Spoiler 소꿉친구를 폭군으로 키웠습니다: I Raised a Childhood Friend as a Tyrant

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    [QUOTE = "Anidori, postingan: 6392281, anggota: 345029"]
    ok. now i can sleep in peace
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    No more spoilers? :(
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    Nope - there are a few more sections in volume 1

    FYI - I believe in the first timeline Jade kills the current crown prince to be come the emperor.

    • The night of the debut finished but Viche never got a chance to ask Jade as Lewis (Butler) found them and demanded Viche get back to the ball.
    • After that she went to bed but couldn't sleep asking herself, Does Jade know she will die in the future? Is this real? Did she imaging the conversation? She passes out as starts to feel ill.
    • Viche get's sick for a few days and in her feverish dreams she feels a soft touch that caresses her forehead and hair. She calls out , "...mom.." wondering if she's dreaming and sleeps more.
    • When she final wakes a few days, Lewis greets her.
    • She asks him she can hear a bit of commotion.
    • He tells her that father has left to travel to some estate.
    • This triggers a member and she ask what day it is and he tells her July 5th.
    • Weak but in a state of panic she remembers today is the day that her father is killed from a carriage accident.
    • Rushing out of bed and freaking out Lewis telling him to prepare a carriage QUICK as her father is in danger.
    • Lewis rushes out Duffy comes in and asks what she's doing. She is packing some items of magic in a box. She tells him she has no time for him as her father's in danger.
    • Duffy is shocked and decides to join her.
    • As they're in the carriage Duffy asks how does she know this, does he have the divine power of foresight. Viche's like..uh..yeah.
    • This satisfies Duffy and he tells her he won't ask anymore until later as the carriage rushes to meet the Marquis. Viche looks over at Duffy, is it because he's studying theology to be a holy priest?
    • Both Duffy and Viche nod off as they are trying to catch up to her father's path. She's knows there is only one path for her father to travel. The sun is setting when the coachman screams frantically look!.
    • As Viche opens the carriage door to look up the middle of the mountain path, she sees that her father's carriage.
    • In front he is standing being surrounded by his knights but they are surrounded by assassins. Viche's like @!? - she though he had died of an accident in the first timeline.
    • Screaming "No" and pulling the magic marbles from her bag she throws a "water-based" attack at the carriage base to stop the assassins from coming closer.
    • The Marquis turns and recognizes his daughter crying out her name.
    • Viche screams "Stand Back" to her father and pulls out a red item and it produce fire to attack the assassins. Some have fallen but others remain.
    • The guards that were following Viche's carriage arrive and she points to defend her father.
    • Suddenly an arrow flies out from nowhere and shoots down one of Viche's new knights.
    • Viche yells at Duffy to get back into the carriage.
    • An arrow zooms and almost hits Viche causing her to drop her sack of match. Shaking she reaches down trying to pull more match as they are getting out numbered.
    • More of their knights start to fall trying to protect them.
    • 'please..please' she pleads as she starts to tear up and pray. 'Please someone help us.
    • The Marquis reaches Viche and pulls her into the carriage as the remaining knights surround the carriage to protect them. He yells at the coachman to get inside too for protection.
    • Viche asks her father if he's alright. He tells her yes but is furious as who has ordered this.
    • Shaking Viche tells her father she still has some magic in the bag and wished she learned more magic.
    • Her father screams for her to stay away from the windows as an arrow zooms in
    • Suddenly the carriage is jostled as the horses have been freed and her father quickly pulls her out of the cabin as the coachman is now dead.
    • The Marquis, Duff and Viche are out of the carriage and there are bodies scattered everywhere.
    • Her father suddenly rushes to in front of Viche to shield her. There is a knife stuck his shoulder as he collapses and Viche tries to hold on to her father as shock and more tears fall out of her eyes. Both fall to the ground.
    • She closes her eyes feeling helpless as arrows are flying, bodies are everywhere and she is now going to die with her father. 'Someone help us..!'
    • Seconds pass as she's waiting for her body to struck by an arrow but nothing happens.
    • When she opens her eyes, there is a white wall surround them.
    • "Magic!" Duffy stutters
    • The white wall acts as a shield.
    • A scream of a man dying is heard outside the white wall and Viche looks up to a tall man walking slowly towards him.
    • With each gesture an assassin falls.
    • 'Jade..?'
    • "Viche"
    • When Jade reaches Viche the white fall collapse and the assassins are eliminated.
    • Viche feels more anxious even though they are saved. She watches as Jade tells Duffy to take the Marquis on a horse and ride for the village to get medical attention.
    • Duffy uses some of his devine/holy power to help ease the pain of the Marquis and the ride away.
    • Viche is still on the ground confused as wondering how did he know and she remembers their conversation the hallway.
    • She's at a lost sputtering.
    • "I'll ask the questions first. You have alot of explaining to do."
    • "How did you now about this accident in advance?"
    • "..."
    • "What do you know."
    • "..."
    • “Looking at the expression, I think I know now.” Jade laughed.
      "You… … What?"
      Now her mouth opened.
      “You are back. Me and you too.”
      “… … .”
    • “You are the same as me. right?"
    • Jade comments that he should have known.
    • Finally Viche finds her voice and asks Jade if he's back from the past like her as well.
    • Jade brushes her hair and both realize they both know what has happened to them in the first timeline.
    • Jade looks at her and says now he can ask the question.
    • Viche is confused she asks him what he means.
    • "The reason you died for me."
    • Viche is wondering how far she should tell him the truth
    • "Who made you do that?"
    • Viche's heart is pounding. How does she tell him she's suppose to be an extra in this novel?
    • "You said you had to die. That it is all for your role." Jade continues the had been pondering her words hundreds of times and his conclusion is someone made her sacrifice herself and he wants to know who.
