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    Name: 【No CP】Perfect Accompanying Training [Quick Wear] 【无CP】完美陪训 [快穿]
    Raw Link:http://www.jjwxc.net/onebook.php?novelid=3584360


    Li Tong's new job
    Three Accompanying: Accompany [Being your partner], accompany [you to] school, accompany you to grow up [grow up with you]
    Four training: teach you to be independent, teach you to be strong, teach you to be worldly, teach you to be invulnerable
    My goal is perfect training, please find out.
    All endings are new beginnings.
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    Li Tong felt that she had encountered a supernatural event.

    She was floating in the sky, watching the blood on the ground rushing to herself, this feeling was too weird.

    The whistle of the ambulance in the distance came from far away-Li Tong was a little anxious, the ambulance drove away,

    she didn't live enough!

    Although a bad premonition faintly rises in her heart, she feels that she can still save it again = =

    "You are dying."

    Li Tong turned around. Behind her, a seven or eight-year-old kid wearing a black robe and holding a sickle stared at her with black and white eyes.

    Li Tong is speechless, is this the god of death? Is the age a bit wrong? So small, is it hell squeezing child labor-isn't it too pitiful...

    "You can't protect yourself, there is still time to worry about others?" The little death was deserted and muttered in his heart, did he find the wrong person? He once again confirmed the candidate with the reception-she was right.

    Yes, I am dying. Li Tong blinked and put his hands together: "Look at your dress, you are the god of death? Can you be accommodating and don't let me die?" She hasn't lived enough yet, with a ten-thousandth hope, Li Tong begged.

    "Yes." The little death nodded solemnly.

    So easy? Li Tong is a bit dumb.

    "I will give you a sigh of relief at best, to protect you from death." Little Death continued. "Can you wake up? It's up to you."

    Which is better for a vegetative or a dead person? It is a bit out of place to discuss this now-but hope is better than despair. Li Tong returned to his senses, looking excited: "What should I do?"

    "Do tasks and gain experience," Reaper replied.

    "The kind of infinite reincarnation?" Li Tong's heart is cool, she doesn't dare to challenge horror movies, but if it is true, she can only bite the bullet ==

    "No." Little Death shook his head: "If you don't talk to you, you will know when you go in."

    It was too troublesome to explain. The little death god’s sickle waved lightly, and a powerful air current hit Li Tong. Li Tong instantly felt that he had become a paper man.

    "Li Tong, let me tell you, Dong Yun is your son, most likely the only son, you know whether you will have other children in the future, you know very well!"

    Li Tong's eyes widened, looking at the man in front of her with his distorted face because of his anger, her body involuntarily collapsed against the wall.

    The man looked at her and smiled irritably, with some contempt in his smile.

    "You are not qualified to be a mother at all!"

    He looked at Li Tong for a moment, but stopped talking, turned, and left.

    Li Tong sat on the cold floor, closed her eyes, exhaled, and opened her eyes again. The whole person finally had strength. After alleviating, the scene in front of her made her startled slightly.

    The setting sun through the large floor-to-ceiling glass stained the entire room with a layer of orange-red. In the luxuriously decorated room, there is a mess. All kinds of ladies’ bags and clothes are piled up with sofas not far away, one side of the sofa, half of the body. The mirror shattered into spider webs, and the fragments spread to the floor. The face of an unfamiliar woman was reflected in the fragmented, crumbling lens.

    Who is this...?

    At this moment, the voice of the little god of death rang in his ears.

    "The target person is about to leave! The target person is about to leave!"

    Li Tong's eyes were full of red warnings as if the house was on fire and a fire alarm was reported.

    "Who? Who is the target person?" Li Tong asked nervously, "Is that person just now? I'll look for him immediately!" Although Li Tong was anxious, she still carefully avoided the debris under her feet, but the red in front of her hindered her. Her sight, the pain in her feet, and the unavoidable injury, but she didn’t care about the injury on her foot and ran all the way. Her unreliable intuition told her that if she didn’t find the so-called target person, the consequences would be very serious. awful.

    This is obviously a strange place, I have never been here, but my body seems to have its own consciousness, turning, going downstairs, all the way downstairs.

    The black Audi A8 downstairs had just started, and Li Tong rushed forward desperately.

    "What are you crazy about!" The man in the main driver stopped quickly, opened the door of the car, and walked down, looking at her as if he had encountered a neurosis.

    Li Tong grabbed his arm, there was still a red warning in front of his eyes, and the sound in his ears still kept ringing.

    not him!

    Li Tong looked into the car-sitting on the back seat of the car was a woman in her forties and fifty years old, and beside her was a boy of seven or eight.

    She opened the car door and rushed up.

    "Madam!" The forty or fifty-year-old woman looked at her with a look of surprise but a very respectful attitude.

    Li Tong glanced at her, then lowered his head.

    The seven or eight-year-old boy cleverly hugged his aunt next to him, his handsome face was blushing unhealthy, his eyes were dim, and he coughed.

    Li Tong felt a little bit. She stretched out her hands, and at the moment when the palm of her hand was touching the boy's forehead, a scorching sensation came. The child was feverish!

    At that moment, the red warning smoke disappeared, and the information whizzing past, like a suddenly decompressed folder, like a flying snowflake, swept it all into Li Tong's mind.

    The cold voice of the little death god awakened Li Tong who was still dizzy.

    "The target person is found, and the task is opened. The content of the task: Be a person that the target person can rely on. Friendly reminder: When the final score is below zero, we will see you in hell and guide the task to the end."

    "What are you doing in a daze? Drive to the hospital!" Li Tong gritted her teeth, suppressing his shock, and said to the man standing outside the car.

    "Nervous! What kind of mother-in-law at this time!" The man frowned, with a face of inexplicable expression, cursed, got into the car quickly, and started.

    Li Tong hugged the child in his arms, bowed her head silently, and worked hard to digest the shock in his heart.

    What she received was the memory of a man. In her memory, others called him: Mr. Zhao, Dong Yun, and Zhao Dongyun. His emotional experience is a story of a vulgar, dog-blooded, three-minded giant and third-rate, a life experience. A mysterious fairy tale where the mysterious little white rabbit-like heroine is forcibly taken by the overbearing president, imprisoned and abused, and finally inexplicably HE [Happy Ending].

    Li Ran mechanically lowered his head.

    And the president, who is now in her arms, will be her son from now on.

    She began to meticulously recall the memories she had received, so the story of ruining the Three Views in the blood is really unwilling to remember ==

    The male protagonist in memory is a standard wealthy man.

    He was handsome and charming, suave, and had been among the thousands of flowers before meeting the woman who had the most influence on him. Even though the old-fashioned words were all rotten, there was nothing more appropriate than this.

    Because of his family marriage, his husband and wife relationship is not good. When his mother's family suffered huge losses due to the financial turmoil, his father's love gave him a half brother.

    For his mother, it was a straightforward provocation that could no longer be straightforward.

    A spoiled and proud young lady, she hated her husband and her son by the way. The son became her weapon, stabbed with knives and swords. Ruthless, harsh, and vicious, almost all President Zhao’s impression of his mother. As a result, President Zhao despises women, resent women, and go to extreme emotional lines.

    Li Tong stopped the emotional memories of vomiting blood-how can I toss and live my life well? But I can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. Fortunately, it’s really not a horror movie, but a family ethics drama...

    Li Tong couldn't understand the original owner's thoughts. The scumbag should be damned. He died thousands of times, casually, this child was born by herself anyway, why do you hate him? With the ability to toss the scumbag, he stabbed it happily! She clapped and applauded.

    For my son, it is probably the so-called hatred of black and black, persimmon picking up a soft pinch ==

    The time was hurriedly spent sorting out my thoughts, and I quickly arrived at the hospital. Because it is a private hospital, the child quickly diagnosed and treated the results: high fever, pneumonia, injections, and water.

    The VIP ward, warm and elegant decoration, beige wallpaper, large beds, carnations blooming at the head of the bed, and soft and comfortable leather sofas, all of this did not make Li Tong feel better.

    Seeing the pale face of the child in the hospital bed, she also felt uncomfortable. She was obviously a strange child, wasn't it? She was never a person of fraternity-she actually felt like a mother at this moment, probably because the memory of President Zhao really made her feel bad.

    "I have something to tell you." The man beside her glanced at her and said softly.

    Li Tong nodded and followed him out of the ward.

    "Li Mo, thank you for today." With the memories she received, Li Tong recognized the identity of the person in front of her. This young man is the brother of the original owner, a half-parent, and a bad sibling.

    Li Mo couldn't help sighing when he heard the words. He looked at the person in front of him with a bit of suspicion. What kind of trick is this?

    "Li Tong, I said the last time, it was your son!" Li Mo deeply felt that since the family accident, the brother-in-law was out there clearly, his unwise sister was even stupid, and his head was kicked by a donkey. ?

    "I know." Li Tong nodded.

    "Humph." Li Mo sarcastically hooked his mouth and looked at his poor nephew through the glass window on the bedroom door. This is the result of knowing: "

    Li Tong, you don't want to torture Dong Yun, and then let him That Zhao Zifeng regrets it?!"

    Li Mo felt that he had finally touched this woman's magical brain circuit. How could he have a blood relationship with this woman? This IQ is simply an insult to the blood of the Li family...

    "Absolutely not." Li Tong desperately shook his head.

    "It's okay if you understand, you really dare to do this, the next one to die is you, the old man of the Zhao family will not let you go." Li Mo hooked his mouth sarcastically.

    Li Tong didn't know how to explain, she could only nod silently.

    Li Mo looked at her, only feeling weak. He had tried his best. He only hoped that she could understand a little bit more alive. The more he thought about it, the more unrestrained he became. He clenched his fists and controlled his urge to beat others. Turned around and left. He has a lot of annoying things on his own, and he will take care of this nosy, he is completely conscientious to find = =

    "Ah-Mo!" Li Tong called out looking at his back. Although she is used to solving everything by herself, it is obvious that this person in front of him plays a very important role in Zhao Dongyun's world. The reason why Zhao Dongyun can grow up safely, I rely on this uncle, so I love the house and Wu, and so on, can it be understood that this person still has a sibling for the original owner?

    Li Mo stopped and turned around, looking impatient: "What else is there?"

    "If I divorce Zhao Zifeng, Dong Yun's custody right..."

    She can accept a son falling from the sky, but she cannot accept a husband for no reason! Especially the kind of scum that is so bright!

    The son can have it, the scumbag resolutely kicks!
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    One night passed, the east was white, and the empty ward was turned on with bedside lamps, bringing a bit of warmth.

    Li Tong stayed up all night. She leaned quietly on the sofa, her red eyes staring blankly at the distant sky, unconsciously fiddling with the potted plants on the side of the coffee table in her hand, but her mind was repeatedly recalling what Li Mo said before leaving.

    The initiative to divorce is not in her hands. Since there is no relationship, and there are illegitimate children, the man must be willing to divorce, who would have thought otherwise.

    According to Li Mo's implicit hint, the helm of the Zhao family, the father of the original owner, is a person who loves fame. Bastard or something, in this circle, it's just a trivial matter, and most of these things won't be on the table. In private, everyone is just 50 steps and a hundred steps.

    But divorce is different.

    The Li family has been hit hard, but the lean camel is bigger than the horse, and all kinds of in-laws are fine. The riches are married, and their interests are intertwined. The marriage is not only a connection of interests but also a means to help each other, even if it is really at a critical juncture. Charcoal is given in the snow, but if you really get to the bottom of the situation, it will be the way to go.

    The Zhao family wants fame. And the most important point is that the father of the original owner was kind to the Zhao family. The Zhao family’s capital chain was broken that year. It was the original owner’s father who helped out. The Zhao family only survived the difficulties. This is how the marriage between the Zhao and Li family came about.

    Therefore, Mrs. Zhao’s position in Li Tong is very firm. Of course, as long as she doesn’t take the initiative to make mistakes and give others a handle, no matter how many illegitimate children emerge, no woman can shake her seat. At least when her father-in-law is there, she will So.

    Li Mo's last sentence is very clear. If Mrs. Zhao's seat is really changed, and the illegitimate child has the status, is it a good thing for her and Dong Yun? ! Hit the nail on the head?

    What is a good thing for this child?

    Li Tong looked at the face of the child on the bed and couldn't help falling into thought. How can she be a mother on which the child can rely? Gentle and considerate, tolerant and caring, she is confident that she can do it, but is this enough?

    She did his golden thigh, no problem. But what if one day, she is gone? After all, people are the most reliable.

    She has never raised a child, but she can also realize that the water in the Zhao family is so deep and there is no strong enough waist. Their mother and son can only act on the face of the person, which is absolutely unacceptable.

    In Li Tong's view, the Zhao family is really not righteous, and there is a big problem with the Three Views. She must not allow Zhao Dongyun to be misled and turn into a narrow-minded fool who can only take money on people. Such a family can only be called a nouveau riche, and they can't touch the side of the rich—I haven't seen a rich family that raises children so unreliably.

    She must find another way out.

    Where is the way out?

    Although it is not known in detail, Li Mo had always stood behind Dong Yun to support him before Dong Yun grew up. Later, Dong Yun grew up, and the Li family emerged.

    Li's might be a breakthrough.

    She calmed down and strengthened her spiritual protection, trying to get the usual details from the bloody memories she had received.

    A person’s memory is a huge amount of data, messy and disorganized. For the owner of the memory, the most important thing is the most obvious. It is the owner’s sadomasochism, which occupies the most obvious position in all records. I can't ignore it ==

    She has enough patience to explore Dong Yun's memories. Although the paragraph about his mother really wants to ignore it, but think about it seriously, only memories have clues to help her. Things after growing up are too far away, facts It proved that she was wrong.

    What are the memories of a child?

    Controlled by his mother, cold violence, various injuries, and tortures, he was not relieved until his mother fell ill and died when he was thirteen years old. The world of children is very small, and this world is full of negative energy. Obviously this way Nowhere.

    Li Tong returned to her senses, with cold sweat behind her back.

    At this time, the sky was already bright, and the bright sunlight shining into the ward did not bring her the slightest warmth. Li Tong stood up and stretched her waist. The sky is cloudless, and it is another sunny day. Count the time. Yun should wake up too, she should call the nanny at home and ask her to bring the soup.

    Li Tong sent the babysitter with her front foot and closed the door. The door of the back foot was pushed abruptly. A young man walked in, and the two looked at each other.

    According to Li Tong's aesthetic standards, the man who came in was considered a handsome guy.

    Wearing a suit and leather shoes, tall and long legs, he was just arrogant and disdainful. He looked at Li Tong as if she owed him a huge sum of money and had not paid it.

    "What are you doing? I can't even take care of a child!"

    Zhao Zifeng was so angry that he was very upset that he could not be divorced by his father. He also heard that his son was sick and hospitalized. For this wife, he has completely lost patience.

    "The child just slept for a while, can you keep your voice down?" Li Tong said softly without changing his face.

    "Li Tong, don't give me the whole thing, don't think I'm really afraid of the old man." Zhao Zifeng was taken aback for a while, he looked at Li Tong coldly, and said bitterly.

    "Don't still think that you are the former eldest Li, the current Li is still breathing on our Zhao family." He felt it necessary to let this person see the current situation clearly.

    Li Tong didn't have any feelings for this person. She looked at him as if she was watching an opera.

    "Don't tell me how it was before!" Zhao Zifeng looked at her unwavering face, only feeling a little blocked in his heart. He lowered his voice and said in Li Tong's ear: "My old man regrets it too, I know you Li Home has today, where would you want to repay your kindness in this way?"

    "Afeng!" Just when Li Tong was thinking about something to say, the door of the ward opened and a woman walked in.

    Li Tong heard the fame, the person who came with beautiful makeup and graceful figure was a rare beauty. As she approached, the people behind her also came into Li Tong’s sight. It was an aunt about forty. She held a pale blue baby in her arms.

    The woman glanced at her demonstratively with apricot eyes and walked towards Zhao Zifeng.

    "Afeng, our appointment with the doctor is almost up."

    Zhao Zifeng's face instantly softened, and he stopped talking to Li Tong and went out arm in arm with the woman.

    "We Dongjun slept so soundly... what a good boy..."

    Li Tong looked at the empty doorway and couldn't help but frown. She sat down, her hand continued to support her chin, but she couldn't help but think: The Li family might not have lost some money as simple as it is common for businessmen to gain or lose profits. , Money, make no more money, but Zhao Zifeng's words made Li Tong faintly feel that things are not as simple as money.

    The original owner is a person with super-strong self-esteem. Just like the original owner's husband Xiaosan's [Mistress'] way of pouring fuel on the fire, it is not difficult to imagine how much stimulation the original owner was exposed to and secretly. As an outsider, it is difficult for her to judge the original owner's personality, she can only say Zhao Dongyun's miserable childhood is definitely not the result of the original owner alone, and the scumbag's junior cannot escape responsibility.

    Li Tong sighed. The more you understand this kind of thing, the harder it is to make a conclusion. She can only find a breakthrough as soon as possible.

    The slight noise of the hospital bed pulled her mind back, and she turned her head to look over.

    On the large hospital bed, the slightly thin child was looking towards the door with his eyes open, his face could not hide his envy, Xu realized something, he turned his head slightly and met Li Tong's gaze in the air.

    Li Tong clearly felt the child tremble, and lowered her eyes, like a lamb to be slaughtered, shrinking.

    There was an inexplicable taste in her heart, and her eyes were a little hot.

