocently: "I don't know either. Sometimes, I suddenly disappear and then suddenly appear. I can't control this myself." Master An's eyes blinked. The ghost didn't seem to be lying. Gradually, Master An was no longer so scared. After all, the other person had the same face as himself, and his expression was also very gentle. Master An was thinking that maybe there is a relationship between this ancient ghost and himself. Maybe the ghost is related to his past life.

    "Who was the good-looking man? Why is he inside a small iron box?" Yang Anyu asked as he pointed to the iPad that Master An held in his hand. His head was full of questions.

    "It does not concern you!" Master An frowned. Feeling that the person in front of him is unhappy, Yang Anyu did not dare to ask any more questions. Yang Anyu slowly retired to the corner of the room and squatted on the floor with his head dangling. "This world is very strange. Everyone's dress and lifestyle are very different from what I was used to. There are many words that I can't understand." Yang Anyu said to himself.

    Mr. An suddenly felt that the ghost who was lying in the corner was a bit pathetic. Feeling helpless, Master An grinned and took two steps forward, "Hey, it's normal that you don't understand. Who told you to be an ancient ghost? How did you die? Why did you follow me?"

    Yang Anyu tried to think but he shook his head. “Maybe I have drank a lot of Old Meng's soup. I forgot all about it.” Master An was speechless. "But I have a lot of wounds on my body and I have a broken sword in my chest, so..." Yang Anyu looked down at him and said, "So I should have been hacked to death or strangled?" Master An was again speechless, “Nonsense! Of course, I also know this. You should have died on the battlefield. Maybe you're not an ancient soldier but a guard or the like.”

    “It makes sense.” Yang Anyu nodded. Finally, he's able to communicate with a normal human. He is so happy. Looking at Yang Anyu's bright eyes and his mouth containing a smile, Master An is still depressed. Master An just then realized that he was no longer afraid of ghosts and even kept talking to the ghost.

    "Yes. Our name is the same. Looks are the same. The voice is the same. How do I call you?" Suddenly, Yang Anyu asked. “Call me Master An.” Master An raised his chin a bit proudly. “Or you can call me 'Da Yu' too. Anyway, we’re still young. I’m twenty years old, you’re younger than me by three years." he said and also gestured like a big brother. [**I researched on the term "da yu" and it seems like "da" is used to address an older person with respect and "yu" is Master An's first name which also translates to "feather'" in English. So, "da yu" may mean "elder yu or big brother yu" same as the term "da jie" which means "elder sister or big sister". :D I only know a teeny weeny bit knowledge of Chinese so please, I implore anybody to correct me if I'm wrong. But temporarily, I'll be using "da yu" to address Master An when Yang Anyu converses with him. :p**]

    Yang Anyu groaned and wondered: "Is not your surname Yang?"

    "I was following my mom's name 'An' for the first eighteen years. Besides, I hate the surname Yang!" Master An fiercely said and also clenched his fist. Yang Anyu immediately saw that something was wrong, and he feared that the man would suddenly be angry and ignore himself so he did not dare to ask any more. "Okay, Da Yu." Yang Anyu nodded nicely.

    After a few days, Yang Anyu took out the broken sword in his chest, and also made his hair and clothes clean. Although there were wounds left before his death, as long as he was not thrilled, he would not bleed. Master An nodded with satisfaction. It did not look so terrible and horrified. Xiao Yu's face was the same as him. He looked more pleasing to the eye, which was equivalent to a twin brother. [**Master An would usually address Yang Anyu as "Xiao Yu or Little Yu" during conversation.**]

    However, Yang Anyu has become a "curious baby," always floating around the house, and kept asking questions like "why is your hair yellow", "what is the meaning of this sentence", "what does this iron box do? can you teach me how to use it?" Master An almost went crazy. But once he thought that Yang Anyu was an ancient teenager, he would also endure his impulse.

    One week later, Master An felt that his patience had become better. "Da Yu, Da Yu .." On this day, Yang Anyu came back smiling. “Don't talk! Read more...” said Master An, and threw a thick newspaper to him. “Is there a problem? I’m surfing the internet now. Haven't I taught you everything?”

    "Oh.” So, Yang Anyu, who knew that he had been kicked out, settled down to read the newspapers. In the past few days, he often used the internet to increase his knowledge and learn life skills.

    "Little Yu, I'll take you out tonight." At this time, Master An thinks that the little guard must have been bored staying in the villas. "Really?" Yang Anyu blinked. "What if I give you trouble?"

    "You are already a lot of trouble to me." Afterwards, the two men arrived at a bar in the Southern District. Master An took Yang Anyu inside the bar casually. Yang Anyu is now with him so Master An is too lazy to look for those fox friends. In fact, Master An is in a bad mood today, so he has been drinking a lot. Yang Anyu also wanted to drink, but he is already dead. Yang Anyu wouldn’t be hungry at all and could not taste the food. Now, he can only taste the smell of blood.

    "Da Yu, don't drink too much. It's easy to get hurt if you're drunk. If I drag you back, it might be a problem because other people can't see me..." Yang Anyu complained. "Relax, I won't get drunk with just this wine," said Master An.

    "Da Yu, look over there!" Suddenly, Yang Anyu patted him again, pointing at not far away. Master An looked away and saw a few men surrounding the resident singer. "Don't worry about anything," said Master An, a bit angry while pulling Yang Anyu away. Yang Anyu broke away and shook his head. "The older brother looks good and sings well. Da Yu, you go and help him, will you?"

    These men are local bullies, and Master An often visits nightclubs. A few of them will surely know him. Master An knows that they can't afford to offend him and will certainly give him face. Master An was angry, reluctant, and continued to bury his head. Seeing this, Yang Anyu frowned. He thought for a moment, and suddenly smiled. He approached Master An, and the wound on his body began to bleed.

    "Da Yu, would you really not help?" Yang Anyu, who is pale though laughing, has an evil tone. Seeing this, Master An was “forced” to rescue the resident singer who had a pair of beautiful peach eyes. "Thank you. My name is Qin." said the resident singer. Master An nodded casually.

    "So are you happy?" Master An looked at the little guard behind him. "Well, I don't know why. I always think that you and that Mr. Qin may become good friends in the future." Yang Anyu smiled. “Good friend? Haha.” Master An felt ridiculous and waved. “I don’t need any friends.” Yang Anyu was silent. He knew that although Master An is sometimes laughing, he's actually a lonely big boy. [**So, this is how YA met QNX. :D **]

    One day, Yang Anyu went to school with Master An. Master An really did not want to go to school. Every time, he was forced by his father Yang Peng and his elder brother Yang Jue to go. In the classroom, while the teacher was lecturing, Master An was sleeping on the table. With regards to the lecture, Yang Anyu listened to it earnestly.