    • Viche feels trapped and tells him no one ordered it and instead lies to tell him she has the power to turn back time. She can't tell him is that she was going through the role to go home and failed the path so she had to go back in time.
    • Suddenly she realizes she can't go through the original path of the 1st timeline because both have them have been changing it.
    • Jade has changed and so has she. She tells Jade he must have a lot of questions for her.
    • He looks at her and he tells her he doesn't. She doesn't understand and he tells she doesn't need to explain what ever it is. Instead he tells her no longer go away (from him) from now on.
    • "Don't disappear before my eyes again." Jade has tears
    • "Jade..."
    • Suddenly Jade collapses and falls into Viche's arms.
    • Jade weakly tells her he used too much power to protect them and he's waiting for Grand Duke Karfmel (카프멜)
    • Viche panics telling him to stop using more power and starts to cry and tells her she will wait there with him.
    • Jade mumbles he just needs to rest right now.
    • Viche's like RIGHT NOW?!? You can't sleep in this situation but Jade is out.
    • Viche hugs him more tighter as she listens to his breathing and praying he doesn't fall ill.
    • It's then her father's knights appear and take them to the mansion for safety.
    • Both her father and Jade were out from their injuries and Viche couldn't sleep a wink.
    • The next day her's father is almost fully healed from the divine power from the priests.
    • Her father asks her how they knew. She tells him when Jade wakes up she'll tell him.
    • She holds his hands crying relieved that he did not die.
    • Jade has been out for days and Viche and Duffy are in the room with him. Viche is freaking out thinking Jade is dying.
    • Duffy wonders why Jade didn't tell anyone he was a wizard as he is shocked by how powerful Jade is. Viche tells him that he has his reason. Both would rather he just wake up.
    • Viche starts to real the last 5 years as she was trying to play childish pranks to make him turn dark while he was in body of a child with an adult mind. She wonders what does she do from here as everything's changed.
    • Waiting for Jade she falls asleep at the side of his bed.
    • Later Viche feels someone is stroking her hair.
    • Opening her eyes she hollers out "Jade!"
    • "Viche"
    • She starts blubbering that he's been out for 5 days crying and to not use his power anymore fearing he will die
    • He replies how do you think he felt when she had died in front of him?
    • Viche stiffens and Jade tells her to look at him as his he rubs her wet cheeks . He reassure her “I won't blame you. Not that you died or that you left me...", “It’s enough that you’re alive.”
    • She asks him how much power did he use to return and if it caused madness.
    • He's curious how she knows so much and she tells him, there is no power without price.
    • He asks her what price did she pay and she tells him she doesn't know yet.
    • Viche asks him what if he dies? What if he turns into a madman? What's the use of turning back time if this happens?
    • Jade just responds, "You're alive. That's it." Even if he dies, he never regretted his choice. He has been happy for the past 5 years as he got to spend time and see her again but...
    • She asks him "..but?"
    • He smiles bitterly that he wished he knew she had her old memories those five years as if to say goodby and then tells her he doesn't know how long he can hold on to his mind as he saw something in his sleep.
    • Temple! Saint! Viche thinks. It;s the only way to save him. The saint original FL that is suppose to appear that will save him but he is only 15 and the Saint isn't scheduled to appear until years later.
    • "It's all my fault."
    • "Viche." He grabs her and warns her don't let his death be wasted if she dies.
    • She asks what does he mean?! He tells hers no matter what happens she needs to live even without him.
    • Viche balls her brains out and falls asleep nice to Jade as she thinks he's dying
    • Jade is watching Viche sleep as he calls out her name.
    • He smiles recalling how she was upset for him and brushes her hair.
    • He hasn't told her about magic and curses yet as he wants to keep her close so she doesn't run away from him again.
    • He prays if heaven allows it, he wants to see a 20 yr old Viche, or 30 yr old Viche or beyond.
    • He turned back time and wasn't sure when the magic will kill him or the the curse would swallow him up.
    • He has been fighting if off for the past 5 years but when the Marquis was in danger he used it and that made his body weak to the curse.
    • He wonders how much will he be allowed to watch over Viche and he envisions all her cute expressions.
    • Suddenly a face and voice comes in the darkness teasingly "What you're not dead yet?"
    • "....Uncle."
    • It's Lunatic Grand Duke Carfmel/Karfmel (카프멜). - "My cute nephew sent me a letter so I ran out like this."
    • Karfmel ask Jade how much power did he use to turn back time?
    • He asks Jade a lot of questions and Jade tells him to keep his voice down to not awaken Viche.
    • He teases Jade is it because of this girl who can also turn back time. Both rib each other as if they've known each other for awhile.
    • Karfmel tells Jade he will need to come to his castle if they want to deal with the raging curse that is taking over Jade's body.
    • Karfmel says they need to leave now because he senses Jade does not have much time.
    • Jade nods but then Karfmel asks why isn't Jade saying "good bye"?
    • Looking at Viche, Jade tells his uncle sadly it is because she's not ready for that and lifts her up in his arms and puts her under the covers of the bed. He stares at her for a few moments and bend down lower.
    • He kisses her forehead a farewell it barely quenches the thirst in his heart.
    • They both then leave.
    • Viche wakes up confused why she is in Jade' bed and where is he?!? She runs around the mansion asking everyone where Jade is and runs into Lewis
    • Lewis tells her that last night the Grand/Arch Duke came and they both left.
    • "Duke Karfmel?" Viche realizes he must be here to help Jade but why does it hurt so much. Why does it feel anguishing?
    • He was the only thing that she held on to for living.
    • Lewis comforts her.
    • Viche in her tears is irritated why he didn't say Good bye to her last night?
    • Then she realizes what Jade meant. There is a difference between me leaving and the other person leaving.
    • She had always expected to leave Jade and when the tables are turned around on her, she realizes how heartbreaking it is and what Jade must have gone through. She wonders if this is how she pays for hurting him.
    • Viche ends up crying about Jade for the next few days and at the end of her grief her only wish is that he is safe.