    Li Tong calmed down, got up from the sofa, and sat in the corner of the hospital bed.

    Zhao Dongyun is more than seven years old this year. He is a precocious and indifferent child. More than a year ago, his life was almost entirely cared for by a nanny. His parents did not care about him much, but they still cared. Since an accident in the Li family and Zhao Zifeng's outside lover gave him an illegitimate child, his world has become turbulent.

    Father rarely pays attention to him anymore. What he faces is the attitude of his mother who is becoming more and more harsh and indifferent. The adults thought that the child didn't understand anything, but he probably understood what was going on. Zhao Dongyun seldom cried, he became more and more indifferent.

    Li Tong sighed. She was a little lucky. She came early. At least for now, the original owner's mood has not yet developed to an extreme state. There is still room for relaxation between mother and child.

    "Dong Yun, is there anything uncomfortable?" Li Tong reached out and touched the child's forehead. It was too good to be hot anymore. She had been tugging at her heart last night.

    Although Li Tong wants to ease the relationship with each other, she can't become too enthusiastic all of a sudden. This kid is too smart. If he suddenly changes too much, he might think he has any bad intentions= =

    Zhao Dongyun shook his head and said nothing.

    "If something is uncomfortable, don't hold back." Li Tong felt that he shouldn't be too hasty. The two have been together for a long time, and boiling the frog in warm water will always get better.

    "Aunt Qing especially stewed you Sydney with rock sugar. Get up and eat."

    Zhao Dongyun is very obedient and very helpful. Li Tong takes care of him to eat something, packs it up, and then goes out to buy all the recent newspapers and sits on the sofa to read it.

    She at least needs to know the difference between this world and her own, and what information she can use.

    Zhao Dongyun was hospitalized for three days and finally recovered. During these three days, mother and son rarely communicated. Li Tong was busy reading the newspaper, while Zhao Dongyun was sitting on the hospital bed and playing with his tablet, not disturbing each other, but at ease.

    The day of discharge was a sunny day. After completing the discharge procedures, when he walked out of the hospital, Zhao Dongyun's grandfather, the head of the Zhao family, finally appeared in front of Li Tong.

    A black car was parked at the exit of the hospital, the body of which was shining in the sun. Father Zhao stood in front of the car door, watching them quietly.

    The old man is now about sixty, with a high nose and sharp eyes, and his maintenance is quite good. It can be seen that Zhao Zifeng has inherited the other's slender figure, not the type of bald and big belly at all.

    "Dad." Li Tong looked down and greeted respectfully.

    "Grandpa." Zhao Dongyun put down the toy in her hand and greeted him well.

    The old man touched the top of Zhao Dongyun's head affectionately: "Dong Yun is good, how is your health?" He completely ignored Li Tong's meaning.

    It seems that she really has no status in the Zhao family. The old man looks at Dong Yun very much. This is not surprising. Li Tong is an archway in the Zhao family. He tells outsiders that the Zhao family is not ungrateful and fall into trouble. No matter how the Li family is, Li Tong is also the daughter-in-law of the Zhao family.

    Let the child go out to play with the assistant, the old man then simply took a look at Li Tong and said his intention.

    "Dong Yun is seven years old. At the age when he should be educated, I am going to bring him by my side and nurture him. After all, he is the future heir of our Zhao family." The old man paused and continued speaking with assurance: "A Tong You are Dong Yun's mother, and your blood relationship will never change under any circumstances."
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    The garden of the hospital was very quiet. Except for the sounds of birds, occasionally patients passed by. When people saw people here, they usually walked around politely.

    The dense forest shaded the sun, and the occasional sunlight passing through the gap still made Li Tong feel dazzling. She squinted, and related memories passed through her mind like the wind.

    After the death of his mother at the age of 13, Dong Yun was indeed with his father, but not now. It turns out that Elder Zhao had this idea so long ago?

    After all, the old man was the helm of the Zhao family. This meant almost to imply that Li Tong would choose Dong Yun as his heir. This was undoubtedly a very attractive bait.

    Obviously, the original owner did not agree.

    She was silent for a while before she spoke.

    "Dad has such an idea, of course, I support it." Li Tong nodded, rubbing her temples with her fingers, and her mind slowly became clear. She was able to raise a scumbag like Zhao Zifeng. She was skeptical of Father Zhao's way of raising her. She didn't recognize the Zhao family's family-style, nor did she recognize the Zhao family's three views, skills can be learned, but nothing else.

    "But I can't accept what Afeng did. I, Li Tong, married the Zhao family for nine years and never did anything to sorry the Zhao family. Dad also knows that Dong Yun may be my only child. I don't want to be separated from him. Dad wants to cultivate Dong Yun, there are many ways and methods, I just want to be with him as much as possible." Li Tong looked a little frustrated, but persisted in his words-the original owner had strong self-esteem, she said These words did not violate the original owner's nature. To a certain extent, she also wanted to test the attitude of Mr. Zhao.

    What she currently has is only the memory of Zhao Dongyun, but not the memory of the original owner himself-in Dong Yun's memory, there is no such thing between adults, and it may be because the adults have avoided him.

    "Our Zhao family is really sorry for you..." Father Zhao sighed and stood in his seat. Of course, he hopes to have many children and grandchildren. Because of his career, he has only one son, Zhao Zifeng, and naturally hopes for the third generation. It can flourish, but it's obvious that it's impossible to see it on the bright side. Looking at Li Tong, he felt regretful in his heart, but it was a pity...

    After all, it was not noon, and there was still a bit of coldness under the shade of the trees, and Li Tong straightened her coat and fastened it.

    Grandpa Zhao’s reaction made her understand one thing. Grandpa knew well about what his son was doing outside, and he was not a person who only paid attention to marriage and childbirth.

    In Li Tong's view, the third-generation method of raising the Zhao family is similar to raising Gu. It was because of the attitude of Old Man Zhao that later those illegitimate children would be so arrogant in front of Zhao Dongyun, even after Zhao Dongyun successfully reached the top, those people never stopped.

    The loser is the whetstone and stepping stone for the winner, and that is probably it.

    So, based on this inference, Mr. Zhao will probably only train Zhao Dongyun as one of his heirs, and it is estimated that he will have the same training plan for other children.

    There is no such thing as a family with a real heritage... After all, the Zhao family is only one generation, and the second generation is a character like Zhao Zifeng. Even in Zhao Dongyun’s memory, Li Tong saw that he would be vigorous in the future, but on an unstable foundation. Always bury a thunder, hide it without introducing it.

    As far as the current situation is concerned, Dong Yun's study is the top priority, but things cannot follow the old man's ideas.

    "In any case, Dad, please let me be with Dong Yun." Li Tong bowed his head and asked.

    Father Zhao's eyes flashed, this is not an excessive request. In the current situation of the Li family, A Feng was very dissatisfied with the original marriage between the two families and fell into someone else's body. For A Tong, Dong Yun is probably the only straw to save his life. Whoever changes it will want to be tight. I really don't agree with the catch, I'm afraid that with A Tong's temper, this matter can't be done well.

    "Wait for me to arrange."

    "Thank you, Dad."

    Li Tong lightly breathed a sigh of relief and watched the old man leave.

    She walked out of the garden and walked into the sun. The whole person was finally warmer. From a distance, she saw the babysitter walking by holding Dong Yun's hand.

    Dong Yun is wearing a small suit today, holding a toy in his hand and playing with it with his head down, as if to isolate the entire world. She walked quickly to meet her, feeling a little pain in her heart.

    The old man moved quickly. Three days later, the old man's assistant came to the door in person and delivered a full schedule of courses. The old man has arranged a school for Dong Yun, and all the courses arranged are after school and during the weekend.

    Li Tong simply read it and understood that the worksheet is very professional, and everything that a child of this background should learn is included.

    Dong Yun can live with her on weekdays and go back to her old house for family gatherings every weekend. Basically, it has not changed much from before.

    After sending the assistant away, she took the watch and knocked on Dong Yun's door, and walked in.

    The house they lived in was a three-story villa. Dong Yun’s room was on the second floor. The beige wallpaper was pasted with various children’s pictorials. Various toys were neatly arranged in the corner. Dong Yun sat on the carpet. I was reading a book and saw her coming in, so I closed the book and placed it neatly on the shelf beside it.

    "Dong Yun, Grandpa arranged the school for you. I will study hard in the future."

    "Yeah." Zhao Dongyun took the form, looked up at Li Tong, and said nothing.

    Li Tong sat down on the carpet and looked straight into the eyes of the little boy: "Tong Yun, adults will naturally solve the problems of adults. You don't need to worry about those things. Things you don't understand now will always understand when you grow up. No need to worry. What you have to do now is not to disappoint your grandfather's kindness, okay?"

    The little boy nodded indifferently.

    Li Tong touched his head. The child has always been relatively indifferent. Now that he can respond, it is a great improvement from the beginning.

    Li Tong left Dong Yun's room and went back to the study to tidy the newspapers. She had an appointment with Li Mo today. In recent days, apart from reading newspapers and understanding the world, she has been integrating President Zhao's memories.

    To Li Tong's surprise, in addition to the incompetence of emotional experience, other memories are simply a treasure trove and are her biggest golden finger.

    As a rich and wealthy person who was trained as an heir, President Zhao received a very comprehensive education. As a group president, he knew several times more information than ordinary people. For the current era, it is simply Called BUG.

    You hold tens of millions of assets, but with so many industries, which field is the most suitable for investment? Which industry will the national policy support the most in the future? What classic business cases have turned into text in books for others to learn? Standing ten or even twenty years later, you may know everything well, but what about ten or twenty years ago?

    All of these, President Zhao’s memory has the answer, although it is very hazy as if covered with a layer of gray yarn, the details are not real, but it is enough.

    It is gratifying that the president did not patronize and talk about feelings and unfamiliar business. Regrettably, this business is obviously not as important as feelings-if it weren't for Li Tong's carpet style, I am afraid that these dusty memories would be solidified by the glowing emotional drama.

    God knows, she doesn’t want to know how slippery the girl’s skin is, how soft her lips are, how charming her tearful look is, how beautiful the memory on the bed is = =

    Is she straighter than 90 degrees? ! Sorting out President Zhao's memory is nothing short of torture for Li Tong.

    In addition to these, Li Tong also found a very strange place. In President Zhao’s memory, there is a black hole-like existence. Some information is covered with gray yarn. You can still see one or two clearly. The black hole is black. Without a little information, Li Tong was puzzled for a long time, worked hard, but found that he could do nothing. This gave her a very bad premonition, but she could only put it aside temporarily.

    However, it can also be inferred from this that President Zhao is definitely not as indifferent as he appears on the surface, he is definitely a sentimental type ==

    But she didn't know what to do to break that indifference. She really didn't deal with children.

    Li Tong couldn't help thinking. She actually didn't know how to be a qualified mother. Her mother left too early and didn't give her a demonstration in this regard.

    What she can do is to do it in the best way she has considered, just as she did before.

    "Madam, Young Master Li is here." With the knock on the door, the servant's voice sounded.

    "Please come in." Li Tong stood up and placed the sorted newspaper on the shelf.

    Li Mo pushed the door in, he walked in a hurry, his face was exhausted, and he greeted Li Tong briefly and sat on the sofa beside him.

    He leaned on the back of the sofa with his legs upright in disregard of the image, propped his head, looked at Li Tong behind the desk, and said in a daunting manner:

    "Is something wrong with me?"

    "Did the Li family offend people?" Li Tong is straightforward. After analyzing all the financial newspapers from two years ago to this year, the financial turmoil is indeed raging. The Li family is a financial maker, of course, and the losses are huge. It also took the same path as most companies.

    Invest in multiple areas to diversify risks. The real estate industry, the food industry, and film and television investment are all involved-how can it be possible to destroy the ancients, and say no?

    Li Mo was taken aback for a moment and looked at her up and down. Li Tong wore a light blue house suit with long hair rolled up. His temperament looked calmer and gentler than usual, and he was clearly just a housewife.

    "Why are you suddenly concerned about this kind of thing? It's not like your style. Just take care of your children at home."

    "Of course I have to care, and you also know my current situation. In the eyes of the father of the Zhao family, as long as they are from the Zhao family, the child who comes out of the belly of a woman is not very different. Not to mention Zhao Zifeng, Dong Yun is still too Xiao, it will take many years for him to grow up and hold it up. I can't afford to wait." Li Tong described reality in a usual tone, with her chin in one hand and a pen in the other, drawing messy lines on the paper at will.

    After listening, Li Mo didn't speak, so he looked up and down Li Tong carefully as if looking at a stranger.

    "Heh, I thought you only had Dou Xiaosan and Tossing Child in your mind. I didn't expect that you suddenly changed your mind. It's not easy!"

    What's the matter with this inexplicable ironic tone? The relationship between this half-sibling is really not good = =

    "I have shares in Li's family." Li Tong put down the pen and put on the cap. She had already counted the property under the name of the original owner. Everyone knows that she put her chin on her hands and looked at Li Mo with a serious expression: "What do you think if I sell all those shares?"

    Li Mo condensed his ridiculous expression, widened his eyes, looked at Li Tong, and instantly became serious.

    "What do you want to do?" He was wrong, and this woman is definitely in trouble! Without tossing the little San and the child, have you started to toss your natal family? Which way is wrong in my mind...

    "Although I don't know who has offended it, it must be a high-level power." Li Tong is very satisfied with Li Mo's serious attitude: "The financial turmoil is not specifically directed at Li, but Li is the worst. Even the worst. Even your own in-laws dare not help out. Seeing you are in trouble, there is no good way to solve it?"

    She always remembered what Zhao Zifeng had said, and analyzed it, probably because of the Li family, the Zhao family was also implicated, so the old man's attitude can be explained logically.

    "It's useless if you know it. It's better not to know. Isn't it okay to be Zhao's daughter-in-law?" Li Mo put his legs down, his back straightened.

    "I also want to be obedient, but is obediently useful? Zhao Zifeng is even a little reliable, am I?!" Li Tong raised his tone, and the scumbag should go as far as he could go: "I will marry the Zhao family. , I didn't come to be angry with anyone!"

    At this moment, Li Tong felt that he had sympathy with the original owner-every woman who encountered such a thing, no one would be angry!

    "So?" Li Mo waved his hand: "You want to sell Li's shares?"

    He now seriously wants to know how the logical line of being angry and selling shares in the Zhao family formed?

    Li Tong smiled calmly when he heard the words.

    "Of course it must be sold."
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    Li Tong's plan is simple and rude. To sum it up, it is just four words, "Escape the Golden Cicada". To put it bluntly, she took advantage of the fire and robbed herself.

    Li was targeted, and the opponent is very powerful. Since no matter how hard it is to struggle, she can only find another way. Li Tong is already familiar with this matter. When she basically finds out about this situation, she has an idea. They can do it. Secretly hollowed out Li's at a low price, started a new stove, made a fortune, and waited for the hatred of the other party to transfer.

    Li Mo frowned all the way, but his eyes gradually changed when he saw Li Tong.

    "It is indeed feasible." After Li Tong finished speaking, Li Mo nodded. The method is a good method, but the risks are also huge.

    "I don't like being wronged, and I don't want to be angry with anyone. So Li can't fall. But Li is not enough." Li Tong stood up, walked to the window, and opened the blinds.

    The picturesque scenery outside the floor-to-ceiling windows, distant mountains faintly visible, the environment of the villa area is quiet and quiet, sparsely populated, and even cars are rare. Li Tong still likes the environment of this house.

    Although I don't know what kind of enemy he has made, when Li is down, it must be time for the other party to calm down. But Li Tong can't get a divorce. She will continue to hang around at Zhao's house. Li must be there, even if it's a hollowed-out shell.

    "What do you want to do?" Li Mo stood up, walked to Li Tong, and looked out the window together. After seeing this scenery so many times, what's more interesting?

    "Save the Li family." Why did Li Mo react so slowly? She said so clearly: "If you can't help it, you won't be able to empty it slowly?" Is it difficult? It depends on who does it. Who is Li Mo? ? The current head of the Li family.

    "I will register an offshore company as soon as possible, with my left hand over my right hand, but it's better to drag Li on the surface."

    "Based on what I know about you, I can't trust you." Li Mo looked at the people beside him and answered frankly. He is here now, after listening to these words, he can still be calm. He feels that he is already a big heart. If I changed to someone else, I guess I’ve already called the mental hospital. After all, I haven’t seen this person caring about money, company, etc. in such a sudden change in 20 or 30 years, so no one dares to trust it at will?

    "Do you think I would like to spend that brain cell? Zhao Zifeng can give birth to an illegitimate child, two or three... I always have to plan for Dong Yun." Li Tong looked out the window with her chest, and the sunlight at this time Not glaring, but she still squinted her eyes slightly.

    "We can try it first." Li Tong twitched his lips: "Look at the results before making a decision."

    "If you keep not making a decision, I will leave Li aside and do it myself." Li Tong finally turned around and looked at Li Mo next to him. The timing is fleeting, and I am afraid that it will be very troublesome. It looks good, she still has to leave a good reputation for the original owner.

    The original owner fell ill and died at the age of thirteen. Li Tong didn't know if she would leave at that time. She didn't have much time, and there was not so much to hesitate.

    Li Mo's expression finally disappeared when he finally returned, and when he left, he was at a loss and confused.

    Li Tong watched him leave with worry-in this state, do you need to find him a driver? But this thought flashed past, she had more things to do, Li Mo had no problem...