    Yang Anyu followed Master An and also met Guo Lixu, who was in the next class. Master An and Guo Lixu had always been discordant. When they meet each another, they always fight with words. But this time Master An directly ignored Guo Lixu and walked ahead of him. “Da Yu, you are very impolite.” When Master An discovered that Yang Anyu was angry, he was also very serious and he murmured, “He was also not polite to me.”

    “Oh, people should all get along.” Yang Anyu sighed and said, "Today, I watched Guo Lixu's dancing. He danced very well!” Master An was upset, and he coldly said, “Oh! Amazing? I also know how to dance.”

    “What? Really?” Yang Anyu wondered. Therefore Master An, who has no interest in other things but dancing, often pulls Yang Anyu to practice dance with him. Yang Anyu finds it interesting and in return, teaches him some very basic martial art moves that can at least strengthen his health and body.

    In the process of getting along, Yang Anyu persuaded Master An to stop smoking, bullying and harassing little girls, and also to respect the elders. Yang Anyu wants to try to slowly correct his three views.

    Two days later, Yang's family also felt that they could not allow Master An to continue being carefree and began to arrange various bodyguards around him. “Those bodyguards are really annoying. They all have faces like wood and they don't talk to me. They stare at me all day! I can't do anything. This is all wrong!” Master An yelled. "If you are not satisfied with some of them, you can replace them." Yang Anyu softly appeased. "I have changed people several times but it's useless!"

    Yang Anyu smiled at him and said, "If you really want to find a personal bodyguard, let him follow me every day. I hope that the name can be remembered easily, the looks are gentle, and..." Master An interrupted Yang Anyu's words and added: "The height is absolutely not taller than me so I can chat with him." Master An felt what he said was right. "but, can you really find someone with those qualifications?" asked Yang Anyu. Master An frowned. He does not have the confidence. "Of course, I believe that one day, sooner or later, this person will come to you." said Yang Anyu. [**paging Tang Guo :LOL:**]

    One day, Yang Peng and YJ visited Master An who is still ignorant and extremely indifferent to them. On the contrary, the invisible Yang Anyu was reverent toward them. Though YJ could not stand the attitude of his younger brother, Yang Peng is different. He was patient in dealing with his youngest son.

    After the two left, Master An was angry and continued to throw things inside the house while screaming. "I don't want to see you again!" suddenly Master An yelled to Yang Anyu while Yang Anyu was trying yo appease him. Yang Anyu froze. His heart suddenly turned sour, and quietly drifted to other places. At night, Master An hid in the bed, looking at the photo of him and his mother. Master An couldn't resist tearing up, and at this time, Yang Anyu quietly appeared again. "...what are you doing? Didn't I tell you to leave?" Master An hurriedly wiped his tears, but he still had some traces of tears left.

    "Who is going to accompany you? Anyway, you are probably my reincarnation. We are also good friends. So, it's okay for you to occasionally have a temper tantrum on me. It doesn't matter." The smile on the face of Yang Anyu is filled with warmth. Master An cried a bit more when Yang Anyu gently hugged him. Although this embrace was empty and there was no temperature, he had sincere intentions. Later, Master An gave him half of the bed and let Yang Anyu lie beside him. "Little Yu, I suddenly feel that I am a bit like you?"

    "Oh?" said Yang Anyu, "but I don't cry." Hearing this, Master An scolded him unhappily. "I'm serious. When my mother was still alive, I often laughed. I didn't understand many things at that time and lived simply."

    "It's OK now," Yang Anyu said suddenly and pinched Master An's cheeks, "Da Yu, you must look very pleasing when you laugh. Later, you should smile more."

    Two weeks later, Yang Peng, whose heart was not good, repeatedly became ill. He was in serious condition and could no longer continue living. He left the position of the president to his eldest son, YJ, while he stayed in the hospital.

    In the hospital, Yang Peng was once again pushed into the operating room. Outside, Master An is separated from the rest of the Yang family at a certain distance. He bowed his head and let the front bangs to block his eyes. He's trying to cover up his mood, but his mouth could not stop from rising. Master An's joyous mood was still exposed. Yes, Master An wished that Yang Peng died sooner, so he can go to the underworld to apologize to his mother! Upon seeing this, Yang Anyu's heart shuddered. Then, a sound of footsteps came. Yang Anyu turned and saw YC. Yang Anyu could not help but be stunned as inexplicable familiarity rushed towards him. Yang Anyu remembered the video of the man who was being watched by Master An before. This man is a big star with superb acting and has a lot of fans.

    Master An is joyful in his heart. Walking forward with a smile, he takes the initiative to say hello to YC. Yang Anyu feels awkward but his face still has a disguised smile. He rarely sees Master An's enthusiasm towards a person. When Yang Peng came out of the operating room, YC was also prepared to leave with his broker LY. Master An did not got to his father, but instead rushed forward to catch up to YC. After a short conversation with Master An, YC left. Yang Anyu, who watched the whole process, realized Master An's emotions. It turned out that Master An likes YC.

    “Da Yu, why do you like Yi Chen?” After returning home at night, Yang Anyu curiously asked. Yang Anyu was very interested in the emotional issues of Master An. “Love at first sight,” said Master An, who also thought that such love was sometimes fast and incredible. "It is also possible that I have loved him in my previous life.” Yang Anyu was immediately surprised. “So, you mean me? But I don’t know him.”

    “What is your identity and how did you die? You don't remember. How do you know that you don't know him?" Yang Anyu nodded. “Oh, maybe I really know him.” When Yang Anyu saw YC, he did feel a sense of familiarity. He also wanted to learn more.

    Thinking so, Yang Anyu slowly closed his eyes. When he opened it again, he found himself, not in the familiar villa, but in an unfamiliar bathroom. In the midst of the water vapor, Yang Anyu vaguely saw a naked figure standing there and blinked. Yang Anyu came closer to see the figure clearly. Then, he recognized.. it was YC! Yang Anyu coudn't move. His eyeballs spun around and he felt like he couldn't see where he was. However, somehow, his eyes were not under his control and he couldn't control where he should look at. YC not only looks very handsome, but also his body's muscle lines are also particularly charming. YC is tall and the more important thing is that his "thing" down there is also developing great!

    They are the same men, but Yang Anyu actually suddenly felt envious. In the bathroom, Yang Anyu felt that he was actually a bit hot, and then he found himself bleeding again. He looked down and saw that the blood is not from his body's wounds, but he's got nosebleed! :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: In an instant, Yang Anyu quickly grabbed his nose and hurriedly fled from this very attractive bathroom.

    ... the flashback memory ends in the next chapter... I tried to shorten this chapter spoiler but I just can't :cry:... I personally like the interaction between Yang Anyu and Master An.. :D... maybe, after finishing the next chapter spoiler, I'll be doing mini-spoilers for the remaining chapters...:)
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    ... transmigration is an entirely independent tag.. but i was thinking that since ancient YA met modern YA before as a ghost, wouldn't it count as supernatural?
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    After bathing, YC did not use the mobile phone to browse through the internet, but he lied down directly on the bed. He was so tired recently.