    --- end of section 7 -- there are more sections in volume 1
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    Dude you are a legend!!!!! THANK YOU!

    Well it's confirmed at least, dude went back in time, but the question now is how he got back.
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    Humm ... but who is ML?
    If it's not Jade, I'll be upset
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    Thank you, i hope happy ending for them :cry::cry:. Are you any spoiler again?
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    Tnx a lot for spoiler....
    I feel anxious :blob_teary:
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    @limulimu thanks soo much for the spoilers :blobsob::blobsob::blobsob::blobsob::blobsob::blobsob:

    Cant wait to see the black haired saint, Jade from the 1st time line didnt seem to meet with her since he used his maguc to turn back time huh? Then does this mean that the appearance of the saint can only happen if Jade only gets to that point of time?
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    Thank you so much for the spoiler :cry: you're an angel!
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    OMG. Thank you so much.. :cry::blob_pompom:
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    Thank you so much! Can't wait for more spoilers!:blob_teary:
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    thankkk youuu for this.,hope to see more
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    wow thanks a lot for the spoilers @limulimu!
    This manhwa has lots of potentials I see.
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    Aren't you COMPLETELY lying though thanks to you I read the 1st ch 5 times .He did not admit that he was the one who killed the emperor, he only cried and told her not to do it but he could have admitted the fact that he was the one who killed the emperor and avoid MC's death but he DID NOT do it. The way they showed he cared about her he should have taken the death penalty instead but No. I mean that was cowardly but he is reedemable considering the fact he returned the time back. The only irredeemable types of ml I have seen are
    1)The duchess of the green glasshouse (idk the name properly)
    2)The abandoned empress (most toxic sh#t I read)
    3)what it means to be you( and the worst ml award goes to..)
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    Tbf, maybe he was too far from her to even scream at them(maybe the artist didn't draw this right, it doesn't seem that from the art). Or maybe he knew they wouldn't listen to him anyways.
    But yeah, I was wondering the same thing. It does look like he could have stopped her death. But maybe that's just because the artist or even the author portrayed that scene incorrectly without meaning to.
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    Maybe it's different in the novel?
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    AAAAA thank you so much for the spoilers! My heart is crying :blob_teary: looking forward to the next spoilers if you have some :bloblove:
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    Jade is the ML.