    Dong Yun quickly started to study the course. Xu was because Li Tong had been with him at the beginning, and the relationship between the two broke a lot. Even though they were still very cold, they could talk a few words occasionally. Most of the topics are: "Can you understand what the teacher said?" "Yeah." "Anything you don't understand?" "No."

    "Are you tired of studying?"


    Li Tong often wondered whether he had accepted the wrong memory-in fact, the person in front of him and the hero in the memory are two people? Yes?

    So indifferent, what is not good to learn, to learn from other sadomasochism? Can he really be a fairy tale? ! It should be an orphan! Li Tong Mingming felt very distressed for his teenage years, but occasionally he could not help but complain about this son ==

    The old house of the Zhao family is a castle-style villa hidden in the green woods on the hillside.

    There are gurgling streams in front of the villa, and green hills behind the villa. This is a quiet villa area where only a few families live and are far away from each other. If you don't drive, you will have to go to the nearest neighbor for a while.

    The driver opened the door, and Li Tong took Dong Yun down and was soon led into the house by his servant.

    The current elders of the Zhao family are left with Mr. Zhao and Mrs. Zhao. There are no complicated relatives and the population is relatively simple.

    When the two entered the door, the Zhao family was unexpectedly lively, and it seemed that other people had also returned.

    "This child is so cute, the bridge of the nose is exactly the same as when you were a kid!"

    Li Tong looked around and saw that in the spacious and bright living room, Mrs. Zhao was sitting on the sofa with a child in her arms. Zhao Zifeng leaned on the back of the sofa. The two talked affectionately and laughed from time to time.

    Seeing Li Tong and Zhao Dongyun, the laughter stopped abruptly. Mrs. Zhao was a little embarrassed. She handed the child in her arms to Zhao Zifeng beside her and waved at Zhao Dongyun: "Dongyun is here. I haven't seen you for a long time. We will be here soon." Come, show it to grandma."

    Li Tong let go of Dong Yun's hand, patted him on the back, and encouraged: "Dong Yun, say hello to grandma."

    "Hello grandma!" Zhao Dongyun greeted her well.

    "Hey, come here."

    Zhao Dongyun looked up at Li Tong, lowered his eyelashes, and walked forward without saying a word.

    "Look at this kid being taught by you. It's getting prettier and prettier." Zhao Zifeng sneered while coaxing the kid in his arms.

    Li Tong directly ignored him. Educational magazines stated that parents quarreling in front of their children is not conducive to the children's mental health.

    "Mom, Dong Yun looks good." Li Tong sat down on the single sofa next to him, directly treating Zhao Zifeng as air, and continued with a smile: "Dong Yun has always had a good appetite recently, and now he is studying very hard. His schoolwork The teacher praised him several times."

    Li Tong always wanted to praise her son, but because of Zhao Dongyun's indifferent attitude, she was too embarrassed to be too enthusiastic. Now that she has a rare opportunity, she must praise her.

    "Really, Dong Yun is so powerful?!" Mrs. Zhao likes this grandson very much, so she is naturally willing to listen to good things.

    "Of course." Li Tong looked at his son, the little guy's ears were red. She couldn't help being a little funny, but she was also shy, she was a child.

    Just like making a report, Li Tong began to talk about his son in detail with Mrs. Zhao. Dong Yun was not a self-willed child, and there was nothing wrong with Li Tong's mouth.

    Zhao Zifeng on the side was impatient when he heard it, and couldn't help but interrupt again: "What a beloved mother!" As he said, he winked at Madam Zhao.

    The meat show came so fast, I really couldn't bear it. Li Tong sighed.

    Mrs. Zhao understood her son's meaning and smiled at Zhao Dongyun.

    "Dong Yun hasn't seen Grandpa for a long time, and Grandpa misses you too much. He is in the study, and Dong Yun will go to see Grandpa." After that, he invited servants and led Zhao Dongyun to the second floor.

    Li Tong leaned on the sofa and took a sip of tea. The black tea is mellow and sweet, but it suits her taste. With black tea, it is a lovely dessert, sweet but not greasy.

    When Zhao Dongyun disappeared, Mrs. Zhao lowered her head, picked up the teacup, and drank slowly.

    The two mothers-in-law and daughter-in-law agreed to have tea, and the atmosphere was quiet and leisurely.

    The living room of the old house is tastefully decorated. On the black-and-white marble coffee table, there are flowers picked in the morning, and the dew is still on the petals, which is not touching. Colorful oil paintings hung on the walls, touching hearts and souls. In front of the floor-to-ceiling windows on the side, the white screens were blown by the wind. Drinking tea in such an environment is particularly refreshing.

    Zhao Zifeng couldn't bear his temper. He sat down on the sofa opposite Li Tong, coughed slightly, and looked at Mrs. Zhao.

    Mrs. Zhao gently put down the teacup, and took a look at him, with a look of hatred for iron and steel.

    "Tongtong, you and Zifeng have been married for nine years." Mrs. Zhao spoke slowly.

    "Yes, mom." Li Tong put down his teacup. It seems that Mrs. Zhao is so scumbag and Mrs. Zhao contributed a lot. Can you wipe all kinds of ass? Only rubbing the butt but not discipline, this is what a kind mother is more defeated.

    Mrs. Zhao was originally looking forward to this daughter-in-law. Nine years have passed. This expectation has long since disappeared. She was not willing to care about the affairs of the younger generation. However, the current situation of her son and daughter-in-law does not work. After all, the son is her own son, and she begged to be a mother, so she can only carry him as much as possible.

    Mrs. Zhao was very soft at first, and she scolded Zhao Zifeng from Li Tong's position, and then mentioned the Li family. In the Li family’s situation, the Zhao family can only do their best to help, so that Li Tong can be relieved and talk sweetly. After a while, the voice changed and the meaning changed again.

    The family business of the Zhao family is really thin. Although Zhao Zifeng made a mistake for a while, no matter what the child is the Zhao family, it is not a matter of keeping it outside. Although it is not Li Tong’s biological, but Raising by your side, after a long time, there will be felt, not necessarily worse than the biological ones.

    Li Tong looked at Mrs. Zhao. Although she thought of what Mrs. Zhao might say when she was looking for her, she didn't expect that she would say such things as the lady in the house. Sure enough, her father-in-law’s safety measures were done too well. Was it the reason that he didn’t add any blockage? Or does her mother-in-law actually traveled from ancient times?

    Is it the same as the one who can be born by herself? Not necessarily worse than your own? Do you count on the Zhao family's way of education? What an unreliable person can say! Zhao family, really unreliable people in the family ==

    "Mom, I understand what you mean. Your elders have spoken. Of course, I am a junior." Li Tong looked at Zhao Zifeng's undisguised joy on the opposite side, and she was incompetent:

    "Raising a child is a big deal, but it's just a drop in the bucket. Our Zhao family has a big business, naturalization, where is such a simple thing." Li Tong paused, picked up the teacup on the table, and took a sip slowly. The tea was slightly cool, which completely lost her interest.

    "First of all, I have to prove that this child is of the Zhao family. Has DNA tested it?" Li Tong put down the teacup and directly ignored Zhao Zifeng, who pointed at her with a finger on the other side, and proceeded on his own.

    "The little girls are all messing up right now. Mom knows that Zifeng is a careless person. You can't let someone bring your child to the door. If you say it belongs to our family, we will admit it."

    Seeing Zhao Zifeng's face flashed on the opposite side, he pointed at her, as if he was about to swear, Li Tong didn't give him a chance to interrupt and continued: "It's from the Zhao family, I'm naturally happy that Dong Yun has a right-hand man to help."

    "Mum should also be able to see that we Dong Yun is a well-behaved and untroubled child. Who can tell what kind of character this child is when he is so young? Or, let's wait for the child to grow up. Say it again?"

    Seeing Zhao Zifeng and Mrs. Zhao's increasingly unkind expressions, Li Tong smiled slightly: "Mom, Zifeng and I are still young. There is no shortage of children in our Zhao family."

    "If you look at the children with good character and we are all raised by them, I would also be happy."
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    "Mom, I want to divorce her!" Zhao Zifeng couldn't bear it and stood up. He looked at Li Tong with a grim face and bad eyes, as if Li Tong was his enemy, and he would go up and tear a piece of flesh off the next time he breathed.

    His voice was too loud, and the child in his arms cried out. The man was so angry that he didn't have the patience to coax the child, so he slipped into the arms of the servant standing beside him.

    Mrs. Zhao waved to the servant: "Take the young master down first!"

    Watching the servant take away the child, the old lady said slowly: "Zifeng, what are you talking about!"

    "Mom! What do you listen to what she is talking about? It's just a daughter who has settled down, and what kind of eldest is she! Why doesn't your son go to the DNA inspection!" Zhao Zifeng's face flushed, and his speech was incoherent.

    "Zhao Zifeng!"

    Before Li Tong had time to get angry, he heard the voice of Mr. Zhao explode like spring thunder.

    At the entrance of the stairs on the second floor, there were both old man Zhao and Dong Yun ancestors and grandchildren standing quietly. I don't know how long they listened. The old man was as cold as ice, and Zhao Dongyun was indifferent as water.

    "Dad..." Zhao Zifeng's face instantly turned from red to white.

    "Are you crazy? Still, drinking too much? What nonsense!" The old man dragged Dong Yun downstairs slowly.

    Li Tong hurriedly greeted him, and took Dong Yun's other hand, with a slightly cool touch, which made Li Tong tremble.

    "Dad." Li Tong turned around and frowned at Old Man Zhao and asked, "I want to ask, what am I saying wrong?"

    "What is my son?" Li Tong turned to Zhao Zifeng again: "If you doubt Dong Yun's blood, we can do DNA. I can't accept the label of suspicious life on my son."

    "I don't think Dong Yun can accept his father's suspicion."

    "Naughty!" Father Zhao pointed at Zhao Zifeng, his fingers trembling slightly because of his anger: "Are you fascinated by the fox spirits? Talk nonsense! Of course, Dong Yun is a descendant of the Zhao family!"

    "Dad... I am not..." Zhao Zifeng hesitated to explain.

    "Master, don't be angry, your heart is important." Mrs. Zhao quickly got up, walked quickly over, stroked her husband's chest: "Zifeng, apologize quickly!"

    Mr. Zhao slowly took a breath, and the ups and downs of his chest eased: "I think what A Tong said is reasonable, so I will do what A Tong said." Turning his head and facing Mrs. Zhao, he rebuked: " Don’t get involved with junior matters."

    When Mrs. Zhao heard the words, she could only nod her head, she glanced at Li Tong with a complicated expression but stopped speaking.

    For lunch, because of Zhao Zifeng, the atmosphere of the table was not good. Even so, Li Tong ate satisfactorily. The ingredients were fresh. The chef of the Zhao family was very skilled. Dong Yun had a good appetite. He drank half a bowl of soup.

    In the afternoon, Father Zhao inspected Zhao Dongyun's homework, praised him, and did not leave them for dinner.

    "Are you going to divorce Dad?"

    When entering the gate, Zhao Dongyun suddenly asked.

    Li Tong was a little surprised, she turned around.

    The child stood there, staring at her with black and white eyes, with a very serious expression.

    "There is no such plan for the time being." This is the first time the child has spoken to her with more than two words, and Li Tong is full of joy.

    Li Tong seriously considered divorce. Although according to Li Mo, the Zhao family did not intend to dissolve her marriage with Zhao Zifeng, and even Father Zhao wanted to maintain it, but if she really wants to get a divorce, there is no way. too much.

    After careful consideration, she decided not to divorce for the time being, because Zhao Dongyun's custody rights would be a considerable issue if she divorced. After all, she is in a disadvantaged position, and even if there is a way to reverse it, it will take time.

    With Zhao Zifeng's shabby vision, he didn't need to guess what kind of stepmother could Dong Yun find.

    She cannot take risks, so she can only maintain this state temporarily.

    "Oh." The child nodded blankly.

    "Dong Yun, where is your hope?" Li Tong squatted down and looked into the child's eyes.

    Zhao Dongyun lowered his eyelashes for a while, looked at Li Tong, and said, "I don't know."

    Li Tong smiled and touched his hair: "Dong Yun, my mother hurt you before. It was my mother's fault, not because Dong Yun did something wrong."

    Li Tong wanted to say many things a long time ago, but there has never been a good opportunity. It is rare for a child to talk to her more today, and she naturally does not hide it.

    "You didn't do anything wrong, Dong Yun is a very good child. The fault is father and mother." Li Tong touched the child's hair with a serious expression. She recently took the time to read a lot of children's psychology magazines and learned. Quite a few things.

    "Mom has recognized her mistakes and corrected them seriously. But Dad didn't. Dad treated Dong Yun badly, not because Dong Yun did not do well, but because Dad did not realize that he was wrong. "Although that man is scumbag whether he is a husband or a father, Li Tong doesn't want to talk bad about his father in front of the children.

    "Really..." The child's black and white eyes were full of unbelief.

    Li Tong smiled happily: "Of course. Do you think Grandpa trained Dad today?"

    "Yeah." The child nodded.

    "But grandpa praised Dong Yun, didn't he?" Li Tong patted the child on the shoulder. The child is too thin, so she still has to try to replenish his body: "Look, both grandpa and mother think it's the father's fault. , It is Dad who should be corrected."

    "Today is too tired, let's go in, take a good rest, and have class tomorrow." Li Tong stood up and stretched out his hand.

    "Yeah!" The child reached out and took Li Tong's hand, and the two entered the door hand in hand.

    So, they are finally reconciled~

    This is a rather unexpected surprise.

    Although Zhao Zifeng could hardly see anyone, Li Tong could see that Dong Yun still cared about his father.

    Before probably breaking his heart, the child would naturally fall in love with his parents. In this case, she would try to make Zhao Zifeng appear in front of Dong Yun as little as possible. Zhao Zifeng didn’t care about Dong Yun, he said nothing. Putting Dong Yun in his eyes, the two have been in contact for a long time, Dong Yun will definitely be sad.

    If you have little contact, you might be able to leave a good impression. When Dong Yun grows up, he will naturally understand that President Zhao is a smart person, and Dong Yun will naturally be too.

    Although Li Mo did not trust Li Tong, he did something. Through an offshore shell company, Li Tong bought a small financial company that was on the verge of bankruptcy under Li’s at a low price. After making a facelift, he added some real estate under his own name in the name of helping Li and started his own investment layout. She didn't avoid Li Mo. He knew everything that should be known. Even so, he was still confused and always felt that this sister was very unreliable = =

    This is a field that Li Tong is familiar with, not to mention that she has the memory of President Zhao. President Zhao is also a person who has studied finance. It is not difficult to find a quick earning point. With money, she can naturally do more.

    As a qualified mother, it goes without saying that you can make money and raise a baby, but you can't ignore the company of your children because of busy work.

    During the day when Dong Yun goes to school, she concentrates most of her work in this time period. At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, after Dong Yun is over, Li Tong picks him up. There is a class to invite a teacher to come home. Naturally, it is best, but she needs to go out. Li Tong accompanied him all the way.

    Dong Yun had a self-defense fighting class, so Li Tong took clothes and went to the next door to exercise. The original owner died of illness when Dong Yun was thirteen years old, so she paid special attention to her health. There is also fitness equipment at home. She runs for an hour a day and takes Dong Yun to the hospital to check her body on a monthly basis. It seems that both of them are in good health with no problems at all.

    Li Mo sometimes comes, and the two brothers and sisters occasionally go to the leisure area to drink tea.

    Li Mo is really kind to Dong Yun. He will bring all kinds of toys to Dong Yun to play with him. In front of his uncle, Dong Yun is more like a child, so Li Tong is also happy to advise him, even occasionally. I'm a bit jealous, but this is a problem left over from history, and I can't blame anyone.

    The time was spent in a busy schedule. Li Tong calculated that the time to close the line was almost the same, and she was satisfied with the profit. With her hard work, Dong Yun began to talk to her actively, even the number of words increased. , She felt that her hard work was rewarded, and she was naturally happy.

    She was in a happy mood-she received a call from Zhao Zifeng, and what was disheartening was that she finally realized that he still had a son and wanted to connect with him.

    He obviously has the keys to the house and wants to connect with each other, but she didn't stop people from entering the door-although she wanted to do so very much.

    Zhao Zifeng directly confessed that he only wanted to see his son and only wanted to connect with his son.

    Makes her self-satisfied, want to face?

    Li Tong thought for a while and replied that she wanted to ask Dong Yun what she meant. Regardless of the anger of the other side, she hung up the phone.

    She couldn't stop the father and son when they met, but she had made up her mind long ago to prevent Zhao Zifeng from contacting Dong Yun, so she naturally made relevant preparations.

    She naturally wanted to ask the child's opinion first. Dong Yun hesitated for a while before asking, "Does my mother want me to see Dad?"

    This child is really keen.

    "If your father realizes that he has made a mistake and is willing to correct it, of course, the mother will not stop Dong Yun from seeing his father." Of course, Li Tong is not happy, but she doesn't want to be too obvious in front of her children, because she too didn't want to make Dong Yun embarrassed. If Dong Yun was not seven but seventeen this year, she would have explained to him clearly.

    Alas, if there is a problem in the relationship between the husband and wife, the child is probably the most difficult thing to do.

    "That's Dong Yun's father. It is normal to meet Dong Yun." What Li Tong can do is to play down his attitude on this matter as much as possible.