    At this time, Yang Anyu floated over YC's bedside, watching YC's sleeping face closely. After quite sometime, YC seemed to have a nightmare and suddenly woke up. YC took in a medicine he found in his drawer. Yang Anyu observed YC for awhile longer until YC lay down again and was ready to sleep.

    This time, Yang Anyu put his hand gently on the hands of YC. He was still staring at him on his bedside. Surprisingly, YC had no nightmare, and Yang Anyu also felt inexplicably warm and comfortable. Gradually, he became a bit sleepy and soon, Yang Anyu really fell asleep. In his sleep, despite the darkness of his surroundings, Yang Anyu was not afraid or feels cold at all. His body and mind seemed to be entirely wrapped in warmth.

    When Yang Anyu woke up, he is back in the large villa of Master An. He looked at the calendar and was shocked to find that he had slept for three full days! Looking at the surrounding, there are empty instant noodles spilled on the floor. The sharp knives were still on the ground. There were torn books, bloody paper balls, and a lot of empty wine bottles. Some were broken. Drinks flowed all over the place, making the living room a total mess.

    At the same time, there was a sound from the toilet, and Yang Anyu immediately went in. He found the drunk Master An squatting beside the bowl, vomiting. Yang Anyu felt nervous. "Da Yu, how did you get drunk like this?" Hearing the familiar voice, Master An's brain suddenly woke up. Looking at the little guard in front of him, he asked: "Little Yu, where have you been these days?"

    "I thought you were gone, and you didn't say goodbye to me. I thought you went to reincarnation silently!" Tears also flowed down. Yang Anyu gently wiped them away: "I'm sorry, Da Yu. I made you worry."

    "No... it doesn't matter. Now, you're be back." When the words were finished, Master An became silly. Afterwards, Master An staggered and then was taken to bed by Yang Anyu.

    "Little Yu, I miss my mother. But I also ... like Yi Chen!" Master An said while crying, tears kept flowing. "En, I know." Yang Anyu helplessly nodded his head and wiped Master An's face with a warm towel.

    The intoxicated Master An did not have his usual arrogance. He became soft and easy to cry. "Oh no, don't cry. You said you're not a crybaby." Yang Anyu waited for Master An, but also stared at him. "Da Yu, you are obviously older than me, but who is your big brother now?"

    "Of course it is me!" Master An is very sure. Thinking of YC, Yang Anyu then asked, "Da Yu, if you really succeed in catching YC, and you can be together, will you put down your hatred? Not to completely put down and forget, but have less hatred towards your father?"

    "Maybe." Master An said softly and then fell asleep. Yang Anyu was caught in his thoughts. The power of love is very huge. It can often tolerate many things. It can also defeat hatred and make both people in love more frank and look beautiful. The premise of love is to understand each other. Yang Anyu is pondering on what kind of heart would make the indifferent YC yield. Yang Anyu wants to help Master An find out the answer.

    After sorting out his thoughts, Yang Anyu came into a decision. This time, Yang Anyu does not want to let Master An to misunderstand and be worried. So, Yang Anyu left a note before leaving, saying that he had something to do outside for a few days. Then he closed his eyes and thought of YC. Yang Anyu suddenly drifted over to YC's current location.

    Today, YC saved an Akita dog who had been dying and was abandoned by its original owner. When they got to the veterinary hospital, the doctor shook his head and said that the dog was too sick and might not last till tonight. Seeing YC's face look of desolation, Yang Anyu's heart softens, so he entered the body of the Akita dog to temporarily bring it back to life. Thus, YC suddenly brought in an adorable Akita dog.

    "Only two days have passed and you two already get along. It actually just listens to you." said LY. When YC feeds him, the dog would gently lick his palm and he would be particularly docile when taking a bath. The dog had never bitten and scratched YC, and it always desperately shakes his tail to look cute. "Yeah." YC replied and then rubbed the small head of the dog Yang Anyu.

    "I think the dog obviously likes you a lot." LY could not help but sigh. "I like it very much, too." YC directly told LY. YC smiled, his lips rose slightly, and his eyebrows were full of smiles. The dog Yang Anyu looked at YC’s smiling face. Yang Anyu thought that YC's smile looked super nice! In fact, Yang Anyu knew that the dog was dying and could not be sustained. If Yang Anyu soon leave its body, it will certainly die. Looking at YC's smiling face, Yang Anyu can not bear it, so he let YC be happy for a few more days. And then Yang Anyu will secretly run away .

    Three days later, YC slept in the company of the dog Yang Anyu. Yang Anyu then quietly climbed down of YC's bed, and was secretly preparing to leave. Unexpectedly, Yang Anyu has yet to get out of the bedroom when he was caught back by YC then asked, "Where do you want to go? How come you want to leave suddenly?" Later, YC caressed the dog Yang Anyu with his warm palm. Yang Anyu was touched and felt comfortable again. Yang Anyu became more and more sleepy and gradually closed his eyes.

    When Yang Anyu awoke, he felt panic in his heart, fearing that he might have slept for a few more days. But fortunately, this time he seemed to be sleeping only for a few hours. However, at this moment, his head was lying in the middle of YC's legs! :LOL: Yang Anyu is thinking that even if he temporarily became a dog, he would still be shy! “Awake, Little guy?” YC touched Yang Anyu. "Wang Wang!" Yang Anyu barked at YC two times to respond. Then the dog Yang Anyu quickly got up and found out that he was in the study.

    YC is playing chess. On the chessboard, YC made no effort to proceed with the next step. YC seemed to be waiting for something. Suddenly, YC’s cell phone rang. LY called telling YC to go to the hospital. Yang Peng is dying. Yang Anyu forced himself to leave the dog's body temporarily, and followed YC to the hospital.

    In the ward, Yang Peng said some things to Mrs. Yang and YJ but when he called for Master An, the latter did not respond. Then, Yang Peng called for YC.

    The two men talked for a long time and then suddenly, the buzzer in the ward rang. The doctor and several nurses ran in a hurry, but it was too late. Yang Peng already died.

    Apart from heartache, YJ also hated YC who is next to him and questioned him what he had said to his father. YJ thought that YC’s words had stimulated Yang Peng. However, YC is silent. His face has no joy, no sadness, and contains just plain expression.

    Yang Anyu feels that YC has deeply kept too many feelings inside, but he doesn't say anything. Yang Anyu thought that YC often stared at the chess board in a daze recently. YC was waiting for someone or for Yang Peng to finish the game with him. It does not matter whether YC wins or not, as long as someone is with him.

    Compared with YC, Yang Anyu is even more worried about Master An in front of him. Master An not only does not have a trace of sadness, but instead lifts his lips up and laughs. "Little Yu, you are back. He is also dead! Haha! Today is a good day." Yang Anyu was suddenly surprised after hearing that Master An is really happy. Looking at Master An with a worried look, Yang Anyu solemnly said: "Da Yu, you can't do this. He is your father after all."