    See below for Cecilia
    • 5 years have past, Viche often goes to the church now to pray for Jade and bother Duffy who's a priest with divine power.
    • Duffy and Viche are still the same as Duffy still likes to give her a hard time.:blob_grin:
    • They go out for lunch and Viche pulls out a book that Duffy wants called "The Unpleasant Night of Count Yeong-ae," and it was a 17-gold (r15 material apparently) for Duffy. It's a rare and hard to find book from their favorite author.
    • He flushes red and grabs the book to hide it from others seeing the coveted book. :blobrofl:
    • Viche discusses tomorrow she will get in line at the bookstore because their favorite author is publishing another book and she's got to get a copy as it's a popular author.
    • Duffy tells her wants to borrow the book after she finishes too. :blobjoy:
    • Viche waits in line at 6am with about 50 other people for a book called "Rose Blooms on Two Princes".
    • As she is excited after obtaining the book to see if you get a "signing coupon". Random books have a coupon where you can get an autograph from the author. Existing she bumps into a young lady who drops their book as well. On the ground is a signing coupon.
    • Both get excited and discover over tea time they love the author Chervina (체르비나). Both girls are bonding and each are trying to out fangirl each other when Viche asks the girls name. Cecilia Dunkin.
    • Viche gasps as she has just made friend with the FL of the novel she's in and she really likes the Cecilia's personality as Cecilia is sincere and easy going.
    • Viche takes her to the temple to get her recognized and make her a saint (because she hasn't been discovered yet like she was suppose to in the 1st timeline). That way once her divine powers are discovered she will heal Jade in the future.
    • As they are in the temple, as Viche approaches Duffy and another Priest Michel.
    • Cecilia suddenly blushes and tries to hide. Viche notices she's blushing when she sees Priest Duffy. Viche is clueless as she doesn't understand the sudden shyness. :blobpats:
    • It finally dawns on Viche that Cecilia sees Duffy as her ideal/perfect guy. :blob_grin:
    • Sitting the temple, Viche introduces her cousin to a blushing Cecilia and both cousins exchange some barbs at each other. :blobpopcorn:
    • She ask to the priest to perform a holy test for Cecilia.
    • Curious at Viche's request, they ask Cecilia to put her hand on some holy item and suddenly it goes crazy indicating to everyone Cecilia has very strong sacred powers that it even breaks the marble tester.
    • Suddenly the priests are freaking out as they have discovered a Saint and they both fall to their knees.
    • They take her to see the Pope (who bows to Cecilia too) to be declared and recognized as a Holy Saint.
    • Cecilia looks at everyone and doesn't understand like is suppose to save the world as this is all new to her and she's totally shocked.
    • Rumors of the saint being discovered spreads throughout the empire and Cecilia disappears into the Temple and is so busy to see anyone.
    • Viche with her usual visits to the temple one day is visited by Priest Michel to come and be with Cecilia because Cecilia keeps asking for her.
    • When the meet, Viche runs frantically to Viche to hug her and Cecilia is freaking out as the temple priests are keeping her so busy she can't go out an enjoy herself as she used it. Especially Cecilia has the author coupon signing she wants to use.
    • Viche suggest that she escape and play hooky with her, and shoes Cecilia a secret door outside. :blob_sunglasses:
    • It's like 4am in the morning and Viche plans with Cecilia for outing out of the temple.
    • They head to the bookstore to get to the front of the line for author autographs.
    • Suddenly the atmosphere around them changes and everyone waiting for the author turns. They see a procession of military solders heading to the palace and everyone is distracted watching.
    • Viche notices it's not the imperial army but a different one and there are many of them.
    • Nervous, Cecilia asks Viche what should they do? Then they hear her name being called. It's Duffy and he's found them. The tells them it's too dangerous for them so he needs them both to get back into the carriage immediately!
    • Viche protests because they didn't want to miss their favorite author, this is such a rare occasion, and not it's getting cancelled. Duffy is looking at her likes she's insane and throws them both into the carriage. :blobsweat_2:
    • Finally Viche ask Duffy what has happened.
    • He tells her, the Emperor has passed away.
    • Shocked, Viche wonders how as in the first timeline, Jade was past 20 years when he usurped the throne. She asks Duffy the reason and when Duffy looks embarrassed..she realizes...Jade and goes "...no way!" :blobsleepless:

    • Viche rushes home and asks where her father is and crashes into his office.
    • She sees her father but there is another middle aged man sitting across her father who turns and tells Viche how Viche has grown into a beautiful woman.
    • :blobwoah:She doesn't know him but he mysteriously tells her he knows her, smiles and then leaves.
    • Viche confronts her father if it's about Jade and if he's in the palace and accuses him he know that Jade was back and didn't tell her. She also asks her father if Jade is the Emperor. He doesn't answer indicating that it is true.
    • She wonders if he's hurt but for some reason she's relieved as it indicates to her that he is healthy else he wouldn't have taken the throne. :blobthinkingsmirk:
    • Viche head to her room and lies in her bed wondering the rest of the 1st timeline, spells, curses, etc. She's glad he's safe.
    • She wonders what he looks like now at age 20 as she looks out of the window.
    • Maybe he looks like the man standing at their door way with lovely black hair, eyes that have grown sharper, wearing a flapping red cape with white fox fur, wearing a crown with jewels on his head waiving to people...yeah...maybe he looks like that...she thinks... (T/N: LOL!). :blobowoevil:
    • Wait a minute!?!! Viche shakes her head thinking she's hallucinating and steps away but the man is no longer there.
    • Thinking she's lost her mind, she runs outside to the empty yard.
    • Disappointed she turns dejectedly back only to have someone pulls her from behind and her back is tom him. A voice comments that she's still quick to give up.
    • "Viche" a familiar but unfamiliar voice calls her name. "I missed you." :blobmelt:
    • He buries his head in her shoulder and Viche calls out, "...Jade?"
    • Jade wraps his arms around her waist.
    • Viche's heart is beating fast.
    • "Your scent, too." His hair tickled the back of my neck. "And this hair." Now his body slowly moved away. "And your voice." Jade's arm slowly turned my body around. "Gold eyes, too." :blobnosebleed:
    • When I turned around, my eyes were filled with Jade. His face, shining in the moonlight, was exactly what I had imagined. Black, greedy hair, a low, soft voice, or a sweet smile that I was afraid of forgetting.…. Jade, who I've missed so much, is in front of me. "Jade." Tears welled up. "Ugh……." I hugged Jade and buried my face in his chest. Tears pouring down his clothes.
    • Viche wants to scold him for not telling her sooner he was back but ends up blubbering on his chest again.
    • Jade comforts her and then Viche grabs his arm asking if he's okay? Healthy? well? Not dying like the last time, firing at him a barrage of questions. :blobowoevil:
    • Jade grins down at her and pats her on the head telling her, if he was destined to die, he wouldn't have appeared in front of her.
    • Viche get's made telling don't say that because he dying he needs to stay by her side.
    • Jade teases Viche so you want me to die now?
    • Protesting, Viche tells him that's not it and Jade grins telling her, then she needs to stick by his side forever if they are die together.
    • Viche's like...how did the conversation flow this way? :facepalm:
    • She then asks him about the Emperor. He tells her he's dead.
    • Crown Prince? Jade goes, "....well." and they leave it at that.
    • Jade then tells Viche, he's not the same Jade that she use to know.
    • "Now I don't have any hesitation about what I have to protect. Whether it's my life or whatever. I'm ready to bleed my hands again and again.” It was a bloody confession that didn't go with Jade's soft voice.
      "What's clear is that you won't have to protect me now because of my weakness.”
      When I heard him, I finally started to understand. Was Jade's usurpation of the throne much earlier than the regression to prevent me from intervening?