    "Yeah." Dong Yun nodded and his eyes lit up.

    Obviously, the child wants to see his father.

    Alas, expecting Zhao Zifeng to be reliable, Li Tong still finds it difficult.

    So when Zhao Zifeng came to pick up Dong Yun that day, he saw the two tall and strong black super bodyguards, and they almost quarreled again.

    On quarreling, Zhao Zifeng is definitely not Li Tong's opponent.

    What's more, Li Tong is justified and well-founded: "Our Zhao family is not an ordinary person. I don't want Dong Yun to meet him because of kidnapping, but that is my only son. How can I protect him."

    "As for you? I'm Dong Yun's father, can't I protect him!" Zhao Zifeng felt that the woman in front of him was really unreasonable.

    "Just your body..." Li Tong smiled: "This bodyguard will not hinder your father-son relationship. They are very experienced. Besides, they can protect you by the way. What's your dissatisfaction." Li Tong couldn't help but flip. I roll my eyes, I don't know what to do!

    Zhao Zifeng said that he could only take away the bodyguard with a black face.
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    "Just like that, let Zhao Zifeng take Dong Yun away?"

    Li Mo was dumbfounded. It wasn't like a woman who was so possessive could do.

    "After all, it's Dong Yun's father. Besides those who have bodyguards, what are you afraid of?" Li Tong said while watering the potted plants in the garden, watching the water drops rolling on the emerald leaves, making people feel better for no reason.

    Of course, she knew who was the problem.

    Human mentality, having a child, and not having a child are completely different things. Whether it is for money or love to be someone else’s lover, once a child is born, one’s appetite will increase and expectations will rise.

    Especially when her seat is still stable in the main room.

    Li Mo watched her seriously watering, and then grabbed a yellow leaf next to him.

    Li Tong glanced at him and nodded his chin: "There are scissors next to it."

    Li Moyiyan picked up the scissors and clicked, "I agree to the matter you mentioned."

    God knows that Li Mo has been in the same mood as riding a roller coaster this time, up and down, and he is very nervous. When he sees the profit, he hardly believes his eyes.

    He was a little bit responsive to the Zhao family, and a little grateful.

    Ge Ying is of course because of the illegitimate child, and the gratitude is because the reason why this person works hard is the inspiration from the Zhao family.

    "Oh." Li Tong nodded naturally, she did not have any movement in her hands, she concentrated on watering the flowers.

    "Li's is indeed a very offensive person." Li Mo looked at Li Tong, his scissors did not stop, and a leaf fell from his feet.

    "Look at the cut." Li Tong felt distressed.

    Li Moyangyang closes, this one, is your focus wrong?

    "Is it an enemy who never dies?" After a long while, Li Tong put down the spray and wiped the water stains on his hands.

    "That's not enough." Li Mo shook his head, and another pair of scissors clicked down. No matter how the mall would offend people like this, they are not a triad...

    "It's just a momentary omission, I just looked away." Li Mo said with some sarcasm.

    "Oh, since the other party doesn't need us to go bankrupt and pay for our lives, then forget it." Li Tong is distressed and numb. Can this one just cut the dead branches? But looking at Li Mo's unconsciousness, he didn't want to talk about him.

    She wasn't here to solve this kind of troublesome thing, this kind of thing that deviated too far from her goal, she couldn't be interested, if it weren't for Li Mo, she wouldn't even bother to mention it. Li Mo, if she really can't survive Dong Yun's thirteenth year, before Dong Yun turns eighteen, all the wealth she has on hand will only be in Li Mo's hands, so she will be especially concerned about him.

    Now the situation is different from what President Zhao remembered. She always observes Li Moduo.

    Li Mo was silent for a while, and his mood was complicated. Now, this situation is almost as good as the bankruptcy? ! The other party only gave Li a hard blow at the beginning of the layout, and then stopped taking action. However, Li's fall into the current situation is mostly due to the fact that competitors in the mall took advantage of the fire to rob, and the ability to reach out to help is due to the other party. He dare not act.

    Li Tong glanced at Li Mo. Li Mo is a handsome guy with long legs and a handsome appearance. Coupled with his high net worth, naturally, there is no shortage of femininity. Although Li Tong has no memory of the original owner, she looks for all who should investigate. People checked it clearly. She can't occupy someone's body, but she doesn't even know the general situation of the other's relatives.

    Li Mo had a childhood sweetheart. The two of them were admitted to college, and they held a wedding banquet. This is a well-known thing in the circle, but the two parties broke the marriage contract before the financial turmoil, and the bride soon married someone else. , Among the many hidden feelings, how can the so-called emotional discord be explained?

    She knew Li Mo didn't want to mention it. But can he not cut it? Can I just let go of that potted plant?

    "What is your goal? Revenge against Zhao Zifeng?" Li Mo followed Li Tong's gaze and looked at the potted plant that was about to be cut off by himself, embarrassedly put down the scissors, and changed the subject.

    "Retaliation?" Li Tong snorted coldly, "How can Zhao Zifeng have such a big face, it's worth my effort."

    Li Tong picked up the poor potted plant and looked left and right. Well, it can be saved.

    The potted plant in her hand is more important than Zhao Zifeng's. He just gave birth to an illegitimate child outside. Is it worth her revenge? She has no feelings for Zhao Zifeng at all, not even a betrayal.

    "Then you want a divorce?" Li Mo shifted his gaze, Sunwan's garden was beautifully dreamy, and the setting sun coated the person with the flowerpot beside him with a layer of orange as if it did not look like a real person.

    When the cool breeze blew, the man wore a bare skirt and swayed open, his hair was flying, and his eyebrows were blurred. The whole person seemed to have met for the first time, so strange.

    He shook his head, it must be that the sunset was so beautiful, he was stunned.

    "Not for the time being." Li Tong shook her head. She stroked the wind-blown hair and tied her ponytail with the leather buckle on her wrist: "I want to make sure that Dong Yun is the most upright heir of the Zhao family. Although I don't like it. Zhao’s family, but there is no need for cheap outsiders."

    The total wealth of the Zhao family is more than eight billion. Although Li Tong is confident that she definitely makes more than that, but she is also telling the truth. There is no need to make others cheaper.

    It really broke the Zhao family, and it was Dong Yun that was lost. It's better to use a whetstone to sharpen Dong Yun, right and as a process of growth.

    All she needs to do is to ensure that Dong Yun grows up mentally and physically, and not to be bullied by uninfluenced people. As for the relationship, she still hopes that Dong Yun's EQ can be higher than that of President Zhao-if she met such an abuser, she would have castrated the person while the other party was asleep.

    Alas, the heart of raising a child is endless. Golden thighs are not good...

    "This goal is easy." Li Mo regained his dignified appearance. He moved his gaze away from Li Tong and looked towards the sky. The clouds in the sky are like scales of fish, and the layers are swaying and beautiful.

    At this moment, he seemed to lift the burden from his shoulders: "With your strength, isn't it too simple?"

    "But I like Dong Yun this child or Li will also let Dong Yun bear it in the future."

    "The beauty you want!" Li Tong refused without hesitation: "Do you want to exhaust my son?"

    She put down the potted plants, stood beside Li Mo, encircled her chest, and looked at him seriously.

    "Li's surname is Li, Dong Yun's surname is Zhao, Dong Yun will naturally have me and Zhao family in the future, don't say this again, don't think again."

    "It's just a joke..." Li Mo unnaturally looked away and looked away.

    "But then again," Li Tong looked at Li Mo up and down, half-heartedly joking: "You are not young this year. Although the aunt doesn't care about you, she should have some plans for life-long events. Although Li's It may become worse and worse, but if you are lucky, you may find someone who is willing to share your troubles. Besides, you are not bad, so you won't even miss a person who covets your beauty. "

    There is no trace of his aunt in President Zhao's memory. Wouldn't this guy remain unmarried for a lifetime? How infatuated is this? Li Tong thought of Li Mo's lace news in the newspaper before and found it a little weird.

    "Cough cough." Li Mo's face flushed, "You care about me." Then he changed the subject and talked about his next plan.

    Li Tong had already thought about the next step. Li has invested in film and television. Although this part is currently in a state of suspension, Li Tong has an idea and can just buy it cheap...

    She almost explained this part to Li Mo briefly, and when the work was completed, Li Mo left.

    The sun was about to set, and there was a slight coolness in the air, wrapped tightly in the fringed shawl. When leaving the garden on the roof, Li Tong dialed Dong Yun's cell phone.

    After briefly confirming Dong Yun's safety, Li Tong just told him to come back early and hung up the phone.

    For details, wait for Dong Yun to come back and ask again.

    What exactly does Zhao Zifeng want to do? As Li Tong went down the stairs, he was thinking about it, saying that he suddenly found out that he had a sense of responsibility as a father, unless he came in to do tasks like himself, otherwise Li Tong didn't believe it at all.

    This person must have a purpose, just Zhao Zifeng's brain, not for the lover, but for the illegitimate child. This inference is probably the reason for the count.

    Dong Yun is just a kid, what can he do with him?

    Soon there was an answer to Li Tong's guess, without Li Tong asking, Dong Yun told her when he came back.

    "Dad said it was my younger brother, let me play with him." Dong Yun looked at Li Tong with a question on his face: "Mom, is that younger brother?"

    This is going to be a family route-it is difficult for Zhao Zifeng's head to come up with such a trick.

    "Does Dong Yun like to play with his younger brother?" Li Tong asked.

    "Can cry." Dong Yun frowned, his face a little impatient.

    "From then on, if Dad wants to see Dong Yun, let him come to our house." Li Tong concluded.

    "Yeah." Dong Yun nodded.

    Sending Dong Yun to wash and sleep, Li Tong looked at the night scene by the window and called Zhao Zifeng.

    "Dong Yun's homework arrangements are very tight. In the future, you will have a relationship with your son. Either you will come home to live, or you will wait for the weekend to return to the old house. I think my father should be happy to get together with our family."

    "I don't even have the freedom to meet my children?" Zhao Zifeng said angrily.

    "No, you come back to live, I promise you can see your son every day. Or wait for the weekend party in the old house, everyone can get together, not only can see the children, but also honor the elderly, and kill two birds with one stone." Li Tong admired Looking at the succulents on the balcony while offering opinions in a relaxed tone.

    "If you are not satisfied with these, we can take our son out together. I don't mind being wronged and play a happy family of three with you. But Zhao Zifeng, please listen to me, next time you dare to take my son to see somehow For the sake of my son’s safety, I will definitely call the police."

    "Li Tong, please listen to me too: You give up! It's impossible for me and you!" Zhao Zifeng is firm.

    Without saying much, he hung up the phone with a "pop".

    Li Tong had long known from the bodyguard's report that Zhao Zifeng took Dong Yun not only to meet his illegitimate son but also to see his little lover. Due to the presence of the bodyguard, the other party didn't do anything extraordinary.

    This thing is really disgusting to Li Tong.

    This is to let Dong Yun cultivate a relationship with the other party-what do you want to do, take advantage of the child's smallness, draw him around? He really thought he made tofu!

    Li Tong turned around, sat at the desk, and pulled out a folder. Not only did she find private investigators to investigate the relatives and friends of the original owner and the original owner, but also investigated Zhao Zifeng's mistress.

    She held the folder and didn't open it. She had no feelings for Zhao Zifeng, and there was no hatred for his junior, not even disgust.

    The other party has a trick, it doesn't matter if you come to her, but if you want to make ideas on Dong Yun, you can't blame her for being rude.
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    Zhao Zifeng's mistress was his former assistant. He joined the Zhao Group after graduation. With her outstanding appearance, she fell in love with Zhao Zifeng at the New Year's Eve dance party and entered the general manager's office.

    Later, she became Zhao Zifeng's lover logically, and gave birth to his son more than a year ago.

    Coming from an ordinary family, studying well, studying is the key point. Even as a middle-level member of the Zhao Group, her work performance is also outstanding, and there is no shortage of young talents who pursue her.

    Such a girl chose to be Zhao Zifeng's mistress, lover... Li Tong can only think that it is probably true love.

    It's just that after this action, you can see that the girl's picture is not small, but judging from the memory of President Zhao, this is quite true.

    Two sons and a daughter... both came out of this belly. As for Zhao Zifeng's other lovers, President Zhao's memory is very vague, probably speaking, Zhao Zifeng is still in love.

    After the original owner passed away, this one got his wish. However, it is a pity that the quantity is not as high as the quality. Zhao Dongyun is still in charge of the Zhao Group.

    This kind of person and Li Tong are not in the same rank at all.

    Li Tong thought for a while, it's better to seek professional help for things like Dou Xiaosan.

    In front of Li Tong is a small garden house.

    The ancient European-style buildings are located at the northernmost part of the city, which is incompatible with the bustling city. This is one of the most famous neighborhoods in the city, and it is also Li Tong's home, or the former home.

    As the weather is getting hotter, the colorful tulips in front of the house are swaying, without the slightest sluggishness, and even the lawn is repaired in order, which shows that the hostess here is a very delicate person.

    Li Tong came this time just to see her.

    "I'm here, I'm still waiting for what to do outside." The communicator by the door of the floral iron fence looked like, and the speaker's tone was a little arrogant and slow and elegant.

    She glanced slightly, lifted the shoulder strap of the lambskin bag, and strode in.

    "Ms. Wen." Li Tong opened the wooden door and saw the woman sitting on the sofa who read the newspaper with her own charming temperament, and smiled softly, "Long time no see."

    It's really been a long time since I saw it. If it wasn't for Zhao Zifeng's little mistress to be too annoying, she wouldn't want to trouble this one at all.

    Wen Anyuan casually put down the newspaper in her hand, slender hand lifted her lower temples, her face turned slightly to the side, she was so good, she made a sudden glance, and mistakenly thought it was the queen who was swaying the wind and clouds on the big screen.

    Just a closer look, the slight crow's feet in the corner of her eyes revealed her age, and she hated the years for not forgiving.

    "Say, what's the matter?"

    Li Tong's smile was very calm. She had been able to deal with this stepmother a long time ago. After living for many years, the edges and corners were almost polished, not to mention that it was not a bloody plot like a junior high.

    "I'm afraid Li Mo told you in advance?"

    "Well, I mentioned it." Wen Anyuan raised the glass teapot and poured a cup of freshly brewed scented tea for Li Tong herself. In an instant, the rich jasmine fragrance permeated, "Where is Xiao Dongyun, didn't you come?"

    Sunlight pours on the coffee table through the huge floor-to-ceiling glass windows, and the afternoon time makes people feel very comfortable.

    After returning home, Li Tong was particularly relaxed, leaning on the sofa and chatting a few words, he became a little groggy, and suddenly heard the other party mention his son. She wakes up immediately: "Bring it to you next time."

    While speaking, she accidentally glanced at the newspaper Wen Anyuan was reading.

    A photo of Yan Yan holding a trophy was printed on the page, and the woman in the photo was so beautiful. And the title next to it is even more conspicuous-"Boom! XX media revealed that after the film and film, or will come back."

    Li Tong was slightly taken aback, seeing the crease of the newspaper, as if he had been read many times, and suddenly understood something.

    My stepmother probably wanted to make a scene.

    However, after Li's accident, she announced that she would stop shadowing and return to X University to teach. It is not dazzling but also seeking stability. It is better to stand in a place that is highly anticipated and let people mention the fallen Li family over and over again. It is better for Mang to always stare behind his back.

    "Looking at your complexion, did you have a good time?" Ms. Wen said with a smile.

    "Well, it's okay..." Li Tong slowly said his intention.

    "Zifeng's work is really undecent, but this matter is not suitable for you to come forward." Ms. Wen thought more far-reaching: "I'll let me do it silently."

    After finishing talking, Ms. Wen made a phone call, and after hanging up, she said to Li Tong: "You haven’t been home for a long time. You should have stayed here for dinner, but this matter makes it better to come out silently. You don’t need to worry. ."

    Ms. Wen is born with a sense of trust, and Li Tong is naturally kind. She also decided to bring Dong Yun back to see her frequently. The atmosphere of this home is more reassuring, and she will like it if she wants to come to Dong Yun.

    Li Mo drove Li Tong back. In the car, Li Mo asked Li Tong, "Didn't we discuss this matter personally? What's wrong with you?"

    Li Tong knew that before Ms. Wen had time to talk to this person, she simply explained that it was not because of the investment. It takes time for the film and television investment company to buy and sell the ownership. Of course, the two of them do not see the light. Don't touch your hands.

    She just wanted to find some girls who were more beautiful and temperament than Zhao Zifeng's junior to help her act.

    "It seems you really give up on who?" Li Mo didn't expect this one to come up with such a trick.

    "The Zhao family also has an investment in this area, without Zhao Zifeng's hands, but at any rate, he can be regarded as Zhao's prince, how is it a little charming." Li Tong smiled slightly, the scenery outside the window is so beautiful, she wants to keep up the good mood.

    "Are you not afraid that he will give you another bastard?" Li Mo raised his eyebrows and looked at Li Tong in the back seat through the rearview mirror.

    "Do you think I would be afraid of this?" Li Tong raised his eyebrows, and their eyes met in the rearview mirror.

    Li Mo retreated, looked away, and looked forward. A woman is terrible, especially when she is ruthless to you.

    "Not every pretty girl is interested in him." Li Tong fussed the bangs blown away by the wind and raised the windowpane. She always felt that there are still fewer people like Zhao Zifeng's Xiaosan [Mistress].