    "Yeah, because he is my dad, so it's time for him to go down with my mom." Yang Anyu's heart became more alarmed. Master An's mental state was very wrong. He had to ask the psychiatrist to take a look. He must also enlighten him. After that, Yang Anyu returned home with Master An. After making sure that he's safe, Yang Anyu recalled the Akita dog.

    In the evening, Yang Anyu quickly drifted to YC's place, but it was a pity that Yang Anyu was a step too late. The dog was already very weak. After the dog's last breath, Yang Anyu could no longer enter his body. YC embraced the dog's icy body and bowed his head. Grief hovered over the entire room. The little guy died and he got along with him in less than a week.

    LY told YC that he can get another dog to raise but YC declined and said, "I am a person who does not know how to take care of others." Suddenly, Yang Anyu's eyes are wet, and his heart is also filled with pain. Yang Anyu then wondered why is he feeling such thing when he's already dead. At this moment, Yang Anyu is very sure that he must have known YC in his last life, and that YC is very important to him.

    Yang Anyu's vision suddenly turned black and Yang Anyu fell into darkness once again. But this time, he lost all his warmth. It was cold and dark again. Yang Anyu doesn’t know how long it took for him to wander. Yang Anyu seemed to be in YC's home, and the first person he sees is Master An. However, the Master An in front of him looks emaciated. His eyes were dark and hollow. There was no trace of energy and anger in his eyes. Suddenly, Master An began to bite into his wrist. Then he picked up a knife and cut his wrists over and over again.

    "Don't! Da Yu!" Yang Anyu was scared silly and immediately rushed to stop Master An. But he couldn't stop it. Yang Anyu discovered that this time was different from before. He had no strength at all. The invisible body of Yang Anyu passed through Master An directly.

    "Da Yu!" Yang Anyu yelled eagerly, but Master An cannot hear him. Master An continued his actions. His blood endlessly flowed, and his face became paler. “Da Yu, stop! What's wrong with you?” Yang Anyu anxiously cried. Master An couldn’t see Yang Anyu at all and he couldn’t hear his shouting.

    In a critical moment, YC rushed over. He grabbed the knife in Master An’s hand and then took him directly to the hospital. Yang Anyu, who was worried about Master An, naturally followed. After that, Yang Anyu realized that he's been away for three months. At this time, Yang Anyu felt that he might no longer be fit for this world. The power of his soul became very weak, and he had been away for too long. It was very likely that Master An, who had contact with him before, had gradually forgotten about him.

    In the hospital, Master An had an emergency treatment, and the wound was also bandaged. YC made a slight sigh of relief. "This is the third time, Yang Anyu." YC said with a serious face to Master An.

    Indeed, Master An uses this type of suicide in order to meet YC. Today, he has left a lot of scars on both his wrists, making people shocked. "I sometimes can't control myself. I just want you to look at me." Master An said weakly. When Master An woke up, he also realized that his spirit is very turbulent. "Chen Yan, do you hate me?"

    "No." Yi Chen said lightly.

    "But you don't like me either, do you?" said Master An. YC was silent.

    "I beg you. Will you stay with me for two years?" YC did not respond.

    "If two years is too long, just one year is fine. Even if it's only a short period of six months is fine too!" Master An pleads humbly. "I promise not to entangle with you anymore."

    "Okay." YC finally compromised. Yang Anyu couldn't help but feel sad. He's thinking that this wasn't the "Da Yu" he knew. The yellow-haired “Young Master” obviously had his own waywardness and temperament, but now...

    Yang Anyu thought that he had left for too long and did not take care of Master An. Now, Master An's distorted mentality can't be forcibly corrected and can only be guided slowly.

    Later, Maste An and YC went to the United States to register for marriage. However, they did not hold a wedding. They signed it directly and received the card. Even the wedding ring was only worn by Master An himself. The star status of YC was special. The finger should be empty. After returning home, Master An moved to the 'supposed' house of Master An and YC. YC was busy with work and seldom returned to this “home” for the night. YC deliberately did not sleep nor stayed with Master An.

    The one who stays with Master An every day is actually Yang Anyu. Yang Anyu kept calling. He tried numerous times to communicate with him. Finally, under the efforts of Yang Anyu, Master An could slowly see Yang Anyu and hear his voice. "Little...Yu?"

    "Great!" Yang Anyu cried with tears and hugs Master An. "Da Yu, I knew you remembered me."

    "I thought you were really gone and disappeared. Xiao Yu, I have now become like this, and I'm sure it makes you laugh.” Master An smiled. “No...no!” Yang Anyu shook his head. “I wouldn’t laugh at you.”

    "Am I embarrassing?” Master An touched the wedding ring in his hand, and laughed at himself. “You asked why I fell in love at first sight with YC. There are so many people, men, women in this world that are better than him. They are gentler than him and more suitable for me, but I..." But he still unilaterally liked YC and hopelessly liked him. "Did I owe him in the previous life?" Master An's eyes can not help but turn red.

    "Don't talk anymore." Yang Anyu gently wiped the tears in Master An's eyes. Yang Anyu had some questions in his heart so he followed YC to look for answers.

    On this day, Yang Anyu followed YC and came to Yang Peng’s tombstone. This made him a bit surprised.

    "Are you satisfied?" YC bent down and put down the bouquet of flowers. This was the first sentence that YC uttered.

    "Yang Peng, Yang Anyu obviously has the same face as him, but he is not the person in my dream. He is not the person I am looking for." YC said to himself, "A lot of times, I hope he can be that person, but I can not deceive my own heart." :eek:

    Yang Anyu got confused when he heard this. He is asking himself who is YC referring to. There seemed to be some agreement between YC and Yang Peng. Yang Anyu thought about the situation before Yang Peng died. Yang Anyu wanted to find out exactly what they talked about in the ward. As an evasive soul, Yang Anyu had already shuttled several times in time, and he gradually mastered the method. Yang Anyu focused on thinking about the event and went back to the day of Yang Peng’s death.

    "Chen Yan, I have a final request." While talking to YC, Yang Peng finally said the most important thing. "You stay with that child, maybe for two years. Together, you may be able to find something different. After all, An Yu's original nature is not the same. When his mother is still alive, he is a very optimistic and cheerful child ..."

    YC's expression was dark, and his voice is cold: “Are these your final words?” Yang Peng shrugged, then nodded. “Can be considered. I can no longer stay with An Yu. I feel sorry for his mother and I can not continue to take care of him. That child hated the Yang family, but he liked you so much, if you can - " Yang Peng has not yet finished but YC ruthlessly interrupted: "I do not like him."

    Yang Peng helplessly sighed: "Chen Yan, can you try to accept him?"

    "Do you think this makes sense?" YC's eyes are getting colder and colder. "Yang Peng, as you get older, you are really getting more and more confused. This will only increase the damage to him."

    "..." Yang Peng became uneasy, "Chen Yan, don't be hasty. He might change later on."