    • Viche asks if he broke the curse. Jade tells her not yet but he can control it much better now and now to worry.
    • Viche tells him she won't let him die ever and Jade response How would I die leaving you? Reassuring her.
    • Jade then tells Viche he has to go and will return for her as he needs to sort things out at the palace.
    • As he walks away, Viche watches him and he turns to her.
    • Suddenly his rushes back and grabs her into his arms holding her close and she can feel his tears as well and she comforts him in the night. :blobsmilehappyeyes:
    • Jade returns to a dark palace and is greeted by Benjamin (Duffy's twin) who has been his knight and friend for the past few years ever since Grand Duke Kafnel pulled him in to protect Jade.
    • Benjamin knows where Jade has return from and asked if Viche beat him up to a pulp.
    • The conversation turns as they discuss what to do with the Crown Prince.
    • Jade tells him to keep the Crown Prince alive for now as he may have uses for them later.
    • We find out that Jade has cut down the Duke of Persia as well (Felix's father) which shocked others as it made it seem like Jade is a tyrant when the Duke was rebelling against Jade's claim to the throne.
    • Jade has insomnia as he's working through the paperwork. Sighing Jade leans back and Benjamin wishes him to be happy some day.
    • Jade grins thinking in his head was a precious person he just encountered a few hours ago. :blobowoevil:
    • Viche gets a summons from the temple. Its from Cecelia and she has to be there at the coronation for the new Emperor and wants Viche to join her.
    • Cecilia tells Viche she's scared of the Emperor and Viche assure her that he is her childhood friend and a really nice man.
    • Viche starts to tell Cecilia how handsome Jade is like the ML in the novels they both like to read. Viche is trying to sell Cecilia to Jade to keep the novel story going as they're suppose to fall in love. :facepalm:
    • She wants to make sure the Cecilia curs Jade from his curse.
    • Cecilia doesn't think the new Emperor can be as handsome as a book and when Viche asks what's her idea type, Cecilia goes "Blonde..handsome"...(Duffy). :blob_pout:
    • Viche gets worried as that doesn't describe Jade.
    • Viche attends the coronation and it's small and imitate to her surprise.
    • Jade just comes in and get crowned by the pope and sits on his thone. Viche's like why is it so subdued and everyone so stoic? Cecilia mentions it seems scary and Viche thinks maybe Jade's just nervous and wants it small.
    • While they're eating, the pope tells Cecilia that she needs to greet the emperor and mentions "you too" to Viche.
    • Both enter the reception room and Viche notices she's been greeted by the same middle aged gentleman that was at her father's office - It's Arch Duke Karfmel.
    • Viche notices he reminder her of Jade with his black hair
    • Karfmel guides Viche to the table with Duffy and the other and she sits next to Cecelia. Everyone is silent and it feels awkward. Jade is at the head of the table.
    • Soon amazing tea and cookies are served Viche grabs a cookie. She takes bite which makes a large crunching sound in the silence and everyone looks at her. :blob_pout:
    • Jade's lips are twitching amused and then the rest of the time is just updates and talk between the discover of the saint and the rise of the new emperor.
    • At the end of tea, Ceclia leaves with Duffy and the priest and Benjamin greets Viche as she's about to leave.
    • Viche is glad to see him again teasing why is he single and were are all the pretty ladies in the palace for him because he looks great.
    • Just then Jade and the Archduke Karfmel comes in and teases Viche if she's looking down on his attire since Benjamin looks good.
    • Viche quickly tells him that he looks cool and which pleases Jade and this makes Uncle Karfmel smirk. Uncle tells him he'll see him later
    • Jade asks if Viche wants to take a stroll in the garden.
    • Viche would love to but is hesitant because she is worried he's too busy. He tells her he always will have time for tea with her.
    • Benjamin signs and follows the two.
    • As they explore the garden, there is already a table and 2 chairs set out. The garden is so large that Viche quips if this is a forest vs a garden.
    • As they sit more extravagant tea and snacks are arranged. Viche worries about his budget for spending too much on luxuries which makes Jade grin.
    • Suddenly Viche asks what he thinks of "Cecil". Jade's like who? Viche has to remind him Cecilia, the saint.
    • Jade goes "...hmmm" uninterested.
    • Viche starts to add more to mention that Ceclia is pretty and has a wonderful personality. Jade responds uninterested with a , "really."
    • Viche's getting confused by the moment as she thought he would fall madly in love like the book. Why's he so uninterested as she's trying to drop hints to Jade to help them along with the supposed romance. :blobsmirk:
    • Viche (very clueless) continues to talk about Cecilia's likes and dislikes and finally notices throughout this, Jade is just sitting across from her staring at her. :blobnosebleed: just going.."...hmm" as she goes on trying to talk about Cecilia.

    The final two sections in volume 1 are:

    #10 Entering the Imperial Palace in a daze
    #11 Definition of Affection
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    Thank you sooooooo so much!!! Jade is super cute, really precious:blobmelt:!!! I can't wait for their relationship to develop further >o<!!!!
    Again thank you so much for sharing this with us and for all your effort :blob_pompom:!!!!
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