    "In fact, I just want to come to some stairway encounters, wine encounters, this kind of simple drama, to find a sense of crisis for that person, don't take your time to hit Dong Yun's head, really think you are the most beautiful in the world, Zhao Zifeng It must be her."

    "Of course, if those pretty girls really have deeper ideas and skills, I don't object."

    "Okay." Li Mo had no choice but to accept her statement.

    "However, Li Mo, look for a woman to open your eyes and check carefully. Zhao Zifeng is the best lesson, but don't overcorrect." Li Tong smiled and looked at Li Mo in the rearview mirror.

    "I know, I know." Li Mo nodded helplessly. Why is Li Tong keener on urging marriage than his mother? Are you not afraid that he will have misogyny?

    Zhao Zifeng married a wife like Li Tong, so he could only give him some wax silently in his heart.

    But it is also asking for it, not to blame. It's better to be single.

    The effect came out in the second week, and Zhao Zifeng was once again invisible in Li Tong's life.

    Li Mo also specifically called her to tease: "Don't tell me, it really works."

    Li Tong smiled: "It's Ms. Wen who is great. When you get married in the future, if you dare to learn from Zhao Zifeng, I will teach you this trick to your younger siblings."

    "You can spare me."

    Life has returned to calm once again. Film and television investment companies can buy them at the fastest speed and at the lowest price. Big movies may not be invested by unknown small companies, but there are always some small investment explosions that occasionally surprise the eye. Li Tong’s goal It's this kind of money, counting the time, it's not too late for the layout now.

    She laid out slowly and regularly led Dong Yun to study and live.

    But Li Mo’s life is not easy. The price of the sale is considered confidential and has not been made public, but everyone in the wealthy circle knows that Li has such a prodigal son. Coupled with his mother’s identity, Li Mo has become an instant success. Celebrities who have published the commercial and entertainment editions frequently make headlines.

    Even ordinary people who don’t care about major business events know that there is a prodigal and handsome son after retiring from Wenying. There are even entertainment companies who want to contact me through various channels to inquire whether he has any intention to debut, and open There are various favorable conditions.

    Li Tong listened to Li Mo's complaints and couldn't laugh.

    "Yes, it would be a good talk if another actor comes back."

    Ordinary people's gossip is over in one go, and this matter has a greater impact in business circles.

    No matter how Li can't hold it, he doesn't need to sever his arm so eagerly? It is obvious that you can sell at a higher price, why can't you think about it?

    It was when Li Tong went to the old house of the Zhao family on the weekend, he was clearly implied by the old man Zhao that the fertile water would not flow into the field of outsiders. The Zhao and Li family were relatives in marriage anyway, and the Zhao family would be happy to take over this kind of thing.

    When I needed you to pull the handle, I didn't see you remember that the two were relatives by marriage.

    "Dad, I will talk to Li Mo, but I have sold all of Li's stocks in my hand, and I can't speak to Li's." At that time, Li Tong sold the stocks, but Father Zhao knew and acquiesced.

    It is true that Li is a group company, but there is only one branch listed. Li Tong has no power and power, and there is no use of the name of Miss Li.

    At present, the entire Li family is struggling to support this listed company that is engaged in real estate. In the eyes of many people, this listed company is not far from being acquired.

    What is surprising is that this company's performance is not bad, and it will always be pulled back by Li Mo on the verge of collapse ==

    The Li family is now in this state of being unable to die, living and living very hard. The Li family probably wants to abandon the car to protect the handsome, so they will deal with other branches, although the specific transaction amount is not known. , But according to rumors, it is not high. So everyone's mind was moved.

    The troubles are naturally carried by Li Mo, and Li Tong is alive and well. She is now on the right track in her career. Family, son obedient, mother and child close, there is really no trouble at all.

    Soon, Dong Yun's eighth birthday arrived.

    The birthday party was naturally held in the old house of Zhao’s family. Apart from Mrs. Zhao and Mrs. Zhao, only Ms. Wen and Li Mo were invited, and the two parents’ family gathered together for a home-cooked meal.

    Mr. Zhao is obviously very interested in Li Mo. The two talked about business investment matters. Mrs. Zhao and Ms. Wen were also able to talk together. After Li Tong listened, they both talked about fashion and jewelry. , Beauty and the like.

    As the protagonist, Dong Yun was the quietest one. He quietly opened the gift and looked at the door from time to time. Although his expression was indifferent, the expectation in his eyes could not be concealed.

    Li Tong took him for a walk in the garden of the villa, walking circle after circle, both of them were quiet and silent.

    Dong Yun fell asleep with disappointment that day. Li Tong took the phone, but the number was never dialed.

    Soon Dong Yun added a finance class to his curriculum, and the new tutor was a very handsome uncle.

    When Dong Yun was in class, Li Tong was busy flipping through the portfolio. Although she had a lot of information, she was clearly classified. She quickly found the familiar reason when she accidentally caught a glimpse of the teacher in the original owner’s file.

    It was a reunion of bloody dogs. This turned out to be the first love of the original master when he was in college. Although he no longer looks so green in his graduation photo, his outline remains the same and his figure has not changed much.

    The information is very clear, the reason for the two breaking up was because the other party went abroad.

    If you study finance, how can you get a high salary without going abroad...

    Li Tong supported her chin and threw the materials into the paper shredder. He reacted quickly in his mind: I have seen my first love for many years, what should I do when I recognize it?

    Or simply don't recognize it and wait for the other party to click it?
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    His first love was named Gu Hongyue, so there was nothing to say about his appearance.

    At the end of the course, Gu Hongyue walked out of the room. When he saw Li Tong waiting outside in the living room, he was stunned for an instant. He soon recovered from the shock. Looking at Li Tong, his eyes were surprised and dazed. Hardly know what to say.

    "Teacher has worked hard." Li Tong said hello with a polite smile on her face.

    "It should be."

    At that moment, Li Tong felt the other party's loss, but he quickly calmed down.

    "Dong Yun is a very smart boy. Although it is only his first time in class, it can be seen that he is very sensitive to numbers and has a talent for this."

    "Thank you."

    After sending off his first love, Li Tong went to the kitchen to bring out the supper prepared for Dong Yun and sent it over.

    She didn't read the existence of this person in President Zhao's memory. Could it be such a coincidence?

    Regarding President Zhao’s memory, the two have actually changed a lot. It’s already difficult to use the memory to measure the previous situation.

    The key is, what kind of information is hidden in the black hole in President Zhao's memory? Things have deviated far from the original track. Will some things in memory still happen?

    Because of the appearance of the deceased, Li Tong's thoughts were messed up. After serving Dong Yun's supper, she asked Sister Qing for a pack of walnuts, took a small hammer, beat them in the kitchen, and prepared to replenish her brain.

    Li Tong was too insecure, so after she made money, she used her part to buy a small foreign security company. Although the sparrow is small and has all five internal organs, the security company has its own scientific research capabilities.

    She took advantage of Dong Yun’s summer vacation and took him abroad to create an exclusive security plan for him. Li Tong also thought about it. The future of this security company is to build a security plan and security facilities for young people under 13 years old. company of.

    It can be regarded as making the best use of it.

    As for the reason to go abroad, it is relaxation and shopping.

    Zhao Zifeng's mistress was also a great person. After Zhao Zifeng experienced various beauties' hookups, she didn't know what means she used to win people back, not only that, but her belly became bigger.

    Zhao Zifeng's guy went to the old house to report the letter happily. Li Tong didn't wait for the two elders to respond. In front of Zhao Zifeng, he directly smashed the vase at his feet.

    Seeing Li Tong's posture that he was going to fight Zhao Zifeng, Mrs. Zhao was naturally happy that she went abroad to relax, and he also asked Mrs. Zhao to give her a card, which was naturally unlimited.

    Li Mo is now okay, and his family's wealth is almost scattered, leaving only a real estate company. After he learned of Li Tong's plan, he also asked to follow.

    Finally, even Ms. Wen was brought on, and the four went abroad together.

    The trip went very smoothly. Li Mo took Ms. Wen to inspect the progress of the project, and Li Tong took Dongyun to protect the company, do various safety tests, and let Dongyun be an experiencer, and put forward targeted improvements.

    Although Dongyun matures prematurely, the curiosity that belongs to the children is very strong. The security company is very user-friendly. Because it is aimed at children, the project design is like a customs clearance game.

    The security company also made targeted self-help guides in various crisis situations. Li Tong felt that it was very meaningful. He also took Li Mo to study together. Ms. Wen also felt fun.

    Happy time always passes very fast.

    After returning, I saw pictures of Zhao Zifeng attending public occasions with a pregnant mistress in the newspaper.

    I took a lot of photos of reporters from business and entertainment magazines.

    At the entrance of the reception, the night was dark, and under the warm night light, a man was holding a child, and the woman beside him had a slightly bulging belly. The two leaned close together, which was quite a family of three.

    In the luxury store, the two intimately held hands to buy toys and clothes for the child who was about to be born. Some reporters even listed their shopping list for the day and marked the price, which attracted the whole people. The upsurge of hatred of the rich


    How could Li Tong be regarded as the stepdaughter of the post-literary and film actress, and a marginalist in the entertainment industry, she made the headlines and became the object of public sympathy.

    No need for sympathy, thank you ==

    It was really bad. Li Tong was sweating like rain on the treadmill, holding back the spit.

    "long time no see."

    Li Tong paused the treadmill, turned his head, and saw an acquaintance standing beside him, exuding strong hormones.

    Gu Hongyue was dressed in sportswear, apparently, he had just finished exercising, his sweat was flowing down his forehead, and his clothes conformed to his body, which made people clearly feel the fit and strength of this body.

    "Long time no see." Li Tong picked up a towel and wiped her sweat, and walked off from the run.

    "I didn't expect to meet you here." Gu Hongyue took the towel hanging around his neck and simply wiped the sweat from his forehead. His eyes were full of nostalgia and his tone was full of surprises.

    "Dong Yun has a class, so I'll come over and exercise by the way." Li Tong picked up the mineral water bottle on the treadmill, unscrewed the lid, and took a sip.

    "After exercising, don't drink too much water. How about a cup of tea together?" Gu Hongyue invited.

    "I'm sweaty, forget it, I'm free next time." She took the mineral water bottle and screwed the lid on. Running in sweat and uncomfortable, how can I have the mind to accompany someone to drink tea?

    "Are you... still blaming me for what happened back then?" Gu Hongyue looked melancholy and hesitated.

    "It's already a thing of the past, so it's no longer a weird thing." Li Tong casually held the bottle in her hand and wiped her neck with a towel in the other hand. She didn't understand. Does this person want to be with her? Say what?

    "I watched the news recently and realized that you were not happy. If I did not choose to go abroad, you would not have encountered things like this...I am sorry for this matter."

    Li Tong put down the towel and finally started to look at Gu Hongyue.

    Compared with the young man in the photo, Gu Hongyue is undoubtedly a more attractive mature man. He is handsome, and his eyebrows are filled with sincerity and love, just like Li Tong in front of him. It is the love of his life that he has lost. It seems difficult for women to refuse such a man.

    Li Tong lowered his eyebrows, the atmosphere was a bit condensed.

    "You think too much." Li Tong's voice was somewhat cold: "I have Dong Yun now, and I am having a very happy life. You have nothing to apologize to me. As long as you no longer appear in front of me, I will be very grateful."

    Li Tong completely lost the mood for fitness and didn't want to pay attention to the reaction of the other party, so she went to the bathhouse.

    How many years ago the old almanac was taken out, why did you go early? Does it make sense? She is not the original owner, but she has no feeling for the so-called first love.

    Gu Hongyue, who was left behind by her, quickly followed a few steps, then stopped again, looking at her decisive back, his face was gloomy.

    He turned around and went back to the locker room, took his cell phone, found an unmanned corridor, and dialed a number.

    "Miss Fu is looking for someone else, and she can't do anything about it." No matter what the other party said, she hung up the phone.

    He has been in love for so many years and has never been so humiliated before = =

    He is not short of money now, and Li Tong is not a great beauty, is he necessary? What the lines said he wanted to vomit.

    Li Tong drove home with Dong Yun, and her anger was half gone. She felt that something was a little unusual, and she always felt that it was calculated.

    This influential script is filled with an unspeakable evil taste.

    Li Tong tapped his finger on the steering wheel, but in his heart was thinking, is Zhao Zifeng's little three free again recently? With so many thoughts while pregnant, you want to be crazy?

    In fact, even if it was such a coincidence that she would meet her first love by chance, Li Tong would automatically buckle Miss Fu on her body. There was no way. As far as the relationship between the two of them was, she had to recite the pot.

    In a sense, once something bad happened, the first thing she thought of was the little third.

    As the eldest wife, she is a naturally shining target, and people can't think too much about it.


    "What's the matter? Dong Yun." Li Tong retracted his thoughts and looked at Dong Yun in the rearview mirror. The child sat in the back seat obediently and was studying the gifts he received during the summer vacation. A fashionable children's watch, this watch has the function of a mobile phone and has downloaded a lot of games, Dong Yun likes it very much.

    Li Tong also likes it, because the watch is equipped with the most advanced satellite positioning system. As long as Li Tong opens the App on her mobile phone, she can know the location of Dong Yun at any time, even if the watch is out of power because the chip is powered by heat. , As long as Dong Yun brought his body with excess warmth, it didn't matter.

    In addition to watches, of course, she also bought some other equipment. According to Li Mo, Li Tong has a high degree of the delusion of her son’s murder. She always feels that Dong Yun will be in danger. If possible, she can’t wait to take Dong Yun 24 hours. Tie it to her belt.

    Even if he was teased by Li Mo, Li Tong still insisted on her approach, because the black hole-like memory made her feel too uncomfortable, so she did her best to increase her sense of security.

    "For my classmate's birthday tomorrow, please go out to play, can I go home later?" Dong Yun looked up in the rearview mirror with eyes full of expectation.

    "Yes, which classmate? Is it the last time Dong Yun came to our house for his birthday?" Dong Yun's classmate, Li Tong, knows all of them, and they have all met during the parent meeting.

    "It's Leilei." Dong Yun nodded.

    "Okay, go play, are the gifts ready?" It is a very good thing for children to have their own normal social interactions, which can help cultivate and improve emotional intelligence.

    "Yeah!" Zhao Dongyun nodded happily.

    Li Tong remembered who Leilei was, a very cute little girl who seemed to have a good background.

    Dongyun’s school is a very famous private school. It’s not common for people go in. However, Li Tong is not picky about Dongyun making friends. It doesn’t matter whether he is born or not, as long as he is reliable. Zhao Zifeng has a good background. It's almost unreliable. If you make friends with this kind of person, you don't know when you will be dragged down.

    In the future, even if Dong Yun really wants to meet a girl with an ordinary or almost ordinary background, it’s okay. In President Zhao’s memory, the girl who grew up with his stepmother and had no meal would be great. What about the little white rabbit, the key is to be good.

    She also admires such a person very much if she can persevere in such sadomasochism.

    The next day, Li Tong prepared a small suit for Dong Yun, dressed handsome and energetic, and drove people to Leilei’s house. The little girl lived in a special place. Li Tong wanted to drive in, but the guard didn’t allow it. No way, Li Tong could only send Dong Yun to the gate of the community.

    "Tong Yun, remember to call mother when the time is almost the same, and remember to help her say happy birthday to Leilei."

    "Yeah, good." Dong Yun nodded and happily called at the gate of the community with his schoolbag on his back.

    Seeing Dong Yun being taken in, Li Tong couldn't help but curled up his lips. Dong Yun's personality was already significantly different from that of President Zhao.

    President Zhao is domineering and selfish, cold and indifferent, like a piece of ice, whoever is near is unlucky.

    Dong Yun was much warmer, although he was still not very talkative.

    She feels that she has a sense of accomplishment. Dong Yun will now share with her what happened in school. Although the expression is concise, he is willing to let himself into his world, which is the best acceptance.

    She is looking forward to the growth of the new President Zhao.

    Li Tong made an appointment with Li Mo tonight to talk about film investment. The night was low. Counting the time, Li Mo arrogantly acted as a driver and pulled Li Tong to pick up Dong Yun.

    Dong Yun had a good time today, Li Tong hugged him in the back seat, and the child fell asleep after a while.

    She wrapped him in a coat and adjusted him to a comfortable posture. The rear seat belts are specially customized, widened and thickened, and according to the design of the security company, multiple seat belts are made, even if there is no seat belt when sleeping. Human management is also very safe.

    The child slept very well, and Li Tong touched his little head with a warm mind.

    Li Mo caught a glimpse of it in the rearview mirror and couldn't help but smile at the corner of his lips.

    Thinking about the poor relationship between him and Li Tong before, I really didn't expect at that time that life would have such a bizarre development in only one year.

    Slightly distracted, a white glow suddenly appeared in front of my eyes, and there was a dazzling light on the opposite side...

    Li Mo had just participated in security training with Li Tong from abroad. At this moment, his hands and feet seemed to have his own consciousness. He held the gear and slammed the steering wheel!

    Rumble, a huge impact sounded on the national highway, and in a blink of an eye, black smoke rose up...
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    The emergency room in the middle of the night is very busy with bright lights and medical staff coming and going.

    Ms. Wen was the first to get the news. She was the first to rush over with her sunglasses and handbag.

    "Doctor, I am a family member of a patient injured in a car accident. How is the patient's condition?"