    "No. I will not believe anyone's promise again." YC shook his head and his tone suddenly came out with ridicule. "Yang Peng, you are almost dying. Do you want to keep staring at me and bring it to the grave?”

    “Which ... what?” Yang Peng began to feel uneasy. YC sneered, "You are obviously my enemy. You killed my father!" Instantly, Yang Peng's heart startled! Standing next to them, Yang Anyu was also shocked.

    When YC was very young, his father was actually killed by Yang Peng after he got drunk. Yang Peng did not want his reputation to be affected. In addition to compensation, he also found a scapegoat. A few years ago, YC made his debut as a singer, but later he was injured and could not sing anymore. At that time, Yang Peng appeared in a timely manner. During the low point of YC’s life, Yang Peng pulled him up. Yang Peng concealed the truth and only said that he appreciated YC's talent. He supported YC all the way and was usually very good to him. He treated him as a son. However, there is no such simple thing in this world.

    "I'm sorry, Chen Yan. I deceived you for so long." Yang Peng's voice was weak, and the entire person suddenly became older. YC looked at Yang Peng on the bed, his mood quite complex. Indeed, Yang Peng was a big liar and killed YC's father. But it is undeniable that Yang Peng was also very kind to YC.

    “Yang Peng, how many people did you owe in this life? You live your own life and let others live in lies. What I hate the most is you!”

    “You're right...hahaha..." Suddenly, Yang Peng laughed and his entire body twitched. YC found something's wrong: “Yang Peng? What's wrong with you?”

    “Chen... Chen Yan, You... promise me to be with that child, I beg you... please! I...” In the end, not even a complete sentence could be said. Yang Peng closed his eyes forever. YC stood in place.

    Yang Anyu's heart aches again. And this time, even his head hurts. He suddenly remembered! YC is his most respected and worshiped general! Yang Anyu shed tears unconsciously. He felt his head is painful and about to explode. So, he soon fainted again.

    When he woke up again, Yang Anyu found himself inside the car of Master An and the car is running in a very fast speed. "Oh! You're driving too fast!" For the time being, Yang Anyu couldn't attend to anything else. Yang Anyu yelled and desperately wanted to stop Master An. However, Master An was drunk and slammed the gas pedal. "What happened? Da Yu, calm down, okay?" Master An shook his head and continued to ignore Yang Anyu. The car drove faster and faster.

    "Da Yu, what about your ring?" At this time, Yang Anyu noticed that there was no ring on Master An's finger. He had always cherished his wedding ring. "I've already thrown it." Master An's gloomy pupil was full of desperation. "Little Yu, I now know all about it."

    Master An already knew that YC only agreed to marry him because it was Yang Peng's wish. It was not even because YC pitied him but because of an agreement. The feelings of love (for YC) and hate (for Yang Peng) are too deep. In the end, Master An's mentality has become strangely distorted. In addition to being desperate, Master An has completely figured out: "Little Yu, I want to die..."

    "What!" Yang Anyu was scared. "Da Yu, you..." However, Yang Anyu’s words were not yet finished when a huge explosion occurred. They bumped into a truck in front of them. Sparks splashed and the car instantly flipped. Then, the back of the head of Master An has blood endlessly flowing.

    "Da Yu, you...you hold on!" Yang Anyu was mad. He wanted to pull Master An from underneath but he didn't have any body nor power. Yang Anyu can't do anything.

    "Little Yu, I... I'm so tired. I want to see my mom..." Master An's face gradually lost color and his voice was getting lighter. "No...no!" Yang Anyu shook his head and his eyes could not help but get wet.

    "You can't give up Da Yu. You still have family and friends. You must stay alive!" Master An smiled palely and bitterly, "They are long gone."

    Yang Anyu yelled in his ear, trying to stimulate Master An. "Da Yu, don't you even want Chen Yan anymore?"

    "Ah, I'm really tired..." Master An's heart is dead, and he only wants to be free. “I may... may not be able to stay long here, Xiao Yu. If you can, I hope you can ... be able to live for me instead... Then I want to go and see... where you were born, the world where you lived...” [**The gods/the universe/the system/the author... heard you, Master An!:D Extra Spoiler: Master An will transmigrate to the ancient times and will find his Happy Ending there!:X3: **]

    "No matter where, it will be very hard. Are you not afraid?" Yang Anyu said softly, his tears flowing down his cheeks. "I'm not afraid." Master An smiled shallowly.

    "Little Yu, thank you... thank you. You have been so kind to me."

    "I...me too." Feeling that Master An's life was gradually fading away, Yang Anyu began to choke. He also found out that their own souls have become more and more transparent and are about to dissipate.

    "Little Yu, again ... goodbye ..." Master An slowly closed his eyes.

    “Well, good-bye, Da Yu.” In the end, Yang Anyu gently hugged Master An. Yang Anyu felt that Master An was not the same as he was. It was a sad thing to say goodbye, but Yang Anyu would look forward to their next reunion. He believes that both of them will meet their own happiness sooner or later.(y)
    **End of flashback.. *sigh*... **

    In the hospital...

    Today is the first day of May. In the morning, the weather is exceptionally sunny with warm sunshine spilled into the ward. It is a rare long holiday, and many people will go out shopping, or travel, but YC is still accompanying YA in the hospital. Suddenly, YA's finger slightly moved. YC has been holding his hand, of course, he detected the slight movement.

    "Little Yu?" YC's heart beats with too much expectation. YA opened his eyes, but he did not speak.

    "Little Yu?" YC made a gentle call. Hearing familiar voices, YA's eyes slowly moved. He needed time to gradually adapt to the real environment because he's been in his consciousness for too long. Slowly, he began to recover, and his blurred vision gradually became clear. Then, the first person to come into his view is YC.

    "Little Yu? Are you my Little Yu?" YC whispered, unconsciously holding YA's hand tighter.

    The next second, YA suddenly cried. Unable to control the tears, YA’s heart suddenly felt sad and happy: “Chen Yan, I'm back.” :cry::love:

    ... the questions I raised in my previous posts were now answered.. :D
    ... i did not study psychology nor psychiatry, but clearly, modern YA suffered from severe depression because he was already inflicting harm on himself.. Yang Peng and Yang Jue must have asked help from a professional.. but Yang Peng indulged him instead! :mad: He even relied on Yi Chenyan to deal with him... :(
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    transmigration is an independent tag nowadays. It can be counted as supernatural, cuz ghost and possessing body. Transmigration just defines what type.
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    ... i think i get it now.. supernatural is like the main genre with ghost and transmigration as the sub-genres or tags under it.. :hmm:
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    • After YA was discharged, YA and YC traveled to Master An's hometown and visited the cemetery where Master An's mother was buried. They also brought with them a container that will serve as Master An's tomb where they put some of Master An's clothes and his wedding ring. Then they buried it right next to his mother's tomb.
    • With the help of the uncles in the Yang family, TH and HC's careers soared rapidly.
    • YJ returned as the president of Yang business but the contradiction between him and Mrs. Yang has not been resolved. YJ would still give up the family business for QNX.
    • YA and YC continued to be lovey-dovey and the times they get sexually intimate became more frequent as YC justified that YA was in a coma for 2 months, thus YA should compensate. [**shameless! :LOL:**]
    • YA composed a song with the help of YC ang YA uploaded it in his microblog. YC forwarded the song using his microblog with 3 expressions (emojis? emoticon?) of "love you" included. :love:
    • After resting for more than two weeks (after being discharged from the hospital), YA returned to the set to shoot Blurred. During the time he was in a coma, others have completed filming their parts so only YA remained. They filmed continuously for a couple of days until they finished the final scene. After the shoot, TH approached YA and he asked if he really likes YC. YA replied "of course. Chen Yan is unique and he is my favorite person." Unknown to YA, TH recorded their conversation. :blobangery:
    • YA went to Paris to shoot an endorsement for a perfume brand with Gu Xin. The male endorser should've been Yu Siyuan but was replaced by the company when they learned that YA woke up from coma. This made YS and Yan Feng mad. They got themselves a water army (hired or paid people to deliberately slander a person and pull down their reputation) who spread malicious opinions in the internet. The commotion continued as they targeted YJ saying that he is backing YA just because they're family. YA ignored these things though.
    While in Paris, YA and YC had a video call. YC said that he stuffed something into YA's suitcase and when YA took it out, it turned out to be a furry headband with dog's ears!:blobcheeky: YA put the headbands on his head and then performed a dog dance in front of the screen as requested by YC. Suddenly, TG entered the room and he froze.

    "I... I didn't see anything, Master! You continue!" Tang Guo shouted, and quickly closed the door. Once he turned, he hit the oncoming Qi Sen. The tall Qi Sen looked down and saw Tang Guo with his forehead attached to his chest.

    "Oh! I'm sorry..." Tang Guo was startled.

    "What's wrong?" Qi Sen was puzzled. He sometimes feel that Tang Guo was easily surprised and acted nothing like a bodyguard.

    "Nothing...Qi Ge. You should go in later. You'll disturb Mr. Yang and Mr. Yi." The Tang Guo, who had just witnessed something, was having a hard time.

    Qi Sen momentarily paused and then nodded slightly: "Then, I'll take you out to eat first. Let's go."

    "Thank you, Qi ge. You're so nice!" Tang Guo immediately grinned. But suddenly he thought of something. Tang Guo quickly took out the phone: "But I can not wait to make a phone call to my mother."

    "You want her to know that you are safe here?" Qi Sen asked.

    Tang Guo nodded. "This time I went abroad which is farther away from her. She hasn't been to France yet. I want to talk to her about our daily life here and other interesting things that happened to make her happy."

    "You are very filial." Qi Sen said lightly.

    "No, I don't think I'm doing enough." Who knows, Tang Guo shook his head and his expression became a bit low. "Qi Ge, my mother's health is not good. But I can't always be with her. I have a special career. I often run out. I have to be with others every day to protect them. Every time I think of her, I... "

    Hearing this, Qi Sen couldn't help but reach out and touch Tang Guo's head: "She will be proud of you. Since you can protect others, of course, you will certainly be able to protect her." A warm current wrapped the heart of Tang Guo instantly. He could not help but smile, completely neglecting Qi Sen's hand that's still touching his little head.

    "This time, have I disturbed you?" At this moment, Yang Anyu, who opened the door, leaned in and asked slyly. [**Haha! YA absolutely disturbed them!:blobrofl:**]
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    Master An Master An! I can't wait for Master An's happy ending!!!ヽ(´∀`)ノ
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    It was really sad T_T
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    ... finished! :blobparty:

    ... i guess the following post is enough to explain the important events that happened towards the end of the story... :blob_grin:
    ... just want to add more info:
    • the crippled singer is named Ke Qin - the accident that made his legs crippled was not due to YC's doing but was caused by an underground organization whom he offended (details were not mentioned)
    • YC's female broker is named Ning Wei - she is a childhood friend and neighbor of YC ... even after YC's parents passed away, YC felt fine because he can still find warmth and comfort from the Ning family ... until NW betrayed him
    • the incident that made YC not able to sing again - Ning Wei actually gave him a drink that's toxic and harmful to the throat... the effects were only seen after quite a lot have been ingested... when YC felt the pain, Ke Qin was the one who rushed him to the hospital..
    • Ning Wei's betrayal - when YC's throat got injured, he can no longer participate in a competition(?)...this is the goal of NW's scheme...she, later on, stole YC's original composition that was not yet published and gave it to Ke Qin which made him famous... then she resigned, feeling guilty of what she'd done.... yeah, KQ was an accomplice... (i guess NW loved KQ too much that she got muddle-headed..*sigh*)
    • After Yang Peng helped YC to stardom, YC was about to plan his revenge against KQ and NW but Ke Qin's accident happened...NW died... then KQ withdrew from the entertainment circle, took his daughter away and lived in France since then.. (actually, it was right after the advertising campaign of the perfume brand when YA first met KQ ... it was during a fashion event that YA and GX attended in France.. KQ only mentioned that he knew YC... )
    ... the truth was actually revealed when TH kidnapped YA (YA secretly went out to meet TH and while they were in the restaurant, YA got drugged by TH)
    ... in a locked room, YA woke up with KQ's daughter standing in front of him... she is blind from birth... she's a die hard of YA and though she's blind, she can hear... so oftentimes, she asks her father KQ to describe to her the movies and shows where YA appeared.. the girl loves YA's voice specially when YA sings and when he jokes..
    ... WS entered the room, tried to strangle YA to death but YA used his inner force to break free from the rope that tied him... then he defeated WS... they escaped to where YC and TH were... KQ also appeared... then the truth was revealed and explained to TH...
    ... police came... arrested WS and TH... TH was released the next day but WS will be jailed forever because there were other crimes that he committed, that even if he comes out, nothing good will happen to him
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    What about Master An? How is our family's Master An doing in the past?(。・ω・。)ノ
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    @JuuHachi ;)

    ... will continue to use Master An in this extra chapter spoiler, although "Da Yu" was the term used in the raw... :p

    ... Mu Chen is the ML (...chen here translates to dust in English... it can also mean dirt, but dust is the closest meaning to the name...just some info for those who would want to read the raw via MTL.. :D)

    Master An transmigrated to the ancient times and he entered the body of An Shizi (...he really became Master An! :cool:), the only son of An Wangye (...wang ye rules a fiefdom and due to his good governance, he became more popular than the emperor.. the good thing is, the fiefdom's location is far away so the emperor cannot act against An Wangye...:D)

    This time, An Wangye's son An Shizi, carelessly fell off and now, is unconscious. For this reason, An Wangye not only invited the doctors in Jiujiang County (the name of the fiefdom), but also, the palace doctors. They checked and said that An Shizi had no problems. It is reasonable to say that he should have woken up a long time ago. They could not figure out though the specific reasons why he's still unconscious.