    After all, Ms. Wen was a public figure and was quickly recognized. The medical staff introduced the patient's situation to her in detail.

    The child had no obvious physical injuries, and no internal injuries were found after a full-body scan. It was probably due to excessive shock and was still in a coma.

    The driver was not injured obviously because of the cushioning of the airbag but may have a slight concussion reaction, which is still under observation.

    The most serious was the female passenger, who had bruises on her forehead, dislocated arm, and obvious trauma, but she was in good spirits.

    Ms. Wen breathed a sigh of relief, as long as her life was not in danger. The medical staff led her to the bed where Li Tong was placed but found that she was not there.

    Turning a corner, the person is really in front of the child's bed.

    Just as Ms. Wen was about to say hello to Li Tong, she heard a familiar and urgent voice behind her:

    "How is my grandson, okay?"

    "My son is okay?"

    All three of the Zhao family are here.

    She couldn't help but stop.

    "Li Tong, how do you look at your children? It's not good to stay at home at night, go out and chattering! If there is something wrong with Dong Yun, will you take responsibility?!"

    Zhao Zifeng could be regarded as catching the opportunity to exhale and reprimanded Li Tong mercilessly.

    Li Tong glanced at him, her expression was unchanged.

    "Parents, I'll go out first." She nodded to the two elders of the Zhao family, and no matter what the other party's reaction was, she walked out.

    "Ms. Wen."

    "Tongtong, are you okay? Do you want to go back and have a rest?" Ms. Wen looked at Li Tong with a worried tone.

    Li Tong is now embarrassed. Her long hair is arbitrarily pulled, and the fallen messy clings to her face. Her face is pale, her lips are purple, and the corners of her mouth still have a trace of blood. There is a bruise on his forehead with a piece of gauze. Although her arms were protected, many traces of black-green could be seen, and the black coat was stained with many stains, and he was dressed casually.

    "Auntie, don't worry, just raise it." Li Tong looked down at his arm, his expression calm and calm: "How is Li Mo, are you awake? Auntie, go over and take a look. It won't work without personal care."

    "Tongtong, tonight is so thrilling, you have to take a good rest." Ms. Wen patted the back of Li Tong's hand.

    "Auntie, I'm fine, I'm in good spirits." Li Tong nodded. The traffic police enforcement brigade and other people are still waiting for her to understand the situation, of course, she also wants to find out.

    "The driver's reaction speed is very fast, and the safety performance of the car is very good."

    In a quiet corridor of the hospital, the lights were dim, and in front of the glass windows, the beautiful female traffic police had her back straight, looking lucky.

    In such a short time when the truck rushed over, the driver reacted quickly, the car was agile, and dodged in a thrilling manner. If the response was not fast enough, there was a high probability of being hit and overturned.

    The car hits a tree on the side of the road. If an ordinary car is at this speed, the front of the car will be destroyed, and the glass will be broken due to the impact, but the damage to the front of this car is not too serious, and the glass is intact. Not even a seam is broken.

    When the female traffic police thought about the situation on the scene, she felt very lucky.

    "I don't know what's going on with that truck?" Li Tong used his only free hand to straighten out the emission on his face and asked suspiciously.

    "The initial investigation was due to the driver's fatigue driving. The detailed report of the vehicle will not come out until a detailed investigation of the truck." The female traffic police simply turned over the transcript and replied.

    "Okay, thank you. Please let us know if you have news." Li Tong nodded.

    After sending off the investigators, Li Tong stood by the window for a while. It was late at night, and the corridors of the hospital were chilly, and even wearing a coat could not stop the biting chill.

    She turned to Dong Yun's hospital bed and walked back.

    Halfway through, she was blocked by another wave of investigators at the elevator entrance.

    "Ms. Li, please don't be nervous. It's just a routine investigation. Do you know this person?" The investigator passed the photo to Li Tong.

    Li Tong took it, took a look, and shook his head: "I don't know."

    "Thank you for your cooperation." The investigator nodded.

    "Excuse me, is this accident a coincidence?" Li Tong asked.

    "There is currently no investigation showing a premeditated crime. Of course, we will conduct follow-up investigations on the driver. If you know anything, please contact us."

    Investigators came and went in a hurry, Li Tong stood there and sighed slightly

    Li Tong closed her eyes. She did not know the driver, but it did not mean that she had not seen him.

    This person is Miss Fu, who later became the driver after she became Mrs. Zhao. She had some impressions of him in Dong Yun's memory.

    She always habitually takes special care of the people around some people.

    I really didn't expect that Miss Fu, who was only a corner in the memory of President Zhao, would have such courage! In President Zhao’s memory, whether it was Ms. Fu, who was Zhao Zifeng’s lover, or Mrs. Zhao after the upper rank, the two had very little communication, and President Zhao didn’t take this stepmother at all.

    The result was that Li Tong underestimated the other's ambitions.

    It seemed that 90% of the first love was Ms. Fu's handwriting and that Ms. Fu calmly grasped the whereabouts of her and Dong Yun.

    Li Tong stood outside Dong Yun's ward, watching Dong Yun's condition through the glass, and Zhao Zifeng next to her looked frosty.

    The Zhao family was very old and could not stay up late. Hearing the doctor said that his grandson was fine, he went back to rest.

    Before Zhao Zifeng left, he thought that Li Tong was a motherless son, but now he has his own calculations.

    "Dong Yun is not suitable for following you, let him live with his parents."

    Li Tong lowered his voice and accepted the stubbornness: "I will move back with Dong Yun."

    "You!" Zhao Zifeng didn't expect to get such an answer. Although he was angry for a while, he didn't know how to react. After he got married, Li Tong took the initiative to move out, saying that living with his elders was not free. Now Li Tong is so angry. He actively asked to move back to live, which was completely unexpected.

    When Li Tong is not there, he occasionally brings Dong Jun back to the old house. If Li Tong moves back to the old house... completely contrary to his purpose.

    "My parents are getting older. When I go back to live, it will be convenient for my parents to discipline Dong Yun, and I can honor the two of them. I think my parents will be very happy." Li Tong is now relying on one breath to support her without falling. Tired, completely out of mind to fight with Zhao Zifeng.

    "My parents have servants to take care of, so where are you used." Zhao Zifeng despised.

    "You are not filial, and don't stop others from being filial." Li Tong held the doorknob and opened the door. She didn't want to wrestle with him anymore.

    "You are unreasonable!" Zhao Zifeng didn't want to stay with Li Tong for a second, turned around, and left.

    "By the way, please tell me if you have a sentence." Before Li Tong entered the door, he turned around and took out the last patient warning: "Tell you that Xiaosan [mistress], there will be a place for me in the future. She had better not show up. Don't be conceited."

    After speaking, stepped forward, walked into the ward, closed the door neatly, and released the lock.

    Because of the father of the Zhao family, Dong Yun changed to a new separate ward, which was spacious and empty, and Li Tong could no longer support it and sat down on the seat by the window.

    Pain came from all over the body, Li Tong couldn't help but gritted her teeth, her forehead was sweaty, and she collapsed on the seat.

    Dong Yun on the bed suddenly kicked on the quilt and waved both hands. Li Tong quickly raised his spirits, got up with pain, and leaned forward.

    Zhao Dongyun seemed to have a long nightmare. He couldn't tell what he had dreamed. He wanted to open his eyes but it seemed like someone was covering his eyes. No matter how he rubbed his eyes, he couldn't open his eyes. Of fear.

    In the dim he heard a familiar voice faintly ringing in his ear: "Dong Yun, what's wrong, have you had a nightmare?"

    "Mom." He whispered, tears fell, and Dong Yun slowly opened his eyes.

    "Hey, it's okay." Li Tong sat on the hospital bed, wrapped the child in his arms with his only free hand, took out a handkerchief with all his might, and wiped the child's sweat.

    "Mom!" Dong Yun hugged Li Tong's neck and buried his face in her neck. The familiar breath brought a strong sense of security, and he fell asleep again.

    Li Tong touched Dong Yun's hair, thinking that this child was eight years old and sensible enough that many things should be told to him.

    In fact, she had never thought so early that everything was up to her. Dong Yun was happy to be an ordinary child before he was ten years old. Although President Zhao has a bad memory, this memory makes Li Tong pity, but This memory also allowed President Zhao to grow and mature rapidly.

    A child raised like a wolf does not need to worry about competitiveness at least. She is not going to raise a wolf, but she cannot raise a sheep.

    Li Tong embraced Dong Yun, she was really exhausted, so she also leaned on the pillow and fell asleep.

    Take a good rest, and have enough energy to solve the problem.

    "Is this person having a good relationship with you?" Li Tong handed the information to Li Mo.

    Li Mo opened the information bag while touching his head.

    "Why are you looking for him... why?" The decibels dropped all the way, and now he was talking loudly, his head hurts and he wanted to vomit.

    "For Zhao Zifeng."

    Li Mo changed to a new VIP ward, which was spacious and bright, with complete facilities. Before moving in, he had been checked by professional security personnel. Li Tong invited him, two bodyguards, to stand at the door, so the two of them could speak with confidence.

    "His mistress stepped on my red line." Li Tong sat on the sofa to the side, picked up the apple at will, picked up the knife on the side, only one hand can be used, it is inconvenient, so there is no need to think about peeling: "So the main responsibility should be borne by him." The secondary responsibility, Xiaosan [mistress], has always been clear.

    "You mean the car accident was..." Li Mo's head started to hurt again. He stared at Li Tong, and he couldn't believe it: "She... actually has such a cruel heart! ..."

    "There is no clear evidence to prove it is." The final result of this car accident investigation was an accident. Li Tong helplessly put down the knife, picked up the apple and took a bite: "Women's intuition, don't you believe it?"

    "It is good."

    Li Mo quickly digested the news: "This person is a classmate of my university, and his father is a shareholder of the Zhao family."

    "I know."

    Li Tong nodded, she wanted Zhao Zifeng to lose his position.

    The Zhao family is a listed company, and the group of shareholders on the board of directors are not vegetarian. Although the Zhao family holds shares, the board of directors is not without capable people. With his ability, if he hadn't been backed by Mr. Zhao, he would have been long ago. Shocked.

    The people on the board of directors are very shrewd about matters of interest.

    "Inside and outside, it will kill him."

    Li Mo couldn't help shivering, and silently placed another row of wax for Zhao Zifeng in his heart.
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    The gloomy sky seemed to be brewing heavy rain. This kind of depressive weather made people feel bad.

    "If you say that Xiaosan [mistress] is so courageous, you can't just solve Zhao Zifeng?" Li Mo leaned on the pillow and closed his eyes. He really didn't expect that the woman would be able to do this.

    "Take care of your wounds, you don't need to worry about women's affairs." Li Tong gnawed an apple while looking at the person on the bed. What does it mean that this person's face is unlovable?

    Thank you, I still remember that I am a disabled person. Li Mo couldn't help rolling his eyes.

    "Don't you want to do something to her child?" Li Mo suddenly thought of something, opened his eyes, and asked a little hesitantly.

    "What she did, of course, was her own consequences. She moved my son, and I moved her son. Who do you think Li Tong is?" Li Tongqiang resisted the urge to roll his eyes and threw the apple core into the trash can: "Don't worry, I'm not so innocent."

    "She can be regarded as a pregnant woman now. Keep the account in mind and talk about it when the baby is born." Li Tong found the tissue and lowered her head and wiped her fingers carefully. She was not interested in bullying the pregnant woman. She couldn't accept it from the moral and emotional point of view.

    The so-called cooperation between the inside and the outside is natural to start from the outside, at least to find someone to cooperate, there must be sincerity, let people know that you have the value of cooperation.

    After she was discharged from the hospital, she started to suppress Zhao's stock price from the stock market. She already held the financial company she bought from Li in her hand. Because of the good investment and the gathering of a lot of customers, the funds were naturally fine, plus She chose the right time and chose the turbulent stall. It was too easy to make trouble, and she ran away. When Zhao began to discover that the situation was abnormal, she ran away early and made a fortune.

    Then the Zhao Group broke out in the sales department because of internal vicious competition, infighting constantly, and the main sales force was poached... the sales staff who ran away explicitly hinted in the public media that the leader was ineffective and grabbed the credit of the subordinates.

    On the board of directors, some shareholders also implicitly stated that the general manager of sales is lacking. Should Zhao Dong seriously consider the issue of future heirs...

    After wave after wave, all the storms were like the rainy season, and there was no intention to stop. The voice of Mr. Zhao on the phone rang to the sky, and Mrs. Zhao did not dare to mention a good thing from her son in front of her husband.

    Because I moved back to Zhao’s house, I could see my grandson every day. The family gatherings on weekends were not so important. In addition, the Zhao family turmoil continued, Dong Yun’s weekend was free, Li Tong began to take Dong Yun to participate in Social activities within a kind of circle.

    Anyway, if you want to mix in a circle, you must always lead Dong Yun to familiarize yourself with all kinds of people and things in the circle.

    Each circle has its own rules and guidelines, and you should be familiar with it sooner or later. Besides, being able to hand in friends with similar identities and like-minded people is also conducive to the improvement of emotional intelligence.

    Li Tong also greeted Li Mo and asked him to take Dong Yun around in his circle when he was free. For a while, everyone was busy.

    Since the last car accident, Dong Yun has been close to Li Tong a lot, and he has become a little attached to her.

    Li Tong was a little happy, but a little distressed.

    The days seem to have returned to the calm before.

    Zhao Zifeng's feet are not touching the ground, his position is almost unsafe, and he has no intention of worrying about the troubles. Occasionally Li Tong can see him in the old house, he is in a hurry and his complexion is not worried.

    During this period of time, Li Tong also investigated all the sources of Ms. Fu's income. The accounts were kept true, but some interest could be paid first.

    This Miss Fu is very economically savvy. In addition to the two properties and two secondary cards that Zhao Zifeng gave her, she also makes investments herself.

    As a student with excellent ability, Ms. Fu is a person with a sense of crisis. Her investment is relatively cautious. Most of the money Zhao Zifeng gave her is less than 5 million, and 40% of the investment is to buy a house. To do stock futures, 20% to do some scattered investment.

    Li Tong just made a sum of money from the Zhao family and was not interested in Miss Fu's bit of mosquito meat, but in a sense, somehow, part of it belongs to her property, and she can't let her spend it so proudly.

    Li Tong collected all the evidence given to her by the private detective. If she gets divorced in the future, at least Zhao Zifeng will transfer the marital property.

    The financial investment company that Ms. Fu looked for was a new company. The legal person was Ms. Fu's bamboo horse. The neighbor's little brother married a rich second-generation eldest and turned into a successful young talent.

    It can be said to know the roots.

    In addition, this bamboo horse is a friend of Li Tong's first love studying abroad.

    This interlocking design is absolutely troublesome.

    I have been with a private detective for a while, but I didn't find any connection between her childhood sweethearts. That Miss Fu was very cautious and would never take a step if she didn't go out.

    You must bring bodyguards when you go out. This is a guilty conscience. Li Tong sighed.

    This bamboo horse has the same hobbies as Zhao Zifeng and is keen on hooking up with his assistant...Miss Fu is also not easy, who are the people she knows.

    But that rich second-generation daughter is stronger than Li Tong. At least this Zhuma only dared to be sneaky. The assistant and assistant IQ are different, and Zhuma's assistant IQ is much worse.

    Li Tong scattered the banknotes and easily buried the dark line. She threw down the bait and calculated the time in President Zhao's memory. Everything was ready, only the pillow wind.

    This matter was much smoother than Li Tong thought.

    The so-called young talents still have a lot of water.

    Li Tong just released the news and gave a little bit of sweetness, and the other party took the bait. In the last month of Miss Fu's labor, the stock she invested successfully doubled. Even if she felt abnormal, she was persuaded by Zhuma.

    But three days after she gave birth to the child, the company announced that it was temporarily delisting due to performance problems and Ms. Fu became a shareholder.

    Li Tong temporarily charged some interest.

    Father Zhao saw that it was time to retire. Although he pays great attention to maintenance, he usually looks healthy, but when he was young, he consumed too much body when struggling, and his foundation was poor. Even after his career stabilized, he began to pay attention to maintenance. And because of Zhao Zifeng's efforts to deal with the directors, it can only be regarded as hard support at present.

    As for Zhao Zifeng, he was faltered by a run by the board of directors-what about the majority of the shares held by the Zhao family? With the board of directors, it can't be your Zhao family's utterance.

    The directors seemed to have agreed and faintly united together, even Mr. Zhao had no way.

    The key is that Zhao Zifeng's ability is really average, his thoughts are not meticulous, and the handle was grabbed by someone. In the past, the old man used to carry it, but now he is still holding it.

    In it, the wife can be omitted. The lover is in a bad mood and seems to be a little bit depressed after giving birth. He said that after the child was born, he said no. Is the relationship between the two weakened? I shed tears as I talked. There are two children, and they are secretly insecure. Is it impossible to be an illegitimate child for a lifetime?

    Zhao Zifeng could only try his best to reassure him. Soon after, he was drunk in the wine and met a beautiful young lady. The two fell in love at first sight and fell in love at second sight. In this way, he had a new gentle town without pressure.

    In this case, Zhao Zifeng made many mistakes in his work. After losing a major client, the board of directors was completely angered. Under pressure from all parties, Mr. Zhao could only compromise, and Zhao Zifeng lost his position.

    Li Tong later heard Li Mo talk about the situation.

    The old man Zhao made a big fire, and he bluntly said that the board of directors wanted to instigate their Zhao family's opposition. Someone was targeting the Zhao family. He would not stop there and would like to check it out.

    At that time, shareholders of the Board of Directors rushed to persuade him.

    "We are all grasshoppers on the same rope. If your Zhao family is down, what good can our group get?"

    "Old Zhao, we have been together for so many years, what hatred do we have? Isn't it all for the benefit of the group?"

    "Yes, Zifeng grew up as we watched. This child just needs to be tempered, and he won't be in a hurry for a few years to come."

    Their persuasion directly persuaded Mr. Zhao to enter the hospital, and the group's stock fluctuated a lot.

    Li Mo described it as vivid and vivid as if he was there in person.

    "It's time to close the net." Li Tong curled his lips, his eyes firm.

    As a daughter-in-law, the father-in-law is hospitalized, so naturally, he has to do his best. Dong Yun is also worried about his grandfather, so he will come and stay after class. Li Tong stays in the hospital when she is free. Although she does not need to do anything, her hands have recovered. What can still be done by peeling apples?

    Father Zhao has a bad heart and needs recuperation, but the seat of group president cannot be vacant. They have to give shareholders confidence.

    Zhao Zifeng is currently drunk and fanciful, and the broken jar was broken. His father was hospitalized and took a look, and the person was gone. This is obviously resenting his father for failing to keep his position.

    Li Tong wondered, just how I and EQ did he serve as general manager for three or four years in a complex sales department? Sure enough, the old man was supporting him behind his back.

    On this day, the directors discussed it and came to Master Zhao’s ward-after all these days, it was time for a result. He babbled and said for a long time what he cared about Elder Zhao's body.

    Father Zhao was dull and silent, and he didn't talk much.

    The directors didn't dare to be too tough. If something happened to kill the chairman, no one could hold it back.

    The last older director spoke politely.

    "Old Zhao, the body is the foundation of everything. Without health, what do we make so much money for? The Zifeng incident has passed, and we are not here for the chairmanship."

    Elder Zhao snorted coldly, and he wanted to seize power and he had to abide by the rules.

    "We veterans have discussed it, Zifeng, we still can't bear it now, Dong Yun is too young to let Li Tong take it temporarily, what do you think?"

    "Pop." Li Tong bent over and picked up the apple on the ground:

    "Dad, let me go out."
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    "Dad, I'm just the Zhao family's daughter-in-law." Li Tong shook her head facing the Zhao family's old man on the hospital bed. "The doctor said that your body is in no serious condition, and you will recover after a period of training."

    "I know this body by myself." Father Zhao said, with a bit of disappointment on his face: "Zifeng is now on the cusp of the storm, and I can't count on it. Don't worry, Atong, I'll be with you when things happen."

    Li Tong frowned: "Dad! I..."

    "A Tong, you also have to think about Dong Yun. Our Zhao family is now in crisis..." Father Zhao interrupted Li Tong, and he covered his heart uncomfortably.

    Looking at my daughter-in-law, I regret that when I was young, I only focused on my career. I had only one son, Zifeng. Now it seems to be a misstep. If I had a few more, I would not be so embarrassed now. Fortunately, my son has no other advantages. , The child gave birth to a few more. What does it matter if they are not born in marriage? From his standpoint, as long as he trains well, he has strong abilities, and he wants to be better than he has no choice now. He has to live well, at least until the heir of the Zhao family takes over.

    After thinking about it this way, I felt that it would be more appropriate for Li Tongding to be in front. Anyway, in the eyes of everyone, he was just a puppet during the power transfer period. It couldn't turn the waves, and it could comfort the board of directors.

    "Dad, I..." Li Tong still wanted to speak but was interrupted by Mr. Zhao.

    "It's so decided. You will pack up and go to work tomorrow. I have already greeted Wu Tezhu. He will naturally teach you."

    Li Tong walked in the corridor of the hospital, his slender high heels hit the floor of the hospital. The rainy season had passed, and the hot sunlight was shining through the glass windows. The weather was getting hotter and hotter. Li Tong turned out his sunglasses and put on them.

    There was an occasional breeze blowing outside the window, and the trimmed bangs were lifted up, revealing the shallow scars on his forehead. After Li Tong's body healed, his long hair was cut into short ears, and the whole person was crisp and sharp.

    Now she almost no longer retrieves President Zhao's memory, she knows everything she should know, reality and memory have deviated greatly, and people's choices are completely different. If she decides on the basis of memory, she will only fall behind.

    Li Tong thought carefully as he walked and dealt with Xiaosan [mistress]. Naturally, he started with a man. The current Zhao Zifeng is really too low to deal with, but the dog is too anxious and jumps the wall. She can't be too lighthearted.

    On the day when Li Tong's appointment letter came down, Mr. Zhao happened to be discharged from the hospital. In the evening, there was a small gathering in the Zhao family's old house. The people who came were all relatives and friends of the Zhao family. Zhao Zifeng, who had not seen him for a long time, also appeared.

    This person was completely different from what Li Tong thought. He was personable and radiant, and there was no sign of decadence and downfall all over his body.

    To Li Tong, his attitude is different from before.

    "A Tong, Zifeng did the wrong thing in the past. During this time, he has also been introspecting, and he has broken the relationship with the flowers and plants outside. You are a husband and wife, and it is good for Dong Yun to live with the beautiful. "Lao Mrs. Zhao looked at Dong Yun beside her with affectionate eyes. Mrs. Zhao was wearing a green cheongsam today, wearing a black tassel shawl, and the huge emerald earrings around her ears followed her movements, with a faint streamer flashing around her neck. The same necklace complements each other, and the whole person is full of luxury.

    Dong Yun was wearing a small black suit and a small red bow tie, sitting quietly beside Mrs. Zhao, eating grapes obediently.

    Li Tong sat down on the solo sofa next to him, his face calm, red lips slightly hooked: "Mom, Zifeng and I were nothing."

    "Nothing is fine, nothing is fine." A somewhat relieved smile appeared on Mrs. Zhao's face: "Our family can live a good life together, it couldn't be better."

    Seeing Zhao Zifeng walking towards him with a smile on his face, Li Tong couldn't help but smile. The family sat together in a harmonious and beautiful atmosphere as if there had never been any unpleasantness.

    Solving the biggest problem, Li Tong returned to freedom.

    "You are reuniting with a broken mirror?" Li Mo took the wine glass and sat on the sofa, staring dumbfounded at Li Tong, who was sitting next to him in a wicker chair, with a leisurely look.

    "Have the date been going well recently?" Li Tong ignored him, holding a tray in his hand. The tray was full of various delicate desserts, and it seemed a little bit difficult.

    Li Mo stuttered slightly, his face reddened: "It's okay."

    Li Tong chose one of them with difficulty and took a bite. Fate was amazing. Li Mo crashed into a car and chased a female traffic policeman as his girlfriend. This wave of operation 6 is very good.

    "If you care about me, it's better to care about your life events." Li Mo put down his wine glass, looked across the curtain, and looked at Zhao Zifeng, who was joking happily at the banquet center.

    "We are very good, don't worry." Li Tong put down the tray contentedly: "Go, get me some drinks~"

    Li Mo Shi Shiran got up, reluctantly took a glass of juice and handed it over, and also exchanged a glass of wine for himself.

    Sitting on the sofa, Li Mo sipped his new wine: "He and that woman had two children. You know about men and women, it’s hard to break it off."

    "Do you think I have no more feelings for him?" Li Tong took a drink and set it aside, her eyes searching for Dong Yun during the banquet.

    In the northeast corner of the banquet hall, three or five children gathered together and watched having fun. Li Tong couldn't help smiling, and his whole body softened a lot.

    "I'm afraid they will calculate you in a different way." Li Mo lowered his voice. He resisted the urge to roll his eyes and took a sip of wine.

    "Thank you." Li Tong sat comfortably in the slightly swaying wicker chair, and the cool wind blew across the curtains and blew on his face, instantly refreshed.

    She thought to herself, I didn't think about them, to see who is better.

    "Mom, do you want to make up with Dad?"

    Before going to bed at night, Dong Yun, who was lying on the bed and wearing cute cartoon pajamas, spoke softly.

    "What do you think of Dong Yun?" Li Tong put the storybook in his hand on the bedside table, dimmed the brightness of the bedside lamp, and turned to ask Dong Yun seriously.

    "Dad tonight is different from before." Dong Yun calmly analyzed: "Grandma said that father wants to reconcile with mother, but father tonight always makes people feel strange."

    Probably Zhao Zifeng had never been so enthusiastic about Dong Yun and scared the child. Dong Yun is a relatively sensitive child, who is very sensitive to human emotions.

    "Do you not like Dong Yun?" Li Tong asked gently, touching Dong Yun's hair

    "I don't like it very much." Dong Yun nodded. He grabbed his little quilt with both hands, his eyes were confused, and his expression twisted. He obviously expected his father to pay more attention to him, but it was really as he thought. , But began to feel that something was wrong.

    It's a failure to be a father to do this. Li Tong silently placed a row of wax on Zhao Zifeng in his heart.

    "Well, don't think about it. Go to bed earlier. Will there be activities at school tomorrow?" Li Tong tucked Dong Yun's quilt, adjusted the temperature of the air conditioner, and patted his belly gently across the quilt.

    "Mom, you and Dad are just as good as before," Dong Yun said, yawning, and closed his eyes.


    The next day, when Li Tong sent Dong Yun back to school, Zhao Zifeng threw a thunder.

    He and the nanny returned to Zhao's house with their two children.

    The two children were neatly packed, and the older one was a little bit sensible. Xu Zifeng used to bring it with him and was no stranger to the old house, so he soon started playing by himself. The other was put to sleep by the nanny, with tears on his face.

    "Tong Tong." Zhao Zifeng explained aloud before Li Tong spoke.

    He and that Miss Fu completely broke up. The other party took a sum of money, gave up the custody of the two children, and prepared to go abroad. After all, these two children are the blood of the Zhao family, and it is not a problem to raise them outside, so Zhao Zifeng He took the child back to Zhao's house.

    "Our Zhao family, the people are too thin."

    Mr. Zhao, who was sitting on the sofa and flipping through the newspaper, suddenly spoke. His meaning was simple and straightforward. Li Tong and Zhao Zifeng had been married for so many years, and they had only given birth to one child, Dong Yun, too few.

    The old man said so unless Li Tong continued to give birth...Just thinking about it, Li Tong himself couldn't accept it.

    "I listen to my father's opinion on this matter." Li Tong nodded, indicating that she understood. She raised her wrist and looked at her watch. It was close to nine o'clock: "Dad, Mom, I have another meeting this morning. I'm leaving."

    Watching Li Tong turn around and leave, Zhao Zifeng's face flashed anger.

    "Mom, look at Li Tong's attitude! I've already bowed my head like this, and I broke up with Yanyan, what else is she dissatisfied with! What kind of attitude is she! Cold, and I still put on a presidential score. Feminine!"

    "Li Tong can accept your illegitimate child, don't cry or make trouble, what else do you want?" Father Zhao put down the newspaper. Seeing that Zhao Zifeng was angry, he got up and went to the second floor.

    "Mom!" Zhao Zifeng flushed with anger.

    "Afeng, it's not that you did something wrong before, Tongtong is already considered to be a great deal!" Mrs. Zhao is rarely here with Li Tong. To be honest, the illegitimate children have accepted it. Mrs. Zhao had prepared a lot of preaching, but it was useless. Li Tong, the wife of Li Tong, did nothing to worry about!

    The old couple of them thought it would be very difficult...Unexpectedly, it was so simple and naturally felt that Zhao Zifeng made a big fuss under the psychological gap.

    Zhao Zifeng was full of grievances, so he dialed the phone when he went out and asked someone to comfort him.

    One year later, in a flash.

    In the spacious office of the chairman, Li Tong bowed his head to the desk, busy reviewing and signing documents. On the desk, there were succulent flower pots with exquisite and cute shapes. Behind him was a book wall, tall and solemn, and a book wall was placed next to it. The huge potted plants are lush, crisp, and pleasant.

    At the desk, Wu Tezhu, who stood by, looked at her quietly.

    Li Tong took over the Zhao clan for one year, with little achievements and no success, but as a puppet, she was undoubtedly very successful.

    Elder Zhao was very satisfied with her performance. As the spokesperson of the Zhao family, Li Tong was very obedient and basically did not violate the opinions of Elder Zhao.

    The shareholders of the Zhao Group are also very satisfied with her performance. As the daughter-in-law of the Zhao family, she basically has no deterrent effect, and their courage in private is getting bigger and bigger.

    Zhao Zifeng returned to the Zhao family. He started as a supervisor in a less important department. Now he has been promoted to become a manager. Although it is incomparable to the importance of the previous department, the position was promoted back anyway.

    After signing, Li Tong handed the document to Wu Tezhu.

    "Does Dong Yun have any plans tonight?"

    "Little Master has an appointment with Master Li Mo tonight."

    "Okay." Li Tong nodded and continued to work.

    Dong Yun now has his own fixed social circle and has a few good friends who often talk about it. Although his personality is still indifferent, he is also much more cheerful than before. As long as Dong Yun has a holiday, Li Tong will take him with him. Teach around.

    Although the children of the Zhao family are now under the supervision of Mr. Zhao, the other two are young and more playful.

    Although Dong Yun spends most of his time studying, Li Tong is also very supportive of him when attending social occasions and playing with friends.

    President Zhao’s ability has never been a problem. His biggest problem is emotional intelligence. Dong Yun is very consistent with him. Children with low emotional intelligence should always learn to use IQ to make up for it and deal more with people. Sometimes even if they don’t understand it, there will always be some consciousness adjustments.

    Dong Yun was cultivated as an heir, this is Li Tong, and he did not try to change.

    Some people say that happiness is very important, and money can't buy freedom, but Dong Yun's temperament, analysis and analysis, it is most suitable to be a domineering president.

    What's more, except for the Zhao clan, everything in Li Tong's hands will eventually be handed over to Dong Yun. Sometimes, Li Tong is just an ordinary person, without so many otherworldly ideas.

    That day Li Tong was deciding the day's schedule with Wu Tezhu when she suddenly remembered her phone call.

    She frowned slightly, this number...

    "For the time being, we will make adjustments later, and we will continue."

    Wu Tezhu nodded clearly and walked out of the office quickly.

    Li Tong answered the phone.

    "Madam, your goal has recently started to act."

    "Please keep an eye on it."


    Only one year, some people can't help it so soon? ! Sure enough, the country is easy to change, but the nature is hard to change.
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    When she hung up the phone, Li Tong immediately contacted the security company. She took the phone to communicate with the security company on various details, and randomly fiddled with the signature pen in one hand, her thoughts surged like waves.

    After that Miss Fu went abroad, she did not relax the protection of Dong Yun. Zhao Zifeng was unsure, and that Miss Fu was not of a Buddhist style.

    Break up and go abroad? Believe that you are a fool.

    But playing like this is too boring. She has been able to play with them until now, and she has really exhausted her patience.

    Since it was determined that the last car accident was related to this Miss Fu, Li Tong used various relationships to investigate the other party for a long time in private.

    She found a very strange connection. This Miss Fu and Li Mo’s ex-fiancée were old classmates and even knew Li Mo. In fact, Li Mo’s reaction was obvious when the car accident happened that year, but Li Mo did not say that she Did not ask.

    Then things still have to be pulled back to Li Mo's ex-fiancée. Of course, she already knew clearly about this person, including who the other party was married to, which directly led to Li's unlucky culprit.

    To say this, it’s really bullshit. In this story of extortion, the dignitaries fall in love with the beauties who have been engaged to the rich and powerful, and all kinds of power oppress others, but the other party is finally abused and sentimental. Li Mo is unlucky. The ex-fiancé who was angered and Miss Fu was the lover who was taken care of by the rich and powerful when she was in college...

    When Li Tong inferred the truth based on various collected intelligence and President Zhao's memory, she was almost a black line. Could it be that Zhao and Li's family were cursed?

    It’s almost the same, the ending is almost the same, this is a world of dog-blood written by a screenwriter who is so talented...

    She hadn't moved Miss Fu. On the one hand, because of that person, the other party was too powerful in the country. With her ability, she could only avoid her edge.

    Even if she was a former lover, she couldn't figure out that the other party was in a state of mind ==

    As the former fiance of the other's wife, Li Mo has rarely participated in social occasions in China. He is now mostly using the sign of vacation to relax. He is busy abroad, but it is just to avoid the other's edge.

    In case the other party is that kind, and only I can bully me, even if it is the other person who used to be, then she really has to face the other party.

    Thanks to her present position, she met this couple at several banquets. Because of her identity, she did not say hello at close range, but she spent a long time collecting various information from each other.

    It wasn't until one thing was confirmed that the spoiler of the wife was so clean and completely careless of other women that she made up her mind.

    How could that fool Zhao Zifeng provoke such a complicated character! Are you not afraid to invite disaster to yourself?

    President Zhao put it bluntly as a group president. In the face of power, the ability of money is very limited, even if the world is different and the rules are similar.

    It's not enough just to have money.

    Li Tong sighed. The money is easy to solve. It is not easy to improve social status. She has tried her best to increase the social influence of the Zhao Group. One year is still shorter.

    She can't go private, she wants to move to the table, and control the enemy with one move.

    Li Tong's eyes were clear, and Dong Yun was involved in this matter. Although she was very reluctant to give up, Dong Yun might still have to suffer.