    On this day in An Wangfu... (... fu means residence and wang is prince... so wangfu means the prince's residence..:D.. please correct me if i'm wrong...;))

    "Ah!" An Shizi, who is lying in bed, could not help but yell. With brow furrowed, he opened his eyes.

    "The young master finally woke up!” The little servant was so excited and exclaimed. The side housekeeper next to him was also overjoyed and hurriedly ordered: “Go, inform the prince and his wife.”

    “Yes!” The little servant immediately rushed out of the house.

    "You must be a god, Dr. Mu!" The housekeeper laughed and exclaimed. "Side housekeeper, you exaggerate." Dr. Mu put away his silver needle and with a faint smile said, "Calculating the time, An Shizi should have restored his consciousness."

    After the car accident, when Master An was in a coma for a long time, his consciousness had been empty. But suddenly, he was pinched in the nerve and felt an extreme pain. Master An immediately opened his eyes, and looked around. He seems to be lying on a large bed carved in ancient times. He is also surrounded by a group of people. There are even a lot of people waiting on him. Master An, who woke up, was then helped to sit down.

    He looked around again and wondered, "Are you filming? Which group is it?" :LOL::LOL::LOL: (cracks me up totally! :LOL:)

    Everyone: "..."

    "And you... you look so handsome! Are you an actor?" Master An pointed at Dr. Mu. This person is definitely less than thirty years old. He looks gentle and elegant with a faint smile on his lips. His eyes are even more charming.

    "But how come I have not seen you on TV before? Are you new?" Master An felt strange.:LOL:

    The side housekeeper shook his head and sighed. "Finished. It seems that the young master's brain is broken."

    "Will the doctor give a few more shots?" The little servant suggested. Hearing that, Mu's fingertips moved and he pulled out a silver needle again. Master An got scared when he saw the silver needle and resisted fiercely.

    The next moment, An Wanglu appeared with the help of a personal servant. Hearing a very familiar and intimate voice, Master An suddenly raised his eyes, and at that moment, Master An was stunned. An Wanglu touched her son’s cheek and smiled softly. “You woke up after so long. I was really anxious!”

    “I...I'm okay...” Master An's mouth opened and his eyes were wet. An Wanglu has the same face as his mother, but their relationship as mother and child did not change. Master An did not expect to see his mother alive and healthy again. With this thought in mind, Master An felt warm in his heart and he hugged his mother all of a sudden. :cry:

    "My son has really returned." An Wanglu smiled.

    "Yeah," Master An replied. This time, he believes that this wasn't a film nor a dream. He seemed to be in the original world of Little Yu. Maybe, their souls exchanged during the car accident.

    Later on, from the people's mouth, Master An learned that he had been lost once when he was seven years old, but he was found back in time. Xiao Yu met the general Yi Chenyan and became his guard. Now, Master An became the son of Wang Ye. For Yi Chenyan (... he is referring to the ancient YC), since things have become like this, he will not entangle with him in this lifetime. After all, he struggled so hard in the modern times, that he lived so low and begged for love, but he still couldn't get what he wanted.

    Today, my mother is still alive. She is still the wife of An Wang Ye. He is no longer an illegitimate child. Everything is slowly getting better. So this time, he will live happily for himself.(y)

    In the small yard on the west side of the wangfu, under the warm sun, Mu Chen lazily leaned on a carved wooden chair. "Do you have nothing to do, Doctor Mu?" At this time, the voice of Master An sounded and he came over. Mu Chen slowly opened his eyes and replied: "No."

    Master An licked his lips. He felt that the doctor is living too comfortably in their fu Regarding the origin of Dr. Mu, Master An also asked a little about it. He was told that Mu Chen was originally a river warrior. Because An Wanglu once saved his life when he was very young, without making any request, Mu went to cure the illnesses of everyone in the fu, especially An Wangye, who was plagued by an old illness which could not be cured.

    Master An feels that Mu Chen is so idle. Putting this thought at the back of his mind, Master An must obey his mother first and started practicing martial arts. Master An doesn't have any internal strength, but here are some martial arts foundations that the former guard Xiao Yu used to teach him.

    "Doctor Mu, I can't do this anymore." Master An frowned as he feels so fatigued after practicing a few martial arts.

    “Just because you don't want to do things, doesn't mean that you can do other things as you wish.” Mu Chen’s eyes grew bleak.

    Master An's brow wrinkled deeper. “Aren't you going to teach me to become a doctor?”

    “You have misunderstood.” Mu Chen shook his head helplessly. “I’ve long had a recipe for Wang’s illness. As long as he takes it on time, the condition will not deteriorate. It will not worsen, but there is no improvement either. This is just a temporary solution. Now, the prince is old. The illness had rooted too deep. Even the court physicians are helpless. I can only temporarily delay it." Mu Chen shrugged and couldn't help but smile. "After all, I don't have the ability to return a dead man back to life. There's also an agreement between Wang Ye and me. After one year, I will leave."

    After hearing this, Master An stood still. Since he'll be leaving soon, Master An no longer bothered himself with Mu Chen.

    One day, while Mu Chen was again leaning back on the couch, a yellow bamboo ball flew over from the yard next door. Mu Chen's face was not touched by the ball but his body made a slight deviation, lifted his hand and easily caught the bamboo ball.

    A servant came over and apologized to Mu Chen. He asked for the bamboo ball to be returned but...

    "What if I don't return it." Mu Chen smiled.

    “Dr. Mu, you have been holding the ball. Is it that you are interested in joining us?” The next second, Master An appeared with his chin raised. Reading and practicing martial arts all day long is boring. Master An's playful heart has always been very restless. Since he can't play basketball for now, then he will just play football.

    Mu Chen raised his eyebrow and said: "Well, since An Shizi wants to play, we must accompany him."

    Master An got stunned by Mu Chen's reply. According to this guy's lazy temper, he should have refused it.

    As a result, in an empty courtyard in the fu, Master An and Mu Chen took a team each and began a football match.

    After a wave of chaos, the two sides are almost evenly matched. When the sun has nearly set in the west, the game ended in a draw.

    "Mu Chen, did you secretly use martial arts in the game?" Master An observed that during the game, whenever Mu Chen's face was about to get hit by the ball, he responds quickly without making a trace. His body's movement seems particularly fast.

    Mu Chen laughed and replied that he's a lazy person who just wants to eat and drink and stay idle in the fu.

    Master An curled his lip and said, "Mu Chen, you really are a strange man."

    "An Shizi, it seems like you do not belong to this world."

    Master An paused and he thought that Mu Chen is not so simple and that his eyes are so sharp that makes one feel inexplicable danger.

    In fact, Master An is correct. The identity of Mu Chen is not that simple.

    On this day, when Master An and Mu Chen went to the countryside to ride horses, they were ambushed with poisoned darts.

    The leisurely and lazy expression on Mu Chen's face were completely gone, and were replaced by cold eyes.

    It turned out that Mu Chen is a person from the Poison Valley faction. Mu Chen is good at poisoning people, but of course, he can also use a unique way to cure people. As a disciple of the Poison Saint, Mu's life has always been in danger because there are people who covet his position.They want to eliminate Mu Chen so they can inherit the Poison Valley and become the next Posion Saint. It's a pity though that these people knew nothing about Mu Chen's disinterest in these trivial matters.

    Looking at the poison dart on his chest, Master An was speechless. Mu Chen heard Master An muttering some incomprehensible words, but Mu Chen could still guess roughly what he was saying. So at this moment, Mu Chen can no longer delay the time. He needs to quickly find a place to deal with the injury of Master An. Mu Chen squats down and then lightly tapped his little toe. Then he carried Master An while leaping back and forth in the forest. (...i think Mu Chen used qinggong here...:D)

    "Wow, so cool!" Master An suddenly exclaimed excitedly. He has always envied the ancient people who can leap high, overlooking the distant scenery. For a moment, he felt like he was flying.

    "I suddenly feel that being poisoned is also quite good." Said Master An.

    Mu Chen was speechless. Maybe not only the body, but also this person's brain has problems? He thought to himself.

    "Mu Chen, I'll wait for you to cure me, and then you should take me to fly around." Master An blinked and then laughed.

    "What if I can't cure you?" Asked Mu Chen.

    "I believe in you. If you can't cure me, then I'm sure I'll be dead!" Mu Chen was left speechless again.

    Master An doesn't want his mother to worry, so he did not return to the fu. He sent a letter to An Wanglu and said that he would play in the suburbs for a few more days. Anyway, there is a doctor who can take care of him so there won't be any big problems.

    In the chalet on the outskirts, Master An is lying on the bed. His cheeks were flushed with sweat, and he felt that he was about to melt.

    Mu Chen, one by one, unbuttoned Master An's clothes. His big palm was about to reach Master An's pants when... “Stop!” Master An yelled. “Do you think it would matter if you remove my pants? Even if it's gone, it will still definitely be hot!”

    “Um, it's useless, but...” because Mu Chen is dealing with Mater An's wounds, his upper body's robe was already open. At this moment, Mu Chen stared at Master An's fair-skinned chest and his eyes wandered back and forth. “... but I want to admire An Shizi's figure.”

    “What...?!“ Master an opened his eyes wide and yelled, “You're a pervert!”

    Mu Chen grinned. His expression changed, and several acupuncture points on Master An were fastened by Mu Chen's silver needles.

    Master An endured the heat, but he began to feel an itchy sensation. Master An couldn't control himself from scratching. He scratched everywhere. Master An couldn't move and the itchiness was almost driving crazy, "You can't get me some antipruritic powder?!"

    "Sorry, there are only powders that make people itchy and die." Mu Chen replied. Thus, Master An did not talk anymore.

    After the heat and itchiness subsided, Master An felt cold spreading from his limbs to his chest, and his heart seemed to shiver. Wrapped in two or three layers of quilts, Master An curled up on the bed.

    Mu Chen could not bear to see it and he sighed in his heart. He took off his robe and hugged Master An. This made Master An's body stiff. He felt the warmth from Mu Chen and his eyes widened. Master An looked at Mu Chen.

    "What? Are you unhappy?" Asked Mu Chen.

    Master An immediately retorted: "I ... I'm not unhappy."

    "Then, are you happy?" Asked Mu Chen.

    "Who will be happy after experiencing being hot and cold?!"

    Mu Chen laughed and tightened his arms around Master An.

    After the poisoning incident, they went to the annual Lantern Festival in Jiujiang County.

    Master An and Mu Chen were looking around and also bought snacks.

    “Is it delicious?” Mu Chen asked. He introduced a shortcake shop to Master An. The two went in and bought some.

    "This is a seasoning that I made myself. It would be better to sprinkle it on. Would you like to try?" Mu Chen asked again, and he handed a big crispy fragrant cake.

    Master An took a bite and and felt delighted! The original was fragrant and crisp, but with the seasoning on, it became even more delicious! But Master An didn't want to exaggerate in front of Mu Chen, so on the surface he was still trying to maintain his calmness: "It's alright."

    "Is that so?" Mu Chen grabbed the snack away. "Then I'll eat it by myself."

    "Hey, you can't be so stingy!" Master An was anxious. He grabbed back the snack and licked it. Mu Chen only bent his eyebrows.

    Against the background of the lantern, Mu Chen suddenly felt that Master An's deep eyes under the furrows, the straight nose and the slightly provocative lips were all exquisite. They are a hundred times better than usual, and they looked silly for a moment.:X3:

    Afterwards, Master An and Mu Chen came to the bridge. Many people here have squatted down. They rolled up the papers where they wrote their wishes and placed them on lotus lamps. Then these lanterns were gently put into the lake.

    Master An also put down a lantern, then as his expression slightly changed, he asked Mu Chen: "Will you really be leaving?"

    "After tonight, a full year has passed. I should go." Said Mu Chen.

    "Can you stay?" Clenching his fists, Master An's heart hesitated for a long time, and finally said, "...stay over a period of time and then you can go, okay?"

    Mu Chen did not answer. Master An smiled and then said, "Can you guess what I just wrote on the paper?" (...Master An is referring to the paper he put on the lotus lamp where he wrote a wish..)

    Mu Chen shrugged: "I can not guess."

    Master An stared at Mu Chen's eyes: "I hope... at this time next year, you can still come and look at the lanterns with me."

    Mu Chen scratched his nose and said: "Stupid."

    "I don't care!" Master An shook his head and said loudly. "I only know what I want and what I want to say. I have to make it clear to the other person or else, I'll regret it later!"

    "Mu Chen, I want you to stay."

    Mu Chen's expression kept changing, and his mind is in chaos. After a while, he sighed: "You are asking me so sincerely. Then I promise you."

    Master An was a bit unhappy because it seems that Mu Chen only complied to his stubbornness. He turned his face to the side and said, "Actually, it's okay if you don't agree. You can just remain as a lazy doctor, you just do - “

    Master An's words were not yet finished when suddenly, Mu Chen took the initiative to hold his hand. “I'm lazy, but if I promise something, I will never regret it.”

    Master An took a moment to savor the feeling of their two hands clasped together, and he could not help but smile. :D:X3::love:
    ... i feel like there should be more!
    ... seems like there are possible hints like the Poison Valley and the illness of An Wangye - what caused it? Will it be cured? .. :D
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    sooo master an is in the past.....

    so timeline is after YA died? And YC is wangye? So YC wont make any appearance?
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    ...master an did not occupy the body of ancient YA but a different one...
    ...in my understanding, modern YC is the reincarnation of the ancient YC... so, YC is not wangye b/c the story implies that when master an transmigrated, ancient YC and ancient YA are currently living in a different place within the empire, but far from where master an is...
    ...so the timeline seems to go back when ancient YA has not died yet...