    This decision is difficult, but it is the most direct solution. People can't always live on defense, and her spirit can't stand it.

    Things came quickly. When the school bus brought the children back from the museum, there was a minor accident. When the teacher took the children out of the car and waited for rescue, Zhao Dongyun and another child disappeared.

    The other child was quickly found by the pc who came to support, but Dong Yun couldn't find it.

    Li Mo got the news from his girlfriend, and quickly came to the Zhao family, and took Li Tong to the police station.

    "Dong Yun will be fine, maybe it's just lost..." The more Li Mo said, the lower his voice, and he couldn't even convince him.

    "Miss Fu returned to China a month ago, and she is still in China now." Li Tong replied.

    "..." Li Mo didn't know how to respond at all.

    "Li Mo, of course, there will be nothing wrong with Dong Yun." Li Tong looked at him with firm eyes: "You know, I installed satellite positioning on Dong Yun."

    "Furthermore, at least two bodyguards secretly followed."

    "You... deliberately?" Li Mo was shocked, barely holding the steering wheel.

    "Li Mo, you don't have to feel guilty about me and Dong Yun." What Li Mo thinks, Li Tong knows very well, she has always wanted to make it clear, although it is not a good opportunity now: "Being entangled in snakes, after all, It was Zhao Zifeng who provoked it himself, and Dong Yun and I were only hurt by Chi Yu."

    "It's my fault." Li Mo shook the steering wheel and stepped on the accelerator: "There are so many rich people. The reason why the other party chose Zhao Zifeng is because you are my Li Mo's sister." His ex-fiancée married Give the other party's admired power...It's hard to say that the other party didn't avenge him.

    "But I really didn't expect that woman would be so vicious." Li Mo sighed. When he was in school, he was obviously not such a person...

    "It's just a little white rabbit, right?" In the rearview mirror, Li Tong's eyebrows sank, his eyes sharp.

    Li Mo was silent, frowning, and his face stern, he didn't even mention this person's mood at all.

    "This little white rabbit, it's time to be locked in a cage." Li Tong pressed her temples and closed her eyes to rest. She is a law-abiding citizen. She could not play with Miss Fu's suit, but rather dirty her hands.

    Miss Fu's two children have been living in the Zhao family's old house. Even if other people are on guard against her, Li Tong never thought of hurting the children in the past.

    Everyone has a different bottom line.

    Because of Li Tong's arrangement, PC quickly found the location where Dong Yun was kidnapped and subdued the kidnappers. It was an abandoned hut in the mountains, dilapidated and dark, with insects and ants rampant, full of all kinds of weird smells.

    When Dong Yun was rescued, his small faces were dirty and his clothes were crumpled, making him look very pitiful.

    Li Tong was so distressed that he wrapped Dong Yun with a blanket.

    "Dong Yun, are you afraid?" Li Tong asked.

    Dong Yun shook his head: "Mom, you came late."

    "Sorry." Li Tong hugged Dong Yun, his eyes were hot, and his heart was calm.

    "Two uncles have been protecting me." Dong Yun whispered in Li Tong's ear, "I am not afraid of them at all."

    "I'm sorry." Li Tong touched Dong Yun's little head. The child probably guessed it a long time ago.

    "It's okay." Dong Yun held Li Tong's waist: "I know my mother won't let me run into danger."

    Li Tong kissed Dong Yun's face, and her heart was full of unspeakable apologies. In fact, she had considered trying to solve Miss Fu abroad.

    But in the end, it was decided to come upright.

    Later, from the PC's mouth, Li Tong learned that the kidnappers of Dong Yun were two punks. They met these children halfway through, and when they saw that they were well-clothed, they woke up with wicked thoughts.

    Three days later, PC stopped Miss Fu who was about to go abroad at the airport, and arrested her on multiple charges of deliberately injuring and kidnapping.

    When the Zhao family got the news, it was almost like an earthquake, especially Zhao Zifeng.

    "We all broke up, what are you trying to do!"

    "It's not the one I caught. You are clamoring with me what this is for!" Li Tong raised his eyebrows, his eyes were like swords, if it hadn't been for Zhao Zifeng, who was blind and provoked such a femme fatale, Dong Yun wouldn't have to suffer. The culprit turned out to be a rake?

    "I know it all, it's clearly the lawyer you're looking for, and the evidence provided!" Zhao Zifeng was reluctant.

    "Did I fabricate the perjury? I want to be blamed by you like this?" Li Tong raised his brows.

    "Tongtong, Miss Fu is Dongjun's mother after all. This is also a family affair for our Zhao family. Is it necessary to make such big trouble..." Mrs. Zhao persuaded her from the side.

    "Whoever comes out of the stomach will naturally bear the joint and several responsibilities, and the blame can only be blamed on them for not reincarnation." Li Tong sat on the sofa with his back straight, without any compromise.

    "After all, it is the child of our Zhao family, who will grow up in the future, this reputation..." Mrs. Zhao looked at Mrs. Zhao with a little worry on her face.

    Not only is the child’s reputation, but this incident is also a huge blow to the reputation of the Zhao family. Mrs. Zhao can completely imagine that once this happened, she would have no face to attend any social occasions for a long time. Who can be indifferent to those pointers? She definitely can't!

    "Withdraw the accusation and send that Miss Fu out of the country with the two children. They will not be allowed to return to China for the rest of their lives." Father Zhao looked at Li Tong and made the biggest concession.

    "It is absolutely impossible to let the tiger go back to the mountain." Li Tong flatly refused.

    "Don't think that if you become Zhao's president, you don't need to put your dad in your eyes, let you sit up, and naturally pull you down!" Zhao Zifeng has already torn his face and can't care about the others.

    "Oh..." Li Tong stretched the tone: "It doesn't matter whether you are the president of Zhao's." She paused slightly, and continued: "But this feminine-hearted woman must accept legal sanctions."

    "This is not only our Zhao family's business. All the evidence was obtained honestly, not my forgery and fabrication." Li Tong's eyes were firm: "She has done all those things, leaving such a bad person to continue in society. If we go to free activities, we also have to take responsibility for society?"

    Righteous words, who will not? If something else happens, can your Zhao family afford it?

    "Vicious woman!" Zhao Zifeng gritted his teeth.

    "Zhao Zifeng, you are not worthy of being Dong Yun's father. You are only responsible for providing sperm. From today on, I will not let Dong Yun call your father again." Li Tong sent him to him because he was afraid that Dong Yun would be sad. Ms. Wen, now it seems that Dong Yun should really be able to see the shameful face of this person.

    Father Zhao saw her stand firm and didn't waver at all, so he moved quickly, but he soon discovered that moving fast was of no use.

    The board of directors opened, but no one agreed to dismiss Li Tong from his post at the time of the vote. Instead, everyone persuaded Mr. Zhao to pass.

    Li Tong did a good job and didn't make any major mistakes, so why did he change suddenly? What would the outside world think of Zhao when he changed the top-level frequently? When a listed company changes to a senior level, it is all about the stock price!

    Mr. Zhao's original intention was to threaten Li Tong but found that in just one year, Li Tong's popularity had become a climate.

    After thinking about it for a day, Mr. Zhao made the decision to send the two small children abroad. There was no way. It was nothing to be illegitimate. The mother was a criminal, which made it impossible for the two children to live in China.

    The Zhao family also has a face and a face. Li Tong is making things worse, and there is nothing Elder Zhao can do.

    Originally the evidence was conclusive, and Li Tong’s lawyers were very powerful. Miss Fu’s sentence of 20 to 30 years was not a problem, but some of them came forward to mediate, and in the end, only 15 years were sentenced.

    Li Tong said that she was also very satisfied in fifteen years. She would arrange for a lawyer to keep an eye on that person at any time. She wanted to get out of jail early.

    She and Dong Yun said this matter very clearly from beginning to end. This child is smart and precocious, and it is better to tell him the ins and outs than to hide it from him and let him think about it.

    Raising children is really a laborious job.
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    Dong Yun started studying with Li Tong at the age of ten and started studying with Li Tong. He went to study abroad at the age of 18 and returned to China at the age of 22. He entered the Zhao Group in a low-key manner and started from the bottom.

    Until the age of 26, he took over the Zhao family two years later than President Zhao. President Zhao took over the Zhao family because of the death of his father Zhao at the age of 24. Although he is still alive, Li Tong Feeling that the heat is about to come, she can completely abdicate and let Xian.

    Miss Fu went abroad after she was released because she had no face to stay in the country. As for Zhao Zifeng, she also went abroad with him. Before going abroad, she and Li Tong went through divorce procedures very quickly.

    Although he is bothered, he probably loves Miss Fu.

    Dong Yun’s situation is completely different from that of President Zhao. He is backed by his mother and uncle, has a little cousin to help, and has many friends in the circle. He is no longer alone and alone with President Zhao.

    There were gains and losses, he also lost the brutal strength of President Zhao and was somewhat smooth in the indifferent temperament tempered by Li Tong.

    Ms. Fu’s two children have been living abroad. After Ms. Fu went abroad, the two of them returned to China one after another. Li Tong and this Ms. Fu clearly warned that if Dong Yun had an accident, her two children should not want it.

    As for the relationship, there is no need to interfere when you are in a relationship, and she is not trying to train Mom Baonan to take care of each other's life.

    After going round and round, President Zhao still married the original girl. When he was still at the bottom level and his identity was unknown, he changed the method and staged a bloody frog into a prince.

    Li Tong no longer wants to complain.

    She has lived in this world until her children and grandchildren are full. To Dong Yun, she has done her best, and she considers herself qualified as the golden thigh and the background wall.

    As a result, she saw Little Reaper again, and she knew that the mission this time was just 60 points ==, which was much less than she expected.

    Because of the kidnapping incident, she deducted too many points, and only then did Li Tong know what President Zhao’s black hole memory is. He was kidnapped when he was young, although he finally took a ransom and rescued him. But the soul is still cast a heavy shadow.

    That was a memory he had lost. The reason why he was saved was also that the sadomasochistic heroine helped him by mistake when he was young.

    Even if he lost his memory, the little girl was still hidden deep in his memory, so even if she didn't recognize it when she grew up, she would still imprison someone beside her as she felt.

    Although Li Tong had excuses, he still stepped on the minefield, and passing the grade was already the emotional point of the little death god.

    "What is the use of these scores?" Li Tong didn't really expect that Zhao Dongyun would have such an experience. If she had known it, she would not take the risk if she was killed. She would definitely take the risk of omissions and slap Miss Fu directly abroad. This method was not familiar to her, she was thinking about the unfamiliar, try not to take risks.

    "You can make your body live for two more years." Little Death answered seriously.

    Well, she thought she could have a bit of IQ or a beauty bonus... As expected, she thinks too much, and also accomplishes the task, why are her cheats so much worse than others ==

    "With such accumulated points, I am afraid that your body cannot support you to wake up."

    "What am I going to do?" Isn't she doing enough? She thinks her mother's work is not bad, so she really doesn't consider adding points?

    "Accompanying, educating, and protecting, just like all loved ones do."

    "Can you give me this friendly reminder sooner?" = = The reminder is given after all the tasks are completed. If she is unqualified, will she cry to death?

    Li Tong silently thought about the remainder of the little reaper god, is probably to pursue the highest state of raising children?

    "There will be no hints in the future." Little Death saw her loss and waved his sickle mercilessly, and Li Tong became a paper man floating in the wind.

    Li Tong opened her eyes.

    It was pitch black and couldn't see where she was. Li Tong moved to realize that her mouth was blocked, her arms were tightly tied back, her breath was full of damp and moldy smell, and the air was chilly. She couldn't help but shiver.

    What happened to the original owner? Li Tong forced herself to calm down. She did not have the memory and feelings of the original owner. Only when she came into contact with the target person and got the memory of the other party, could she be considered as having contact with the world.

    She moved her fingers, thinking of various ways to untie the rope.

    While she was constantly groping for the knotting method of the rope, a slight change came, and the cold Yuehui threw through the slowly opened door, and a small figure appeared in front of Li Tong.

    "Sister, I'm here." Hearing the voice of a girl, she couldn't see her face clearly, she whispered softly and hurriedly untied Li Tong.

    After a while, Li Tong was free again.

    "Sister, run!" The child took Li Tong's hand, his nervous voice was shaking.

    Li Tong's brain hurts terribly, and the huge amount of memories that flooded in instantly made her trance.

    "Xiaoyu, do you want to leave with your sister?" Li Tong carefully wanted to see the child in front of him.

    "Can you?" The child's voice was soft, with obvious caution.

    "Of course." Li Tong nodded: "It's almost dawn, we need to leave quickly, but there are some things to take away."

    "Yeah." The child nodded.

    Because of the memory of the child, some things are easier to find.

    Li Tong gently found what he wanted, took the girl, and escaped at night.

    The night was slightly cool, Li Tong carried the child on her back, and the child was responsible for showing the way.

    The dark and moonless mountain forest is like the home of ghost stories. The wind blows over the leaves and rustles. The dark forest seems to hide endless ghosts, ready to pounce at any time.

    The child on her back shrank in fear. The mountain road was rugged. Li Tong walked deep and shallow. This body was hungry for a day and night, and it was inevitable that he would be exhausted. However, at this critical moment, Li Tong can only grit his teeth and refuse to let him go. Stop by yourself.

    The memory she got naturally came from the child on her back.

    Li Yu, a poor girl in a dog blood story, a tragic supporting role in a love story.

    She died since she was a child, and depended on her father and sister. At the age of three, the father married a stepmother, and the stepmother took a son. She was naughty and rebellious. When Li Yu was six years old, his stepmother's son pushed the village idiot down the mountain and fractured his calf.

    If the fool’s family does not want medical expenses, they must call the police. Li Yu’s father and stepmother begged for a long time, and the other party made a request. As long as the Li family hired Li Tong to be the fool’s wife, the matter would be fine.

    The original owner definitely disagrees, but the original owner's father couldn't stand the daughter-in-law's [his wife's] trouble, and gritted his teeth and agreed.

    Li Yu secretly let Li Tong escape, was beaten up by her father and sent to a fool's house to be a child bride. Later, she ran out with the help of a college student in the village. She fell in love with that college student, in order to repay her favor and to provide for the other side. When she studied, all the money she earned from part-time work was given to the other party. Li Yu thought to herself that she would be with the person she liked in this life, but the college student sold her.

    Li Yu grew up to be a beauty. In these years, beauty is also a kind of resource. The person who bought her is the president of the big group where the college student belongs. He is a domineering president with tall legs, good looks, and a good temperament.

    The reason the other party bought her was that Li Yu looked like the other's true love... Later, when the true love returned, the false one was naturally abandoned.

    Li Yu, who was raised like a bird in a cage, is conceivable in the end. This girl has lived all her life according to other people's requirements.

    There is no black hole in Li Yu's memory. Her memory is like a black-and-white documentary, without cover-up, and without the slightest color.

    Li Tong can truly feel the deep pain and despair of the memory owner. In Li Yu's memory, after releasing Li Tong, there was no news of the other party, so Li Tong didn't know what happened to the original owner, but these were not important.

    The important thing is that she takes Li Yu to live and live well.

    Li Tong gritted her teeth and endured the hunger in his belly, not daring to stop at all.

    When the Venus star was shining and the sky was white, the two sisters finally walked onto the road, Li Tong was exhausted.

    Li Yu thoughtfully handed the cold buns in her cloth pockets.

    Li Tong was already too hungry. She had no strength at all. For the sake of physical strength, she could only force herself to take a bite, and chewed hard in her mouth, but couldn't swallow it.

    If there is no way, the two of them will be caught back soon.

    In addition to the household registration book and ID card, Li Tong also took some money, and Li Yu had seen the place where her stepmother hid the money. But the family was originally poor, and there was not much money.

    Said it is a big road, it is just a slightly spacious dirt road. There are rolling mountains on both sides of the road. There are few passers-by and cars are hard to see. Li Tong’s shoes are worn out, and his feet are faintly painful. Clench your teeth and move forward.

    Li Tong thought as she walked. In Li Yu's memory, this road was taken. She followed the college students to escape from the village and went to the city where the college students were studying.

    Li Tong can choose only the way that Li Yu is familiar with.

    Now she is not able to take Li Yu to a strange place to survive. This body has just grown up, and Li Yu is only six or seven years old. No matter when these two helpless girls are very It is easy to be the target of the wicked.

    Li Tong thought carefully about the route in Li Yu's memory and slowly got a bottom in her heart.

    Although it is ten years away from the time in memory, the route has not changed and it still leads to the same town.

    The town is very quiet, not prosperous, the houses are dilapidated, the pedestrians on the road are dressed in the old fashion, and the Li Tong sisters are not conspicuous.

    Li Tong took Li Yu with her first. After going around the town for half a circle, she found a breakfast stall and asked for some rice porridge, which simply filled his stomach.

    Asked the town’s station from the kind stall owner, Li Tong and Li Yu squeezed onto the shabby bus, paid the fare, and went to the city bumpy.

    After holding each other's nest outside the railway station all night, I bought a ticket and left this small city as quickly as possible.

    In the early morning three days later, Li Tong took Li Yu off the green leather train and arrived at this strange and familiar city. This city carries most of Li Yu’s life, and all its changes are also in front of Li Tong’s eyes. There is nowhere to hide.

    Li Tong hugged Li Yu, squeezed out the crowded train station, escaped the unkind flow, followed the scattered pedestrians, stood in the station square, suddenly a little surprised.
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